Review of American Airlines flight Charlotte Roanoke in Economy

Airline American Airlines
Flight AA6050
Class Economy
Seat 4A
Aircraft Embraer ERJ145
Flight time 01:00
Take-off 29 Jan 22, 14:39
Arrival at 29 Jan 22, 15:39
AA   #28 out of 69 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 516 reviews
By GOLD 241
Published on 1st July 2022

This is the second leg of my convoluted trip to visit my parents (really to review AA for once and the Charlotte Centurion Lounge).

Charlotte american express centurion lounge

The new CLT Centurion Lounge can be found up the stairs at the intersection of Concourses D and E. I believe this is the first review of the lounge here on Flight-Report.

photo 20220129_130922

The entrance has the standard American Express check in with friendly agents as always.

photo 20220129_131038

The lounge is quite large, with lots of seating and quite a bit of variety as well.

photo 20220129_131132

I'm not quite sure how to describe the decorations, other than this is kind of what I've grown used to at Centurion Lounges?

More seating:

There's a great view of the E gates well.  Unfortunately all regional jets here.

photo 20220129_135906

There are also some private call rooms/booths.

photo 20220129_135113

At the end of the lounge is the buffet area.

photo 20220129_131237

The spread was pretty good.

Adjacent to the buffet station is a larger dining area.

photo 20220129_131432

The bar sits in between the buffet and the dining area.

photo 20220129_131511

Here is the drink menu:

photo 20220129_131649

They were out of the Chianti, but offered a glass of Il Poggione Toscana Rosso instead. I couldn't tell what vintage it was, but it was a fairly meh Tuscan.

photo 20220129_131746

There are some additional views of a few of the D gates from the dining area.

photo 20220129_132715

After eating, I explored a bit more and found what appears to be a kids playing area. Not many toys in there though.

photo 20220129_135119

The bathrooms were clean and spacious, having the same L'Occitane amenities found through the Amex network.


My second flight of the day was on N686AE, a 17-years old ERJ-145.

Boarding began at 2:06pm, on schedule and right as I got to the gate. Funnily enough, no one was in groups 1-4 and only a few people in group 5. Guess this is not exactly a elite-laden route. 

photo 20220129_140645

AA's ERJ-145 was set up in a 2-1 configuration, all economy class.

photo 20220129_140839-83509

I was seated in 4A.

photo 20220129_140842

Dimensions-wise, the seat was what you expect on an ERJ-145: tight.

Here's a look at the bulkhead seats for comparison. I'm not sure if these actually have more leg room.

photo 20220129_141019

Note that the overhead compartments on the smaller regional jets are tiny. These can barely accommodate a full backpack.

photo 20220129_141210

The captain informed us that it should be about a 30-minute flight and that it would be bumpy because winds were gusting at over 25 mph.

Doors closed at 2:27pm and we pushed back 12 minutes later. We took off at 2:52pm.

I was not expecting any service at all, but the flight attendant passed out mini pretzel bags.

photo 20220129_150741

We touched down at 3:30, just under 40 minutes of flying.

photo 20220129_153136

Unfortunately, because the previous aircraft was still at the gate, it took another 10 minutes before we were finally parked.

photo 20220129_153925
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American Airlines

Cabin crew8.0

AMEX Centurion Lounge - Concourse D/E


Charlotte - CLT


Roanoke - ROA



Lounge: The American Express Lounge at Charlotte is a great addition to the network. I imagine with the congestion there at the Admiral Clubs, this place has gotten a lot more crowded since I visited. That said, decent food, a nice bar, and well-lit space makes for a decent place to stay during layovers.

Cabin & Seat: ERJ-145s are really uncomfortable (and this is true across airlines), no other way to put it. Even the solo seats are tight in this all economy set-up.

Service: I was surprised there was any service at all on this flight. So kudos to the FA!

Meal & Catering: Like I mentioned, I was surprised there was any service, so a bag of pretzels exceeded expectations here.

Bottom Line: If you're flying AA to Roanoke, chances are you are connecting in Charlotte.



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