Review of Singapore Airlines flight Sydney Singapore in Economy

Airline Singapore Airlines
Flight SQ222
Class Economy
Seat 78K
Aircraft Airbus A380-800
Flight time 07:40
Take-off 28 Mar 11, 16:05
Arrival at 28 Mar 11, 20:45
SQ   #8 out of 66 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 654 reviews
By GOLD 871
Published on 3rd February 2022

Trip Report : Singapore Airlines SQ222 Sydney - Singapore

Flight Details:
Airlines: Singapore Airlines
Flight :SQ 222 SYD-SIN
Reg : 9V-SKK
Aircraft: Airbus A380-841
Departure - SYD : 16.05
Arrival - SIN : 21.45
Flight time : 8h 25m
Distance : 6,305 kilometers or 3,404 nautical miles.

Trip Video: Singapore Airlines SQ222 Sydney - Singapore


This report is from 2011 trip to Mumbai via Singapore. The ticket was booked from SQ website few days before trip. I would be staying in Singapore for 1 day.


Singapore Airlines offered web check-in. I checked for the flight prior to arriving at the airport.After arriving at the airport, dropped bag at the counter. Passport was checked and bag was checked till Singapore. Collected the immigration card and boarding pass.

Having arrived early and check-in completed, I had time to spare for planespotting.

Planespotting From Observation Deck

Sydney Airport used to have an open observation deck to view airside, which was closed permanently on 3 March 2014.

photo dsc_0002

Special visitor Dubai Boeing 747-400

photo dsc_0004

Departure from runway 16R

photo dsc_0007

Immigration And Security

While planespotting completed the immigration form.  After having some food in the food court, passed immigration and security.


With still time for boarding continued planespotting. View of SQ 9V-SKK to Singapore.

photo dsc_0009

Jetstar Airways Airbus A330.

photo dsc_0010

Landing in afternoon from runway 07

photo dsc_0012

Singapore Airlines in clear view with Etihad and United Airlines Boeing 747-400 to San Francisco and Los Angeles in the background.

photo dsc_0014

Pacific Blue operating to Samoa.

photo dsc_0015

towards the gate 55

photo dsc_0016

Virgin Blue on approach towards runway 07

photo dsc_0017


photo dsc_0018

Malaysian Airlines Boeing 747-400

photo dsc_0020

Rex Airlines Saab 340b

photo dsc_0022

Thai Airways HS-TNF Mae Hong Son" Airbus 340-600

photo dsc_0023

Air New Zealand Airbus 320 about to land on runway 07

photo dsc_0028

Taxi towards gate

photo dsc_0029

Air Pacific to Nadi, Fiji.

photo dsc_0030

Taxi to runway.

photo dsc_0031

Boeing 747 using half the runway to take off on a short flight

photo dsc_0036

Taxing to parallel runway 16L

photo dsc_0046

Virgin Blue passing the planespotting location - Shep's Mound in front of the control tower.

photo dsc_0049

Landing on runway 07

photo dsc_0051

Rex touchdown.

photo dsc_0054

Qantas Boeing 767-300 taxing towards runway 16L.

photo dsc_0055

Qantas Boeing 767-300 about to touchdown.

photo dsc_0060

Most arrival in the afternoon were domestic flights.

photo dsc_0062

Jetstar Airways on approach.

photo dsc_0064photo dsc_0071

Dash 8 turbo-prop flying about to land.

photo dsc_0076

Qantas Boeing 737-800

photo dsc_0081

Virgin Australia Embraer E170

photo dsc_0089

Jetstar Airways Airbus A330 parked in remote bay.

photo dsc_0096

Rex on approach

photo dsc_0097

Jetstar before touchdown.

photo dsc_0110

British Airway BA16 Sydney-Singapore-London towed to gate.

photo dsc_0111

Qantas Boeing 747-400

photo dsc_0123

View of the terminal gate

photo dsc_0125

Jetstar Airways tugged for pushback.

photo dsc_0126

View of shopping area

photo dsc_0127

Flight schedule

photo dsc_0128

China Airlines in special livery.

photo dsc_0135

Sydney Airport Logo

photo dsc_0131

Qantas Airbus A380 rolling to takeoff

photo dsc_0136

United Boeing 747-400 taxies towards runway 16R

photo dsc_0138

Qantas Boeing 747-400 taxies towards International Terminal.

photo dsc_0140

Terminal View

I proceeded towards the departure gate passing the duty free shops.

photo dsc_0147

Cathay Pacific pushback with city skyline as United ready to depart to Los Angeles.

photo dsc_0149

Duty Free shopping

photo dsc_0164

Passage through shops after security.

photo dsc_0168

Flight Information Board

photo dsc_0169

Information Kiosk

photo dsc_0170


photo dsc_0172

Walking towards the boarding gate.

photo dsc_0173

Malaysian Airlines  to Kuala Lumpur pushback in progress.

photo dsc_0174

British Airways OneWorld livery Boeing 747-400 to operate BA10 Sydney- Bangkok- London

photo dsc_0179

Qantas Airbus A330

photo dsc_0180

Walkway towards gate

photo dsc_0188

View of flight information and signage

photo dsc_0189

Air China Airbus A330-200

photo dsc_0190

Etihad A6-EHL Airbus A340-600 to Abu Dhabi

photo dsc_0191

Virgin Atlantic "Indian Princess" G-VGOA Airbus A340-600 to Hong Kong and London

photo dsc_0199

Virgin landing approaching runway 07 between 2 Airbus A340-600's

photo dsc_0196


photo dsc_0210

Qantas Boeing 737-400

photo dsc_0212

Qantas Boeing 767-300

photo dsc_0218


Reached boarding area before announcement and waited for call.

photo dsc_0221

Boarding Area Gate 57

photo dsc_0224

As I was seating on the upper deck, boarding bridge was shared with Business class.

photo dsc_0228

Crew commenced service in business class

photo dsc_0230-19950

Settled in my seat and view of outside.

photo dsc_0232

Jetstar with Sydney tower in view

photo dsc_0235

Flight information

photo dsc_0236

As boarding was completed, crew began distributing warm towels and menu.

photo dsc_0237

Pushback and Departure

Pushback commenced on-time shortly after boarding was completed. Safety instruction was played on individual seat display. Before taxi, Captain came on speaker and welcomed passengers and provided flight information. Taxi was towards runway 16R. Below view of Royal Flying Doctors aircraft catering to regional patients.

photo dsc_0240

Qantas Domestic Terminal

photo dsc_0242

City view over the Airbus A380 wing.

photo dsc_0244

Dubai Boeing 747-400 aircraft in remote bay

photo dsc_0246

Thai Airways A340 to Bangkok following the SQ.

photo dsc_0250


Runway 16R was used for heavy departure. Watch video to enjoy the view. Headed South and then West and towards North West with Airport in view through the clouds.

photo dsc_0253

Flight Information after departure..

photo dsc_0257

Cabin SErvice

Cabin service commenced with drinks I selected Singapore sling and got peanut packed.

photo dsc_0258

View while cruising during autumn

photo dsc_0259

Cabin view

photo dsc_0260

Storage bins in upper deck for economy passengers. Though good for storage creates a distance between seat and window. Unable to get support for pillow while sleeping unlike other aircraft's or lower deck.

photo dsc_0267

Flight map

photo dsc_0268

Crew distributing amenity kit in the short cabin.

photo dsc_0272

View of Singapore Sling

photo dsc_0273

Upper deck cabin view

photo dsc_0276

Amenity kit, menu with headphones

photo dsc_0279

Menu cover

photo dsc_0283

Dinner menu

photo dsc_0280


photo dsc_0282

SEAT Pocket READING MAterial

Seat pocket contained SliverKris, KrisShop and KrisWorld magazine

photo dsc_0286

Singapore Airlines fleet information - Mar 2011

photo dsc_0287

Onboard entertainment - The Big Bang Theory was popular.

photo dsc_0289

CAbin Service

Dinner was served after drinks

photo dsc_0293

I had chosen Chinese style black pepper chicken chop with selected vegs and steamed rice with Tiger Beer. Ice cream was served for dessert, which I didn't eat.

photo dsc_0301

Flying somewhere over Northern Territory

photo dsc_0302

After dinner, stretched legs in the main deck downstairs. Main deck economy seating - 3-4-3

photo dsc_0303

Upper deck economy seating 2-4-2

photo dsc_0314

Crew provided water and drinks at regular intervals

photo dsc_0318

Somewhere close to Yulara - NT

photo dsc_0324

Outside view

photo dsc_0328

Rested after the dinner and woke somewhere over Western Australia. As aircraft was flying north being seated on the starboard side, view of the evening light . Time passed and it got dark.

photo dsc_0332

Refreshment Service

Refreshment was served about an hour and half before arrival.

photo dsc_0338

I chose the noodle option along with red wine.

photo dsc_0341

Crew collected the tray.

photo dsc_0342

Flight Information

An hour to arrival

photo dsc_0343

Flight map

photo dsc_0344

Crew checked if passengers were visiting Singapore or transiting and then handed the Singapore immigration form. I took one and filled before landing.

photo dsc_0346

Flight details

photo dsc_0347

Flight path

photo dsc_0348

Heading towards Indonesia

photo dsc_0350


While sipping the drinks, Captain announced approach would commence soon.

photo dsc_0358

Crew conducted safety checks before landing and cleared the trash.

photo dsc_0354

Window view on approach towards Singapore.

photo dsc_0362


Landed smoothly and after taxi arrived at gate.

photo dsc_0363

View of Business class while disembarking

photo dsc_0364photo dsc_0366

Crew offered to take my photo in business class seat when other had disembarked.

photo dsc_0367

Thanks the crew and disembarked the aircraft. View of SQ 9V-SKK

photo dsc_0368

Front view of aircraft.

photo dsc_0370


Flight had arrived at Terminal 3.

photo dsc_0376

Followed the sign to immigration.

photo dsc_0375

Escalator towards immigration counter as can be seen there was no queue..

photo dsc_0378

As I was to receive visa on arrival, immigration officer scanned and stamped the passport and then handed the stub from the immigration card to be used for departure.

Exited the immigration and headed towards the baggage collection area. Bags had started arriving. Collected bag and walked towards the exit.

Took a cab to hotel from the taxi ranks in the arrival terminal.

Hope you enjoyed this trip report. Thanks for reading.


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Singapore Airlines

Cabin crew8.0

Sydney - SYD


Singapore - SIN



Singapore Airlines provided excellent service on this flight. Upper deck seating was a good experience. Enough food and drinks was supplied to keep one satisfied. Sydney Airport was easy to navigate and travel being off peak. Singapore Airport provided excellent facilities to keep winning the best airport title. Overall a very satisfying trip.

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