Review of Qatar Airways flight Kigali Doha in Economy

Airline Qatar Airways
Flight QR537
Class Economy
Seat 9F
Aircraft Airbus A320
Flight time 07:00
Take-off 02 Apr 12, 15:30
Arrival at 02 Apr 12, 23:30
QR   #7 out of 94 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 625 reviews
East African
Published on 18th November 2013
Hi all,

After almost two weeks spent there, time came to hit the sky. I was very keen to try out Gulf Air but some troubles early last year forced them to axe the 2 months old Ugandan route.
Thanks God with the arrival of the Oryx, a one way ticket cost only USD 480 to London and USD 550 to Paris. A no brainer!

My friend dropped me off rather in advance because i confused the QR536 arrival time with the QR537 departure time. The best local football team was going to play an African Champion League game in Tunisia.

With no on-line check-in available, i've made my way to one of the two counters opened, but it took ages due to some players lined up on both lanes. After a 10 minutes wait a QR agent opened a third counter specifically for them. Afterwards an issue on printing out the BP happened. The check in agent, holding my credit card, mentioned a computer failure.

Check-in desks, with the intriguing C-9 (= Ethiopian Cloud Nine)
photo DSCF0315

A bit chaotic!
photo DSCF0319

Time to go upstairs (no lift is available for passenger with disability) to the emigration and then to the lounge.

Since I don't have any top tier status with QR, a friend told me about a nice promotion at the Pearl Lounge. It's operated by National Aviation Services (NAS) a renowned provider of ground handling services company based in Kuwait. Apparently they own or operate some lounges in Egypt, UAE too along with having agreements at few European airports like LGW, LHR and AMS too.

Usd 10 was the entry fee (now it costs usd25), 12h45 represented the theoretical time of check in as showed on the receipt, the strict receptionnist lacked of understanding for the reason of the late at 13h35, instead of the aforementioned time. He finally waived me in after a fierce negotiation.

A not so private area with departure lounge behind the panes
photo DSCF0328

Cold snack offering
photo DSCF0326

Beverages and fruits
photo kigalounge

The best seats in the house
photo DSCF0322

Watching comfortably Rwandair and Ethiopian birds
photo DSCF0323

Think global, act local :-)

photo DSCF0336

Boarding was called few minutes after the ET flight to the same destination – Entebbe – and while the first group of passengers got a ride in a Cobus 2000 or 3000, the second group (where i was) had to walk to the aircraft. No complain since it was not raining.

QR537: Leg Kigali – Entebbe

We were welcomed onboard by an Asian crew and given the seat direction, I was sad to do not see any local hostess though. Loads were light and one could choose any upfront seat, what me and two business men did.

B737 Ethiopian backtracking runway 10
photo DSCF0343

The attractive business cabin…
photo DSCF0355

… remained vacant
photo DSCF0357

Moving upfront to the bulkhead seats
photo DSCF0358

Preflight service
photo DSCF0362


Once the wheels up, the snack service enhanced the quantity tried on KLM and ET flights on the same leg consisting on a juice or water. Here a starchy cake could sponge the drink.

The Free Trade Zone
photo DSCF0374

Kigali airport overview
photo DSCF0379

Route map
photo DSCF0383_zps6daf99e0

Decent pitch
photo DSCF0359

Armrest tablet and built in USB plug
photo DSCF0386

IFE system activated and basic F&B service for the 55 minutes short hop
photo DSCF0387

More less 35 travellers bound to Doha or beyond
photo DSCF0408

The dazzling Lake Victoria on approach
photo DSCF0389

Downtown Kampala, 30 miles away
photo DSCF0395


The winglet
photo DSCF0398_zps2669be58

photo DSCF0425_zpsec18bd78

The Entebbe-based airline
photo DSCF0419_zps7bd76ef3

No passenger left the aircraft to Uganda. ( J cabin was empty)

QR537: Leg Entebbe – Doha

After moving backwards to the assigned seat, Y cabin got almost full mainly by Westerners and Asians. The middle seat remained unoccupied so we both enjoyed extra space.


The seat recline
photo DSCF0411

IFE boxes that reduce the foot-room
photo DSCF0413

The befitting legroom
photo DSCF0414

Nalubaale Power Station and the city of Jinja
photo DSCF0434

Sunset over the Ethiopian desert
photo DSCF0447

Once the service began, an unhygienic discovery partially ruined my appetite, the tray was filthy and greasy with some evidences of lack of cleaning. The hostess was shown this but she did not really care nor apologize !

Choices were either beef or fish, and i opted for the latter, The food tasted okay, and the content of the tray was filled generously.

After the coffee service, i've requested an Amarula liquor or similar but she answered that gin vodka or whisky only were available… that's really poor (no rum or brandy neither what a shame!!). So i finally sticked with water.

Can you guess the previous snack service?
photo DSCF0439

Menu visible in the IFE
photo DSCF0451

photo DSCF0454

Cabin almost full
photo DSCF0458

The rest of the flight was uneventful, i've tried to watch a movie in the super rich IFE, the screen was not really sensitive, and had to hit hard to activate the features.

We flew quiet early over Doha, like 1h in advance, but the captain said the congestion would force us to circle around, and indeed after 30 min we landed ahead of schedule.

A cool option
photo DSCF0453

Bathroom somewhat clean
photo DSCF0456

On final
photo DSCF0465


Deplaning and embarking in DOH always mean pax bus (not for long though). Also according to many travellers, DOH is not photo friendly, so I tried to be discrete for taking fuzzy pictures.

A stolen picture of AHH
photo DSCF0470


DOH was rather crowded at this time of the night. Of course the mega shopping centre called for great bargains thus avoiding the temptation for a shopping spree represented the biggest challenge here!

Thanks to my Premier Mastercard, i was granted a free access to the Oryx lounge ( one among the few allowing a free guest entry too), also used by AF/KL, BA, LH Elite members and J class.

Located at the mezzanine the three receptionists were extermily busy at this peak time of the night. The f&b offering was correct, and the lounge provides computer stations, a resting area and showers. Also smokers can find their area within.

Public departure lounge
photo DSCF0489

Foreign airlines & other card memberships admitted here
photo DSCF0473

Main seating area
photo DSCF0480

The couch surfer style?
photo DSCF0479

One of the buffets
photo DSCF0483

Wines, spirits and more can be obtained upon request
photo dohabreak

The quietest place out there (first door on the left after reception) + corporate photo
photo CIMG6708

I was pretty exhausted on the flight to London so like a big lazy cat i ate and slept only;-)
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Qatar Airways

Cabin crew5.0

Pearl Lounge


Kigali - KGL


Doha - DOA



It was a good flight with convenient timings and a modern product for a narrow body. The transit visa requirement in DOH is an advantage too compared to many European hubs.
The crew was nothing close to 5 stars but for the rock bottom fare paid, it was the least of my concern.
With their actual pricing and travelling times, i do think it is worth flying QR to East Africa especially if you come from Asia; but probably more restraining if you are originating from Europe or America.

Thanks for reading



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