Review of Austrian Airlines flight Vienna Copenhagen in Economy

Airline Austrian Airlines
Flight OS301
Class Economy
Seat 18A
Aircraft Airbus A320
Flight time 01:45
Take-off 19 Nov 13, 07:15
Arrival at 19 Nov 13, 09:00
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By 3933
Published on 20th November 2013
Hello everyone, and welcome to my another trip report.

This report is going to cover my problably last trip this year. The pre-christmas madness at work is underway already and as I expected that a way before - I wanted to have a day off with flying, plane spotting and see some European city. I started thinking of this trip in early October and wanted to go to Scandinavia. It´s not an easy task to get a reasonable price for 1 day trip and good flight times. It actually took some time to find something. I wanted to try Norwegian, but was unable to find any possible flights with returning on same day - neither from Prague or Vienna. I tried to mix it with SAS, but it still did not help even when mixing it with some Czech Airlines and Austrian fares.

After few days of searching I gave up and took an option I knew is ready for use, but I had left it before as a reserve. Austrian Airlines have their long-term offer to Copenhagen for 88EUR with return on the same day. I decided to take it. Departure time at 7:15AM is ok for me, but return flight was scheduled for 17:40 the earliest possible. I wasn´t very happy about it at the beginning , because I originally planned to go there only for spotting. Standing somewhere near the airport in November for 6 or 7 hours wasn´t something I considered to be too necessary. Then I decided I can have a look around city for few hours and just started looking forward to it.

As I had to get from Brno to Vienna first, that meant waking up pretty early. I got up at 1:00AM after 3,5hours of sleeping and knew this day was going to be really challenging, mainly physically. I took a taxi to bus station, from where my bus to Vienna leaves at 2:45. Luckily, Student Agency - czech bus operator runs daily connections from Prague to Brno, which continues to Vienna and Schwechat airport, which makes things much easier for me.

Bus was empty and quite comfortable, which was fine for my ride. Headsets were distributed after departure for those who wanted to use their PTVs. I wasn´t interested in that as I wanted to sleep at least a bit during this 2 hours drive to VIE.

Unfortunately I managed to sleep only for about 30 minutes and woke up at Vienna Praterstern
photo DSC_0001_01

Everyone had PTV in his seat
photo DSC_0002_01

Bus after arriving at Schwechat
photo DSC_0003_01

Control tower in the foggy early morning
photo DSC_0004_01photo DSC_0005_01photo DSC_0006_01

I entered terminal at 5:00AM and airport was very calm at this time. First departures were set at 6 o´clock
photo DSC_0007_01

Departures screen
photo DSC_0008_01

I checked-in online, but always prefer to have the small boarding pass from these machines compared to walking through the airport with printed A4. So reprinted my boarding pass with earlier selected seat 18A. I wanted to get an emergency exit, but I logged into online check-in aprox.a minute after its opening and no seats in exit rows were available…
Also wanted to check into my returning flight from CPH, which I was unable to do at home, but neither here it was not possible.
photo DSC_0010_01photo DSC_0011_01

Airport´s landside
photo DSC_0012_01

Austrian´s check-in desk
photo DSC_0015_01

There was nothing much to do around so I decided to go to security. VIE is quite nice and modern airport, but with observation deck closed during winter it´s not very entertaining. Also the airport is very dark. Although it´s clean, I do not feel too good there.
Security was quick, it just took a minute. As it was dark outside and a lot of lights inside, there was nothing visible throgh the windows, except you wanna watch yourself :-). So I slowly proceeded to my gate F27
photo DSC_0016_01

I was second, who reached the gate. One lady was sleeping there pretty hard. I just sat down, relaxed and watching left out of the window it was possible to see OE-LBI, an A320 that was going to take me to CPH.
photo DSC_0018_01photo DSC_0019_01

Our plane was just parked at the gate and left completely alone. About 1 hour to departure, catering showed up followed by fuel track and some more people around later. Gate area started filling up with people too.

The only photo of our plane I managed to get in those bad light conditions
photo DSC_0020_01

Boarding was called at 6:55
photo DSC_0021_01

I was one of the first to board OE-LBI on that day
photo DSC_0023_01

Flight OS 301

Date: 19/11/2013
Departure airport: VIE - Vienna Schwechat
Arrival airport: CPH - Copenhagen Kastrup
Airline: Austrian Airlines
Aircraft: Airbus A320-214, OE-LBI, 10,8 years in service
Seat: 18A
STD: 07:15
STA: 09:00
Leaving gate: 07:22
Arriving gate: 09:05

20th flight overall
6th on Airbus A320
1st on Austrian
1st on OE-LBI

After stepping onboard I was amazed. The aircraft didn´t feel 10 years old, it actually felt like almost new, nice colours, very clean.
photo DSC_0024_01

My seat 18A
photo DSC_0026_01

Wingview, I prefer sitting near the wing. I´m fascinated to watch wing and its flex
photo DSC_0028_01

Legroom was some kind of shock to me. There was some much space and seat was very comfortable. I simply could not believe I boarded aircraft for intra-european flight. Well done Austrian!
photo DSC_0029_01

Another good news - middle seat in row 18 stayed vacant throughout the flight
photo DSC_0030_01photo DSC_0032_01

Austrian A319 - Sarajevo
Captain came on the radio saying preparations were completed and said flight time is expected to be 1h20mins. He also mentioned weather at Copenhagen was as bad as here at Vienna.

Safety demo had to be played two times. On first attempt we heard sound, but there were only black screens
photo DSC_0043_01

Pushing back with tower in background
photo DSC_0046_01

Engines start. Since pushback to take off it took ages. Although this was first flight of the day for this aircraft, we departed about 30 minutes late. We were caught by bussy morning. Many flights were set for departure at time close to us and they just managed to get pushed-back earlier.
photo DSC_0048_01

TK B737
photo DSC_0049_01

OS B767
photo DSC_0050_01

HG A320
photo DSC_0051_01

During taxi we joined queue behind these two company Fokkers
photo DSC_0053_01

Freebird A320 following behind us
photo DSC_0056_01

Austrian Airlines terminal
photo DSC_0057_01

Some Big Boys from Korea
photo DSC_0062_01

When we got closer to RWY16 we got stuck in traffic. There were at least 5 aircraft waiting for departure ahead of us

When we finally lined up on runway for a take off
photo DSC_0063_01

Acceleration was powerful
photo DSC_0064_01photo DSC_0065_01photo DSC_0066_01

After we rotated we immediately hided in the mist
photo DSC_0068_01

I was looking forward to leave the clouds and enjoy beautiful sunshine. Instead of that we left the first layer of clouds and it seemed there is still some way to go to get above the rest
photo DSC_0070_01

Turning left to head to the north
photo DSC_0073_01

Climbing away from the second layer of clouds
photo DSC_0076_01photo DSC_0077_01

Cabin during climb. Load was around 85% on this flight.
photo DSC_0080_01

TVs showing our flight progress
photo DSC_0082_01

Finally it started looking nice outside
photo DSC_0083_01

Service started after we leveled of at our cruising altitude. Everyone was given nutcake, coffee/tea and some cold drink. Cake was good. I only forgot to ask for sugar with my tea so I was quite relieved when I finished it, due to to its taste.
Cabin crew were 3 ladies and 1 man. Three of them nice and friendly. Only one younger lady was not looking to be in the possible mood. Oldest FA, maybe around 50 was looking after business class passengers.
photo DSC_0090_01

Seatbelt sign went on for several minutes with captain coming on the radio telling us we´re about to fly in area with high winds. Aircraft started vibrating, but nothing really worth mentioning.
photo DSC_0091_01

I don´t like this kind of entertainment. They started playing some animated films. I would much more prefer to have a moving map playing instead - on this flight even more with clouds covering whole Europe to at least know, where are we flying at the moment. I would even prefer watching advertisments compared to this..
photo DSC_0092_01photo DSC_0094_01

At about 30 minutes prior landing I began struggling with icing. My view from window was getting worse and worse.
photo DSC_0096_01photo DSC_0097_01photo DSC_0098_01

Approaching Copenhagen
photo DSC_0099_01

At this moment it was already almost impossible to take any photo through this window.
Fortunately I had a part of another window behind, so I tried using it to get at least some pictures
photo DSC_0102_01

Bye bye nice weather
photo DSC_0104_01

Then we dived back into clouds
photo DSC_0105_01

Cabin during descend
photo DSC_0106_01

I was absolutely disoriented. Map didn´t show up again and I had no idea which direction we were flying. With fog around and window being frozen I had no clue which runway we landed on. My father (following my flight on FlightRadar as always) later told me it was 22L, we landed on.
photo DSC_0107_01photo DSC_0116_01photo DSC_0118_01

It was one of those normal landings, I think it was nice providing the conditions.
photo DSC_0119_01

DY B738
photo DSC_0121_01

We landed on time and at 9:05 we were at the gate. Crew thanked us for flying and wished us nice rest of the day.
photo DSC_0123_01photo DSC_0124_01

Our aircraft - OE-LBI resting before her flight home
photo DSC_0130_01

Air Greenland A330
photo DSC_0131_01photo DSC_0132_01

I proceeded to arrival hall which took only few moments and then I started searching how to get to the city. I planned to go to the city first and then to return to the airport for some planespotting.
I would probably make FR about flying back to Vienna as well, so I will add few words about visiting the city and Kastrup airport there.

Thank you guys for reading up to here and looking forward to any of your comments.

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Austrian Airlines

Cabin crew7.5

Vienna - VIE


Copenhagen - CPH



Austrian was very good.

Very comfortable cabin, definately the best economy cabin I ever flew in. Cabin crew was nice as well and catering was .. basic, but tasty and ok for me. Also heard two times from captain which is nice. Opened cockpit door during boarding and deplaning is always a good bonus :-)

Only IFE was poor with showing map only a few times. Animated movies were played throughout the whole flight and no-one even watched them.

Vienna airport was calm, quiet and clean, but at the time I was there with no traffic around there was nothing to do, in case you are not hungry. When airside there are some duty free shops, but that is not thing that entertains me much.

I don´t like rating arrival airports because arrival halls are usually pretty busy and not as nice as departure halls so I always move away from there as quickly as possible.

Overally very pleasant flight and difinately worth the money (providing the fact this segment costed me 44EUR).

Information on the route Vienna (VIE) Copenhagen (CPH)


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