Review of Air France flight Paris Nice in Economy

Airline Air France
Flight F6220
Class Economy
Seat 7F
Aircraft Airbus A321
Flight time 01:30
Take-off 21 Oct 21, 14:15
Arrival at 21 Oct 21, 15:45
AF   #28 out of 95 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 5971 reviews
By GOLD 602
Published on 16th March 2022

A new southern weekend is scheduled

During September, I had seen an AF promotion for flights in France and Europe from €40 per trip, so I find flights at times that suit me more or less and will only have to add a few euros for seat reservation.

The car park is reserved at Orly as well as the rental of a car in Nice with Hertz.

Routing will be very simple.


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  • Nice NCE - Paris ORY - Air France - Airbus A320 - Economy Coming soon

direction orly airport

I have reserved  in the Orly 2 car park which avoids the slowdown at the entrance to the zone 3 drop-off point.

photo img_8795photo img_8797

Not very easy to find the parking.

photo img_8798

Level -1 is full, level - 2 and  -3 closed, I park on level - 4

photo img_8799photo img_8800

Take a lift to departure level

photo img_8801

The companies return to their original terminals but you still have to show proof of flight to enter the terminal.

photo img_8802

to the airport

Exit in Orly 1 near Iberia counters.

photo img_8803

Now walking to gates C

photo img_8804_resultatphoto img_8807photo img_8805

Access to hall B is still closed.

photo img_8806

A lot of shops remain closed.

photo img_8808photo img_8809photo img_8810

But, the security check giving access to doors C is open, no need to go through Hall 3 anymore.

photo img_8811photo img_8812photo img_8813_resultat

Somme people on the place.

photo img_8814

Especially for the AF-KLM low cost Transavia.

photo img_8819

If you want to check in a bag, it's here.

photo img_8815photo img_8816

This way is closed for me, i have to go back.

photo img_8817

This way is the good way.

photo img_8821

I go quickly through security check.

photo img_8822

Eating before flying, i have no accès to lounge. 

photo img_8823

Now i have to go to C gates.

photo img_8825

Here we are, this part of the airport is much less pleasant than the new terminal building.

photo img_8826

Her is my flight's door, I think that it should not be full.

photo img_8827

Bird is pretty here.

photo img_8828

I think i saw a Pffuddycat!

photo img_8829

Yes, i did see a Puddycat.

photo img_8830

Now we have to flight.

photo img_8832

I'm arriving just as zone 5 boarding begins.

photo img_8833

Anybody on jetway

photo img_8834

Fuselage shot.

photo img_8837

Plane door for Esteban.

photo img_8835

the flight report

Our plane is not very young but  paint whith new colors and equipped with a Wifi antenna.

photo img_9825

Anybody on my row.

photo img_8842

Legroom is ok.

photo img_8840

 USB power is available.

photo img_8841

Here is the Sylvester test.

photo img_8838_resultat

We are on tims.

photo img_8843photo img_8846

During pushback, three AF A318 who are leaving the fleet. 

photo img_8848

More and more Transavia in Orly.

photo img_8849

And many EasyJet too.

photo img_8850photo img_8851

End of rolling. 

photo img_8855_resultat

Takeoff runway  07.

photo img_8859photo img_8861_resultat

The Château of Maréchal De Saxe in Yerres city. 

photo img_8863

Le golfcourse of Lesigny along the Francilienne raod, the third circle road around Paris

photo img_8865_resultat

On the edge of Essonne and Seine et Marne with the Forest of Sénart on the left.

photo img_8869

The southern suburbs of Paris

photo img_8870_resultatphoto img_8871

The Seine river at Corbeil Essonnes.

photo img_8875

One other golfcourse on the way.

photo img_8879_resultat

Here we are above the Loiret.

photo img_8882

The Loire appears beneath our wings.

photo img_8885

rmy base 702 at Avord.

photo img_8889photo img_8891

Center of France.

photo img_8892photo img_8896

Now it's time for snacking.It's not much but it has the merit of existing.

photo img_8897photo img_8899

Carpet is not very clean.

photo img_8900_resultat

We are now over Montélimar and the Rhône river. 

photo img_8905

ITER powerplant at Cadarache.

photo img_8910

Now, we are in Provence, les Arcs-sur-Argens and highway A8.

photo img_8914

'Esterel mountain and the Saint Tropez bay.

photo img_8916


photo img_8917

Port Fréjus and Saint Raphael.

photo img_8920

'Esterel again.

photo img_8924

Théoule sur Mer,

photo img_8925photo img_8927

Saint Honorat island and the monestary.

photo img_8932

NCE airport

photo img_8938photo img_8941

Landing rwy 04L.

photo img_8942photo img_8944

Welcome to Nice,

photo img_8947

Le Terminal 1 remain closed

We go to terminal 2.

photo img_8954photo img_8956

One more picture of our plane.

photo img_8957

This way.

photo img_8958photo img_8959

But i have no checked lugage.

photo img_8960photo img_8961

So i go to car rental center.

photo img_8962photo img_8963photo img_8965

To Hertz counter, no waiting, my car is ready and car is upgrade. The team is very professional and very friendly, the car is almost new, I received the details and the support sheet by email.
Direction the city of  Grasse.

photo img_8966

the lfight with flightradar24

photo img_9824photo img_9826

zoom on departure and  aproach.

photo img_9827photo img_9828

Thank you forflying  with me, the natural IFE offered us beautiful landscapes and see you soon for the outbound flight to Paris.

Il fou like, you can find a traveling bonus at the end of the french edition of this report here

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Air France

Cabin crew9.0

Paris - ORY


Nice - NCE



An excelent value for money, it is true that I had taken it early but it is pleasant to fly with AF at the price of a low cost.
Refurbished plane with Wifi available, I have the "shrimp" on the winglets. Snack that has the merit of existing and Air France Play application for reading.
Friendly and professional flight attendants, few people on the plane, everything to make the flight enjoyable.

ORY, The gradual return to old facilities is not rewarding. Few people on the road but it's Saturday so we can consider that it's normal. Like CDG, no efficient public transport connection.
Still many shops closed which does not brighten the passage in the terminal.
Passage of the PIF of the C gates fast.

NCE quick exit without luggage to retrieve, the car rental center is within reach, the connection to Nice and the other surrounding cities by tram or bus is very practical.

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    KévinDC TEAM SILVER 6858 Comments
    Thanks for sharing! It's nice to see USB on most of the Métropole fleet now, though it would have been nice if they just changed out those Recaro seats altogether when they refurbished the interiors. I hope they redid the padding because the seats were already hard years ago last time I flew on one with these seats.
    Good thing the flight was mostly empty so Sylvester got his own seat!

    Thanks for sharing!
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    Welcome to the dark side of the force Michel :)

    Happy to see you publishing in English!

    Thanks for sharing :)
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    Thank you Mickael for this report in english.
    I stop the comment here because my english is very bad !!
    See you soon !

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