Review of Druk Air flight Bangkok Paro in Business

Airline Druk Air
Flight KB131
Class Business
Seat 1C
Aircraft Airbus A319
Flight time 04:00
Take-off 01 Jun 13, 10:30
Arrival at 01 Jun 13, 13:30
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By 12399
Published on 25th November 2013
Getting to Bhutan has been my dream for many years. There were many factors that affect my plan: money, time, visa and a chance. Finally I had one last June.

Since there's no direct flight from Ho Chi Minh City (SGN) to Paro (Bhutan), I had to transit in Bangkok (BKK). For SGN-BKK route, I chose Vietnam Airlines as usual. Here is the meal with Vietnam Airlines J class for 1:10 hours flight:

photo inflightfood46
Rice vermicelli with Hanoi-style grilled fish

It was May 31, 2013. On the eve before the flight from Bangkok to Paro, I was informed that our early morning flight at 6:30am delayed to 10:30am due to weather condition at Paro Airport. I heard that it was heavy raining. It's OK for me cos I have more time to sleep in the morning.

June 1, my companion and I didn't have time to have breakfast at the hotel. We went straight to the airport. We booked business class tickets to Paro with Druk Air since the J tickets weren't much more expansive than Y class (more than 150$ more expensive). J class cost 1.050$ (around that) while Y class cost almost 900$. Druk Air was the only carrier that flies to Paro International Airport.

For J class, we were invited to Air France Sky Lounge, got priority lane for security and immigration process.

photo 1013400_10152923752000315_890194165_n
Early morning in Bangkok

photo 972155_10152923751925315_1823178885_nphoto 1016043_10152923752170315_801749758_n
Boarding pass, lounge invitation, Fast-track coupon

We were still sleepy and didn't have mood for shopping so we went straight to the lounge.

Generally AF Sky Lounge is good but I prefer Louis Tarvern First Class Lounge near G gate of the same airport

photo 5577_10152923752230315_854282735_nphoto 988227_10152923752200315_2143391790_n
Ready for the flight

Time for boarding, we were taken to the plane by bus. We flew with Airbus A319. My first impression was the cabin crew. They wore Bhutanese traditional costume, the kira. The J class seats are very comfortable for a 2 hrs flight.

photo 1010440_10152924777725315_1896974327_nphoto 1001164_10152924777655315_1841493092_nphoto 1001622_10152924783130315_2137290826_n
Seats and welcome drink

photo 972264_10152924800005315_237663612_nphoto air36
Druk Air Royal Bhutan Airlines' cabin crew. They're very friendly. They were very comfortable when I took photos of them. Perhaps they were impressed by my photo shooting so they treated me really well.

photo 1010923_10152924782990315_1615152243_n
The toilet

photo 934823_10152891073790315_917482815_nphoto 971632_10152924796935315_78891500_n
Meal services began

photo 196465_10152924783180315_566458035_n
Peanuts and orange juice while waiting for main meal

photo inflightfood40photo inflightfood41
Beef and fish

photo inflightfood45
Dessert was served separately

photo 1010747_10152924798590315_225510744_n
The plane transited in Bagdogra, India

photo IMG_2107
Snacks for 30 minute flight from Bagdogra to Paro

Paro Airport, I think I like it.

photo 971764_10152926894380315_2080540322_n
The terminal, very traditional and very Bhutanese

To conclude this FR, I want to share some photos from my Bhutan trip last June:

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Druk Air

Cabin crew10.0

Air France Lounge


Bangkok - BKK


Paro - PBH



A great flight to Bhutan with Druk Air Royal Bhutan Airlines.



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