Review of Cathay Pacific flight Hong Kong Mumbai in Economy

Airline Cathay Pacific
Flight CX663
Class Economy
Seat 66K
Aircraft Boeing 777-300ER
Flight time 05:45
Take-off 28 Nov 18, 20:10
Arrival at 28 Nov 18, 23:25
CX 465 reviews
By GOLD 521
Published on 24th April 2022

Trip Report Cathay Pacific CX663 Hong Kong to Mumbai

 Flight details:
Airlines: Cathay Pacific Airways
Flight: CX663 HKG-BOM
Reg: B-KQX
Aircraft: Boeing 777-367ER
Departure Hong Kong Terminal 1 Gate 2 : 20:10 HKT
Arrival Mumbai Terminal 2: 23:25 IST
Flight time: 5 hours 41 minutes
Distance: 4654 km or 2891 miles

Video: Cathay Pacific B-KQX CX663 Hong Kong to Mumbai


This is trip report is from Nov 2018. I was transiting through Hong Kong. Arrived from Sydney and had 2 hour 20 minute of transit. Read Trip Report Cathay Pacific B-KQT CX162 Sydney to Hong Kong

Departure Area

After completing security,  took escalator to the departure area. I had a to charge my phone and camera battery. Found a charging point and waited.

photo img_1

Boarding going for Singapore flight.

photo img_2-57926

After charging phone for almost an hour.

photo img_3

Checked boarding gate information and then followed the signs.

photo img_33

Boarding gate yet to open.

photo img_4-12510

Cathay Pacific Boeing 777-300ER B-KQX operating CX663

photo img_8

Front view of aircraft.

photo img_9

Passengers queued up in front of gate 2.

photo img_7-62022

Waiting area was not full yet.

photo img_5-95370

I decided to some food. A bad decision, as food was not ready and it was almost boarding time. I had to return the buzzer and back to boarding gate.

photo img_10


Queue formed for boarding. Passport and boarding pass was checked.

photo img_11-31099

Aircraft in view from aerobridge. Crew at the door, greeting and directing passengers.

photo img_12


Reached the assigned window seat, organised self. It felt very cramped in the seat apart from my neighbour overweight, his body was extending into my space. I observed the seating was 3-4-3 in this section, the seats felt slippery and uncomfortable. There was too much glare from the screen and felt hot.

photo img_13

Personal screen and USB charger connected

photo img_14

Passenger boarding continues.

photo img_16

Aircraft still at gate as passengers continue to board. Noticed many mainland Chinese on this flight.

photo img_17

Boarding completed.

photo img_20

Flight information

photo img_18

Pilot informed there is a delay as awaiting ATC clearance.

photo img_15

Glaring screen and tray with device ports.

photo img_19-95865

Flight Information

Flight number, origin and destination

photo img_21

Distance and flying time to Mumbai in miles.

photo img_22

Mumbai arrival time was 11.23 pm

photo img_23

Distance in Kms

photo img_24

While waiting for pushback, check city information. Flight must have been delayed at least half hour.

photo img_28

Pushback, Taxi and Departure

Pushback - Tugged aircraft was pushed back. Watch video to enjoy experience.

photo img_29

Watched the pushback on personal screen. Safety demonstration was conduced through the personal screen.

photo img_30-90395

Taxi was long  and slow. Pilot announced aircraft was 10th in queue for departure. Watch departure in video above.

photo img_31

Cathay Pacific Boeing 777=300ER safety card in seat pocket. Charging cable removed for departure.

photo img_32-13754

Air Asia Airbus A320 on parallel taxiway/

photo img_34

Late departure meant a hour delay in arrival as screen information.

photo img_35

Screen information after departure.

photo img_36

As soon as aircraft departed, passenger in the front seat reclined. I was already uncomfortable and screen glare made things even worse. My neigbbour had fallen asleep and snoring. i managed to lean on the side wall for some space.  I felt claustrophobic..

photo img_37

Drinks Service

Drinks service commenced upon attaining cruise altitude. When the crew came to my row. I said there is not enough space to open the tray and inform the person ahead to straighten the seat.

photo img_38

I chose bloody Mary for drink. Got peanuts along with the drink.

photo img_39

Dinner Service

Dinner service commenced shortly after drinks.

photo img_40

Dinner option was veg or non-veg. There was no menu provided on this flight.

photo img_41

Still 4 hours 25 minutes to Mumbai.

photo img_42

Flight information

photo img_44

I selected non-veg and bloody Mary. Non-veg consisted of green curry chicken, rice and green peas korma. carrot salad and lemon cake.

photo img_45

Flight Inforamtion

After dinner, light was turned off, started to feel cool.

photo img_46

the person in front again reclined the seat, I didn't say anything and reclined own seat. It felt like the seat was too close to me and my neighbours body parts protruding my space. I couldn't sleep well.

photo img_47

Was in no mood for entertainment being a night flight. As I couldn't sleep looked out of the window from time to time. Noticed aircraft had crossed Bangladesh and over Kolkata. Watch video to see aerial over Kolkata..

photo img_48

Flight route from Hong Kong to Mumbai.

photo img_49

Time passed somehow. Flight information from pilots view.

photo img_50

Landing in Mumbai

Pilot announced descend would commence shortly,

photo img_53

Crew organised the cabin. Seat recline back up, window shades up and light switched on.

photo img_51

Landing soon. Couldn't wait to get off.

photo img_52

Aircraft approaching Mumbai from east. Aircraft would be landing on runway 27.

photo img_54

After a smooth landing, crew announced arrival details in English, Mandarin and Hindi 

photo img_55

Flight information

photo img_56

Camera view of aircraft getting service.

photo img_57

Mumbai screen with flight details.

photo img_58


I disembarked as the last section passengers started de-boarding.  Can see the 3-4-3 seats in economy. Crew thanked passengers as they stepped off aircraft.

photo img_59

View of aircraft from terminal building.

photo img_60

Advertising blocking view.

photo img_61

Front view as aircraft prepares for return flight.

photo img_62

Immigration, Duty Free, Baggage Collection and Customs

Reached immigration, submitted passport and showed visa document. Got cleared without issue.  Entered duty free area and purchased some alcohol to gift.  Bag came within 20 mins of reaching the collection area. Customs had to pass bag through x-ray, was allowed to continue towards exit.

photo img_63

Exiiting Airport

After exiting the customs area, headed towards prepaid taxi counter in the arrival area. Took a taxi home. Reached home around 2am due to delayed flight.

Hope you enjoyed this trip report. Thanks for reading.


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Cathay Pacific onboard service and crew was ok. Flight was delayed, I had read about the high-density CX Boeing 777-300 and the uncomfortable seats. Having experienced it, I will avoid the CX high-density Boeing 777-300ER as there are other better options. Seating in cramped space for 5 hours in a full flight is a deal breaker. Not a pleasant flight.

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The airline with the best average rating is Cathay Pacific with 8.4/10.

The average flight time is 6 hours and 26 minutes.

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