Review of SriLankan Airlines flight Colombo Mumbai in Economy

Airline SriLankan Airlines
Flight UL143
Class Economy
Seat 17A
Aircraft Airbus A320
Flight time 02:40
Take-off 15 Mar 22, 17:20
Arrival at 15 Mar 22, 20:00
UL 62 reviews
By GOLD 345
Published on 2nd May 2022

Trip Report: Srilankan Airlines UL143 Colombo TO MUMBAI

Flight details:
Airlines: Srilankan Airlines
Flight:UL143 CMB-BOM
Reg: 4R-ABL
Aircraft: Airbus A320-232
Departure Colombo Airport Gate R2 -Bus gate: 17:20 SLT
Arrival Mumbai Airport: 20:00 IST
Flight time: 2h 40m
Distance: 945 miles / 1520 kilometers

VIDEO: Srilankan Airlines 4R-ABL UL143 Colombo to Mumbai


This report is from March 2022. I was transiting on the way to Mumbai. Read arrival in Trip Report: Srilankan UL609 Sydney to Colombo . I had a 4 hour and 30 minute transit in Colombo.


On arrival in Colombo, flight was still in check-in.

photo img_18

I was feeling hungry and checked prices at Pizza hut

photo img_33

Price in US dollar

photo img_34

I wasn't in mood for pizza or sandwich

photo img_36

Burger price, checked the counter. They accepted US Dollar or Srilankan Rupee.

photo img_37

VIDEO: Transit Experience in Colombo Airport

I found the money changer was next to the Pizza hut. Problem was there was no one at the counter. I asked the security guy, he said to call number to get someone. As I wanted to change a small sum and no local phone number, dropped the idea of changing money.

I had watched youtube video on Colombo airport and read the reviews on this site. This information was not available.

I went to a shop to get souvenir. Checked prices were in US dollars. I checked with salesgirl, if she will accept Australian Dollar.  I thought to get AUD$  changed to Srilankan Rupee. She didn't have change and asked me for smaller denomination. I gave a her $20 as that was the change I had to pay for the items and some change. That gave me Srilankan rupees. I went to get some food.

photo img_41

I checked the price it was Srilankan 240 Rupee. Hardly had any filling. I was left with no money for drinks.

photo img_39

I tried to get change from a different shop but the exchange rate was ridiculous for things, I didn't need. 

I didn't want to change large denomination in Srilankan rupee as I had a short transit on return. I returned back to same shop, got some more souvenir. Gave the last of the small notes, I asked for Srilankan rupee but she had got small change in Australian dollar. That was it, I decided to wait for boarding. Shared with my work colleague, this experience as she was transiting through Colombo after 2 days.

While seated, I heard same issue facing others who had arrived from Sydney and Melbourne regarding the money exchange. I was better prepared on return, got the US dollar as family member was visiting from USA.

photo img_40-87719

Time passed waiting near the big window with airside view.

photo img_24

Watched Indigo depart, Srilankan A320 departing.

photo img_25

Security and Boarding

Checked gate information, Gate for the flight was R2. Boarding by stairs.

photo img_1

Cleared security and stood  in queue outside the boarding gate.
Boarding was at final call for Gulf Air to Male and Bahrain along with Srilankan to Kuwait. Some domestic helps going to Kuwait queue up after me, I directed them to next gate. As the space was limited near the boarding area, queue was extending into other gate. Passport, Boarding pass was checked and Mumbai local Covid declaration form was provided.

photo img_2

Boarding by bus. Seems not one cared about social distancing. Mask was worn. Aircraft was parked in remote bay, took almost 10-15 minutes to reach the aircraft. Enjoy the aircraft view from the foot of stair as other boarded ahead.

photo img_3


Entered aircraft from rear stairs. Flight was full, many tourist, seamen who had disembarked at Galle port and passengers from Australian flights.

photo img_4

Boarding was completed on time, stairs removed.

photo img_5

Enough legroom.

photo img_6

Pushback and Departure

Pushback commenced on time.

photo img_8

Turkish Airlines to Male and

photo img_7

Departed towards the sea

photo img_9

Flaps in and reaching cruise altitude. I started to fill the India immigration form. My neighbour asked where I got the form and if he needs to fill. I said to him, if you are Indian passport holder, you wont have to fill. That's how I found about the seamen deboarding at Galle. They were traveling in a group. The oil tanker had arrived from Europe, it had taken them a month to reach Srilanka and the tanker was heading to Singapore.

photo img_10

Dinner Service

Food was served soon after attaining the cruise altitude. Option was Veg or non-veg.

photo img_11

I chose the non-veg option. Received chicken biryani. I asked for beer, got a Lion beer.

photo img_13

Food was good as seen below. Tea and coffee was provided.

photo img_14

Seat Pocket Material

Seat pocket contained water bottle, safety paper and air sickness bag. This aircraft did not have any IFE.

photo img_15

Sunset in view

photo img_16

Felt sleepy, rested for the remainder of flight.

photo img_17

Occasionally checked the window view

photo img_19

Sun setting in the Arabian sea.

photo img_20

Due to bright sun, most of the window shades on the port side were down

photo img_21

Waiting for arrival.

photo img_22

Crew conducted duty free sales.

photo img_23

Approaching Mumbai

Aircraft headed turned East and flew over Mumbai towards Navi Mumbai and then turned West. Pilot informed descend would be commencing. Watch video above.

Aircraft would be landing on runway 27. Flew over the Navi Mumbai, Eastern Express Highway and suburbs of Kurla to land.

photo img_26

Landing was smooth, crew provided Airport information and temp details.

photo img_27

Taxi followed passing in front of Domestic terminals

photo img_28

Arrived at gate with view of Rwandair

photo img_29

Parked at gate. Aircraft had landed few minutes ahead of schedule.

photo img_30

Passengers up to open the overhead bins.

photo img_31

Got ready to disembark

photo img_32

Immigration AND duty FRee

I exited the aircraft and walked towards the immigration. I had taken a turn through a different exit and ended up with passengers who had exited earlier.

Counter was setup to check AirSuvidha, vaccination status. No one asked for Mumbai local covid declartion form. I had come prepared, had printed the forms and had everything organised. I was able to enter the immigration with few other passengers.

I joined the foreigners and Overseas Citizen of India[OCI] queue. Handed the passport and OCI booklet. Immigration read my name and spoke to me in Marathi. He asked me to look at camera to photograph. Then took my fingerprints which took a few minutes.  I must have spent at least few minutes for fingerprinting as my imprints were not getting registered. Cleaned the scan and tired again finally worked ok. I was allowed to continue.

I had to get some alcohol to gift.I paid in Australian Dollar as the amount had a odd number. Counter girl asked if I had Indian rupee to pay the remainder amount. I was happy to give her the change as I got money back for taxi in Indian rupees.

photo img_35


Carousel 8 for bag collection. I had to wait for 20 minutes for the bag. After collecting. I headed towards custom. As I wasn't carrying any declarable goods. I walked to the green channel. A lady ahead of me had also arrived from Sydney. When she put her bag through X-ray, custom officer asked if she was carrying iphone 13. She was asked to go to the red channel officer to pay duty. I was able to clear immigration without issue.

photo img_38

Exiting Airport

I headed outside in the arrival area to book taxi. I went to Meru and Ola. They said there are not enough taxis and wait time would be 15 minutes. Ola guy asked if i had app, as I didn't have a local number. I checked with the normal taxi. Got a Coolcab. Went to the lower level for taxi.

As it was peak traffic time in Mumbai. Took almost 1 hr to reach home. Time to reach home after landing was 2 hrs and 15 minutes

Flight Details

photo img_44

Aircraft information

photo img_43

Flight route

photo img_42

Hope you enjoyed this trip report. Thanks for reading.


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SriLankan Airlines

Cabin crew7.5

Colombo - CMB


Mumbai - BOM



Srilankan Airlines service was satisfactory, food was good. There was no inflight entertainment system on this aircraft. I wasn't going to watch anyways.
Colombo airport is basic airport, I think a new terminal is under-construction from what I saw. As I had a couple hours of transit managed to spend time. Mumbai Airport was ok except the immigration took time. Overall had a satisfactory flight.

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