Review of Israir flight Eilat Tel Aviv in Economy

Airline Israir
Flight 6H 458
Class Economy
Seat 4D
Aircraft ATR 72-500
Flight time 00:50
Take-off 01 May 22, 20:50
Arrival at 01 May 22, 21:40
6H 11 reviews
By 625
Published on 10th May 2022


Hello again!
After 3 days in Eilat and in the area, came the time to return to our home :)

Here's my experience with Israir on the flight back from Eilat to Tel Aviv on flight 6H 458.
For those of you who didn't read my inbound flight FR, here's a link.



The old airport runway was destroyed at least year ago, I visited in Eilat on April 2021 and the road between the two parts of the runway was already built.
As I mentioned in my previous flight report, the old airport location was much better and much more convenient.


We arrived to ETM airport 1 hour and 15 minutes before our flight, as Israir requested.
The old DC-3 that used to stand in Eilat airport also moved to the new airport:

photo 20220501_192428photo 20220501_192444

The airport area was so empty that I could to stop in the middle of the road, take those pictures and continue.
The airport's security car stopped near our rented car and asked us why we stopped, but they were ok with what I did :)


The entrance to the airport:

photo 20220501_193632photo 20220501_193713

The security process was similar to the security process I experienced always in TLV airport.
Security in Israel is tighter than the security in Europe.

Since the airport was pretty empty on this our (and I think it can handle much more flights), the security process was very fast.

The check in area:

photo 20220501_193720photo 20220501_194049photo 20220501_194806

We waited for the airline agents a couple of minutes, when they arrived, I heard them talking about how empty our flight will be and asked them for the number of passengers on our flight, they answered that out of 72 seats in the aircraft, only 17 will be occupied! Nice!

The airport was empty, as it was in our inbound flight:

photo 20220501_194656photo 20220501_194712photo 20220501_194803

Burgerim was close, but the daily branch was open. In fact, it was the only thing open on this area of the airport.

I checked the toilets near the check in area:

And as you can see, the toilets were clean and looked very good. Hopefully they'll be stay clean during the next years.

We came back to grab something to eat in the daily branch:

photo 20220501_195655photo 20220501_195713photo 20220501_195832

We bought 2 pasta with pesto salads, coca cola and soda and paid 95 ILS (27.5$ USD approximately) for them.
The pasta salad was ok, but nothing special.

Look at this…

photo 20220501_200732

The shop shelves were empty, it's very sad to see the airport on such way.

We went to the security again, this time for body scan and hand baggage check.
After this process, there were more shops and places to eat:

In the lower floor you can find 2 coffee shops (I don't know why, since both of them are Ilan's coffee), James Richardson shop (they sell snacks, chocolates, etc.), Jack Kuba (which was closed), Stimatsky (book shop), exchange (which was closed as well) and even a lounge!

Not too much when compering to TLV airport, but for domestic flight it's pretty good.

Gates area:

photo 20220501_202243photo 20220501_202254photo 20220501_202416

There were also vending machines:

photo 20220501_202440photo 20220501_202446

The prices are reasonable for an airport.
6 ILS for water bottle, 7 ILS for Coca cola bottle.

I went to the toilets in the lower floor as well:

And as you can see, they were in very good condition and clean!

Boarding started on time and was very short (Do you remember? We were only 17 passengers on board).

Ramon airport:

photo dsc00042

Arkia with their EMB-195 (4X-EMF):

photo dsc00045photo dsc00047

And our aircraft:

Aircraft information:
ATR 72-500 (72-212A)
In service with Israir since June 2011, making it almost 11 years old when I flew with it


We boarded the aircraft pretty fast. Am I mentioned the advantage of being a small group of passengers? :)

Window view:

photo dsc00058


photo dsc00060

Cleaning could be better, but still, could be worse as well.

The legroom situation was good:

photo dsc00061

Please note that my bag taking a lot of space, so the legroom is even better than what you already see.
The seat itself could be cleaner, as you can see in the picture there was a big stain on it.

Cabin view:

photo dsc00063photo dsc00065

The flight was so empty that even our robotic vacuum had it's own seat!

The aircraft pushed back at 8:45 pm and we took off around 8:50 pm, meaning 10 minutes earlier!
ETM airport view:

photo dsc00067

Take off video (sorry for the bad quality, it was very dark outside and I did my best):

The seat belt sign remained on for all the flight, so there won't be a lavatory review on this flight report.

Our aircraft climbed to FL200, which was very high when comparing it to the inbound flight (FL130).

I tried my luck and talked with the flight attendants about visiting in the cockpit, they were very nice but said it's impossible to visit the flight deck of the ATR and I may try my luck again when I'll fly with Israir on their Airbus A320.

The tray table, which could be cleaner:The rest of the flight was uneventful, but the descent to TLV airport was a bit hard and not very pleasant.

photo dsc00070

The rest of the flight was uneventful, but the descent to TLV airport was a bit hard and not very pleasant.

I tried to took some photos during descent, but it wasn't easy, since it was night and the windows were dirty as well:

photo dsc00077

Landing video:

We landed on runway 21 with a time to spare.
The original arrival time was 10 pm, we landed at 9:30 pm and the aircraft was taxied to N19 parking in TLV airport (near to terminal 1).

Fedex B757F in N15:

photo dsc00081

4X-ATI, the second ATR of Israir, parking in N18:

photo dsc00084

Cabin view during deboarding:

photo dsc00090

Bye bye 4X-ATH!

photo dsc00092photo dsc00093

A bus waited for us and took us to a long journey in the airport, all the way to terminal 3:

photo dsc00098

I tried to took photos from the bus, it wasn't easy.

Another Fedex B757F:

photo dsc00100

CargoJet B767F:

photo dsc00102

Elal B777 (4X-ECF, the newest 777 in Elal's fleet), hopefully those birds will return to fly soon, after more than 2 years!

photo dsc00103


photo 20220501_215945

We arrived to terminal 3 after the long journey in the airport, this entrance to terminal 3 is separated from the international area, which skips over the passport control and the customs.

There was only one baggage carousel:

photo 20220501_220033

We waited 20-25 minutes for our luggage, which is almost the length of the flight!

After we received our luggage, we went to terminal 3 arrival flights area (which you probably saw in my previous flight reports, but this time the way to this area was longer):


Flights to\from Europe:
VY7844 (BCN-TLV)

Flights to\from Canada:

Domestic flights in Canada:
F8 1821 (YYZ-YYC)

I hope that you enjoyed and hope to see you again in my future flight reports!

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Cabin crew10.0

Eilat - ETM


Tel Aviv - TLV



I'll take my conclusion from my last flight report, since it's mostly relevant, and make some relevant changes:

Israir fleet has changed since I flew with them in 2009.
They have 2 ATR72 and 5 (soon 6) Airbus A320.
The service on board was lacking, the crew didn't served even a cup of water (while Israir mentioned in their website that on flight from\to Eilat they'll serve a cup of water).
Buy on board wasn't available but it's reasonable on this flight, since it's a short one.
No IFE on board, but it's also reasonable since this aircraft used primarily for this route which is very short.

ETM airport was empty, but I think that it has a lot of potential. Maybe in the winter of 2023 we'll see more operation on this airport with international flights.
The airport was easy to navigate, clean and well equipped for a domestic flights, and even for international flights it's not too bad, for sure better than some airports I visited in Europe.
TLV airport wasn't efficient this time, we waited a lot of time to our luggage, probably it's related to the fact that TLV airport is missing a lot of workers after the corona virus, and hopefully it'll improve soon.
Services were good as usual, as inbound passenger you have coffee shops, cellular agents, rental car companies, taxis and a rail station.

Even though I love to fly, I won't recommend to use the flights from Tel Aviv to Eilat, since with the combined time (driving to the airport, check in, security process, waiting in the terminal, the flight itself, the waiting for the baggage and the driving from the airport to Eilat) can be almost the same as driving from the central area in Israel to Eilat.

Information on the route Eilat (ETM) Tel Aviv (TLV)


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  • Comment 602449 by
    PapaSierraGolf91 SILVER 163 Comments

    Thanks for this report ;)
    I find the Eilat new airport very convenient despite it has no jet bridge.
    It is a chance for international flights was used to land at Ovda airport.
    Strange they still call the airport Ben Gurion and not Tel Aviv.
    And thakns for the info about the B777 LY, I didn't know it.

    Really want to read your FR about Arkia A321N ! ;)

    • Comment 602457 by
      Dor AUTHOR 100 Comments

      In my opinion, the old airport was located in much attractive location.
      The new airport is better as airport, but it's location isn't attractive at all.
      Yes, this airport built for international flights as well (as you can see in my photos), but due to the corona situation this airport didn't saw international flight for a long time.

      Unfortunately, the Arkia flight will be operated by one of my least favorite airline - Smart wings with their Boeing 737-800.
      This flight originally should be operated with the A321 Neo, but then they change it to a leased A320 from Electra airways, and 2 weeks ago I received a mail regarding changing my flight time (the take off time changed from 14:15 to 16:15) and the flight will be operated by Smart wings. :(

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