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Airline ANA
Flight NH811
Class Economy
Seat 22K
Flight time 05:00
Take-off 05 Jun 22, 18:15
Arrival at 05 Jun 22, 22:15
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Published on 11th June 2022

Welcome to the second trip report of this series to Hong Kong onboard ANA's 777 and 767 which we will be flying on this evening. If you have not yet checked out my last trip report, feel free to check it out by clicking below.


Narita International Airport (NRT) - Terminal 1

After disembarking the 777 which brought us from Los Angeles in groups, connecting passengers were allowed to directly enter the departure hall without passing transit security. This helped passengers on tight connections save time and allowed me to do some souvenir shopping in the 1.5 hours I had before my second flight. It felt good to be back in Japan after a few years, even though many shops in the airport were closed and the country was still closed for tourism.

Our flight NH811 will be departing on-time from gate #27. As you can see, the last flight out of Narita tonight will be ET673 to Addis Ababa departing 21:10, because Narita is not a 24-hour airport.

photo screenshot-2022-06-11-at-102012-am

Narita International Airport's Terminal 1.

photo 20220605_162434

Picking up some Japanese souvenirs on this rare trip to Japan during the pandemic.

photo 20220605_165935photo screenshot-2022-06-11-at-102016-am

While other airports are trying to eliminate airport sleepers, Narita in fact encourages this. Not only do seats not have barriers between them, they have these relaxing chairs for anyone to snooze a bit before their flight.

photo screenshot-2022-06-11-at-124102-pm

And of course… a bottle of green tea from the vending machines before boarding!

photo screenshot-2022-06-11-at-102008-am


Gate #27 where we will be boarding out flight to Hong Kong. Unfortunately, there is no view of the plane as it is blocked by the jetway. 

Like the first flight, boarding happens in 4 groups. 

photo 20220605_175234

View of our aircraft from the jetbridge, a 2011 built Boeing 767-300 registered JA622A. 

photo screenshot-2022-06-11-at-101917-am

The business class cabin on ANA's 767 is in a 2-1-2 configuration. Got to say, I would hate to sit in the middle column with nearly no privacy at all and constant traffic from both sides! The seats were built like they were a lone island.

photo 20220605_175702-87465

The economy cabin in a 2-3-2 layout. 

photo 20220605_180607

Seat features

Another row with two windows!

The flight was roughly 50% full, and I had a free seat next to me. However, the windows buzzed for the rest of the flight which stopped me from sleeping. As you can see, the screens were small but they had the same movies as our first flight— an excellent selection.

photo 20220605_175827

Legroom was generous for a medium haul flight. There was sufficient room even after putting my headphone case into the seatback pocket.

photo screenshot-2022-06-11-at-101905-am

The seats are equipped with universal power ports and USB plugs.

photo 20220605_215821

Jetstar's A320 JA02JJ arriving from Sapporo.

photo 20220605_182453

We've spotted all three of ANA's A380s today, all parked in the hangars!

photo screenshot-2022-06-11-at-101921-am


Soon we were lined up and rolling down runway 34R.

photo 20220605_184106photo 20220605_184252

View from the top of the clouds after sunset. 

photo 20220605_184709


Once again, service started with wet wipes and a pack of these crackers. 

photo 20220605_193008

The main meal consisted of two salads (one chicken, one standard), crackers with cheese, and a chicken rice. Three chicken rices in a day, but this one stood out as it was catered in Japan. 

photo screenshot-2022-06-11-at-101908-am

Dessert was a cup of Japanese vanilla ice cream. This tasted better than the American one to me— it was slightly less sweet.

photo 20220605_201402

Interestingly shaped emergency exit.

photo 20220605_194648

View of the economy cabin from the back.

photo screenshot-2022-06-11-at-102002-am

Safety card for this aircraft.

photo screenshot-2022-06-11-at-14423-pmphoto screenshot-2022-06-11-at-102019-am


Soon we were on our approach into Hong Kong International Airport. It was a very cloudy night, but you can see Victoria Harbour in the distance.

photo screenshot-2022-06-11-at-101858-am

Ma On Shan from above.

photo 20220605_214805

Taxiing to the gate was quick, and soon we were getting off the plane.

photo screenshot-2022-06-11-at-101934-am

Entering Hong Kong, we were quickly transported to the satellite terminal by APM and completed the quarantine procedures there, which took nearly 1.5 hours without wait.

photo screenshot-2022-06-11-at-101954-am
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Cabin crew9.5

Tokyo - NRT


Hong Kong - HKG



This flight was a good way to end my long journey home before embarking on 7 nights of quarantine in an isolation hotel. The crew on board was extremely kind and offered prompt assistance. Even though it showed its age, the cabin was clean and well-maintained. However, it was hard for me to sleep due to the loud windows which kept buzzing while we were in the air. The food on this flight was another chicken meal, but it was very tasty.

Thank you for following me through my journey and my first trip reports! Feel free to leave some comments on what you think about ANA's product.

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  • Comment 605230 by
    B777300ERANA 18 Comments
    Looks stunning! Even better that Narita Airport now cancelled the transit securit! I guess its for pandemic issues because there might be a shortage of staff. However, I think they might return it in the next year or months because Narita sure is a Star Alliance hub and flights will be rapidly returning this summer, and for security reasons not to bring anything harmful onto the airport/next flight. But I thought all B767-300ER(WL)s, have been in domestic flight! Was interesting to know that they are stil flying some international routes! Sadly they are gone from Ho Chi Minh City and replaced by 787-8 and now 787-9 on NH891/2 and NH833/4.
    • Comment 605231 by
      ryaannn AUTHOR 4 Comments
      That's right. In fact, I think they only canceled transit security for specific flights, including NH5 from the US. Also, out of the three flights weekly to Hong Kong, only the one on Sunday is operated by 767s, while the rest are on 787-8s. Luckily I flew on a Sunday so I got to experience the aging 767s!
  • Comment 605322 by
    Chibcha SILVER 556 Comments
    Great to see ANA has (somewhat) kept its quality, even when their home market is tanking. Their 763s are probably in better shape than many other airline's planes, and yet they start to feel importantly dated.

    I enjoyed a lot reading these two entries, thanks for sharing!
  • Comment 605681 by
    lysflyer 1266 Comments
    Thanks for the report! A very consistent product offered by NH. Tight connection were nicely handed by NRT. The 767 has a vintage feeling that I like a lot!
    • Comment 605685 by
      ryaannn AUTHOR 4 Comments
      I am curious whether the skipped transit security was a regular procedure during COVID because of a lack of staff. From the crew's directions, passengers were regularly split into connecting and arriving, though it is unclear if security was always skipped. I also enjoyed the 767 more than I expected!
  • Comment 627298 by
    philcheungc 7 Comments
    Honestly dunno why ANA still uses 767… the 787 was way better. The 2-1-2 seating in Business class is so strange. Can’t imagine sitting in the middle. Great report as well. Keep it up!

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