Review of Emirates flight Malé Dubai in Business

Airline Emirates
Flight EK657
Class Business
Seat 6K
Aircraft Boeing 777-300ER
Flight time 04:10
Take-off 04 Nov 21, 09:15
Arrival at 04 Nov 21, 12:25
EK   #2 out of 93 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 621 reviews
Published on 16th June 2022

Our flight from Male was scheduled to leave at 9:20am. Akram picked us up from the villa at 7am (resort time is 1 hour ahead of the capital).

Once last sunrise pic before leaving.

photo 51708643602_8288de1072_c

photo 51710108429_0da3ef4e7a_c

We waited at the Reception area for the seaplane to arrive.

photo 51709706738_2ccf186bdc_c

He didnt want to go.

photo 51710313700_1e6a5d27b7_c

The plane was supposed to arrive around 7.30am resort time but didnt end up arriving till 8am. We were underway 15 minutes later and would stop to pick another set of passengers before heading back to Male.

photo 51708643582_6654441d81_c

photo 51709431456_c9b411cea2_c

photo 51709431446_4c40f22d85_c

Akram and the rest of the St.Regis team bid us farewall from the dock as we taxi-ed out.

photo 51710313670_93a70595a4_c

photo 51709706713_68e89f7b68_c

We made it back to the seaplane terminal around 8am Male time and the St.Regis staff were waiting for us. Bags were retrieved by them and then the driver gunned it to the airport. We were escorted to the entrance where our health immigration QR codes were scanned (filled out departure forms the previous night) and went through luggage security.

photo 51709706703_6c3aa901d4_c

There was no line up at the Emirates counter and we were immediately helped. We found out that check in was still open despite the indicated closing time as there were still other passengers to arrive. Additionally, the inbound aircraft arrived late causing a delayed boarding.

photo 51708643552_e76e4b04c1_c

Once the check in was done, the St.Regis staff member escorted us to the escalator where we proceeded through immigration and secondary security. We entered the duty free area and proceeded to the Leeli lounge.

photo 51710313650_4221a1ab67_c

photo 51709706633_24aed6702e_c

photo 51710313645_037ef4a060_c

photo 51710313625_29bb446bf3_c

photo 51709431401_c5c930097d_c

photo 51709706658_188b32585e_c

photo 51709431376_82092d1184_c

A boarding announcement was made and we made our way to the gate.

photo 51708643517_28aaef6f5e_c

We boarded the bus and enjoyed the view.

photo 51709706558_0a3f20bdca_c

photo 51708643437_a47b505a73_c

photo 51710313535_7cc93f20fb_c

Our seats were located in the forward business class mini cabin and 6 seats were empty.

photo 51710108274_92b6d0482e_c

Orange juice as PDB and no alcohol served while on the ground. My breakfast and drink order was taken as well.

photo 51709431291_95c49ea4f7_c

photo 51710313505_b0f91935cc_c

photo 51709431271_725494ecc2_c

Boarding was eventually completed and push back began. While final checks were done, BA pulled into the stand. We taxi-ed down the runway and bolted out of there.

photo 51709431251_666939d63d_c

Warm fuzzies.

photo 51709502211_98a74e488d_c

photo 51709431231_61dab2e3cc_c

photo 51710108234_d8732c5378_c

photo 51710108224_134a911bd2_c

photo 51710313470_0a955c3b37_c

photo 51709431186_cc4899e44d_c

photo 51709706468_80427b87bd_c

photo 51709706453_af53032aa2_c

photo 51710313430_fd26169041_c

After the seatbelt signed went off, the crew went into action.


photo 51709706608_17642f1cf7_c

Nuts and Baileys on ice.

photo 51709706418_41b9e33f28_c

Grilled corn fed chicken - delicious.

photo 51710108159_6561c460ae_c

Chocolate biscuit pudding - meh.

photo 51709431136_d4e67a3453_c

After the tray was cleared, I reclined back and watched movies till we arrived.

photo 51709706383_50cffa117b_c

photo 51710313375_fc4dff11a5_c

Descending into Dubai.

photo 51708643292_8eb3ab66c1_c

photo 51708643277_3d385bf8c3_c

photo 51710313340_d28b9a33e2_c

photo 51710108069_7949045574_c

The plane did the looooooong taxi to the rear of concourse B.

photo 51709431076_6fbe32c3a8_c

photo 51710108054_8153206d6c_c

Immigration was a breeze and our bags were already on the belt when we arrived.

photo 51709706298_5212a93859_c

photo 51709706283_21abee23c9_c

In the taxi to the hotel.

photo 51710108024_f2db302133_c

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Cabin crew9.0

Malé - MLE


Dubai - DXB



1. Check in staff were professional and efficient.
2. The airport lounge is still the same and has not changed. Was enough for us to spend time before heading to the plane.
3. EK J on a 777 is showing its age but was perfectly fine for a 4 hour flight. Staff were professional but not as outgoing as the DXB-MLE cabin crew.
4. ICE entertainment is top notch as always.
5. Food was fine, nothing outstanding IMO.
6. Services at DXB was excellent as always.

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  • Comment 605817 by
    lysflyer GOLD 1273 Comments
    Again, a consistent product by EK
  • Comment 606239 by
    KévinDC TEAM SILVER 6426 Comments
    Looks like you picked a good time to go to the Maldives at the end of 2021. I've heard the Maldives are now overrun with tourism since it was one of the first destinations to open back up. Looks like a really cool experience, especially the seaplane between islands!

    This old EK cabin is certainly outdated, but they look well maintained and are still attractive (despite the over blinginess). Angled lie flat seats are perfectly fine for this short of a flight.

    Thanks for sharing!

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