Review of CSA flight Amsterdam Prague in Economy

Airline CSA
Flight OK 619
Class Economy
Seat 17F
Aircraft Airbus A319
Flight time 01:25
Take-off 23 Sep 13, 19:55
Arrival at 23 Sep 13, 21:20
OK 42 reviews
By 4082
Published on 12th December 2013
Dear flight-reporters,

welcome to this report. After few months this one is about to cover my returning flight from Amsterdam where I went for a few days trip with my girlfriend in September this year. To get to Amsterdam we flew with Czech Airlines in business class and you can find the report here:

I thought of writting returning flight report as well, but with having only few shots and nothing too exciting to write about I decided to stick with outbound flight report only. Now with no travels to report I think I can give it a go and post this report with a delay of some months.

We spent about 48 in Amsterdam and it was time to head back home. On flight to Amsterdam we got a bargain upgrade to business class, but only for one leg. This time we had to fly economy, but I was still looking forward to try Czech Airlines economy class.

We took a direct train from Amsterdam Centraal station to Schiphol airport. It only took about 20 minutes to get there. We arrived something over 3 hours before our scheduled departure, which was fine as I wanted to have look at Schiphol´s Panorama Terrace. Honestly said I was never able to watch widebodies from close distance - clearly because there is not a lot of this traffic anywhere close to where I live. This time I knew I was going to enjoy some beautiful views around the airport and thats how it really was.

After having a quick look around airport we arrived at the terrace and there were lots of beauties to see..

This A380 was one of the first to see

photo DSC_0259_photo DSC_0260_

A330 is some kind of beautiful when this close

photo DSC_0262_

767 vs 737s

photo DSC_0268_

Always have to see MD11 when at AMS ..

photo DSC_0270_

.. as well as this Fokker on the roof

photo DSC_0283_

Fokker F70 cockpit. When entered this aircraft, there was some ATC playing. I initially thought if its not live ATC to what´s going on outside but unfortunately it wasn´t

photo DSC_0272_

Arkefly 767 pushing back

photo DSC_0274_

This one really made me impressed

photo DSC_0275_

Qatar 777 arrived from Doha

photo DSC_0281_

One of many blue 737s around

photo DSC_0285_

Time ran quickly and some two hours prior to our departure we went inside to get our boarding passes. I checked us in through mobile a day before just to get us window seats. I wanted to use check-in kiosks at the airport to print our boarding passes, but was unable to find any machine which we could use with CSA ticket. Then I found on the internet there is no way to check-in at kiosk at AMS. So we had to go to check-in desk to get our passes. Fortunately there were only 4 people ahead of us.

After that we returned to terrace for few more moments, but nothing interesting was happening around except of KLM B747 start-up close to us.

Check-in area. We headed to security some 80 minutes to departures, everything went quite quickly. I was off without any trouble, but for some reason people at security didn´t like something at my girlfriends bag so they inspected things she had with her for few minutes.

photo DSC_0288_

Gate B35 for us, let´s head there

photo DSC_0290_

SAS and Transavia Boeings as visible from airside

photo DSC_0291_

Portugalia Fokker 100, never seen that one before

photo DSC_0292_

Lufthansa´s nice 737 classic

photo DSC_0293_photo DSC_0294_

Finnair A320

photo DSC_0297_

At our gate

photo DSC_0299_

It just took few moments and this guy appeared on scene

photo DSC_0301_

Our A319 arrived just on time. Boarding started some 5 minutes earlier than planned. We were first economy passengers to get onboard with only 2 business pax boarding ahead of us.

photo DSC_0306_photo DSC_0308_

When entering aircraft we were welcomed in czech and offered newspapers. I like CSA cabins, they feel modern and clean

photo DSC_0310_

View from my seat

photo DSC_0312_

Our aircraft was OK-NEO, Vueling A320 next to us

photo DSC_0314_

Legroom was some kind of painfull even for this short flight. That was probably the biggest disappointment of the evening. I´m far from tall but here I really wasn´t feeling comfortable. Can´t imagine flying this one somewhere like to Abu Dhabi for example..

photo DSC_0316_

Nice CSA cabin with also good load, maybe around 90%. It was monday evening flight

photo DSC_0317_photo DSC_0318_

Swiss A321 parked next to us

photo DSC_0321_photo DSC_0324_

Gate B35 after we pushed-back

photo DSC_0326_

When taxiing it was possible to see these guys in the distance

photo DSC_0327_photo DSC_0329_

Cabin before take off

photo DSC_0331_

Take off video here. It was beautiful take off from RWY24 as few moments later we got above the clouds. It was a nice view to see. Also nice sounds of PTU when landing gear is going up

photo DSC_0333_

Above beautiful layer of clouds

En route to Prague

photo DSC_0343_

City down here is Utrecht I guess

photo DSC_0344_

CSA´s in-flight magazine

photo DSC_0345_

Few minutes after take off it got dark outside and there was nothing to watch. Onboard service started as well and I went for a beer which was very good. I don´t have very much to say about FAs as I simply don´t remember their work really well to be honest

Overally I felt well onboard except of the bad legroom. For the whole flight I read in-flight magazine, mainly an article about Munich where CSA wanted to get more passengers. Paradoxically they announced they are going to stop operating PRG-MUC route just about two months later..

photo DSC_0348_

As it was dark outside, there was really not anything to take pictures of. It didn´t take long and we gently landed on Prague RWY30.

Heading for our stand as Chariots of Fire were played in aircraft

photo DSC_0351_

And sadly this nice trip was all over…

photo DSC_0354_

We got away quickly enough to catch one of last busses to Prague center and then we continued to Brno on bus as well.
We arrived home after midnight - although being tired, but really happy about our Amsterdam trip.
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Cabin crew7.0

Amsterdam - AMS


Prague - PRG



Another enjoyable flight with Czech airlines. Although not a lot of nice words being said about them, I´m happy to fly them, for my purposes its more than enough. I like their cabin looks. Also FAs did their job. Catering was only basic, but I couldn´t ask for more on such a short flight.

Amsterdam airport was great - easy to reach and offers great spotting oportunities.
Prague airport is one of my favourite but this time we left it as quickly as possible.

I´m feeling like next year we are definately going to fly CSA much more

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