Review of Vueling Airlines flight Barcelona Tel Aviv in Economy

Airline Vueling Airlines
Flight 7844
Class Economy
Seat 14F
Aircraft Airbus A320
Flight time 04:10
Take-off 06 Jun 22, 23:00
Arrival at 07 Jun 22, 04:10
VY   #6 out of 12 Low-cost airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 161 reviews
By 587
Published on 25th June 2022


After 5 great days in Barcelona, it was the time to come back to Israel.
As opposed to the inbound flight with Arkia (Smart wings), this flight was better on any way!



We arrived to the airport 4 hours before the flight, though 2 hours are enough for this airport, according to Vueling website.

Why we arrived so early?
Because I wanted to do some plane spotting, but we couldn't find the spotting terrace.

BCN airport entrance:

photo 20220606_185302

Departures information in BCN airport, with our flight in the second line:

photo 20220606_185415

The airport:

photo 20220606_185515photo 20220606_191600

We tried to use the self check in counters but we couldn't use them, since we got some error.
Though we arrived earlier to the airport (2 hours before the check in time), we talked with the Vueling crew in the airport and they agreed to do the check in before the time.

Here's my boarding pass;

photo 20220606_193706

After the hand baggage check, which went pretty fast (15 minutes approximately) we arrived to the duty free area:

We tried to find the spotting terrace inside the airport (no one knew where it's located).
So I did some spotting through the airport windows, it's not the best thing, but better than nothing.

Emirates Boeing 777-300ER:

photo 20220606_202715photo dsc00572

Cygnus Air Boeing 757-200 and Fedex Boeing 757-200:

photo dsc00557

Vueling Airbus A321:

photo dsc00560photo dsc00562photo dsc00571

During the time we looked for the spotting terrace, we spotted this vending machine near the gates:

photo 20220606_203005

Prices were reasonable for airport, 1.8 Euro for water bottle, 3 Euro for Coca Cola bottle.

We came back to the duty free area:

I must say that BCN airport is one of the best airports I saw in Europe, a lot of shops, many places to eat, at least one lounge (We saw only one) and remained me TLV airport.

Some photos from the duty free shop, you can see the prices as well:

The duty free shop was equipped well, with variety of products.

We wanted to find something to eat in the airport and maybe take a look on more shops, but on 21:00 many of the shops were closed.

I also spotted this Vueling Airbus A320 with the special color scheme of visit Tenerife:

photo 20220606_210909

The dining area:

The prices were reasonable for airport as well.

I went to the toilets:

photo 20220606_213929photo 20220606_213934photo 20220606_213941

As you can see, the toilets weren't so clean.

I also spotted this aircraft, Mitsubishi CRJ-1000 operated for Iberia regional by Air Nostrum:

photo dsc00576

We made our way to the passport control and our gate area:

The passport control went very fast, and soon we were on our way to our gate in D concourse.

I was 21:45 but almost everything was closed on this area.
The duty free shop and Burger King were closed, only one coffee shop and Relay shop were open.

We went to the coffee shop:

photo 20220606_215845photo 20220606_215848photo 20220606_215858

The prices were pretty high here, similar to what we would pay in TLV airport…
The dining area was partially closed, some tables were blocked, but it makes sense to do so when our flight was the only one on this concourse.

I went to the toilets before boarding:

photo 20220606_221201photo 20220606_221228photo 20220606_221353

This time, the cleaning was much better.

Then came the boarding time!
Before boarding the aircraft, the ground crew checked that everyone wear a mask.

Gate view:

photo dsc00584photo dsc00585photo dsc00586

Aircraft information:
Vueling (with Level color scheme)
Airbus A320-214
In service with Vueling since June 2018, but leased to Level from March 2019 to November 2020
This aircraft also was in the fleets of the following airlines:
Niki (October 2006 - January 2017) as OE-LEU
Air Berlin (January 2017 - December 2017) as D-ABHH
Niki (December 2017 - January 2018) as OE-LOH
Level (March 2019 - November 2020) as OE-LVR

Making it almost 16 years old when I flew on it


We boarded to the aircraft and went to our seat, the boarding process went flawlessly and was fast.

The legroom:

photo dsc00587

The legroom was very good and no one sat in the aisle seat, meaning we could fill like a poor European business class passengers ;)

Window view:

photo dsc00588

Hello there! It's 4X-EHC, Elal Boeing 737-900ER.
I flew on this specific aircraft from Frankfurt to Tel Aviv and had a great experience!

There are some residues that this aircraft used to be in the fleet of a German speaking country:

photo dsc00592

I also found that this aircraft retrofitted with USB sockets! Pretty cool for an aircraft from 2006!

photo 20220606_224136

We pushed back from our gate on 23:05.

BCN terminal view:

photo dsc00594

Vueling A320:

photo dsc00598

Level Airbus A330:

photo dsc00604

Take off video:

And shortly after take off:

photo dsc00606

10 minutes into the flight, I also spotted another nice thing about the cabin - the old reading lights were replaced with LED!
It looks that this aircraft went through a big cabin retrofitting.
The seats were new as well.

photo 20220606_232457photo 20220606_232502

20 minutes into the flight, I went to the toilets:

photo 20220606_233328photo 20220606_233331

As you can see, they were in good condition and clean.

The seat pocket content includes:
1. Sickness bag
2. Safety instructions
3. Buy on board menu

The prices were reasonable in my opinion.
30 minutes into the flight, the buy on board service started, I bought water with gas for 3 Euro:

photo 20220606_235801

I tried to get some sleep but couldn't.
I became bored and hungry, so I went to the rear galley and asked for something to eat.

Cabin view:

photo 20220607_004614

I bought this vegan snack box for 6.5 Euro:

photo 20220607_005021photo 20220607_005107

This small meal was nice,
but the houmous looked pretty bad, so I left it as is.

The flight was boring, but uneventful.

On 4 am we saw the Israeli coast line:

photo dsc00607

The descent to the airport was nice, not aggressive or very fast.

Landing video:

We landed 10 minutes before our scheduled landing time.

Gate view:

photo dsc00614

Deboarding has done by rows, first of all the 5 first lines were deboarded, after them the 5-10 lines. etc.

Cabin view during deboarding:

photo 20220607_042137photo 20220607_042206


We went toward the passport control and the baggage claim area:

photo 20220607_042344photo 20220607_042352

Not before visiting the toilets :)

photo 20220607_0425370

This time, they were very clean! Well done!

The passport control process for Israeli citizens also changed, shortly after the toilets there were machines to scan your passport and get entry certificate.
This process has done in the past, but not on this place. It was just before the baggage claim area.

Continuing our journey toward the baggage claim area:

photo 20220607_043125

And the baggage claim area:

photo 20220607_043933

We arrived to the baggage claim area 20 minutes after deboarding, so everything went pretty fast.
Our suitcases arrived very fast, we waited 5 minutes for them.

On our way to the taxi station:

photo 20220607_044855


Flights to\from Europe:

Flights to\from Canada:

Domestic flights in Canada:
F8 1821 (YYZ-YYC)

I hope that you enjoyed and hope to see you again in my future flight reports!

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Vueling Airlines

Cabin crew10.0
Buy-on-board menu8.0

Barcelona - BCN


Tel Aviv - TLV



This flight was a good one!
I couldn't find a lot of information about Vueling cabin, but I was surprised!

The cabin was clean, looked new and the aircraft was retrofitted with USB sockets and LED lights, as well as Wifi on some aircraft (which didn't worked on our flight).
The only disadvantage of the cabin is the seats - they could not be reclined at all.
The legroom was good, but we sat on the second wing exit row.
The cabin crew was very nice and provided a good service and good atmosphere.
The buy on board products were good and the prices were reasonable.

For 4 hours flight, it was a really good experience!

BCN airport is one of the best I ever visited in Europe!
It remains me TLV airport, a lot of shops and a lot to do.
Unfortunately, on 21:00 most of the restaurants and the shops were closed.
The cleaning in the airport is good, generally.
The security processes went very fast and without any issue.

On our inbound flight to Barcelona, the queues on TLV airport were unbearable,
but on this flight the airport was great on any mean.
The passport control went well, the baggage arrived very fast and the airport was clean.

Information on the route Barcelona (BCN) Tel Aviv (TLV)


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