Review of Air France flight Paris Barcelona in Economy

Airline Air France
Flight AF1048
Class Economy
Seat 7F
Aircraft Airbus A320
Flight time 00:00
Take-off 23 Feb 22, 17:45
Arrival at 24 Feb 22, 00:00
AF   #28 out of 95 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 5971 reviews
By GOLD 571
Published on 12th July 2022

At the end of February, a professional trip to Barcelona becomes clearer. The choice to reach the Catalan capital is either Vueling, which can be purchased from IB to benefit from the advantages of the status, or Air France, which currently operates three daily flights from CDG.
Being at 176XP at Flying Blue, the AR flight in Eco will bring me 16XP which is enough to reach the golden level for a year.
I book my flight on AF in Eco which costs me €158.


  • Paris CDG - Barcelone BCN - AF1048 - Airbus A320 - Economy You are here
  • Barcelona BCN - Paris CDG - AF 1549 - Embrarer E190 - Economy Coming soon

Going to cdg

Once again, I go to the airport at the wheel of my car, the parking reserved in advance being cheaper than the trip by UBER or taxi.

photo img_5141photo img_5142

No comment.

photo img_5143

Since then, work has been completed at this location.

photo img_5145

Arrival from the east, very easy when you park at Terminal 2F

photo img_5147photo img_5148

My car is going to take a break for a few days at Roissy.

photo img_5149_resultatphoto img_5150_resultat

at the airpot

photo img_5158_resultat

My flight is announced on time.

photo img_5153_resultat

I was able to check in online. At that time, "Ready to Fly" was still a condition for obtaining your BP without going to the counters.

photo img_5138

But I have to drop off my suitcase, there are still very few people at CDG at the end of February.

photo img_5152_resultat

Drop off your own luggage. The Silver status allowed me to save the price of the luggage, a cabin bag being too small for a business trip.

photo img_5155_resultatphoto img_5156_resultat

No Sky Priority it will be a passage through the common security but there is little waiting.

photo img_5159_resultatphoto img_5160

And here I am airside.

photo img_5162_resultatphoto img_5161_resultat

Hall 2F is still just as beautiful even if it is not very practical when boarding.

photo img_5166_resultatphoto img_5165_resultat

AF in Skyteam livery.

photo img_5164

No lounge this time.

photo img_5168_resultatphoto img_5169_resultat

Here is an alternative.

photo img_5167_resultat

One other Skyteam livery.

photo img_5172_resultat

ITA vith Alitalia coulours.

photo img_5174_resultatphoto img_5173_resultat

Not thisone today.

photo img_5171_resultat

It's quiet at the door.

photo img_5175_resultatphoto img_5176_resultat

I will wait here.

photo img_5177_resultat

The cover of the day (french side)

photo img_0320_resultat

You can download newspapers and magazines.

photo img_0319

Boarding in progress.

photo img_5178_resultat

Now we can go.

photo img_5179_resultatphoto img_5180_resultat

The row 3 line opens shortly after, boarding is well managed by the staff at the gate, so it's more fluid.

photo img_5181_resultatphoto img_5182_resultat

Not this one…

photo img_5183_resultat


photo img_5184_resultat

the flight report

Our bird of the day is a venerable 21-year-old A320 but equipped with Wifi and a Best & Beyond cabin.

photo img_0871photo img_5187_resultat

Fuselage shot.

photo img_5188_resultatphoto img_5189_resultat

The Sylvester test.

photo img_5190_resultat


photo img_5192_resultatphoto img_5193_resultat

Whats going on outside?

photo img_5195_resultat

The pitch is correct and the seat more comfortable than the Germanic NEK which offers more place for the legs.

photo img_5197_resultat

Cargo loading.

photo img_5199

Boarding completed.

photo img_5200_resultat

We are pushing back a little late.

photo img_5201photo img_5203photo img_5205

For trouble-free taxi.

photo img_5207photo img_5208photo img_5209

And take off in 26R

Climb to the west.

photo img_5219photo img_5221

View of Terminal 1 still closed.

photo img_5222photo img_5223

Before passing the clouds.

photo img_5225_resultatphoto img_5226_resultat

Golden hour.

photo img_5230_resultatphoto img_5232_resultat


photo img_5233photo img_5234_resultat

Snacking time.

photo img_5235_resultat


photo img_5237_resultat

Night falls as we near Barcelona.

photo img_5238_resultatphoto img_5239_resultatphoto img_5247

The approach is always impressive along the city.

photo img_5255photo img_5257photo img_5258

Barcelona port.

photo img_5260

Before landing on runway 25R.

We will arrive 5 minutes ahead of schedule.

photo img_5271

This way to the exit, the health control still in force in February is quickly passed by scanning the QR code provided by the website of the Spanish Ministry of Health.

photo img_5272_resultat

Don't forget the suitcase.

photo img_5275_resultatphoto img_5276_resultat

Head to the hotel by taxi for less than €30, but it's easy to reach the center by metro or bus for much less.

photo img_5278_resultat

le vol selon flightradar24

photo img_0870photo img_0872

Avec le zoom sur le départ et l'approche.

photo img_0874photo img_0875

Thank you for accompanying me and see you soon for the return flight but before that, some views of Barcelona.

bonus touristique - balade architecturale a barcelone

I took up residence at the Renaissance Barcelona not far from the very chic Passeig de Gràcia.

photo img_5300_resultatphoto img_5299_resultat

And there are many beautiful buildings around.

Casa Amatller and Casa Batllo on Passeig de Gràcia

photo img_5307_resultat

La Casa Milà, a fine example of Art Nouveau according to Gaudi.

photo img_5309_resultatphoto img_5314_resultat

A great find, casa Comalat and a stolen moment inside.

photo img_5325_resultatphoto img_5317_resultatphoto img_5320

The Palace of Baron de Quadras.

photo img_5321_resultat

La Casa de les Punxes.

photo img_5330_resultat

La casa Thomas.

photo img_5337_resultat

Vintage boutique.

photo img_5344_resultat

Oh I thought I saw a Puffy cat!

photo img_5345_resultat

Yes, yes, yes, I did see a Sylvester.

photo img_5346_resultat

The Equestrian Club,

photo img_5371_resultatphoto img_5362photo img_5360

A privileged place for a working lunch.

photo img_5361photo img_5363_resultatphoto img_5365

End of the evening at the Boqueria market.

photo img_5376photo img_5377_resultatphoto img_5379_resultat

Specialized shop on the Rambla.

photo img_5380_resultat

Plaça del Pi.

photo img_5381_resultat

And it's time to go to bed.

photo img_5385_resultat
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Air France

Cabin crew7.5

Paris - CDG


Barcelona - BCN



Very good value for money. The flight was at an ideal time for my trip. I was able to book quite early with peace of mind with the possibility of canceling the flight in case of postponement of the planned event. Checked baggage included with Silver status.
Comfortable cabin and seat for a short flight, a service provided with the flight in mind by an attentive crew.

CDG Very few people still which makes things more pleasant especially when you do not have a ticket or status allowing access N ° 1
When will there be fast, clean and direct access to Roissy like the Heathrow Express?
You have to label and send your luggage on your own like a big one in front of a machine, but agents are present in case of a problem.

BCN We walk a lot to get out, the health check was well organized and fast, a bit of a wait to get my suitcase back.
The city center is quickly reached by taxi but the metro or the bus offer a more economical and very practical solution as well.

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La compagnie qui obtient la meilleure moyenne est Air France avec 7.5/10.

La durée moyenne des vols est de 1 heures et 41 minutes.

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    KévinDC TEAM SILVER 6858 Comments
    Terminal 2F has stood the test of time. It's such a beautiful terminal and still looks so fresh and modern after 30 years or so. I agree it would be nice if CDG had an alternative to the RER for faster and more direct access to the city like London and many other cities. I was hoping something would get built in time for the Olympics in Paris, but I guess that's not gonna happen. Pretty decent snack for a 1.5h flight by today's standards considering so many European carriers have gone to BOB.

    Thanks for sharing!

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