Review of Air France Hop flight Barcelona Paris in Economy

Airline Air France Hop
Flight AF1549
Class Economy
Seat 22
Aircraft Embraer E-190
Flight time 02:00
Take-off 26 Feb 22, 18:00
Arrival at 26 Feb 22, 20:00
AF   #47 out of 95 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 1005 reviews
By GOLD 372
Published on 25th July 2022

At the end of February, a professional trip to Barcelona becomes clearer. The choice to reach the Catalan capital is either Vueling, which can be purchased from IB to benefit from the advantages of the status, or Air France, which currently operates three daily flights from CDG.
Being at 176XP at Flying Blue, the AR flight in Eco will bring me 16XP which is enough to reach the golden level for a year.
I book my flight on AF in Eco which costs me €158


It is still by taxi that I choose to reach the airport, which says professional travel often means suitcase and that makes the metro or the bus less "competitive"

photo img_5547_resultatphoto img_5546_resultat

Josep Tarradellas Barcelona El Prat Airport

I arrive at the airport a little less than two hours before the departure of my flight, the evening program remains small.

photo img_5549_resultat

I was able to do the OLCI and I have an electronic BP coated with the "ready to fly" sesame but I have to register my luggage.

photo img_5551_resultat

So I naturally go to the Ready to Fly counter except that it doesn't work. The agent who officiates at the counter seems sincerely sorry and this is probably not the first time that she has had to deal with annoyance caused by this idiotic situation, which cannot give an answer to the very simple question of knowing what is the usefulness of this counter, which is only used to issue boarding passes that you can easily get on your smartphone or at the terminals right next to you as long as you are ready to fly…

photo img_5552

So for my last flight without status or pass, I'm checking the queue. I just forget than silver Skyteam statut give me alowance to go Sky iority counter

photo img_5553_resultat

And it's very long time

photo img_5559_resultat

More than half an hour just to drop off my suitcase and have a BP reprinted which will be used mainly to attach the luggage tag…

This is one of the main reasons why I prefer solutions that offer a quick path.

photo img_5560_resultat

Right next to a deserted space which will become a collector's item a few weeks later…

photo img_5561_resultat

A few people on the security check line.

photo img_5564_resultat


photo img_5563_resultatphoto img_5565_resultat

Do not take the wrong flight, the one boarding is for Orly.

photo img_5566_resultatphoto img_5567_resultat

I have enough time to take a break in the lounge.

photo img_5568_resultat

la sala vip pau vasals

The lounge is accessible to me by Priority Pass.

photo img_5569_resultat

The living room is large and over the terminal, it has been completely renovated since my last visit at the end of 2019.

photo img_5571_resultat

A large work area has been created.

photo img_5573_resultatphoto img_5574_resultat

Extended by a relaxation area.

photo img_5572_resultat

A comfortable lounge overlooks the outside of the airport.

photo img_5576_resultat

As is often the case in Spanish fairs, the food and drink offer is very good.

photo img_5582_resultatphoto img_5577_resultatphoto img_5578_resultat

Soft drinks are self-service but for wine, alcool and hot dishes, you have to order at the bar where you are served with a smile.

photo img_5580_resultatphoto img_5579_resultat

A thirsty cat

photo img_5587_resultatphoto img_5583_resultat

Cheers ?

photo img_5586_resultat

Plugs are available everywhere melted in the ground, it is very practical.

photo img_5593_resultat

Before leaving my hotel, I had immortalized the front page of the day.

photo img_0330_resultat

And downloaded something to read.

photo img_0329

One more!

photo img_5592_resultat

A FIDS is present to track the status of the flight.

photo img_5575_resultat

We can see the tail of the plane from the lounge, it landed on time and Flightradar24 indicates that the departure is also scheduled on time.

photo img_5599_resultatphoto img_5598_resultat

What mean Embarque?

photo img_5589_resultatphoto img_5600_resultat

It mean that we have no move.

photo img_5601_resultatphoto img_5602_resultat

Air Europa  Dreamliner on the way.

photo img_5603_resultat

LH A321.

photo img_5604_resultat

My gate.

photo img_5606_resultat

I will now be able to board the SPs that have deserted the place, but since I don't have a suitcase to put in the luggage compartments, there is no hurry.

photo img_5610_resultatphoto img_5617_resultatphoto img_5619_resultat

Now it's okay.

photo img_5621_resultatphoto img_5622_resultat


photo img_5626_resultatphoto img_5624_resultat

LH staying at the door.

photo img_5625_resultat

Our plane's nose.

photo img_5627_resultat

le flight report

Our bird is a young Brazilian of two years old

photo img_0880

Père Fouettard time.

photo img_5628_resultat

I go to my seat, the plane is full, if I had had any luggage, it was going to the hold.

photo img_5633_resultat

The pitch is enough for a short flight.

photo img_5630_resultat

I chose a seat far enough from the wing so that it wouldn't get in the way.

photo img_5632_resultat

Boarding is completed.

photo img_5634_resultatphoto img_5635_resultat


photo img_5637_resultat

Air Algérie.

photo img_5639_resultat

Small spanish plane..

photo img_5640_resultat

We arriving rwy 07R

photo img_5645_resultatphoto img_5649_resultat

Take off.

photo img_5652_resultatphoto img_5654photo img_5657

Barcelone harbour

photo img_5662_resultat

See you Barcelone.

photo img_5665photo img_5668photo img_5673

We pass a cloudy layer to discover the setting sun.

photo img_5684photo img_5688

The clouds are held back by the Pyrenees.

photo img_5689photo img_5690

It's just splendid.

photo img_5693photo img_5695photo img_5697

A show you never get tired of.

photo img_5698_resultatphoto img_5701

We are a little before Toulouse,

photo img_5706_resultat

When the snack is served.

photo img_5708_resultat

Night takes over. The descent has started and we are around Chauvigny (Vienne)

photo img_5721photo img_5722_resultat

The flight ends with an approach to runway 08R.

photo img_5744_resultatphoto img_5756_resultatphoto img_5759_resultat

We land on time.

photo img_5762_resultat

And let's go to our gate at Terminal 2F.

photo img_5778_resultatphoto img_5779_resultat

Air France sends the carousel number via Messenger.

photo img_5780

If you follow me, you must have noticed that one thing was missing. Late boarding with a neighbor making the Sylvester Test difficult, this will be done upon arrival.

photo img_5781_resultat

Baggage delivery is not CDG's most efficient service, so I take my time.

photo img_5783_resultatphoto img_5784_resultat

And go knocking on the cockpit door where the pilots will kindly welcome me.

photo img_5786_resultatphoto img_5791_resultat

Allowing Captain Sylvestre to pass his CRJ190 qualification.

photo img_5792_resultat

It's time to leave the plane.

photo img_5793_resultatphoto img_5794_resultat

I was right not to rush.

photo img_5795_resultat

On the right..

photo img_5796_resultat

With an identity check at the end, a recalcitrant trying to go direct will be quickly caught up.

photo img_5797_resultatphoto img_5800_resultat

Shortly after, I get my suitcase.

photo img_5803_resultatphoto img_5804_resultat

And go to take my car at parking.

photo img_5805_resultat

the flight with flightradar24

photo img_0879photo img_0881

With the zoom on the departure and the approach.

photo img_0882photo img_0883

Thank you for following me on this flight and to reward those who are still there, a visit to one of the emblematic places of Barcelona.


It had been a long time since I had visited the Sagrada Familia my pre-Covid attempts having always been met with crowded visiting slots or impressive queues on site.

At the end of February, tourists are timidly returning and I find a visit slot available within 30 minutes, the time to arrive calmly on site.

The proud unfinished Cathedral is still adorned with scaffolding and cranes.

photo img_5536_resultatphoto img_5536_resultat

The imposing Facade of Glory.

The volumes are impressive.

photo img_5483_resultatphoto img_5482_resultat

Le Earth.

photo img_5468_resultat

light effects

photo img_5491_resultatphoto img_5474_resultatphoto img_5454_resultat

The arch.

photo img_5478_resultatphoto img_5457_resultatphoto img_5507_resultat

First and foremost, we are in a place of worship.

photo img_5458_resultatphoto img_5501_resultat

The lateral nave.

photo img_5493_resultatphoto img_5495_resultat

And finally, a view of the crypt.

photo img_5499_resultat
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Air France Hop

Cabin crew7.5

Sala VIP Pau Casals - 1


Barcelona - BCN


Paris - CDG



AIR FRANCE Good value for money for a choice of times that suited me perfectly, flight planned on a small plane which is always pleasant for a short distance. Friendly, available and professional crew without forgetting the service that will have survived the Covid.

BCN Security passed very quickly due to the low attendance at the airport after a long wait at check-in simply to drop off a suitcase when I had a BP "Ready to Fly" the attendant was sorry.
Wide terminal with beautiful volumes and light, commercial and catering offer to match.
Easy access by various transportation.

SALA PAU CASALS Renovated and extended, it offers beautiful, well-thought-out and comfortable spaces for resting, eating or even working and juniors are not forgotten with a family area.
Offer of quality drinks and food.

CDG A passport control whose usefulness inside the Schengen area, quite fast baggage delivery. Remains one of the main problems of CDG, transportation to the city without a quality offer like Heathrow Express type Between the fake taxis and the "atmosphere" of the RER B subway.

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