Review of Singapore Airlines flight Mumbai Singapore in Economy

Airline Singapore Airlines
Flight SQ421
Class Economy
Seat 59A
Aircraft Airbus A350-900
Flight time 04:35
Take-off 02 Jul 22, 11:45
Arrival at 02 Jul 22, 18:50
SQ   #5 out of 92 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 677 reviews
By GOLD 1764
Published on 18th July 2022

Trip Report: Singapore Airlines SQ421 Mumbai to Singapore

Flight details:
Airlines: Singapore Airlines
Flight: SQ 421 BOM-SIN
Reg : 9V-SHE
Aircraft: Airbus A350-900
Departure Mumbai Terminal 2 Gate 73 : 11.45 AM
Arriving Singapore Terminal 3 : 07.50 PM
Flight time : 5 hours, 35 minutes
Distance : 2436 miles / 3920 kilometers

VIDEO: Singapore Airlines SQ421 Mumbai to Singapore


This trip report is from July 2022. I would be returning to Sydney.

Pre-Departure Information

Flight details

photo img_6

I had set automatic check-in of the flight. Singapore Airlines [SQ]  notified me by email before the flight. I completed the Australian Departure Passenger Declaration after receiving the email.

photo screenshot-2022-07-18-210304

At booking time, I had selected seat for this flight.

photo img_83

I checked the aircraft details on day of departure. Singapore Airlines SQ421 would be operated by Airbus A350-900, registration - 9V-SHE.

photo img_2

Aircraft operating SQ421 during the week.

photo img_3

Aircraft flight history. Aircraft had operated earlier flight to Sydney.

photo img_4

I checked the flight location and then booked taxi.

photo img_5

Taxi arrived on time. Traffic was as usual heavy on road. View of Bandra- Kurla Complex, Mumbai's suburban CBD from taxi.

photo img_7

I was not happy with the taxi driver as he insisted me to edit the booking destination. I had selected CSIA, he said it must be Terminal 2. I told him, I don't have booking phone. I can't edit. He called my family and then asked to edit. I told the driver, person is old. Won't be able edit. Just continue, you are getting paid. I usually tip but on this trip, after alighting from taxi. I gave him exact change in cash.

photo img_1

Arriving at Airport

Arrived at airport in 40 minutes on time. Passport and ticket information was checked and information was noted by security. Bag was scanned.

photo img_8


Reached check-in counter and joined the internet check-in queue.

photo img_9

Ground staff checked vaccination status, Last dose date was noted on the form. Passport checked and handed pink form as seen below. Check-in staff collected the form. I had luggage checked till Sydney. Received the boarding card for flights. Gate and boarding time was explained.

photo img_10

Security and Immigration

Passengers queue for check-in

photo img_11

After completing immigration, walked towards security check.

photo img_12

Departure schedule

photo img_13

Mumbai airport has introduced boarding card scanning machine to enter security checking area. Security had long queue. It seemed that the passenger numbers are returning back to pre-covid times.

My bag was pulled for checking as the keys looked like Swiss knife. After completing security, have to scan boarding pass again to enter immigration.

Immigration was not busy, I was 4 in queue. Took about 10 mins. Lady immigration officer asked when I had arrived, checked passport, took photo, stamped passport and let me go.

photo img_14

Departure Area

Completed immigration and entered departure area with duty free shops.

photo img_15

Due to my previous experience on SQ, ensure that I was full before boarding. Queued at eatery, ordered Masala uttapam with chai.  Staff said there would be 15 min wait, I had enough time.

photo img_16

Airside view while waiting. Watched Singapore Airlines land, check video above.

photo img_17

Food court was not busy, mostly SQ passengers.

photo img_18


Chose a quiet spot to watch the airside action. Day time as mostly domestic movements.

photo img_19

Air India special livery.

photo img_21

Food was ready. See below, freshly cooked with warm chai. As seen below, plates are paper-based, cutlery is compressed wood.

photo img_20

It was almost 11a.m.  Departure was nearing.

photo img_22

Walk towards the departure gate.

photo img_23

Departure pier towards gate.

photo img_24

Escalator down

photo img_25

Flight schedule in Hindi

photo img_26

Virgin Atlantic arrived from London.

photo img_27

Retired Air India Boeing 747-400 VT-ESO in special livery.

photo img_28

International departure flight schedule.

photo img_29

SQ 421 boarding gate 73

photo img_30

Catering loading on Singapore Airlines

photo img_31


Boarding was called on time for the rescheduled departure. Family with children and infants called to board first.

photo img_32

Remaining passengers called by group.

photo img_33

Passport and boarding pass checked.

photo img_34

Aerobridge for boarding

photo img_35

On Board

Crew was waiting at gate, checking boarding card and directing passengers. Reached seat and organised self. View of another retired Air India Boeing 747-400. Seating was 3-3-3. Middle seat was empty in my row. Otherwise the flight was full.

photo img_36

Pushback, Taxi and Departure

Passengers board and door closed. Safety demonstration displayed on personal screen.

photo img_37

Flight was departing 15 minutes late from Mumbai due to late arrival.

photo img_38

Slow taxi towards runway. Aircraft was 5th or 6th in queue.

photo img_40

British Airways Boeing 787 arrived at gate. Received heavy shower while in taxi.

photo img_41

Departure was from runway 27, flying towards the West then turning South East. Being monsoon, can see the cloud formation at cruising altitude.

photo img_42

Seat Pocket Material

Seat pocket contained only safety card, Earphones picked at the entrance.

photo img_43

SQ Airbus A350-900 regional safety card

photo img_44

Laptop charging socket under seat.

photo img_50

Flight Information

Flight information on personal screen.

photo img_45

Flying South towards East over Maharashtra.

photo img_46

Road construction from air

photo img_48

Map of flight location

photo img_47

Time passed and soon aircraft was close to coast of Andhra Pradesh

photo img_51

View of the coastline under the clouds

photo img_53

Flight path

photo img_52

Cabin Service

Almost 2 hours passed, crew started distributing special meals.

photo img_54

Crew had marked passengers with special meal order.

photo img_55

After special order, other passengers were served.

photo img_56

Food option was - Indian selection - veg or  non-veg and International non-veg.

photo img_57

Lunch presentation. This time, I decided against asking for any special drinks. Chose Beer, crew asked if ok with Tiger. I agreed. As you may notice this meal, bottle of water was supplied. Unlike the previous flight.

photo img_58

Indian non-veg selection - Butter chicken with rice and veggies.

photo img_59

Guess the missing cutlery.  Food was good, no issues.

photo img_60


I didn't drink the water as I had beer.  Cabin was darkened and most passengers resting.

photo img_61

As is usually over the sea, turbulence occurred. Seat belt sign was switched on.

photo img_62

Flying through turbulence.

photo img_65

A quiet flight with very little activity.

photo img_63

Time passed as I browsed the IFE offering.

photo img_64

Connecting flight information was displayed 2 hours before landing.

photo img_66

Gate information displayed flight would arrive in Terminal 1.

photo img_67

Flying over Malacca Strait.

photo img_68

Sunset in the West as aircraft flew close to Malaysian coast.

photo img_69

View of Kuala Lumpur

photo img_70


Pilot announced flight would be descending soon. Crew cleared and checked the cabin . Window shades up, seat upright and things stowed for landing.

photo img_71

Reminders to collect personal belongings.

photo img_72

Flight path

photo img_73

Outside view as aircraft flew Eastwards over Johor Bahru.

photo img_74

Landing in Singapore

Aircraft location on approach.

photo img_75

Landed and then exited the runway. As aircraft was taxing, Pilot announced the Terminal 1 gate was occupied by another aircraft.  After wait of few minutes of wait. Pilot announced that aircraft would be deboarding  at Terminal 3.

photo img_76

Aircraft turned from the next taxiway and then arrived at Terminal 3. This terminal change must have taken atleast 20 mins.

photo img_77

Parked at Terminal 3 gate.

photo img_78


Disembarkation was orderly.

photo img_79

Even though the flight was delayed by 40 mins, I had enough transit time. Exited the aircraft leisurely.

photo img_80

Aerobridge connected to aircraft for deboarding.

photo img_81

You can see the Terminal 3 sticker with view of parked aircraft.

photo img_82

After entering the terminal, checked the departure gate. Australia bound SQ flight depart terminal 3. Gate was not assigned.

Headed towards food court for Makkan.

Hope you enjoyed the trip. Thanks for reading.

End of Trip


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Cabin crew7.0

Mumbai - BOM


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Singapore Airlines aircraft was clean, IFE had enough content for the flight and was user friendly. Flight was late on arrival and terminal change caused even more delay. It did not affect me but would have those who had tight connections. Did not interact with crew except during cabin service.

Food was good but lack of cutting knife in the cutlery was a surprise. I have give low for the food and catering due missing cutlery.
Flight had onboard wifi, I did not need internet and did not check.

Mumbai airport was efficient, security took few minutes, crowd number was close to pre-covid. Immigration was breeze. Some food stores were still closed.

Singapore Changi airport is an excellent transit airport. I like the food offering at the airport specially when I'm not stepping outside the airport.

This was a ok flight.

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