Review of Singapore Airlines flight Singapore Sydney in Economy

Airline Singapore Airlines
Flight SQ231
Class Economy
Seat 64A
Aircraft Airbus A380-800
Flight time 07:40
Take-off 03 Jul 22, 00:45
Arrival at 03 Jul 22, 10:25
SQ   #1 out of 95 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 701 reviews
By SILVER 2551
Published on 22nd July 2022

Trip Report: Singapore Airlines SQ231 Singapore to Sydney

Airlines: Singapore Airlines
Flight :SQ 231 SIN-SYD
Reg : 9V-SKM
Aircraft: Airbus A380-841
Departure Singapore Terminal 3 Gate B4: 12.45 AM
Arriving Sydney Terminal 1 : 10.25 AM
Flight time : 7 hours, 40 minutes
Distance : 6,423 kilometers

VIDEO: Singapore Airlines SQ231 Singapore to Sydney


This trip report is from July 2022. After arriving in Singapore, I had 4 hours of transit due to delayed arrival from Mumbai. Read here -> Trip Report: Singapore Airlines SQ421 Mumbai to Singapore.

This report completed half a million kilometers of air travel on Flight report. I must have travelled much more than trip reports I have written. Since I have traveled by air from 1980 till 2004, I did not document those trips except the stamps on passport.

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Booking Information

Flight details at booking time.

photo img_1aa

I had selected window seat at time of booking the ticket. Seat selection was charge.

photo img_1ab

Transit Experience

On entering the Terminal, checked flight information. Sydney flight was not listed.

photo img_1

Aircraft was parked on the pier, which meant some walk to the common departure area.

photo img_1a

Signage and time.

photo img_1c

Checked boarding gate information.

photo img_63

Checked the departure gate area for flight.

photo img_1d

Boarding at last call for SQ221 to Sydney.

photo img_1e

Decided to have makkan before continuing exploration.

photo img_1g

Escalator to food court.

photo img_1h

Ordered Prawn Cheong fun [steamed rice noodles]

photo img_1i

Stalls in the food court.

photo img_61

After food, decided to walk as I had sat throughout the flight.

photo img_12

Terminal 3 food court

photo img_60

Passing the boarding gate B4 towards Terminal 1.

photo img_13

Video: Experience Singapore Changi Airport Walk

After walking for almost an hour. I headed to terminal 1 food court. I had Mee Rebus from Malaysian store. I was full and returned to Terminal 3 as it was past 10.30pm.

photo img_1j

On the way some planespotting, Singapore Airlines Airbus A350-900

photo img_1f


After some souvenir shopping, I reached gate area. Security check had started for the flight. Got self organised. passed without issues.

Waiting Area

After completing security, checked waited for boarding call. I remembered to keep a pen in pocket to fill the Australian quarantine declaration form.

photo img_14


Boarding call was made by groups for economy class passengers.

photo img_64

Joined the boarding queue on group call. Passport and boarding pass was checked.

photo img_15

Boarding through aerobridge.

photo img_16

Aircraft was tugged for pushback.

photo img_17

Singapore Airlines SQ231 SIN-SYD would be operated by Reg: 9V-SKM

photo img_18


On reaching the door, earphones for economy passengers were available on the aerobridge. As others were loading their bags in the overheard compartment, took a photo of the boarding pass to avoid having to look for information.

photo img_19

Economy seat on main deck.

photo img_20

Reached seat and had handbag stored in overhead locker. Settled in the seat and seat belt fastened.

photo img_22

Touch screen IFE.

photo img_21

Boarding continued for few minutes.

photo img_23

Seat view while waiting for door to close.

photo img_24

Route map

photo img_25

Pushback and Departure

Doors were closed and announcement by captain regarding flight.  After a long taxi of almost 15 minutes, aircraft departure from Singapore. Watch video to experience the flight.

photo img_26


Flight information.

photo img_27

After departure, crew asked all windows shade to pulled down.

To find the difference between 2011 and 2022 flights, read here -> Trip Report: Singapore Airlines SQ231 Singapore - Sydney.

photo img_28

Water was supplied.

photo img_29

Cabin announcement was made and cabin lights was switched off. I slept remainder of flight after the long walk. I was happy I had eaten before boarding.

photo img_30

Woke up 4 hours prior to arrival.

photo img_31

Water was supplied, view of tray table.

photo img_32

Singapore Airlines Airbus A380-800 safety card.

photo img_33

I woke between sleeps.

photo img_34

Seat recline and coat holder.

photo img_35

Laptop charging point under seat.

photo img_36

Flight information

photo img_37

Cabin SErvice

1 hour 45 minutes before arrival, cabin crew commenced breakfast service.

photo img_38

Breakfast presentation

photo img_39

Crew asked If i would like international or asian selection. I chose asian selection - Nasi Lemak. She said it would be spicy.  I was fine with it. Asked for orange juice and later tea for drinks.

photo img_40

Arrival in Sydney

Captain made announcement descend would commence shortly.

photo img_42

Window view of cloudy day below.

photo img_41

Cockpit view of destination

photo img_43

Aircraft made turn to head North.

photo img_44

Flying over the Blue Mountains on Southern approach.

photo img_45

Descend towards destination.

photo img_46

Turning North then East and then South to land on runway 16R.

photo img_47

Flight information

photo img_48

On approach to land on 16R. As it was cloudy, did not have much view of outside.

photo img_49

View of cockpit information.

photo img_50

Landed in Sydney and then taxied towards gate. Crew made announcement after landing regarding COVID regulation in NSW.

photo img_51

Arrived at gate

photo img_52

ANA, Singapore and United parked next to aircraft.

photo img_53

Reminder and thank you before disembarkation

photo img_54

Aircraft parked and Captain informed crew to disarm doors.

photo img_55

Airbus A380-800 window with spacing between glass, photo and video taking is difficult.

photo img_56

Ground crew at work on parked aircraft.

photo img_65


As disembarkation had started. I exited the aircraft.

photo img_57

Aerobridge to deboard

photo img_58

Entering the terminal building.

photo img_59

Immigration, Baggage COllection and Quarantine

Entered the building and looked for the Smartgate kiosk. few passengers had queue up near the entrance to fill the online form. I went to toilet, which was clean. In front of the toilet, there were few more kiosk with no one. Answered the question, received the Smartgate ticket. Passed through the duty free shops without slowing. Cleared immigration.

Entered the baggage collection area, waited about 10-15 minutes, collected bag and joined the quarantine queue.

As I had nothing to declare was allowed to exit the customs area.

Exiting Airport

Exited the terminal and joined the taxi queue. I got a taxi within 2 minutes of waiting. The taxi driver was a Pakistani, He started by asking me about my trip and the conversation continued till I reached home.

Hope you enjoyed this trip report. Thanks for reading.

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Singapore Airlines

Cabin crew7.0

Singapore - SIN


Sydney - SYD



Singapore Airlines flight was satisfactory as it departed and arrived on time. Crew was ok, did not interact much except for water and meal.
I did not check IFE being night flight. WIFI was available on the aircraft but I didn't need internet.

Food service was reduced as you can compare with previous flight.

Singapore Changi Airport as always no issues. Sydney Airport was crowded due to few flights arriving close to each other.

I would say it was ok flight as I didn't have expectation after the earlier experiences.

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