Review of Nok Air flight Chiang Rai Bangkok in Economy

Airline Nok Air
Flight DD 8717
Class Economy
Seat 45K
Aircraft Boeing 737-800
Flight time 01:15
Take-off 13 Nov 13, 13:00
Arrival at 13 Nov 13, 14:15
DD 25 reviews
By 3978
Published on 22nd December 2013
After 2 days spent in Chiang Rai it was time to go back to Bangkok !

On the said time our taxi was there ready to take us to the airport.
photo P1070591_zpsebd9c6a2

He dropped us off in front of the terminal and we went thru the security check to enter the terminal and then headed to the Nok Air check-in counters which are located to the far left of the building.
photo P1070592_zps921bbabf

I had asked to change seats and wondered if the emergency exits were available. My wish was granted and we were given 45H and 45K.

After the check in procedure we walked around the terminal area… Not the high luxury cars you'd see in Dubai but Chiang Rai had pick-up cars on display, you can't win them but you can certainly buy them !
photo P1070593_zpsd2200dd7photo P1070594_zpse40e98ee

We then went through security check, this was completed rapidly and we headed to our gate.
photo P1070595_zps2e6b5ffa

The area was completely empty !
photo P1070596_zps45dadd39

The reserved seating area
photo P1070597_zps88db14ee

Nok Air offers free wifi at CEI !
photo P1070598_zps0aa3ee09

Our Aircraft is here ! HS-DBE Nok Flamingo will take us back to the Thai capital !
photo P1070599_zps6a95a0e7

It doesn't take long before boarding is announced and we make our way upstairs to board the airplane.
photo P1070600_zps8e7eba6c

I hate spiders and this HUGE specimen spun her web outside, it was as big as my hand !
photo P1070601_zps95d5949e

Our bird resting a few minutes before flying home.
photo P1070602_zps9f807714

We are back in the very green jetways of Chiang Rai Airport.
photo P1070603_zpsdde26c22

At the end of the tunnel, the pink aircraft !
photo P1070605_zps5a1edf1d

The legroom is great at the overawing exit !
photo P1070606_zps467e7312

The very charming Nok Air cabin attendant welcoming customers on board !
photo P1070608_zps6e5ebf2f

Not a lot of people yet
photo P1070609_zpsd03af898

Our yellow winglet
photo P1070610_zps8e639133

Boarding is not complete yet…
photo P1070611_zpsfa8edc66

Looks like it's over now. We don't have a full flight today ! loads of spare seats around !
photo P1070612_zpsed858009

We make our way to the runway and prepare for our take off !
photo P1070614_zpsfc927820photo P1070615_zps7b0ded4a
photo P1070616_zps798d51a8photo P1070617_zps2c3c52e9

Row view
photo P1070619_zps63bb6341

The seat pocket contains the in-house magazine JIBjib and the Boeing 737-800 safety card.
photo P1070621_zps1df15bd5

The route network flown by Nok Air
photo P1070623_zpsfc340428

The crew then started the service and gave everyone a brown paper bag.
photo P1070624_zps6db18f63

Each bag contained a small tub of water, a sausage filled pretzel and a napkin.
photo P1070626_zps04fd0f20

The pretzel was excellent !

The remainder of the flight went by smoothly
photo P1070627_zpse191a3b4

The cabin from the rear !
photo P1070628_zpsfc7df24d

The rear galley
photo P1070629_zps37e20dc7

The restrooms at the back of the aircraft
photo P1070630_zps6b2eab22

We start our descent to Bangkok and the weather is not particularly great…
photo P1070631_zpsee1b1962photo P1070633_zpsaa009b1fphoto P1070634_zpsfbe2ce9b

We are nearly there !
photo P1070635_zps8026d38aphoto P1070636_zps8b92d7eb

The weather is really bad…
photo P1070637_zps22ffc460photo P1070638_zpsc3a2ae7e

Another Nok Air aircraft, love the very colorful bird like livery of the airline !
photo P1070639_zps9e26bbea

As soon as we stop people jump out of their seats to grab their bags and queue out !
photo P1070640_zps52d4606aphoto P1070641_zpsa161321d

Our seats at the exit
photo P1070643_zpsc718033b

Our aircraft resting before it's next flight !
photo P1070646_zps834857e2

We start the long trek towards the baggage claim area… can't believe Don Muang was Thailand's premier hub !
photo P1070645_zpsff4f8262
photo P1070648_zps4835908e

Welcome to Thailand ! Sawasdee !
photo P1070649_zps53da8be5

It is now time to pick up our bags.
photo P1070651_zpsd7cffeb5

And let's queue to get our taxi for our ride to the Novotel Pratunam
photo P1070652_zps41dca302

The weather is still very bad… It is pouring down in Bangkok !
photo P1070654_zpsd9d7b8db

We now have 5 days in Bangkok, next stop Kuala Lumpur !
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Nok Air

Cabin crew9.0

Chiang Rai - CEI


Bangkok - DMK



Good flight on Nok Air, nothing to write home about but at least we had a very comfortable flight, a nice snack and all went smoothly !

Information on the route Chiang Rai (CEI) Bangkok (DMK)

The contributors of Flight-Report published 3 reviews of 3 airlines on the route Chiang Rai (CEI) → Bangkok (DMK).


The airline with the best average rating is Thai Air Asia with 7.0/10.

The average flight time is 1 hours and 20 minutes.

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  • Comment 95535 by
    lagentsecret GOLD 12459 Comments

    Thanks for sharing this FR

    Nok Air seems to be a decent way to fly domestic in Thailand

  • Comment 95540 by
    Durian 1170 Comments

    Thanks for sharing ! Did you have to pay extra $ for the exit row ?
    Overall pretty good I'd say. Surprisingly the cabin is not glitzy as the outside, I would even say the cabin theme is quite boring when you compared to other LCC. But who cares really, it's just a bit surprising.
    Was the brown bag for free ? In addition they give free wifi in the terminal, waooh ? Were checked-in luggages free ?
    So actually I'm getting confused, Nok is or is not a low costs carrier ?
    BTW, Nok has announced a few weeks ago that they are to set up a JV with SQ's Scoot for operations in Thailand... so many operators on that market !!

    • Comment 285580 by
      manureva744 AUTHOR 252 Comments

      Hi ! Thanks for the comments.
      We didn't pay anything extra for the emergency exit, you have 15 kilos free of charge for the suitcase and we had purchased another 15 kilos each of hold luggage on their website when we bought the tickets. We didn't need as much as we didn't go over 25 kilos each suitcase.
      The brown bag snack was free of charge, other drinks and food could be bought on board.
      Wifi was free in the terminal, password was the booking reference.
      It is a low cost carrier indeed but with mid frills I'd say.

      You are right in saying that the cabin is boring and they could have gone with as a much inside as outside...

  • Comment 95562 by
    marathon SILVER 9734 Comments

    What about the seat pitch of the ordinary seats ? From the overall view of the cabin, it looks tight. Thanks for this comprehensive report !

  • Comment 95565 by
    Leadership TEAM GOLD 5136 Comments

    Thanks for this report, row 45 for an exit row on a 738 seems a bit too much ^^ Are they starting at row 20?

    Good to know that they are providing a snack albeit limited for this flight.

    Thank you.

  • Comment 95576 by
    indianocean SILVER 7107 Comments

    The airline logo reminds me a funny and famous finnish video game.
    Considering that Nok Air is a low cost airline, the catering is quite fair.
    It is said that Nok Air fare is so low that taxi to or from the airport might be more expensive. Is that true?
    Thanks for sharing

  • Comment 95584 by
    jetsetpanda 2294 Comments

    Thanks for the nice insight and report on this carrier. One thing about Asian LCC's is that although prices might be low the service tends to be high as a general rule. Catering is pretty generous.

  • Comment 95614 by
    KévinDC TEAM SILVER 5511 Comments

    Thanks for sharing this report on a rarely reported airline. OMG, that spider is scary! Thank god I've never seen one like that all the times I've been to Thailand.

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