Review of Delta Air Lines flight New York Rome in Economy

Airline Delta Air Lines
Flight DL152
Class Economy
Seat 58A
Aircraft Airbus A330-300
Flight time 07:36
Take-off 05 Aug 22, 20:53
Arrival at 06 Aug 22, 10:29
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By BRONZE 1587
Published on 9th August 2022


Hello FlightReporters
In 2022 my parents celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary
To celebrate the event we decided to make a family trip between the end of July and the first week of August

The options were Iceland or USA
Even if Iceland seemed interesting for its breathtaking nature, USA appeared to be more suitable for me and my sister, both in our 20s

We planned to fly to Buffalo in order to see Niagara Falls, then drive to New York via Boston and Cape Cod, spending the last days in the Big Apple. We'd already visited NY in 2013 so it would have been the occasion to see new or more uncommon sights. Moreover for me, as an architecture student, it would have been to occasiont to see the city with a different perspective.


The first days of June we started to search for flights
Finding the best combination was a bit difficult. At the end the best solution appeared to be with Delta Airlines, flying to Buffalo via JFK the 25th July and going back home the 5th August

Delta Airlines offers two fares on Economy Class tickets. The cheapest one (Basic) is with carry-on baggage only while the other (Main) includes also a checked baggage. Both of them allows passengers to bring a small bag as additional baggage.
Since 4 hand luggages and 4 checked ones seemes a bit too much we decided to split the booking in two: 2 bookings with checked baggage and 2 with carry-on only.

The first one costs 2324€ while the second 2024€, for a total of 4348€, 1087€ per person
We bought the tickets through Air France website because they're a little bit cheaper than on Delta's one

photo b2-1photo b2-2



photo b3-1


Despite the cancelled flight to Buffalo it had been a marvellous vacation
Niagara Falls were beyond every expectation, no pics, documentaries or movies can truly express their beauty. Boston was very pleasant as for its surroundings. Cape Cod and New England was really a surprise, a totally different atmosphere from the rest of the Country. New York, I think I don't need words, I truly loved it. It was my second time there, but I really enjoyed it, definitely wanna go there again. 

The day before the flight we checked-in through Delta's app
Differently from the inbound flight we're able to see our boarding passes since no passport verification was required
As for FCO-JFK flight we had our seats in the rear cabin of the A330, 58A-B-C-D

photo b4-1

Arriving to JFK and check-in

To get to JFK from our hotel in Midtown, Manhattan, we had two choices: the metro, which required 45-60 minutes and two transfers (for less than 10$) or the taxi.
Our hotel offered a transfer service for 140$, Uber costed 90-100$ and NY official taxi had a flat rate of 52$. We decided to get the last solution, since the big amount of baggages would have pose an issue on the subway, considering the transfers

Having the flight scheduled for 19:30 we decided to be at the airport no later than 16:30. Knowing that the road to the airport may be busy at that time we left the hotel on West 37th St. at 15:10

photo b5-1photo b5-2

We encounter some traffic on the way to the airport, especially driving to Queens
Finally, around 16:00 the taxi left us at New York-John Fitzgerald Kennedy International Airport

The taxi driver charges us 75$ since we're four people and he asked for a tip

photo b5-3

All Delta's international flights are handled at Terminal 4, while domestic ones departs from Terminal 2

photo b5-4

The Terminal was quite busy

photo b5-5photo b5-6

Delta occupies an entire island

photo b5-7

Fortunately there was no queue at the counter, but the check-in procedure took around 20 minutes
One of the two checked bags was heavier than the 52lbs limit and we had to move some stuff in the lightest one

We tried to change my sister's seat in order to get another window, but the plane was full

photo b5-8

twa terminal tour + plane spotting

Having two hours to spare before boarding (scheduled for 18:35) I decided to take a short visit to the old TWA Terminal, located just one stop of AirTrain. Meanwhile my family passed through security and would wait me in the departure lounge

The terminal was designed by Finnish architect Eero Saarinen and served as TWA's hub from 1962 to 2001. Its thin-shell concrete structure made it an architecture masterpiece among airport terminals. After the opening of JetBlue's Terminal 5 the building was transformed in a hotel, which opened in May 2019

The building seen from the AirTrain

photo b6-1

The nearest AirTrain station is Terminal 5, which is located 3-4 minutes walking

photo b6-2photo b6-3photo b6-4

Love this logo

photo b6-5

Some vintage cars parked in front of the building to enhance the Jet Age's feeling

photo b6-6

Old check-in counters converted into the hotel's front desks

photo b6-7

Beautiful FIDS

photo b6-8

The other check-in wing transformed into food counters

photo b6-9

The main lounge has been transformed in a bar

photo b6-11photo b6-12photo b6-13

Lockheed L-1649 Starliner

photo b6-14

As an aspiring architect I find really stunning how concrete was shaped in a so fluid and light structure

photo b6-15

Taking the AirTrain back to Terminal 4 gave me interesting spotting opportunities

photo b6-17

JetBlue A321s, Air France Boeing 777 and Delta Boeing 767

photo b6-16

British Airways Boeing 777 and LOT Boeing 787 parked at Terminal 7

photo b6-18

ITA Airways A350

photo b6-19

Air France Triple-7

photo b6-20

Lufthansa Boeing 747-8

photo b6-21

On the way to T4, Emirates A380 and WestJet Boeing 737

photo b6-22

Virgin Atlantic A330

photo b6-23

Waiting for boarding and other spotting

It took me less than 20 to clear security
Only half of the screening lanes were opened and this made the control slower

photo b7-2

Our flight shown to be on time and departing from gate B30, as written on the boarding pass

photo b7-1

I rejoined my family in the departure lounge, full of nice shops and food and beverages options

photo b7-8photo b7-9photo b7-10

The headhouse presents a large glass facade to the apron, giving a good chance of plane spotting

photo b7-3

Kuwait Airways Boeing 777

photo b7-4

Latam and Virgin Atlantic tails

photo b7-5

Singapore airlines A380 parked behind a Delta A319

photo b7-6

Delta Boeing 737s and Aeromexico Boeing 787

photo b7-7

Terminal 4 is equipped with two piers, named A and B
While the main building has a more interesting architecture, the piers are kinda basic
The holdrooms were quite busy

photo b7-12

Delta Boeing 737 parked next to a KLM Boeing 777

photo b7-11

Virgin Atlantic A350

photo b7-13

Etihad Airways A350

photo b7-14

Latam Boeing 777

photo b7-15

Aeromexico Boeing 787

photo b7-16

Delta A330neo

photo b7-17

We reached our gate, B30, in a few minutes
The floght to San Francisco was closing at that moment
A family at the counter was arguing with the agent, maybe because they showed up late. By the way the plane was still parked and connected to the jetbridge

photo b7-18

Delta Boeing 767 bound to SFO

photo b7-19

Virgin Atlantic Boeing 787 and Emirates A380

photo b7-20

China Airlines Boeing 777

photo b7-21

Delta A220

photo b7-22

Delta Boeing 757

photo b7-23

Air Serbia A330 heading to Terminal 1

photo b7-24

Around 18:00, half a hour before scheduled boarding time, our plane was towed to the gate
According to FlightRadar it landed from Dublin a few hours before

Delta Air Lines Airbus A330-300, N830NW
, delivered in January 2017 to Delta Airlines
It's equipped with 282 seats, 34 in J, 21 in W and 227 in Y

photo b7-25photo b7-26photo b7-27

boarding (chaos)

Cabin crew arrived around 18:25, ten minutes before scheduled boarding time
The gate was opened 20 minutes after and then started the mess

Boarding was called for groups, starting from DeltaOne, Delta Premium Select, SkyPriority and then Main Cabin 1 and 2
Unfortunately not so many people seemed to understand this system and most of them rushed to the gate trying to get onboard
Moreover one agent was checked really carefully if the passenger screened belonged to the group, while the other one didn't care so much about

photo b8-2

Even if we're Main 2 group we sneaked at the counter when Main 1 group was called
30 minutes after the gate opening we got our boarding passes scanned

Delta A330neo parked next to us

photo b8-3

No doubts about who rules here at T4

photo b8-4

Bye bye New York, hope to see you again soon

photo b8-5photo b8-6

Almost onboard

photo b8-7

The Purser welcomed me aboard with a smiling "Buonasera"
He also speaked Italian
I gave him the Flight Report form and he told me he'd have brought it to the cockpit

I receive mixed reactions from the crew every time I give this paper. To be honest I was a bit "worried" by the American crew's reaction, due to all the security and safety apprehensions, but fortunately they didn't make questions
In the paper is clearly stated that it can be filled at Captain's discretion, so it didn't pose a big issue for the Purser 

Delta Main cabin

photo b8-8

58A is located in the last row of the cabin
Fortunately behind the seat there was a bit of space to recline it without issues

photo b8-9

The view from my seat as sun started to set

photo b8-10

Being among the first to board in Economy gave us a lot of space in the overhead lockers
The plane was filling slowly, maybe due to the chaotic operations at the gate

photo b8-11

While boarding came to end the crew distributed a travel kit from Comfort+ cabin and plugs

photo b8-12

Doors were armed around 19:40, but a few minutes later they're opened again to let some connecting passengers board
Finally "boarding complete" was called moments after 20:00, half a hour later than scheduled departure time

photo b8-13

Meanwhile the safety video was played

photo b8-14

The looooooong taxi

Around 20:10 we left the gate

photo b9-1

Lights were lowered and mood-lighting turned pink

photo b9-2

Delta A330neo

photo b9-3

Delta Boeing 737

photo b9-4

Delta Boeing 767

photo b9-5

American Airlines Boeing 737

photo b9-6

El Al Boeing 787 with T4 in the background

photo b9-7

Emirates A380s

photo b9-8

JetBlue's hub, Terminal 5

photo b9-9

Due to traffic (caused by weather limitations) we waited more than 20 minutes stuck on the taxiway

photo b9-10

Crossing RWY13L/31R

photo b9-11

Unknown Boeing 747, surely cargo

photo b9-12

Waiting our turn to depart behind British Airways and American Airlines Triple-7s

photo b9-13

We'd depart from runway 22R

photo b9-14

the flight

photo b10-1

45 minutes after leaving the gate the two General Electric engines went full thrust

photo b10-2

Goodbye Big Apple

photo b10-3photo b10-4

Mood-lighting turning purple after the take-off

photo b10-5

Banking over the ocean

photo b10-6

Jamaica Bay, JFK Airport and New York City in the background

photo b10-7

JFK Airport is surrounded for two sides by water

photo b10-8

Climbing over Long Island

photo b10-9

Norwalk or Westport

photo b10-10

We continued our climb over Connecticut

photo b10-11

As a light turbolence was announced, a thunderstorm revealed itself in the distance

photo b10-12

First time seeing thunders from a plane, so impressive

(To get this pic I took a short video and than made a screenshot)

photo b10-13

dinner time

One hour into the flight the dinner was served

photo b11-1

Since we were in the last row only one food option was available

Quinoa with mixed vegetables
Followed by 
Chicken Marsala with mashed potatoes and steamed vegetables
To finish
Lemon Blondie brownie

photo b11-2

Quinoa salad was quite tasty and refreshing

Chicken had a good taste and perfectly cooked, however it was a bit difficult to cut with that useless toy-cutlery. Mashed potatoes were fine too, while veggies were a bit undercooked

Lemon Blondie was sickly

photo b11-3

Service terminated while we approached Newfoundland

photo b11-4

After dinner I wore my eye-mask, recline my seat and tried to sleep
The last row seat presented just one additional drawback: the toilet flush noise
By the way I was so tired that I fell into Morpheus' hands in a short time

Breakfast approaching FCO

I slept 5 hours and half
I woke up while breakfast was being served, flying over souther France
Less than one hour to Rome

photo b12-1

Breakfast was made of a hot box and a fruit salad

photo b12-2

The box contained a cheese and egg bun which was quite good and less drier than it appeared. The fruit salad was very refreshing

photo b12-3

Meanwhile we started to fly over Mediterranean Sea

photo b12-4

Varazze, in Liguria Region

photo b12-5

Piombino, in Tuscany Region

photo b12-6photo b12-7

After the breakfast service was over the Purser came to my seat holding the Flight Report form and these two small gifts
I really appreciated them, they'll be definitely a good memory from this vacation

The report was filled very good

photo b12-8photo b12-9

landing in rome

The cabin was prepared for landing

Talamone, also in Tuscany Region

photo b13-1

Montalto di Castro Power Plant, in Lazio Region

photo b13-2

Approaching FCO from north

photo b13-3

Bracciano Lake

photo b13-4

Aurelia state highway, which connects Rome with France at the Ventimiglia's border

photo b13-5

A12 motorway, which passes close to the airport's border

photo b13-6

We'd land on RWY16L, which is quite unusual at FCO

Most of the times "heavies" land on parallel runway 16R/34L, due to its proximity to the international terminal, while 16L/34R is used for domestic and European flights
It's not a fixed rule, just a matter of distance between runways and terminals

photo b13-7

At 10:29, just four minutes after scheduled arrival time, we touched town at Rome-Leonardo da Vinci International Airport
It's impressive, we took off with one hour and twenty minutes of delay and we landed almost on time

photo b13-8

Vacating the runway after a smooth and long landing run

photo b13-9

ASL Airlines Boeing 737 parked at the Cargo area

photo b13-10

ITA Airways A320s and Poste Air Cargo Boeing 737s

photo b13-11

Vueling A320 and Air Europa Boeing 737 parked at the new pier A61-83, opened in May 2022

photo b13-12

Pier A1-10, which hosts European flights

Aegean Airlines A320, Norwegian Boeing 737s, airBaltic A220, Volotea A320 and Ryanair Boeing 737

photo b13-13

ITA Airways A330

photo b13-14

Twin Delta A330 parked at pier E11-24

photo b13-15

ITA Airways A350 pained in "Born to be Sustainable" livery

This plane definitely gives an idea on how ITA's livery would have looked if they chose a white style as most of airlines

photo b13-16photo b13-17

Air Transat A330

photo b13-18

United Airlines Boeing 777

photo b13-19

American Airlines Boeing 777

photo b13-20

We parked at gate E11 at 10:44

photo b13-21photo b13-22

Disembarking I met the Captain and thanked him for the nice gift
I didn't ask to visit the cockpit since I've already seen it on FCO-JFK flight

Bye bye Delta A330

photo b13-23photo b13-24

At FCO (as in many other airports) flights coming from countries as USA are part of One-Step-Security policy
This means that disembark happens into the departure lounge and not in a separate arrivals' mezzanine
Obviously it's really useful for connecting passengers, who're not required to clear security again

photo b13-25

Heading straight to the baggage reclaim hall

photo b13-26

Since the gate we disembark was at the beginning of the pier, it took just a few minutes to reach the immigration hall
There was no queue and the control was made in no time thanks to the e-Gates

The baggage reclaim hall was undergoing a refurbishments and only a few belts were available. By the way it didn't look too busy
We waited less than 10 minutes for our bags to be delivered

After getting off the terminal (and being welcomed by one of the hottest summers in Rome) we took the shuttle bus to the long-term parking and drove home

FCO greeted us with an ITA Airwas A350 landing on RWY34R

photo b13-27-copia
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Delta Air Lines

Cabin crew7.5

New York - JFK


Rome - FCO



Being a red-eye flight I experienced Delta's service less than FCO-JFK flight
The cabin was fine, the meal in line with the expectation and the crew quite kind

JFK is a bit of a mess to be honest, despite its size. The security checkpoint was slow, the terminal was not so clean and the 45-minute taxi was definitely too long



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    Thanks for another good report!

    Once again the catering looks kind of....meh. Underwhelming and not particularly appealing to look at (though if it tasted good, that's the essential thing).

    the terminal was not so clean and the 45-minute taxi was definitely too long

    Hah, yup, typical JFK! I've had 1h+ taxi times often during the evening TATL departure banks.

    Thanks for sharing!

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