Review of Brit Air flight Madrid Lyon in Economy

Airline Brit Air
Flight AF5892
Class Economy
Seat XXA
Flight time 01:50
Take-off 27 Jun 10, 17:40
Arrival at 27 Jun 10, 19:30
DB 32 reviews
By GOLD 352
Published on 3rd October 2022

a very old report!

Hello everyone! I haven't published in a while, almost a year now - I was instead publishing in french. I do miss our little international community so here I am back on the english side with this very old report!

I thought of publishing these old pictures as Air France is currently on the phase of retiring its fleet of CRJ1000, the CRJ700 being retired and sold already. But what about the very first generation of CRJ? I mean the old and venerable CRJ100!

Flying blue Miles earned with this flight: 562 (old criteria)
Status earned (converted to nowaday's criteria): 5 XP

photo untitled

I wrote the way out flight in french that you could find HERE...
A picture of the plane on the way out below.. 

photo 1-sam_0719-59010

I paid 196,60€ at the time, which wasn't that cheap for me at least for my student-y income.

I started to claim Air France Flying Blue miles with my job, when I changed jobs, I did not fly that often so I had to fly again within two month not to loose my miles and status - Air france already got me! 

at madrid - bajaras adolfo suarez airport

We arrived at Madrid Barajas Terminal 3 - the last extension at the time to have been built.

Funny to see that both AF and KL have since changed liveries, but Ryanair hasn't! 

photo sam_0685

We jumped on the pax transfer to reach the CRJ… Sorry I wasn't the best of photographers at the time!

Unlike the plane on the way out, this one was still in the old Air France By Britair livery! 

photo img_5602

Aircraft: Mitsubitchi CRJ100
Immat: F-GRJR
Moteurs: 2x CFM34
Age: 22 ans
Config: ? peut-être 50?
Observation: a d'abord servi sous Brit Air, son premier opérateur, et d'après AirFleet, il vole toujours chez Alfa Aviation Sudan ! Incroyable!

onboard the Crj100

Ready for push back.. I was lucky to still have a window seat. I can't remember if online check-in was available at the time?
Air Berlin on the right, but not sure of the plane on the left… It looks like it is easyjet? 
A bit of though to airberlin, i am sure he will appreciate it he reads these lines :) 

photo sam_0687

Take off from the 36R - a bit unusual right?

photo sam_0688photo sam_0693

Above the clouds finally…

photo sam_0696photo sam_0697photo sam_0698

Some more clouds…

photo sam_0699photo sam_0701

I am even struggling to see the wingtip!

photo sam_0703-40265photo sam_0705-97358

I can't remember about the service I am sorry… But here is a picture of the cabin..

photo sam_0712photo sam_0706-15677photo sam_0708

A few scratches on the window.

photo sam_0713

Starting descent…

photo sam_0714

Funny I flew over the plant I was working at..

photo sam_0715

and on finals..

photo sam_0717-81584

at lyon - saint exupery airport

photo sam_0720
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Brit Air

Cabin crew7.5

Madrid - MAD


Lyon - LYS



For memory here are my criteria
-Entertainment: None < 4.5 Magazine 6< une application 7< Wifi 8 < IFE = 10
-Cabin: visually interesting, comfortable and practicle> 7.5. For example, Ironing boards are <7
-Crew: Went for the extra mile, they outdone themselves > 7.5
-Repas: : Buy On Board <5 Free <7.5< Visually interesting, nice in quantity and quality

Information on the route Madrid (MAD) Lyon (LYS)

Les contributeurs de Flight-Report ont posté 7 avis concernant 4 compagnies sur la ligne Madrid (MAD) → Lyon (LYS).


La compagnie qui obtient la meilleure moyenne est Brit Air avec 7.4/10.

La durée moyenne des vols est de 1 heures et 38 minutes.

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  • Comment 612941 by
    KévinDC TEAM SILVER 6719 Comments
    Wow, I didn't remember AF even flew between MAD and LYS. It's really a shame AF were never able to make point-to-point flying from any city outside of Paris work. I remember when Lyon and several other cities in the AF system were regional Hubs. Now, having re-trenched to Paris airports several years ago, they're just given all that business away to the LCCs, who seem to be able to fly from provincial cities just fine!

    A CRJ100 comfortable? Are you ok? haha...I personally dislike CRJ100/200 with a passion...the "BarbieJets" as I like to call them have windows that are far too low to comfortably look out of them (when not scratched), and the seats are just so tight, so seat pitch is decent at the standard 31" (that's the only decent thing). I much prefer CRJ700/900 experience as windows are larger and better aligned with the cabin height and the ceiling is higher as well.

    Thanks for sharing!
    • Comment 612991 by
      ChrisB GOLD AUTHOR 3413 Comments
      Hey thanks my friend for the comment!
      I didn't remember AF even flew between MAD and LYS

      It seems like it was a century ago yet just 12 years ago
      that business away to the LCCs, who seem to be able to fly from provincial cities just fine!

      it is a bit this logic indeed, even though LYS resisted longer with direct flights to Milan, Rome, Venice, Bologne, Stuttgart and Prague... Now that the Hop fleet has shrunk so much I am not sure if we will ever see more than just flights to Paris and other french cities.
      A CRJ100 comfortable? Are you ok? haha...

      ahahahaha well i was trying to note it from a 12 years old perspective, but maybe I was a bit too generous you're right!
      I love the Barbiejet ahahah Is it named after Florence Foresti's show?
  • Comment 613005 by
    NGO85 SILVER 1972 Comments
    Hi Chris, thank you for sharing this retro-FR. The CRJ100/200s are definitely nostalgic of late 1990s-early 2000s regional routes, I have many fond memories of the large fleet SkyWest (OO) operated out of IAH for UA and CVG/DTW for DL. I think they are going to start retiring them soon… The scratched windows filled with condensation are staples for these planes.
    • Comment 613024 by
      ChrisB GOLD AUTHOR 3413 Comments
      Hello thanks for the comment!
      The CRJ100/200s are definitely nostalgic of late 1990s-early 2000s regional route

      Indeed it seems like it was a really long time ago but actually not so long!
      The scratched windows filled with condensation are staples for these planes.

      ahaha indeed!

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