Review of Southern Airways Express flight Morgantown Pittsburgh in Economy

Flight 9X111
Class Economy
Seat 7
Aircraft Cessna 208
Flight time 01:00
Take-off 15 Jun 22, 19:30
Arrival at 15 Jun 22, 20:30
9X 2 reviews
Published on 1st March 2023

Report No: 2022-606

Dear folks,

Welcome to this brand new US domestic series which I would cover 2 different airlines and 6 segments which was a pretty eventful trip as I had multiple interruptions during the trip as my schedule changed more than multiple times.

I have originally booked two one-ways on Southern Airways Express and Boutique Air to experience flight covered by the Essential Flight Act onboard small jets which are both offering flights from the Washington DC - Baltimore area to Pittsburgh with a one-night stay in Pittsburgh in between. The pricing of these tickets are so low that you could fly for more than half of a legacy carrier from the DC area to Pittsburgh and it's even cheaper if you terminate your journey at a small regional airport.

The second part of the series would be onboard the Cessna 208 from Morgantown to Pittsburgh which would eventually be my shortest ever flight in terms of mileage as this flight would only be 61 miles. Before this flight, Philadelphia to Washington Reagan was my personal shortest which I covered several of my flights on that route here on Flight-Report.

The routing for this trip would be revealed part by part

Loads for this flight

2 out of 9 passenger seats were occupied 


After arriving from my previous flight, I was asked to go landside since the TSA agents were not ready and the secure area hasn't been open so it was time to explore the terminal.

Southern Airways Express is the only carrier operating scheduled flights of Morgantown Municipal Airport. 

photo 20220615_184556-min

Photos from the terminal

photo 20220615_184702-min

At the terminal, the only facilities were a Turkish restaurant ( not joking ) and a vending machine

photo 20220615_184812-min

There was also limited seating.
Here is the TSA checkpoint that opened about 30 minutes till departure which was the earliest I could go airside. 

As the flight to IAD that evening had no passengers and the flight to PIT only had two, the checkpoint was empty and security wasn't a hassle as the officers were not in a rush. 

photo 20220615_184731-min

After going airside, I have spotted this Cessna 441

photo 20220615_184843

This Cessna 208C that brought me to Morgantown and returning back to Washington Dulles that evening.

photo 20220615_185623-min

And N9642F which would be the Cessna 208C taking us to Pittsburgh that evening.

photo 20220615_194041

After both of us ( the passengers ) cleared security, the first officer and the ground staff told us that we were ready to board. I was assigned a seat at the second row, while the other passenger was assigned a seat in the third row.

photo 20220615_194133-min-10633

A last look at the terminal of Morgantown

photo 20220615_194136-min-31429


The seats for today's flight. They were tight and the legroom wasn't perfect but when the plane was empty, it makes a lot of difference compared to a full cabin.

photo 20220615_194226-min

The first officer has provided us the safety briefing and we were on our way to Pittsburgh

photo 20220615_194245

Engines started an we were on our way

photo 20220615_194721-min

At the runway

photo 20220615_195026-min

And we took off towards the south

photo 20220615_195038

Beautiful landscape at West Virginia

photo 20220615_195110

A Walmart store

photo 20220615_195233-min

Still gaining altitude

photo 20220615_195328-min-47684

Over Morgantown, WV

photo 20220615_195346

The seatback pocket had the Cloud Nine magazine as well as a safety card.
For this short flight, I decided to entertain myself by solving the Sudoku puzzle at the Cloud Nine magazine.

photo 20220615_195920

As the flight was very short, a couple of minutes later, we were already over Pittsburgh

photo 20220615_201637

Photos of Downtown Pittsburgh

photo 20220615_201728photo 20220615_201852photo 20220615_201857

A suburb of Pittsburgh

photo 20220615_202056

We're almost there at the airport

photo 20220615_202242

And we have landed ahead of schedule at Pittsburgh International Airport and the first aircraft that were visible were US Army aircraft

photo 20220615_202301photo 20220615_202313-min

This Wiggins Airways C208B was in line to take-off to State College, PA for a freight only flight for FedEx, just after we left the runway.

photo 20220615_202521-min

British Airways 787 at the international concourse, an Allegiant A319/320 at the other concourse

photo 20220615_202621-min

N335NV was apparently at long term storage at the time this photo was taken

photo 20220615_202626-min

American Eagle E-175 also parking for a couple of days at Pittsburgh waiting for it's next flight, 2 days later than this photo was taken

photo 20220615_202634-min

And after a short taxi, we have parked at gate B41.

photo 20220615_202747-min

While we have parked, this Southwest 737-700 was taxiing to the runway for the second leg of WN 1289 which is PIT-ATL out of MDW-PIT-ATL-MYR

photo 20220615_203016-min


After thanking the first officer, I have left the aircraft and took the last photo of the 35 year old Cessna which brought me to Pittsburgh.

photo 20220615_203019-min

We were asked to go inside the terminal via this ramp and jetbridge.

photo 20220615_203030

That evening, N9642F was going to operate the final Southern Airways Express flight which was to DuBois.

photo 20220615_203100

The end of the concourse was closed and some gates were out of service. That explains why aircraft which was at long term storage parked in front of those gates.

photo 20220615_203111-min

For a few minutes, there were no aircraft and passenger in sight

photo 20220615_203114-min

Where some people started to appear when I got closer to the American Airlines gates.

photo 20220615_203203-min

FIDS for the day

photo 20220615_203217-min

In order to go to the main terminal, it is necessary to go downstairs and take the transit to the main building.

photo 20220615_203528-min

The first car of the transit was blocked and reserved to arriving British Airways customers at that time, since they need to exit and could not remain airside without clearing security in the USA.

photo 20220615_203609-min

After disembarking the transit, since we were mixed with arriving BA passengers, we needed to exit and the way back to the concourse was blocked by a wall.

photo 20220615_203901-min

After taking the escalator down, I was at the arrivals hall

photo 20220615_204005-min-21471

As I was going to take bus 28X downtown, I have followed the signs and found that it was going to depart from Door 2.

photo 20220615_204145

At that time, there was a chariot at the same bay.

photo 20220615_204301

However, after some point, the bus arrived

photo 20220615_210144-min-17077

And, I was on my way to my hotel in Downtown Pittsburgh for the night.

photo 20220615_210257-min

This report has come to an end. The series would continue with the next episode that would be published soon.
Thanks for reading and hope to see you at another Flight-Report.

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Southern Airways Express

Cabin crew7.0

Morgantown - MGW


Pittsburgh - PIT



While the shortest flight of my life was a bit scenic, it was enjoyable as the flight was empty and the views into Pittsburgh were superb.
Since I have a voucher with Southern Airways Express, I am planning to fly them in the future and I hope that journey wouldn't have any disruptions like this one.



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  • Comment 622366 by
    fiftytwo GOLD 1434 Comments
    thanks for the report

    At the terminal, the only facilities were a Turkish restaurant ( not joking ) and a vending machine

    loool , the world is like a village
  • Comment 623559 by
    Pilpintu TEAM 997 Comments
    What an adventure! So different from the usual mainstream airline flight, onboard those boring a320s!

    So you found a Turkish restaurant in the middle of nowhere! Someone wants to take over the world, one airport at a time. haha

    I would have expected more people at PIT. I mean, I can see two or three souls there!

    Well, thanks for sharing!
    • Comment 623788 by
      ISTFlyer SILVER AUTHOR 399 Comments
      Hi Pilpintu,

      What an adventure! So different from the usual mainstream airline flight, onboard those boring a320s!

      - Indeed it was different from a mainstream airline flight which I found very pleasant.

      So you found a Turkish restaurant in the middle of nowhere! Someone wants to take over the world, one airport at a time. haha

      - Yes I did and it was a surprise. Next time I should stop there and try their food maybe. :)

      I would have expected more people at PIT. I mean, I can see two or three souls there!

      - I was also surprised why Pittsburgh Airport was so empty at that time, but it's a huge airport terminal under it's capacity.

      Well, thanks for sharing!

      - You're welcome, I hope you enjoyed the Flight-Report.

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