Review of American Airlines flight Pittsburgh Dallas/Fort Worth in Economy

Airline American Airlines
Flight AA442
Class Economy
Seat 14A
Aircraft Airbus A319
Flight time 03:01
Take-off 16 Jun 22, 09:39
Arrival at 16 Jun 22, 11:40
AA   #56 out of 81 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 545 reviews
Published on 5th March 2023

Report No: 2022-607

Dear folks,

Welcome to this brand new US domestic series which I would cover 2 different airlines and 6 segments which was a pretty eventful trip as I had multiple interruptions during the trip as my schedule changed more than multiple times.

The third part of the series would be an American Airlines flight from Pittsburgh to Dallas Fort Worth as I needed to be at Austin that specific day after a very last minute call which required to postpone my Boutique Air Pilatus PC-12 plans which I was going to take that specific day.

Since all legacy carriers were at the same price and Southwest, who flies this route direct, was more expensive, the company who bought my flights allowed me to pick the airline and flights that I was going to take and for the purpose of complimentary Main Cabin Extra and better lounges because of my oneworld status I preferred to fly American Airlines via Dallas for this trip to Austin.

The routing for this trip would be revealed part by part

Loads for this flight

Domestic First: 100%
Main Cabin: 95-100% 

Around 06:45 that morning, I checked out of my hotel at Pittsburgh and walked to the bus stop which bus 28X to the airport stops at.

photo 20220616_070231-min

That morning the bus to the airport, wasn't crowded and it was easy to find an available seat.

photo 20220616_070827-min


After a 40 minute bus ride, I have arrived at Pittsburgh Airport which was about 2 hours before our scheduled departure time.

photo 20220616_074424-min

The bus would drop passengers at the check-in level.

photo 20220616_074453

And, it is necessary to go downstairs to clear security. Both the Pre Check and general lines had a long queue that morning but the lines moved fast and multiple lanes were open so I was airside within 10-15 minutes.

photo 20220616_074540-min

After clearing security, taking the transit to the concourse is a must since there is no walkway at Pittsburgh.

photo 20220616_075335-min

I did realize that the last carriage was empty so I went there for the 2-3 minute transit ride.

photo 20220616_075402-min

After reaching the concourse, it was time to go upstairs

photo 20220616_075540-min

I looked for signage to the Admirals Club but I didn't spot find any so decided to go towards the AA gates, expecting it to be near there.

photo 20220616_075641-min

After not founding the lounge at the B concourse, I ended up asking an American Airlines ground agent which told me that the club was located at the central hall.

photo 20220616_080113-min-60238

So, I went all the way back and discovered a sign, and eventually it was me who initially missed the signage since the directions were clearly labelled after leaving the transit.

photo 20220616_080223


Because of my British Airways Gold status which is the equivalent of oneworld Emerald, I was admitted to the Admirals Club. As a side note, American Airlines AAdvantage or Alaska MileagePlan elites do not get lounge access when flying solely domestic without any membership.

photo 20220616_080255-min-86866

The lounge had a decent amount of people inside since there was a weather incident in New York causing some flights bound to NYC airports to divert at Pittsburgh, as well as leading to PIT-LGA and PIT-JFK flights to be delayed.

However, I was easily able to find a seat for myself. 

photo 20220616_080403-min

The buffet had nothing special but Admirals Club breakfast offerings as usual.

photo 20220616_081624photo 20220616_081612-min

My selection for the day

photo 20220616_080954-minphoto 20220616_082102photo 20220616_084440

I am not sure if this was a specific issue for the day I was flying but there was only one person responsible from the bar, the buffet and dishwashing at the back so it was really hard to get something from the bar

photo 20220616_080633-min

In addition, there were some speciality cocktails available that day

photo 20220616_080620-min

The lounge also has a small business corner.

photo 20220616_085951-min


FIDS for the day

photo 20220616_090140

I was at the gate about 30 minutes before departure just before boarding was starting.

photo 20220616_090331

N836AW was ready at the gate after arriving from Charlotte that morning. It would be my first time on this specific airframe.

photo 20220616_090336-min

Boarding started a bit delayed at gate B36 and then passengers were called according to their boarding group. There were also announcements that passengers with higher group numbers to gate check their baggage since they expected to ran out of overhead space.

photo 20220616_090414-min-53795


After boarding the plane, I have headed to my seat 14A which is located at the exit row.

photo 20220616_112112

This is the reason why I prefer exit rows over MCE rows in the front since exit rows have the most legroom.

photo 20220616_091352

Every seat on this aircraft was equipped with a power outlet but no USB ports were available. 

photo 20220616_091447

The overhead panel

photo 20220616_091536-min

Our neighbor was another American A319

photo 20220616_091357

Boarding was completed earlier than scheduled so we started our push back earlier than expected. At that time the cabin crew came and verified that if we are familiar with the exit row criteria and responsibilities. Shortly later, the crew performed the safety demo.

photo 20220616_093606

The A319 next door was pushing back at the same time with us. That bird was heading to Charlotte that morning.

photo 20220616_093641

N134HQ was parked at gate B26 since the aircraft diverted back to PIT due to the inclement weather at LGA that morning. Interestingly, that aircraft attempted to operates it's LGA flight later during the day but was again diverted back to PIT. In the end, that afternoon that aircraft made its way to LaGuardia under a different flight number after its third attempt flying PIT-LGA.

photo 20220616_093701

N832AW pushed back for its flight to Charlotte as AA 1751

photo 20220616_093709

A view of the terminal

photo 20220616_093949

N138HQ parked at gate B38 which was also supposed to go to LGA that morning

photo 20220616_093954-min

Allegiant A319/320 at gate B42

photo 20220616_093957-min

American Eagle maintenance hangar

photo 20220616_094030

Some Republic Airways jets at a remote stand

photo 20220616_094133-min

A Delta Connection CRJ waiting at line to take off

photo 20220616_094140-min

Military jets

photo 20220616_094306-min

After a taxi of 5 minutes, it was our turn to depart and we were in the air

photo 20220616_094514

Some photos after takeoff

photo 20220616_094548photo 20220616_094812

After take-off, I have connected to the AA Inflight Wi-Fi network.
Weather in Texas that day was extremely hot and considering that I was going even souther that day, I needed to get ready for more than 100 degrees Fahrenheit or 38 degrees Celsius.

photo screenshot_20220616-094617_samsung-internet

These were the Wi-Fi options for the flight

photo screenshot_20220616-094634_samsung-internet

Free mobile entertainment was also available

photo screenshot_20220616-095339_samsung-internet

Alongside with complimentary live TV

photo screenshot_20220616-095402_samsung-internet

Something interesting was that Flightradar24 showed us as diverting to Charlotte but nothing like that happened and we were on our way to Dallas at that time.

photo screenshot_20220616-100645_flightradar24

Service started about 30-35 minutes after takeoff, I have opted for a cranberry juice, alongside with vodka which was served with Biscoff cookies. As a side note, American Airlines provides free alcoholic beverages for their Main Cabin Extra passengers.

Also since this flight is under 1500 miles, there was no buy on board available to purchase more food items

photo 20220616_101932-min

After the meal service, I have visited one of the rear lavatories which ended up to be clean.

photo 20220616_103749-minphoto 20220616_103754-min

After returning to my seat, I have slept for the remainder of the flight and when I woke up, we were really close to landing

photo 20220616_120357

Shortly later, we have landed at Dallas Fort Worth Airport.

photo 20220616_120431

Our taxi that day was going to be slightly longer than usual

photo 20220616_110555photo 20220616_110902

Despite DFW is the main hub of American Airlines, it's also the hub of Spirit Airlines which lead me to spot multiple Spirit aircraft at remote stands.

photo 20220616_111038-min

This Spirit A320 had pushed back for its flight to Phoenix that morning

photo 20220616_111053-min

American Eagle jets at Terminal E

photo 20220616_111136

N610AE, an American ERJ-145 passing by

photo 20220616_111212

Delta A319 getting ready for its flight to Detroit as DL 1621

photo 20220616_111219-min

Another Delta A319 was its neighbor, but heading to Minneapolis

photo 20220616_111229-min

United A320 at a remote stand

photo 20220616_111246

This United 737-900ER would fly to Washington Dulles that morning as UA 245

photo 20220616_111253-min

American aircraft at Terminal C

photo 20220616_111328

American A319 in the Allegheny livery was heading to the runway before its flight to Little Rock, AR

photo 20220616_111359

American A321 parked at gate A39

photo 20220616_111418-min

American 737-800 just arrived from Boise as AA1892 and heading to its gate like us

photo 20220616_111429

Another American Airlines 737-800 at gate C8

photo 20220616_111530

A more detailed photo of N144AN alongside with the Skylink

photo 20220616_111609

We were going to park at gate A37

photo 20220616_111653photo 20220616_111646

At the moment we stopped, the captain has switched off the seatbelt signs and passengers have started to gather their belongings.

photo 20220616_111907


After leaving the aircraft, I have headed towards the Connecting Flight monitors and checked my gate for my onward flight which was D20.
Despite there was an earlier AUS flight, I didn't attempt asking for a same-day change since I needed to be at Austin by 6pm and Dallas has decent lounges to have a proper lunch.

photo 20220616_112245

Since I had plenty of time, I decided to walk to Concourse D where the American Airlines Flagship Lounge is located.

photo 20220616_112302-min-58660

While walking, I took this final photo of N836AW.

photo 20220616_112448-min

And, the rest of the journey to Austin would be covered in the next episode as this report has come to an end.
Thanks for reading this report and stay tuned for the upcoming parts of the series, here at Flight-Report. 

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American Airlines

Cabin crew7.5

Pittsburgh - PIT


Dallas/Fort Worth - DFW



In the end, this flight was a standard post-COVID American Airlines domestic flight with nothing special to mention. While the exit row on the A319's are great and the entertainment options are pretty decent; the lack of food ( or food for purchase ) is a bit sad for a late morning flight. Other than the lack of staff and attentiveness, the lounge was pretty decent for an US airline club.



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  • Comment 623659 by
    KévinDC TEAM SILVER 6105 Comments

    Thanks for sharing! Haven't been on one of these PMUS A319s in years. The cabin still looks fresh, though they're pretty recent being among the first to get Oasis'd.

    the lack of food ( or food for purchase ) is a bit sad for a late morning flight.

    I couldn't agree more, AA really need to get it together and start offering more and better BOB options on more flights. They're really behind the rest of the major US carriers in this area.

    Thanks for sharing!

    • Comment 623790 by
      ISTFlyer BRONZE AUTHOR 383 Comments

      Hi Kévin and thanks for your comment,

      Haven't been on one of these PMUS A319s in years. The cabin still looks fresh, though they're pretty recent being among the first to get Oasis'd.

      - I was pretty surprised why AA was using a small aircraft on this route and it was good to see the cabin fresh but it's pretty common to see PMUS A319's on routes within the Northeast USA, especially on shorter flights.

      I couldn't agree more, AA really need to get it together and start offering more and better BOB options on more flights. They're really behind the rest of the major US carriers in this area.

      - Indeed, I would certainly agree that other US carriers are far ahead of American in terms of BoB while mentioning that European carriers are far ahead of US carriers in general.

      Thanks for sharing!

      - You're most welcome :)

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