Review of China Southern flight Los Angeles Guangzhou in Business

Airline China Southern
Flight CZ 328
Class Business
Seat 13A
Aircraft Airbus A380-800
Flight time 14:30
Take-off 09 Nov 12, 23:30
Arrival at 10 Nov 12, 06:00
CZ 133 reviews
By 14045
Published on 31st December 2013
This is the translation of an FR I did in French.

Beware, this is a very long and very comprehensive report with a ton of photos.

After we arrived in Los Angeles with our Air France flight inbound from PPT, we walked to Tom Bradley International Terminal where our China Southern flight CZ 328 to Guangzhou will depart from.
photo P1000402

While walking to TBIT I take this picture of the Philippine Airlines Boeing 747-400 which arrived at the same time as us, we landed parallel, us on the South runway and they landed on the North runway.
photo P1000403

No one in the Business Class lane, a first security agent verified that we are booked on the flight and direct us to the first available counter, just in front of us.
photo P1000409
photo P1000405

Beautiful orchids on the check-in counters.
photo P1000404

My suitcase is 20 kilos, the weight of my clothing for 3 weeks !
photo P1000406

The agent confirms that our final destination is Bangkok, verify that the return flights are not past our limited time allowed in Thailand, she will enter all the information in her computer and will tag our bags to BKK.
photo P1000407

She will then fill out our invitation for the SkyTEAM/Korean Air lounge.
photo P1000408

She confirms the seats we have selected via email with the help of the Allison from the CZ Los Angeles office and directs us towards security.

Security checks are fast as there are no one at the Premium line.

On the other side we arrive opposite the lounge entrance.
photo P1000410
photo P1000412

At the lounge's entrance, more orchids, the agents scan our boarding cards and invite us to take a seat in the lounge.
photo P1000414

At the entrance, the screen with the evening's flight.
photo P1000415

We went to the Prestige Class part of the lounge, the Korean Air Business Class. The lounge is not very big and is blind because to the works for the new international terminal.
photo P1000416

We settle ourselves and our stuff in a corner of the lounge, near plugs to charge up our computers and tablets ! An american FRist ?
photo P1000423

Then I went to look at the buffet to see what's available.
photo P1000417
photo P1000418
photo P1000419
photo P1000420

This is the code for the WIFI.
photo P1000421

Back to my seat with a Ginger Ale and a snack.
photo P1000422

Boarding is going to start, we leave the lounge as our plane is at gate 101 the southern most gate of TBIT.
Boarding has already started when we reach the gate and agents are walking around with signs looking for Business Class customers and direct them towards the gate on the right.
photo P1000426
photo P1000425

We are now walking towards B-6138, 3rd Airbus 380-800 delivered to China Southern on the 29th of February 2012 !

When we arrive on board we are greeted by 2 female cabin crew who direct us to the front part of the Business Class cabin on the upper deck. As soon as we arrive in the cabin another cabin attendant will walk us to our seat.

Mine is 13A.
photo P1000427

This is the cabin, similar to the Emirates one without all the gold and faux-wood !
photo P1000428
photo P1000429

As soon as we settle down, our cabin attendant brings us an oshibori, the menu is already resting on the console.
photo P1000430

Let's check this seat now !

In front is the footrest, on top of it, 2 big bags one containing a thin mattress and in the other a duvet for the night.
photo P1000431
photo P1000433

The remote for the audio and video with the plug for the headphones and a USB key.
photo P1000475

On the left handside 2 very practical storage bins, I will dump all of my stuff in one and in the other I will stuff the bags containing the mattress and the duvet.
photo P1000432

On the right side, another storage area containing the comfort kit, a sickness bag and a newspaper.
photo P1000435

2 pillows are on the seat.
photo P1000436

The controls for the seats are located under the cocktail table, you will notice that the oshibori have the CZ logo.
photo P1000438

Then the offers start beginning with the slippers.
photo P1000439

Then comes the welcome drink, choice of orange or apple juice or water.
photo P1000443

Then the next thing is the headphones.
photo P1000444

Then the pyjama that we won't use.
photo P1000445

And finally the cabin attendant will get the dinner and breakfast order.
photo P1000440

The contents of the Bulgari kit.
photo P1000448

Above the console is the magazine rack where you can find all the inflight litterature.
photo P1000449
photo P1000451
photo P1000452
photo P1000453
photo P1000454

In the inflight magazine you can find the China Southern fleet.
photo P1000455
photo P1000456

China Southern Airlines network maps
photo P1000457
photo P1000458
photo P1000459

Under the magazine rack there is a plug that will be very useful and will save my battery's life during the flight as I managed to charge up my batteries for my camera… OK, I have 2 batteries so that I never run out but we still have another flight after this one !
photo P1000476

I switch on my screen to start navigating the entertainment system.
photo P1000461
photo P1000460
photo P1000463
photo P1000462

The cabin attendant will then bring a bottle of water, I open it and end up taking a picture as I have never seen a bottle so full !
photo P1000464

The bar at the front of the cabin on top of the stairs.
photo P1000465

The toilets at the front end of the upper deck.
photo P1000466
photo P1000467

Evelon and La Source by Crabtree & Evelyn are available in the restrooms.
photo P1000468

Let's read the very full menu that we won't see entirely…
photo P1000474
photo P1000469
photo P1000470
photo P1000471
photo P1000472
photo P1000473

We are still at the parking and we are told that the flight will be delayed as a baggage belt is stuck and we are waiting for the last few bags.
photo P1000477

While we are waiting we are shown the safety demonstrations.
photo P1000479
photo P1000500

Yup ! I am as surprised as you are !
photo P1000480

The safety demonstrations…
photo P1000481
photo P1000482
photo P1000483
photo P1000484
photo P1000485
photo P1000486
photo P1000487
photo P1000488
photo P1000489
photo P1000490
photo P1000491
photo P1000493

I found this picture very funny, but nope, she is not flipping you off…
photo P1000496

This one made me smile too !
photo P1000503

Voila ! It's over !
photo P1000507
photo P1000508

The doors are closed, the jetways are pulled out and we are ready to depart, one hour late !
photo P1000499

The airshow's stats about the flight.
photo P1000513
photo P1000515
photo P1000516
photo P1000517
photo P1000518
photo P1000519
photo P1000520
photo P1000521
photo P1000522

We are ready to go, the cabin is now basked in a peach colored mood lighting.
photo P1000523
photo P1000524

Shortly after take off, the crew starts to serve the pre meal drinks , a glass of white wine and an assortment of nuts.
photo P1000527

The tablecloth will then be set on the table and we are getting the amuse-bouche.
photo P1000528
photo P1000529
photo P1000530

What is very useful with this seat is that the console is near the aisle and as I soon as I am done with a dish, I set the plate there and the crew just pick it up !

The tray is then set on the table. Small problem, the tray is too small for all the dishes on it.
photo P1000531

The starter is OK, nothing special, the duck is not great…
photo P1000532

For all of you who love rose shaped butter in a small ramequin ! Well you know what… It was terrible !
photo P1000533

The salad, we will never see the vinaigrette…
photo P1000534

Another picture of the tray with the cutlery out.
photo P1000535

Then the soup, I would have loved the other one but every one will get this one in our cabin…
Beef, scallops and winter melon.
photo P1000536

The pork ribs are excellent !!!
photo P1000537
photo P1000538

My partners dish, the shrimps.
photo P1000539

I forgot to take a picture of the garlic bread served during the meal, unfortunately, they won't do another bread run…

No cheese will be offered even it's on the menu, they will serve a fruit plate, I forgot to take a picture.

Then a dessert will be served, it was not on the menu, looked like a Black forest cake…
photo P1000540

After this good dinner I will start to watch a first movie, Brave.
photo P1000541

During the movie, I will need to go to the restroom. The bar is set at the front of the cabin with snacks, chocolates, cookies etc…
photo P1000542
photo P1000543
photo P1000544

A picture before I go to sleep… another 13h24 left for this 15 hour flight.
photo P1000548

I recline my seat and fall asleep rapidly !
photo P1000584
photo P1000585
photo P1000584

I wake up later and we've been in the air for 7h06 minutes, we are half way there !
photo P1000549
photo P1000550
photo P1000551
photo P1000552

I push the call button and ask the cabin attendant to get a snack, the mushroom and turkey hot pie. While I am waiting I'll look further into the entertainment system.
photo P1000554
photo P1000555
photo P1000556
photo P1000557
photo P1000558
photo P1000559
photo P1000560
photo P1000561
photo P1000562
photo P1000563
photo P1000564

My snack is here, not what I asked for but it was as delicious… it will be a cheese and spinach hot pie.
photo P1000565

Flight goes on
photo P1000566
photo P1000567

I go for a walk, everyone is asleep, a few are watching a movie…

Picture of the galley.
photo P1000568

Another 1831 miles to go…
photo P1000574
photo P1000575

I watch Slumdog Millionaire to pass time… and there the lights are back on with warm peach, orange and pink hues…
photo P1000576
photo P1000577

We shall soon be arriving, breakfast will be served.
photo P1000578
photo P1000579

The cabin attendant will come with the trolley to set the trays and offer cornflakes and will then serve breads and croissants from a basket.
photo P1000581

She will then come and serve the vegetable frittata which is excellent, moist !
photo P1000582
photo P1000583

The cabin is waking up after breakfast.
photo P1000587

One last movie before we arrive, I choose Inkheart.
photo P1000593

But it will be stopped for the morning exercise !
photo P1000594
photo P1000599
photo P1000604

Not a lot of people following the video in Business Class.
photo P1000605

In Economy there is a lot more people following the inflight exercise, I had arrived in the cabin when everyone had their arms up, by the time I went to the back of the cabin it was time to exercise the legs and feet and pressure points.
photo P1000606

You will notice that Business Class has moodlighting on while economy class is in full bright light.
photo P1000609

On the left the galley, on the right the crew rest area.
photo P1000607

Door U3R
photo P1000608

Then we are shown the animal, food and flora safety video.
photo P1000610

oops… a few errors on our route.
photo P1000615

We are nearly there, we have started our descent, smoothly.
photo P1000617

The airshow system is having a hard time now. Not only did we never do this detour on the right but we did land at the airport !
photo P1000618
photo P1000622

We have arrived in Guangzhou on time even with the one hour delay out of LAX.

Small video about the city of Guangzhou.
photo P1000627
photo P1000626

We are parked next to the A330
photo P1000628

Same as during the boarding they put some classical music, very loud !

The jetways are positioned in a few minutes.
photo P1000629

You can see the mural decoration, I am sorry but to me it reminds me of 1970's bathroom decor !
photo P1000630

My pork ribs were cooked here !
photo P1000631

We are out of the aircraft ! Thank you for this excellent flight B-6138 !
photo P1000632

An agent is waiting for us outside the aircraft with a sign with our flight number for Bangkok. He will invite us to follow him and will take us to the immigration transit desks
photo P1000633
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Great flight on this China Southern Airlines A380.



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  • Comment 96406 by
    lagentsecret 12446 Comments

    Thanks for sharing this FR

    The seats seem to be comfortable

    The catering doesn't look appealling and the portions of the hot dishes are tiny

  • Comment 96534 by
    jetsetpanda 2294 Comments

    The warning about this report being long with tons of pics at the beginning should not be a deterrent but an incentive to read about this report about the premium cabin of a carrier that is rarely covered.

    The distribution of pajamas and amenity kit with Bulgari toiletries are very generous for a J cabin and it puts CZ ahead of some competitors with a more renowned brand. The flower on the tray is a nice touch but the one on the canape is a bit of an overkill, especially when some people can be allergic to flowers. It's disappointing to see that there were inconsistencies between what the menu said and what you were offered. If anything it speaks about the lack of communication between the airline and caterer at the very least. I can understand substitutions because of lack of ingredients, but when your salad dressing and cheese plate are missing, that is another story. The main dishes and dessert can use some improvement in presentation. They look rather plain and basic.

    It seems that CZ has switched to a new all white china pattern just like so many other carriers in their premium cabin. Personally I don't like this because this pattern is boring and too common and you lose a bit of your branding and character. SQ got it right when they decided to commission Givenchy to design their F and J dinnerware. That's distinctive and set them apart. It doesn't have to be Givenchy, but at least have a design feature that sets it apart from the rest.

    Thanks for the great read and pics.

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