Review of United flight Munich San Francisco in Business

Airline United
Flight UA195
Class Business
Seat 15L
Aircraft Boeing 777-300ER
Flight time 11:50
Take-off 30 Sep 22, 11:40
Arrival at 30 Sep 22, 14:30
UA   #57 out of 77 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 384 reviews
By GOLD 1573
Published on 29th October 2022

This series covers a short trip to Catalunya and Veneto, please refer back to Part 1 for routing information. This report will cover my return to SFO on United with their Polaris product.

After arriving in MUC off the paxbus, I went straight into the lounge on the Schengen level of H. Scanning my boarding pass, the agent promptly told me that I was "not allowed" into this lounge and needed to use the one upstairs after immigration. I promptly told her that I want to use this lounge and proceeded into the Senator side following her eye roll.

photo 1

The lounge was very busy, but I managed to grab a light breakfast and find a free seat on one of the tables with charging ports. I peeked over at the Business Lounge side when I used the restroom and it was equally as crowded.

photo 2

After eating my breakfast, I tried calling United to get an update on my flight since our B77W had stopped in KEF inbound from SFO. That was obviously a fruitless effort since their customer service is terrible and I was asked to go to the gate to inquire instead.

photo 3c

After another 1.5 hours in the lounge, I got this e-mail at 9:30 when the plane had taken off again from KEF enroute to MUC. The proposed 1:13pm departure seemed unrealistic since the plane was not scheduled to land until after noon, but at least it meant I wouldn't have to worry about getting rebooked.

photo 3b

Around noon when my B77W finally arrived from KEF, I left to head upstairs to immigration, which was done quickly with the automated biometric gates. The Senator Lounge in the non-Schengen part of H was over-crowded, I couldn't find an empty seat so I just left the lounge and walked the terminal to get some exercise pre-flight. The LH lounges in MUC need some work, they are definitely not large enough to handle the amount of international flights departing in the early afternoon.

At 12:20, I bit the bullet and went through the check-point for the flights departing to the US that require secondary passport checks and probing questions.

photo 4

At the gate next to ours, a UA B763 was heading back to IAH.

photo 6

Across the way was the LH A359 in CleanTechFlyer livery.

photo 7

The gate crowding was in full effect.

photo 8-67616

Our B77W awaits below, in the old livery thankfully.

photo 5

United, UA 195
Equipment: Boeing 777-300ER [N2135U, delivered March 2017]
Departure: 11:40 (ATD: 13:50)
Arrival: 14:30 (ATA: 15:25)
Flight Time: 10:35

At 12:45, boarding finally commenced. I started to inch my way towards the gate through the crowds with Group 2 knowing there was no rush to get aboard. Down we go.

photo 9-89183

Left or right? Right for me since I'll be in the rear J cabin.

photo 10-46110photo 11

Entering, no pleasantries, just a robotic review of boarding pass with instructions to proceed through the galley.

photo 12

My seat for this flight was 15L, which is about the middle of the rear J-cabin just in front of the wing. The plane would be 100% full, contrary to what I saw the night before during OLCI.

photo 0

My seat for this flight.

photo 13

Pre-placed on the seat were 2 pillows, duvet, and menu card.

photo 14

The seat pitch is obviously fine, but the window seats do feel narrow since the right side of the seat is ~3-4" from the fuselage restricting some extra width. It just gives the feeling that you are leaning  your hip against this fixed armrest the entire flight since you want to be centered with the IFE screen.

photo 15photo 70

The screen is a good distance away and reasonable size/quality. Below is a little compartment for some storage. The slippers photoed were not provided, I brought them myself.

photo 16

Seat and lighting controls along the fixed armrest.

photo 17

Details of headrest and seat fabric.

photo 28

On the other side is the side table and lamp. The side table is on the small side and positioned in a non-natural location for window seats such that it can't easily be accessed from your seat.

photo 20

Water bottle, amenity kit, and noise cancelling headphones were in the storage compartment above the side table. The IFE remote and power adaptors were right below it.

photo 18

Along with reading light.

photo 19

Contents of the amenity kit made by Away, which obviously isn't as nice as the BR Rimowa's, but likely can be reused since it is a hard case. The contents were of mediocre quality, but had everything one would need including several types of Sunday Riley products.

photo 21photo 22

The side armrest and literature compartment with Hemispheres back in cabin. It retracts to give extra room when sleeping.

photo 71photo 72

Despite being only 5 years old, this cabin is showing severe wear with scratches on the screen and seats.

photo 25photo 24

One nice feature, is that they did leave a space under the footwell for storage of personal items.

photo 23

My seat provides nice views of the GE90 outside.

photo 26

Picture of the cabin as boarding was completed.

photo 27

The FAs came through the cabin and took meal orders by asking us to pick 2 of the 4 options. I quickly scanned the abbreviated menu and nothing really sounded appetizing. I ended up asking for the halibut or the chicken. Again, no drink menu is provided so it will be a complete guess at what is on offer.

photo 37photo 38photo 39

We pushed back and started our taxi out to the runway following a LH A359.

photo 30

SK, LH, and KL narrowbodies milling around.

photo 32photo 31photo 33

We align onto 08L.

photo 34

And away we go as the GE90s roar to life.

Beautiful GE90 powering us up through the clouds.

photo 35photo 36

The service timeline for our flight.

photo 40

The cabin service started as soon as we started to level off over the German countryside.

photo 119photo 41

The tray table is quite large/sturdy and comes with this flip up device holder.

photo 42photo 43

Here comes the drink cart so I quick try to scan the wine bottles to see what is being offered since we have no menu.

photo 44

I settle for a glass of white wine and water with a ramekin of nuts.

photo 45

Leaving the continent as Denmark is visible on our right.

photo 47photo 46

Meal service is done by tray and the main course lottery won me the halibut dish. The main and "appetizer" are served together.

photo 48

When will UA learn that a basic salad is not an appetizer. A very disappointing offering since most competitors provide proteins. This little cup of greens was served swimming in a pool of dressing.

photo 50photo 53

The halibut was overcooked and dry; the sauce was also tasteless.

photo 49photo 54

Hmm, only a pepper shaker. Maybe they did away with the salt shakers since the food is already too salty.

photo 51

The cutlery.

photo 52

My empty glasses that were never refilled.

photo 55

I was asked if I wanted the ice cream or cake. I asked for the cake, which was supposed to include the fruit/cheese plate, but I am just handed this small cheesecake along with a glass of brandy to finish the meal. The cheesecake was on the dry side and could have used some fresh fruit.

photo 56

As my tray table was cleared, I had to ask for a cup of coffee, which was strangely not offered with desserts.

photo 57

After eating, I went up to use the lavatory by 2R, which was clean and contained face mist and garment refresher sprays.

Back at my seat, I prepared for a nap since I had been up since 3am. The blanket is quite soft and not too heavy and the inclusion of 2 pillows is definitely nice.

photo 63photo 64

My attempted turndown service for nap.

photo 65

The foot cubby is of modest size and is not too restrictive for sleeping on your side.

photo 66

The seat is quite wide, but you can see how much it narrows as it approaches the foot cubby, which makes most of that seat width is not that useful during sleep.

photo 67photo 68

The shoulder strap does not retract and does become annoying during sleep. More reason for UA to bring back the mattress pad.

photo 69

The seat does have some flaws, but on the whole it is one of the best options for TATL *A carriers as of right now. I went to sleep as we were in the North Sea.

photo 58

I slept until we were crossing into Canada by an FA yelling "sandwich? sandwich?" going up the aisle as if they were doing concessions at a baseball game.

photo 73

I groggily put my seat up and accepted the offering and asked for a glass of water.

photo 74

This is the same sandwich that Y gets as their pre-arrival meal. My daily intake of cholesterol is now complete.

photo 75

The views crossing Nunavet as I eat the snack.

photo 76photo 77photo 78

After eating, I went back to sleep until we crossed into Alberta..

photo 80

The cabin was still dark.

photo 79

I tried connecting to the internet, which is reasonably priced at $22 for the full flight….

photo 96

…but neither my phone or laptop could connect.

photo 97

Crossing over Jasper National Park as we reach the Canadian Rockies.

photo 82photo 83

And then over Banff National Park.

photo 85photo 84photo 87

The second meal service started as we crossed into the US and the lights came on in the cabin.

photo 88

Not feeling up to eating a greasy bacon cheeseburger after that cheese sandwich served mid-flight, I opted for the vegetable couscous option. No tablecloth is laid and I receive my tray along with drink service.

photo 90

The grilled vegetables were good, but the couscous was just average since they were covered by some very chewy sun-dried tomatoes.

photo 92

It was served along with a fruit cup and packaged blueberry muffin.

photo 91photo 93

Salt and paper packets along with metal cutlery.

photo 94

Crossing the Columbia River as we reach Oregon.

photo 89

After my tray is cleared, I ask for a cup of coffee to sip while I watch the natural IFE of the Pacific Northwest.

photo 95

Mt. Rainier in the horizon.

photo 98

Mt. Hood to the right and the Three Sisters and Mt. Bachelor to the left as we cross Oregon.

photo 99

Crater Lake in the distance.

photo 100

Mt. Shasta as we cross into California.

photo 101

After crossing over Napa and Sonoma, we reach the Pacific Ocean with the fog creeping in during the afternoon.

photo 103

Aerial of South San Fransisco and SFO as we cross over into the Bay.

photo 105photo 106

Foster City.

photo 107

Bair Island.

photo 108

We make our u-turn over the Salt Ponds.

photo 109photo 110

An interesting observation is that the button turns green when the seat is in the upright position so the crew can quickly scan the cabin as they prepare the cabin for arrival.

photo 104

Almost there now as we cross the San Mateo-Hayward Bridge.

photo 112

A glimpse of the city as we approach the sea wall.

photo 113

Final descent into SFO.

After a very smooth landing, we taxi over to the G terminal on a nice fall afternoon on the Peninsula.

photo 114

SK A359.

photo 115

UA B772.

photo 117

We stop to let a UA B77W push back from our gate before pulling into G5.

photo 116photo 118

Some cabin strafing shots as I deplane through 1L.

photo 120-77865photo 121photo 122

We had a short walk to immigration. We were the first of a wave of international arrivals so the Global Entry kiosks were empty. Obtaining my receipt, I had a weird X on the top. Handing it over the CBP officer, he looks at me confused, starts typing on his computer and tells me that I'm flagged for some reason. He takes my passport and locks it inside of this container and instructs me to go to the USDA inspection line after retrieving my bags. Lucky me, I won the lottery!

photo 123

Again priority tags are not respected and my bag is one of the last to come off. I take my bags over to the special inspection area where I'm questioned about my trip and the contents of my suitcases. I'm asked if I'm carrying any agricultural, meat, or biological products. My bags are searched before being handed back my passport and sent on my way.

That concludes this series, thank you for stopping by! 

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Cabin crew5.5

Lufthansa Senator Lounge non-Schengen - H


Munich - MUC


San Francisco - SFO



I've long avoided UA long-haul in J and this experience has done nothing to change my opinion of them. If you are looking for sleep, I guess they are a good option since they have one of the best hard products of the TATL *A carriers, but the soft product and catering is just lackluster and completely deflates the experience. I won't hold the delay against them since a diversion for medical attention is out of their control. There are a number of *A options ex-US that provide better overall experiences even if their hard-products are not as good as UA.

Cabin: The Polaris cabins are quite comfortable for lounging and sleeping, but they do have some deficiencies. The window seats feel narrow with the fixed armrest that is ~3" away form the fuselage, the side table is not positioned in a very practical location to use, and the over-should seatbelt can cause discomfort when sleeping (likely a reason to bring back the mattress pads).

Cabin Crew: They do nothing to elevate your experience; they will bring you things you ask for but will not proactively do anything. For example, no refill was ever proposed and empty glasses were left there. The overall "casual" demeanor they give make the service very non-premium.

Entertainment: The IFE is decent quality and the content is quite substantial. Criticisms are the large number of scratches on the screen and the WiFi did not work for me on this flight.

Catering: No PDB and basic menu. A basic salad is not acceptable appetizer and the main course was dry and tasteless. No cheese/fruit plate offered. The catering is no different than what would be served on a standard domestic F flight if they put the little cake on the sparse tray. The grilled vegetables in the pre-arrival meal were the only item of note on the entire flight, the rest of the food was uninspired and nothing worth eating ever again.

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The contributors of Flight-Report published 4 reviews of 2 airlines on the route Munich (MUC) → San Francisco (SFO).


The airline with the best average rating is Lufthansa with 7.3/10.

The average flight time is 11 hours and 45 minutes.

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  • Comment 614560 by
    Chibcha SILVER 501 Comments

    Catering seems more appropiate for Y+ rather than J, can't wonder how bad it was in the back. The views on approach to SFO are great, thanks for sharing!

    • Comment 614779 by
      NGO85 GOLD AUTHOR 1871 Comments

      Hola Chibcha, UA continues to cut costs at every corner yet increases their fares exorbitantly to capitalize on demand. With the harder seats, reduced legroom, and bare bones catering, it's probably not a very enjoyable experience in the back.

  • Comment 614654 by
    KL651 TEAM 4525 Comments

    Thanks for this FR.
    The sentance "not allowed in this lounge" is so typical LH...
    UA really seems stuck in the simplified Covid service, except that it's now only for cost cutting reasons.
    As you say, the overall feeling is definitely not premium as far as soft product is concerned.
    Using the same meal in Y+ and J, the same sandwiches in all classes certainly make UA look lazy and not even trying to differentiate.
    I do wonder if the crew's attitude changes according to bases. EWr and IAD based crews were usually more professional.

    • Comment 614781 by
      NGO85 GOLD AUTHOR 1871 Comments

      Hi KL651, thanks for stopping by!

      Using the same meal in Y+ and J, the same sandwiches in all classes certainly make UA look lazy and not even trying to differentiate.

      It is a very muddled product with the hard product really the only distinguishing feature. They have the nerve to call that sandwich a "cheddar and vegatable (sic) spiced baguette." Maybe the typo is on purpose since there is really no vegetable existing in this cheese sandwich. You commented that TP is not premium, but when you compare UA and TP, it would be a very easy choice on the EWR-LIS sector.
      I do wonder if the crew's attitude changes according to bases. EWr and IAD based crews were usually more professional.

      This might have been true 10 years ago, but I think that the distinction between ex-UA and ex-CO crews is probably more diluted. I only have a limited experience with EWR/IAD crews, but they do generally seem to rate better than LAX/SFO crews. This SFO crew was really poor, but at least the pilots were good with a smooth flight and kiss landing.

  • Comment 614997 by
    KévinDC TEAM SILVER 6040 Comments

    A shame to see UA soft product continue to disappoint considering they, along with all other major US carriers, were making positive improvements prior to the pandemic (though some small cuts in Polaris after initially over-promising). At this point, with mask mandates gone, and basically everyone in the US pretendint the pandemic is over, UA is behind the times in bringing back pre-pandemic service levels. This kind of service is barely OK for a longer domestic F flight. No reason dishes can't be properly coursed out on a 12h day flight like this, and no tablecloth for the second meal is just lame. The era of tiny appetisers on the same tray should have gone away at least a year ago.

    A 77W on MUC-SFO is a lot of metal, but it seems MUC has solid traffic to the US, as even we in SAN have a nonstop MUC with LH!

    Polaris seats were all the rage when they were introduced, what...7 or 8 years ago now??? But now they're pretty much middle of the pack...and they still haven't even finished rollout! Meanwhile every other carrier is slapping doors on J suites, or planning on it. Shame to hear the window seats feel tight...that should not happen on a 77W, especially with a 1-2-1 layout. This is where it's obvious that Polaris' paculiar seat layout had one goal in mind, density while still having a flat sleeping surface.

    Once LH start rolling out their new J product, UA will no longer have the advantage on hard product and go back to being just meh, haha. UA have done a decent job cleaning up their operation and image the last few years, so now they need to bring back a good soft product to go with that.

    Thanks for sharing!

    • Comment 615026 by
      KévinDC TEAM SILVER 6040 Comments

      P.S. The aerials are gorgeous 😍

    • Comment 615029 by
      NGO85 GOLD AUTHOR 1871 Comments

      Hi Kevin, welcome home and thanks for stopping by!

      This kind of service is barely OK for a longer domestic F flight. No reason dishes can't be properly coursed out on a 12h day flight like this, and no tablecloth for the second meal is just lame. The era of tiny appetisers on the same tray should have gone away at least a year ago.

      The catering was just bad, I don't know what else to say. It literally is just a regular domestic F meal where they increase the number of options to 4. They definitely are bottom of the barrel when it comes to catering.

      A 77W on MUC-SFO is a lot of metal

      MUC has increased capacity a lot. Between the UA B77W and LH A359, that's ~100 J seats into SFO, and from what I saw the demand is there and likely very lucrative. It's still a pittance compared to FRA (2xB77W + 1xB748), which is closer to ~200 J seats daily...

      Polaris seats were all the rage when they were introduced, what...7 or 8 years ago now???

      It's getting close to that, the first B77Ws were delivered in late 2016. I haven't flown this cabin since 2017 when they had them doing domestic rotations LAX-IAH before staging them in SFO to replace the B744s, the seat width wasn't as noticeable on a shorter 3 hours flight where you aren't putting the seat into flatbed mode. The seats are visually nice, but they are looking very beaten up from all the domestic rotations they do to keep them off the ground during the day. It is ridiculous that they are still retrofitting planes (and don't even bring up changing liveries). They finally did the B763s and are now deciding the B764s will be up next... wonder how long they expect to keep these 767s around. AF's A359s have the same Zodiac Optima seats, no? But theirs looks much less restrictive along the fuselage even with a narrower cabin.

      This is where it's obvious that Polaris' paculiar seat layout had one goal in mind, density while still having a flat sleeping surface.

      I thought that was the goal of the legacy ex-UA J product with 2-4-2 configuration ;) They still have a lot of B772s with these cabins doing domestic routes out of SFO.

      Once LH start rolling out their new J product, UA will no longer have the advantage on hard product and go back to being just meh, haha.

      If I had to pick again, I would have just done the VCE-FRA-SFO routing on the LH B748 even with the inferior hard product. Can't beat the upper deck on a Queen.

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