Review of British Airways flight Newark London in Premium Eco

Airline British Airways
Flight BA 186
Class Premium Eco
Seat 11A
Aircraft Boeing 787-8
Flight time 06:35
Take-off 05 Dec 13, 22:25
Arrival at 06 Dec 13, 10:00
BA   #29 out of 66 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 862 reviews
By 9696
Published on 14th January 2014
Shortly after I had arrived from Los Angeles with Virgin America, I made my way to the British Airways check-in counter to see if I could be put on the earlier EWR-LHR flight also operated with the 787.

Airline check-in counters are located everywhere, no one is around the same area, very weird and unusual way to organize the terminal.

The ground agent looked at the availability and went to check with her manager who told her he could only put me on the earlier flight but operated by a 777. I kindly declined as the whole purpose of this trip was to fly on the 787.

The agent then checked me in my original flight and I was on my way upstairs to get through security.

One piece of advise, if you want to have a proper dinner, do it before you go through security as the choices are rather limited inside the terminal.

I sailed through the security checks and headed towards the boarding area where I would spend a few hours before my flight to London !

The terminal is being redone and works are still going in the long corridor.
photo P1080460_zps0d469940

The actual boarding area looks OK with 2 duty free shops, a small restaurant serving soups, salads or sandwiches, and a food and snacks to go restaurant.
photo P1080461_zps77dbb647
photo P1080462_zps40273d00

The earlier flight the ground agent was going to put me on is boarding.
photo P1080464_zps0e6f205e

And the area is starting to empty itself…
photo P1080465_zps9633acef

Before I settle down, I'll get myself a sandwich and a Coke Zero. I will find a seat with a plug next to it and an Openskies 757 to Orly waiting behind me !

Thanks for the internet I won't see the time pass. After chatting with families and friends, reading articles and checking the latest trends, I went for a last tour of the terminal and boarded the aircraft. G-ZBJC was operating BA 186 tonight !

Legroom at my seat in World Traveller Plus seat 11A.
photo P1080466_zps09e6ca00

The video system is already operating should you want to maximize your entertainment viewing !
photo P1080467_zpse7c46b7d
photo P1080475_zps08689bc5

This flight is operated by Worldwide Fleet crew. They swing into action by offering a welcome drink of water or juice in WTP
photo P1080468_zps9051ed94

On the seat you can find a pillow, a blanket and the earphones.
photo P1080469_zps4f2d6c99

The Airshow is of the latest generation and is rather acurate and realistic.
photo P1080470_zps3ceb71fdphoto P1080471_zpsb12f5c2e
photo P1080472_zps7b1d4ac3photo P1080474_zps95f32958

After boarding was completed and everyone in their seat, the plane pushed back and the CSD started to show the safety procedures on all video screens.
photo P1080476_zps8eeff56cphoto P1080477_zps677ffb42photo P1080478_zps9dca1975photo P1080479_zpsb3119890photo P1080480_zps79ba6a26

The aircraft is hovering above the taxiways and we make our way towards the runway.
photo P1080481_zpsdb2a9b2cphoto P1080482_zpsae2cb76fphoto P1080484_zps81d36e48photo P1080485_zpsb463daa7

The 787's engines spool up and we start to thunder down the runway, lift our nose and we're in the air !
photo P1080486_zps84e16008

Shortly after take off the person in front of me reclines his seat and this is what my space looks like if I don't recline my seat.
photo P1080487_zps8ca999dephoto P1080488_zps4a7223b9

We continue our climb over the US East coast.
photo P1080489_zps868db76b

The service starts soon after and the crew is serving drinks. Vodka Sprite for me. The cabin attendant will forget to give me the munchies that everyone else will get…
photo P1080490_zpseabcc199

Then it is time for the meal service. Most people are sleeping but I have to stay awake and have dinner in order to offer a complete FR. And this was my first real hot meal of the day ! The choice was between Beef or Pasta, I chose the latter. I am a little fed up at those airlines who are too cheap or lazy to offer a proper starter and end up serving you a very simple salad !
photo P1080491_zpsb95c78f4

The pasta were great, a little too creamy tho, and the cake was OK, you know my sentiments about the starter…

The crew will then walk the cabin with tea or coffee pots. I decline a hot drink and go to the restrooms.

This is a cabin shot of the WTP area from behind the last row.
photo P1080492_zps4bdbfa40

The wash bassin in the restroom.
photo P1080493_zpsb5f546b0

And the very modern and efficient toilet ! When you press the flush button, the cover will lower on its own and will seal it while flushing.
photo P1080495_zps9bedd301

Quick walk around the WT cabin which is rather empty.
photo P1080496_zps058c10d0

I go back to my seat and finish my movie, We are the Millers, before I sleep a little.
photo P1080497_zpsfb5add51

While watching your movie, there is a command that will allow you to check the flights stats.
photo P1080498_zps0adcd7b8

We have left the American continent and we are now cruising over the Atlantic Ocean.
photo P1080499_zps9cfb8268

After a couple of hours of sleep, I wake up still over the Atlantic but the sun starts to peek out and it is now time to play with the best feature of this aircraft, the huge windows ! This is with the full blocked out feature.
photo P1080501_zpsebd05e23

The crew then starts to serve breakfast. It is a croissant with some jam a hot and or cold drink. I go for apple juice and tea. This is a very, very very light and poor meal for the price paid. I believe AF has the decency to also have a yogurt on offer.
photo P1080504_zpsa50bf0b4

Sun continues to rise and you can see the different shades on the window sun block feature.
photo P1080505_zpsaa9343cephoto P1080506_zpsebaafcde

I'll play with my windows a little more !
photo P1080507_zps7d5e92ed

Our trusty left handside engine !
photo P1080510_zps4add3fcd

We're nearly there !
photo P1080511_zps3028e1fb

We're now over Northern Ireland.
photo P1080512_zps71e2aefb
photo P1080515_zpsf7241a33

Approaching Belfast
photo P1080516_zps44223a7fphoto P1080517_zps15e267c8

Their side
photo P1080523_zps15def9d5

My side !
photo P1080524_zps713fc02a

Leaving Northern Ireland for the Great Britain
photo P1080525_zps9cce17bd
photo P1080527_zps8dce6249

The remote control for the entertainment system.
photo P1080529_zpsa2fa33e4photo P1080530_zps32426fcc

Everyone is preparing for landing and the cabin is all lit up !
photo P1080531_zpsc21211ec

We start our descent and all the numerous turns before landing…
photo P1080532_zpsac8a88faphoto P1080533_zps9d330ba8photo P1080534_zps1d4dd944

Nearly there !!!
photo P1080536_zps7aa15a81photo P1080537_zps73d72044photo P1080541_zpscd0c47fbphoto P1080543_zps55fc08b3

Ah yes… We're caught in the usual LHR holding patterns…
photo P1080544_zps3128ebc2

Nope, I'm not going back !
photo P1080545_zps2a9744f4
photo P1080546_zpscff47ff7

OK ! We're released ! Off to land now !
photo P1080547_zpsa66a41d1photo P1080557_zps46e5d526photo P1080560_zps1f4f4ad2

Weather is not too nice in London…
photo P1080561_zps618415afphoto P1080562_zpsc8a56366

Well it is actually clearing out !
photo P1080563_zpsced5458e

Landing soon !
photo P1080564_zpsc4c5ccde

Welcome to Heathrow
photo P1080565_zpsfa91a6a0

Qantas double double decker ! Both to Dubai but one will continue to Sydney and the other to Melbourne.
photo P1080566_zpsbd754ce3

Our chariot's sister is resting after it's flight from either Toronto or Newark !
photo P1080567_zpse1202546

We'll over take this 777 to our gate !
photo P1080569_zps07f8facbphoto P1080570_zpsd62fcc60photo P1080571_zps61cc2481

BA's 747 is still the fleets backbone !
photo P1080572_zps9cbffbf7photo P1080573_zps3403e42a

And we park !
photo P1080574_zps616b1f7f

Everyone is getting off the aircraft and here is the Club World cabin.
photo P1080575_zps3614db51photo P1080577_zps096a1669photo P1080578_zps519fc783photo P1080579_zps5c325b35

Walking the bridge to the terminal before catching the train shuttle downstairs.
photo P1080580_zps52aa2290
photo P1080581_zps12906245

Welcome !
photo P1080582_zps7564b144

Now off to T5 transfers to catch my flight to Paris CDG !
photo P1080583_zpsa16c766f
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British Airways

Cabin crew8.5

Newark - EWR


London - LHR



Great flight ! really loved the 787 and all the new gizmos and fun features !!!

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The airline with the best average rating is British Airways with 7.3/10.

The average flight time is 6 hours and 30 minutes.

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  • Comment 97280 by
    marathon GOLD 9856 Comments

    OK, the aircraft's position above the runway, but remember what geovision was like only ten years ago ! They even have the engines painted blue and the tail decorated right.
    It is great to be able to watch a movie or whatever AND check the geovision (when you do not want to miss a particular spot, on a day flight of course).
    Thanks for this FR !

  • Comment 97281 by
    Scott05 565 Comments

    Thank you for this great FR !
    Apart from this new airplane, the new BA hard product is a real improvement on the current one (WT+ and WT) I flew last month. The meal looks nice, the salad (the same that I had) is simply not interesting.
    Still a shame to have its personnal space so much reduced by a reclined seat. At least in WT+ they could make the effort to introduce hard shell seats...
    The breakfast is so sad. My flight was a little longer so I had a cereal bar and a pack of dried cranberries, but sure a yogurt would be appreciated.
    Is the IFE system the same as the 777/747 fleet or does it features more films and audios ?

  • Comment 97282 by
    cedricGB 236 Comments

    Nice FR thank you !

  • Comment 97288 by
    K2World 1990 Comments

    Thanks for this FR.
    The breakfast is the same as the Y cabin. As you said, they could at least had a yogourt ! And the dinner is not really appealing to me !

  • Comment 97291 by
    pititom GOLD 11228 Comments

    Thanks for sharing ! I've never tried their Y+ but flew quite a lot in both Y and J : it's funny to see things coming from J and other from Y, but it's a good mix and match at the end and definitely worthy (when priced adequatly) for a transatlantic flight.

    Only two loops before LHR, that's a record ;)

  • Comment 97310 by
    KévinDC TEAM GOLD 5759 Comments

    Great report! The First in World Traveller Plus on a BA 787. Very nice product. The new WTP cabin is soooo much nicer that the old one--the wider armrests is a big improvement over the old seat. Catering looks good, except the breakfast. The seats look like they have good recline. Still not as nice at Virgin Atlantic Premium Economy, but a good Y+ product overall.

  • Comment 97317 by
    lagentsecret 12446 Comments

    Thanks for sharing this FR

    The menu was not handed or displayed on the IFE ?

    The catering looks poor to my eyes but my benchmark is certainly too high ;)

    Anyway almonds with creamy pasta are a nice try to improve the UK gastronomy !

    The 787 is not an attractive aircraft to me and this is not the WT+ BA configuration that will change my mind

  • Comment 97320 by
    Numero_2 10166 Comments

    In my opinion the 787 doesn't have the same wow effect as the A380 had at the time of its launch.
    Fortunately the WT+ cabin doesn't look bad, but the meal service does. :(
    No comment about the breakfast-named-croissant...
    How globally was the crew attitude ?

    Many thanks for sharing !

  • Comment 97468 by
    TimMahad72 58 Comments

    Thanks, but omg the breakfast is really poor and yes AF gives you a muffin, yogurt and orange juice and hot drink.
    What a weird service after a beautifull flight

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