Review of Virgin Australia flight Maroochydore Sydney in Economy

Airline Virgin Australia
Flight VA492
Class Economy
Seat 30F
Aircraft Boeing 737-800
Flight time 01:35
Take-off 17 Sep 22, 16:40
Arrival at 17 Sep 22, 18:15
VA   #70 out of 95 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 67 reviews
Published on 22nd November 2022

Virgin Australia VA492 Maroochydore [Sunshine Coast] to Sydney

Flight Details:
Airlines: Virgin Australia
Flight: VA492 MCY - SYD
Reg: VH-VUX "Nightcliff Beach"
Aircraft: Boeing 737-8FE
Departure Sunshine Coast Airport: 4.40pm [Actual:5.02pm]
Arrival to Sydney Domestic Airport Terminal 2: 6:15pm [Actual: 6.30pm]
Flight time: 1 hours 28 minutes
Distance: 835 kilometers or 519 miles.

VIDEO: Virgin Australia VA492 Sunshine Coast to Sydney


 This trip reports is from Sept 2022.  I had flown to Cairns for holiday and this is return trip to Sydney. Read the report -> Jetstar Airways JQ956 Sydney to Cairns


My original booking was with Jetstar Airways

photo mcy-syd-fligh

Had selected the bundle with check-in baggage.

photo mcy-syd-info

I had selected seat for this flight.

photo mcy-syd-seat

I had received confirmation upon booking the flight.

photo screenshot-2022-07-28-233531

Arriving at Airport

I had rented car in Cairns and drove from Cairns to Sunshine coast. Covered distance of 2000 kms, below map of the drive.

photo test

I arrived at airport early as car return time of 1p.m on day of departure.

photo testt

Car rentals are located in the arrivals area.

photo 20220917_135619

I returned the keys in dropbox. Noticed a queue of arriving passengers for car pick up .

photo 20220917_133224

Stepped outside the terminal and walked towards the departure area.

photo 20220917_151753

Flight Transfer

I had checked online and joined queue to drop bag.

photo 20220917_135949

Arrivals board showing delayed flight.

photo 20220917_135941

Announcement was made that the flight is delayed and they are overbooked.

photo 20220917_142758

Those passengers wishing to changeover to Virgin Australia would receive a voucher from Jetstar Airways. I decided to take the offer as Jetstar flight was delayed.

photo 20220917_140817

Virgin Australia departed 10 minutes earlier than Jetstar and the flight was on-time. The Virgin counter was not opened yet. I would be flying with Virgin Australia after almost 10 years. Last time I flew with Virgin was when I travalled to Brisbane, they used to be called Virgin Blue Airline, Can read report here - > Virgin Blue Airlines DJ966 Brisbane - Sydney

photo 20220917_142446

Checked with ground crew and was informed Jetstar had not transferred the information. Had to wait for 1 hour for the Virgin counter to open.

photo 20220917_142655

Jetstar Airways check-in while waiting for Virgin counter to open.

photo 20220917_142826

Jetstar had issues with their aircraft and was in news for the flight delay.

photo 20220917_142830

I had checked the flight information and noticed JQ departure would be very delayed.

photo screenshot-2022-09-17-at-21-59-20-live-flight-tracker-real-time-flight-tracker-map-flightradar24


Check-in opened an hour before departure. Had few passengers ahead and took almost 20-25 mins to check-in flight. Was lucky that my ticket details were transferred, had no issues. Whereas other had difficulty in check-in due to ticket issues.

photo 20220917_153437

Security and Departure

Long queue had formed for security check.

photo 20220917_155604

Passengers were getting anxious, they would miss the flight. 1 x-ray machine was in use which resulted in slow scanning.

photo 20220917_155657

Waiting Area

I had to join the boarding queue immediately after security check as boarding had commenced. Wait area was full due to delayed flight.

photo 20220917_163154

Jetstar flight had still not landed.

photo 20220917_163850


Boarding pass was scanned and passengers to walk towards aircraft from gate 6

photo 20220917_163854

Aircraft parked within walking distance.

photo 20220917_163924

Seated in the last seat, boarding from rear of aircraft.

photo 20220917_164030

Passengers filling cabin, Overhead lockers were full , had to put my bag few seats ahead.

photo 20220917_164228

Window view

photo 20220917_164731

Jetstar Airways arrives from Sydney.

photo 20220917_165102

Seat view

photo 20220917_165218

Pushback and Departure

Cabin crew closed the doors and boarding was completed.

photo 20220917_165221

Jetstar in view as pushback about to commence.

photo 20220917_165414

Pushback was short.

photo 20220917_165434

View of the control tower while taxing to runway

photo 20220917_165518

View of remote bay vacated by this aircraft.

photo 20220917_165828

Delayed Jetstar Airways to Sydney and Melbourne. In background, Bonza - Australia's newest airline.

photo 20220917_165844


Departure for this aircraft was towards North.

photo 20220917_170655

Turning East and then heading South towards Sunshine Coast.

photo 20220917_170840

Window view as sun closer to horizon.

photo 20220917_170851

3-3  cabin seating in economy class.

photo 20220917_170954

Flying close to Birbie island near Brisbane.

photo 20220917_171038

View of Brisbane airport below. Aircraft flew inland after overflying Brisbane.

photo 20220917_171619

Seat Pocket Material

Seat pocket contained  safety card and menu.

photo 20220917_171941

Virgin Australia Boeing 737-800 safety card

photo 20220917_171953


photo 20220917_172001

Seat spacing, adequate for me. Seated in the last seat of the aircraft. Seat was not reclinable.

photo 20220917_174509

Inflight Service

Inflight service was Buy on Board [BOB]. I did not buy as I wanted to have dinner after landing.

Window View

Sunshine lighting the cabin.

photo 20220917_175434

Sunset almost

photo 20220917_180158

Different shades as sun sets.

photo 20220917_180202

Winglet on Boeing 737

photo 20220917_180210


photo 20220917_180510

Time passed quickly for this short flight. Aircraft flying towards Sydney airport from North.

photo 20220917_181710

Heading South passed Sydney City with view of Sydney icons - Harbour Bridge and Opera house.

photo 20220917_182032


Aircraft would fly South and then turn West .

photo 20220917_183254

View of individual ac ducts as aircraft approaches runway 34R.

photo 20220917_183301

LAnding and ARRival

Landed smoothly and a long taxi to gate.

photo 20220917_183640

Passing REX SAAB 340 aircraft

photo 20220917_183644

Arriving at gate

photo 20220917_183750


I was seated the rear, after collecting bag. I exited aircraft through stairs. Passengers in front rows used airbridge.

photo 20220917_183754

Entered the terminal using stairs and walked towards the exit.

photo 20220917_184218

I waited for few minutes for the bag to arrive.

photo 20220917_184511

Exiting Airport

After exiting the terminal, waited for the Blue Emu bus. I had to pick car from Long term parking. The bus was full and took about half hour to reach the car park.

photo 20220917_185845

Disembarked bus and arrived near the car.

photo 20220917_192423

Aircraft and Flight Information

Enter text here…

photo screenshot-2022-09-17-at-21-59-59-live-flight-tracker-real-time-flight-tracker-map-flightradar24

Aircraft rotation on the day.

photo screenshot-2022-09-17-at-22-00-21-live-flight-tracker-real-time-flight-tracker-map-flightradar24

Hope you enjoyed this trip report. Thanks for reading.

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Virgin Australia

Cabin crew6.0

Maroochydore - MCY


Sydney - SYD



Virgin Australia [VA] was not my first choice while booking the ticket. Being a short flight, did not require food or entertainment. Cabin was clean. I was able to arrive earlier by choosing to fly with VA.

Overall a satisfactory flight.



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  • Comment 616148 by
    NGO85 SILVER 2002 Comments
    Thanks for sharing this FR with us! It's interesting to see how far VA has slipped behind QF almost bordering into LCC territory (at least in Y). They used to give out packaged snacks in Y, now it is just BOB? The seat pitch looks good, but bad luck to get stuck with the last row with no recline, at least they gave you a window seat to at least be the same as what you booked on Jetstar. Nice night time shot of Sydney on arrival.

    Those passengers wishing to changeover to Virgin Australia would receive a voucher from Jetstar Airways.

    An earlier flight and a voucher, sounds like a good deal to me. How much did they give you?
  • Comment 616490 by
    KévinDC TEAM SILVER 6859 Comments
    Hi Koresh, nice to see a recent review on Virgin Australia! It is sad to see what a shell of their former selves they've become, but at the same time, I'm happy they're still around and the competition within Australia is good for everyone. It's a shame they've retrenched to the LCC roots, but then again, if they are actually cheaper than QF and keep prices reasonable for everyone on the routes on which they compete, then more power to them. I'm glad they still offer Business and are still differentiating themselves from no-frills LCCs.

    Beautiful photos on takeoff and landing! I always love flying at the golden hour.

    Thanks for sharing!
    • Comment 617691 by
      koresh SILVER AUTHOR 129 Comments
      Since the beginning, Virgin Australia hasn't been able to decide which kind of airline they are. By providing competition, they keeps fares somewhat competitive.
      I had selected the seat according to light conditions, even though I was lucky to get the preferred side despite the airline change.
      Thanks for your comment. :)

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