Review of ITA Airways flight Catania Milan in Economy

Airline ITA Airways
Flight AZ1718
Class Economy
Seat 28F
Aircraft Airbus A320
Flight time 01:26
Take-off 28 Nov 22, 21:34
Arrival at 28 Nov 22, 23:00
AZ   #65 out of 79 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 21 reviews
Published on 30th November 2022


Hello everyone!
While I write this report I'm attending my last year of my architecture course at university. 
The main architecture laboratory is focused on the redevelopment of an old industrial area near Siracusa, in Sicily. Since this project is gonna be our final work, the teacher organized a site inspection in Siracusa for 25-26th November.

I've never been to Sicily, even if it's an amazing region. Therefore this trip became the occasion to experience the island better.


Plane is the only way to get from Milan to Sicily in a quick way.
The fastest train can take up to 15 hours and at least one stopover. This is due to the fact that the Italian high speed network ends in Naples. South of it there are only conventional railways; moreover the train has to be shipped to cross the 3-km Strait of Messina, which separates Sicily from the mainland.

No need to say we didn't consider anytime this solution.

photo b2-0

Catania Airport is the closest to Siracusa, being located 48 kilometers from our destination.
Our initial plan was to leave on Thursday 24th November, stay with our teacher in Siracusa on Friday and Saturday, than spending Sunday in Catania before the nine-o'clock flight back home.
By the way we discovered that leaving back on Monday was much more convenient (116 euros agains 152) even considering an additional night.
We decided to stay in Siracusa two nights, than spending one night in Taormina and then the last one in Catania, leaving back to Milan on Monday 28th evening.

After a bit of research the best option appeard to be flying with ITA Airways from Linate.
Actualy Ryanair from Malpensa was kinda cheaper, but we avoided it. First of all because the cabin baggage was not included; leaving from MXP would have meant taking the Malpensa Express train, which costs around 20 euros, and waking up around 5 am to catch the flight around 9 am.

We chose ITA Airways "Economy Light" fare, which gives the possibility to bring a standard trolley as a carry on, plus a small bag to put under the seat. We booked the flight the 28th October, less than one month before the departure date.

photo b2-1

Since the meeting with the teacher was planned for the the day after our arrival, we deciced not the get the earlier flight (departing 9.50).
For the return we took the latest flight departing from Catania.

photo b2-2

We booked also three hotels in Siracusa (two nights), Taormina and Catania (one night each) for a total of 114 euros per person.

Since public transport in Sicily is not very efficient a rented car was the only way to move around all these places. We chose SicilyByCar rental which offered us a Fiat Panda for 55 euros per person.



photo b3-1


ITA Airways gives the possibility to check-in 48 hourse before each flight. The day before the flight I logged in on their app to check-in and generate my boarding pass.

photo b4-1

My seat, 28F, was assigned automatically

photo b4-2

Arriving at THE AIRPORT

My friend and I got our car in Catania Airport once we arrived. Since the car was not needed in Catania we left at the airport the day before our return flight to Milan.

Catania Airport is connected to the city center with a bus called "Alibus". It takes around 10-15 minutes and costs 4€. The frequency is around 20 minutes.

After spending the entire day visiting Catania we decided to take the bus leaving at 18.29 near the Cathedral, where our hotel was located. The ticket can be bought both onboard or at a ticket machine.

photo b5-1

In less than 15 minutes we arrived at Catania-Fontanarossa Airport. The bus left us on the arrivals level, just outside the terminal

photo b5-2

The check-in hall is quite large and the landside facade is all made of glass. I imagine that during the day the hall is full of natural light

photo b5-3

The airport has two terminals: Terminal A and Terminal C. The first one handles most of the operations, while the second is dedicated to easyJet Schenghen flights

photo b5-4a

Having more than two hours to spare I went to ITA's check-in desk to get my boarding pass printed

The counter was empty and I got the BP in a blink of an eye

photo b5-5photo b5-6

Since we had nothing to do landside we proceeded immediately to the security lane

photo b5-7


The control took around 15 minutes
All the lanes were opened, but the queuing area was a bit cramped, resulting in a bit of mess
Unfortunately the airport is not equipped with the same machinery of Linate and I got a bottle of soap throwed

photo b6-1

Apparently there were many flights leaving, because the boarding area was full of people
It was very difficult to walk around and there were almost no seats available

By the way the departure lounge features a good selection of shops, especially selling typical Sicily's food

For no reason the temperature inside the terminal was very high, probably around 25°C
A bit bothering to be honest…

photo b6-2photo b6-3

After a bit of struggle we found a seat in a bar, since we also want to eat something

Around 19:40 (45 minutes before scheduled boarding) ITA informed us that our flight would have had a 30 minutes delay
When I got the message our plane was still 50 minutes away from CTA

photo b6-3c

We spent almost one hour at the bar, while the airport gradually got less crowded
Around 20.35 we slowly move to gate 7, where our flight was scheduled to board

photo b6-4

People were already queuing, even if the gate was still closed

photo b6-5

Our plane for today:
ITA Airways Airbus A320-200, EI-DSL, delivered to AirOne in December 2007 (15.0 years old). It was later transferred to Alitalia and now it's part of ITA's fleet. It's equipped with 171 seats in mixed C-Y configuration. It still carries 2015-2021 Alitalia's livery.

photo b6-6

Boarding was finally called 10 minutes to nine o'clock

photo b6-7

Going down the jetway leaving Sicily behind

photo b6-8

ITA Airways A320

photo b6-9

Door shot
The plane carries a sticker with first ITA's logo (never used on a livery)

photo b6-10

Fuselage shot with Poste Air Cargo Boeing 737F

photo b6-11

I made my way to my seat, 24F
The plane didn't seem to be full, but was kinda busy

Ryanair Boeing 737 with an easyJet A320 in the background

photo b6-12

At 21:20 doors were armed…

photo b6-13

…and we left the stand minutes after

The F/O explained us that the delay was due to restrictions at Catania, which has reduced operations for some works on the main taxiway

photo b6-14photo b6-15

Heading to the runway

photo b6-16

Since the main taxiway was partially closed we had to backtrack the runway, taking off towards east, in sea direction

photo b6-17

Rotating at the edge of runway 08

photo b6-19photo b6-20


Enter text here…

photo b7-1photo b7-2

Almost half a hour later than scheduled we started our take off run to Milan

photo b7-3

And in the air…
Bye bye Sicily

photo b7-4photo b7-5

The cabin immediately after the take off

As we climb we encountered a light turbolence, as announced before by the F/O

photo b7-6

Northern Sicily coast
The city on the left is Milazzo

photo b7-7

20 minutes into the flight we experienced another turbolence, longer and stronger than the previous one

Later I fell asleep
I woke up midflight for the drink service, but didn't get anything
I take another rest since I was very tired

photo b7-8

Around 22:35 the Captain announced we started our descent into Linate and the cabin was prepared for landing
Outside it was cloudy and the temperature on the ground was around 5°C

Milano Sud toll plaza, on A1 motorway

photo b7-10

Milan suburs like San Giuliano and Melegnano, located just south of Linate

photo b7-11photo b7-9photo b7-12

At 23:00, just five minutes after scheduled, we touched down at Milano-Linate Airport
The landing was smooth and the brake run very gentle

photo b7-13

The airport was completely "asleep"

Two German Airways E-190s operated by ITA Airways and Brussels Airlines A319

photo b7-14

Docking at the stand just three minutes after vacating the runway

photo b7-15photo b7-16


It took a few minutes to prepare the stairs
Fortunately we're able to disembark from rear

photo b8-1

I'm gonna miss Alitalia's tail…

photo b8-2photo b8-3

Last view of EI-DSL from the apron

photo b8-4photo b8-5photo b8-6

We reached the terminal in a few minutes
As I later discover from FlightRadar, we're the last flight landed in LIN that day

photo b8-7

Two days before the new M4 Metro line had been opened between Dateo and Linate Airport, cutting the time to get to the city center
By the way it still has shortened opening times (06:00-21:00, compared to 05:00-00:30 of the rest of the lines)

My friend and I tried to get a car sharing but no car was available in the parking
We found one car 10 minutes walking from the Terminal, but its position was difficult to reach

Since neither the buses were available we catched a taxi
It took 10 minutes to bring us home, for 20 euros

I arrived at home at midnight, one hour after touching down

See you at the next report! Thank you for the attention :)

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ITA Airways

Cabin crew8.0

Catania - CTA


Milan - LIN



Since I sleep most of the time I don't have much to say about this domestic leg. By the way seems like that ITA is trying its best to give a good service and make people "forget" Alitalia.

Catania Airport is good, but maybe a bit undersized, especially in the departure lounge. Moreover the temperature inside the building was too high to stay just with the sweater.

Linate really needs that metro line to be opened until midnight, in order to make the access much more better.



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  • Comment 616549 by
    NGO85 GOLD 1871 Comments

    Ciao Carlo, thank you for sharing. CTA looks quite modern, although I guess they can't afford their air conditioning bills. The Alitalia livery will be missed, I feel the ITA livery is too flashy. It seems very impractical for the metro to stop so early, I agree that it should at least operate as late as the Malpensa Express. Alla prossima!

    • Comment 616583 by
      Carlotherocks BRONZE AUTHOR 80 Comments

      You're welcome
      Yeah CTA is modern but maybe a bit undersized if many flights are departing at the same time. For the A/C I got the opposite impression, it seemed like it was turned on to a higher temperature. It can be good considering that few people got colds on planes to to freezing temperatures ahaha
      I really hope the metro in Linate will be extended soon in time and especially in distance. It's a pity a so close airport to a so big city is still badly connected. Whenever the metro will run full distance to Milan downtown it will be a very conviente gateway to the city
      Ciao ciao :)

  • Comment 616769 by
    KévinDC TEAM SILVER 6051 Comments

    Hi Carlo thanks for sharing another review of Alitalia...I mean ITA Airways 😂

    I'm gonna miss Alitalia's tail…

    Lucky for you, judging by the pace of painting new livery, you'll be seeing that tail for another few years still haha

    By the way seems like that ITA is trying its best to give a good service and make people "forget" Alitalia.

    That's good to hear as there needs to be a real break from the past, but unfortunately with Alitalia cabins and Alitalia livery and branding all over the place it's near impossible to do that until all the reminders of old Alitalia are gone.

    Thanks for sharing!

    • Comment 616775 by
      Carlotherocks BRONZE AUTHOR 80 Comments

      You're welcome!
      To be honest I thought the repainting was much slower, even if atm I know that more than 30 planes had been repainted (our of 50). Not that good, not that bad in one year ahaha
      In general they should build a strong reputation and I hope the possible partnership with LH could help in this path
      Buoni voli :)

  • Comment 616852 by
    Pilpintu TEAM BRONZE 890 Comments

    moreover the train has to be shipped to cross the 3-km Strait of Messina

    Today I learned that trains can be shipped! hahha I had no idea! I even searched youtube for a video to get fully convinced! XD I'm so ignorant!

    I got a bottle of soap throwed

    It doesn't pay to be clean XD

    I'm gonna miss Alitalia's tail…

    Me too! In fact - I think I have mentioned this before, haven't I? - I spent my primary education years at a school that was run by Italian priests (Congregazione di San Giuseppe) and I usually heard them talking about Alitalia, so I think it was the first airline I heard about (apart from LanChile, of course) and I was really intrigued, wondering what flying might be like. And then they go bankrupt before I can fly them! haha Where's Saint Joseph when you need him!! But I guess no divine intervention could have saved them. XD

    Did I tell you that I used to have a Topo Giggio doll when I was a little child? haha Yes, Italians definitely had a presence in my life in the 70s, so a trip to Italy is obviously on my bucket list. Oohhh, and Rafaella Carra! I wonder how I turned out gay after seeing that monument of a woman on TV for years, almost on a daily basis!! hahha Incomprehensible.

    For no reason the temperature inside the terminal was very high

    I can understand something like that in the case of Iquitos - in the middle of the jungle - where they just open the door to let "fresh" (35°C) air in (along with a swarm of mosquitos) (oh, how I suffered that night!) but not in Europe!! Someone should tell them to pay their AC bills!

    I woke up midflight for the drink service, but didn't get anything

    No BOB service?

    All in all, ITA looks much like latam, just with an (even) uglier livery. (Why blue, my God?? Why blueee???) What an eyesore!

    Thanks for sharing!!

    • Comment 616879 by
      Carlotherocks BRONZE AUTHOR 80 Comments

      Yeah the shipping on the Strait is crazy! That's why there's a long debate over the construction of a 3-km bridge...

      Glad to know Italian culture embraces you so strongly! Really hope you can visit Italy and Sicily especially

      Wish you a 2023 full of flights :)

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