Review of Lufthansa flight Frankfurt Amsterdam in Economy

Airline Lufthansa
Flight LH1002
Class Economy
Seat 15A
Aircraft Airbus A320
Flight time 01:15
Take-off 05 Jan 23, 21:00
Arrival at 05 Jan 23, 22:15
LH   #66 out of 95 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 1598 reviews
Published on 21st January 2023

After a great holiday in Thailand, it was the time for my last flight of today's itinerary and that would be a flight with Lufthansa to Amsterdam. 

After arriving from my flight out of Bangkok, Passport control took about 15 minutes to clear and we were on our way to the schengen departure sector for our flight. Security did take 10 minutes or so, but it took longer mostly because the security belt decided to give an error prior to scanning my bags. After receiving my stuff, I went off to airside, which drops you off in this duty free section of the terminal.

photo 20230105_200106

The main square of Frankfurt's terminal 1 which wasn't too busy this late at night, however I find Frankfurt a rather unpleasant airport with limited services / things to do for the size of the airport.

photo 20230105_200152

A1 would be the gate for today's departure and the flight would be performed by D-AIUN. D-AIUN is a 7.8 year old Airbus A320 which has been newly delivered to Lufthansa in April 2015.

photo 20230105_203731

A1 was an absolute horrible gate with one person per time being allowed to the jetbridge, which went very slow. My wife was shocked about the flight attendants the moment she entered the cabin asking me why the flight attendants were so old and inattentive to their appearances. Now I tend to not judge flight attendant on their age, but the appearance was far from desired. They were friendly though, yet very distant from passengers too.

Unfortunately this A320 has Lufthansa's newest configuration, which means that the last hour will be siting on an iron board, though legroom was no issue. 

photo 20230105_204048

The iron boards of Lufthansa.

photo 20230105_204055

The window view of my seat.

photo 20230105_204111

The aircraft is however equipped with individual air vents, which I kind of enjoy having when the cabin is on the warmer side than I'd like.

photo 20230105_204131

Engines were started right on time on our stand and it took no more than 3 to 5 minutes to be taxiing to our departing runway for tonight, which was going to be Runway 25C. The captain however seemed to be very chatty on the intercom and in a hurry with his taxiing.

The thing I noticed is happening with Lufthansa and only is done by Lufthansa is that the safety demonstration is a short message to pay attention to your safety card and an indication by flight attendants to your nearest emergency exits. I understand and many will say that they know what to do, but to visually show it to one, even the frequent travellers, is in my opinion of utmost importance….

photo 20230105_210330

Departure was right on time and about 15 minutes into flight, we received a bottle of water and a chocolate with Lufthansa branding. Water is water and the chocolate was of cheap quality.

photo 20230105_212058

The literature of my seat contains a sickbag, safety card, BoB Menu and Lufthansa's magazine. The BoB service was not engaged due to the fact that the flight was too short.

photo 20230105_212158

A view of the cabin with respect to J Class.

photo 20230105_212904

The flight actually took a bit longer than I expected and we touched down a few minutes past 10 PM on Runway 18R, which meant that we needed another 15 minutes to reach our gate.

photo 20230105_220139

Remember that I said that the pilot seemed to be in a rush? He taxied quite fast to suddenly come to a stop at an intersection were every aircraft was turning. I felt like the pilot was suppose to turn there too, but simply missed the turn due to his high speed of taxiing….. and continued like two minutes later via Taxiway Q, the ride the long way around to our gate. We were parked next to a Airbus A320, though it took another minute for us to be standing in front of the gates with the captain making an announcement that the docking system was way too slow….. 

photo 20230105_221941

The last view of the Airbus A320 that brought us over.

photo 20230105_222852

Baggage belt 2 was in use for our flight and was shared with another flight. It took about 15 minutes for us to grab our bags and be on the way to the busstop to our car at P3 Long Parking.

photo 20230105_223851
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Cabin crew4.5

Frankfurt - FRA


Amsterdam - AMS



The flight was rather unpleasant to me with a captain that seemed to be rushing for no apparent reason as we were right on. The flight attendants were friendly, yet very distant and were very inattentive to their appearance and the cabin is just absolutely awful with iron boards which is so uncomfortable.

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  • Comment 619712 by
    Riton75 792 Comments
    Thanks for all these reports
    For my Travel with my ex-thai girl friend in 2018, our only flight was CDG <--> BKK with AF (20% more expensive than Emirates).
    To go to Khon Kaen, we choosed the taxi (6 hours!) because her daughter did not have her identity card (so the plane wasn't an option ?).
    See You soon!
  • Comment 620004 by
    KévinDC TEAM SILVER 6821 Comments
    Hey Thomas, yikes too bad to have such an uncomfortable flight after such a nice long-haul flight on TG.

    Unfortunately this A320 has Lufthansa's newest configuration

    I wouldn't say newest, D-AIUN should be in CY168 configuration, while deliveries from 2017 on are in the much worse CY180 config, and these Recaro ironing boards, are the older NEK seats that are being replaced by more comfortable new Geven seats. So yeah, you got old NEK seats from 2015, slimline seats like this are awful after a few years because the little bit of padding they have has been completely crushed making them hard as rocks.

    The flight was rather unpleasant to me with a captain that seemed to be rushing for no apparent reason as we were right on.

    Hah maybe he had to catch a flight to commute home somewhere downline and was rushing to make sure he had enough time--I've seen that happen several times before when I worked in airports.

    Thanks for sharing!

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