Review of WestJet flight Calgary Toronto in Economy

Airline WestJet
Flight WJA654
Class Economy
Seat 16K
Aircraft Boeing 787-9
Flight time 03:37
Take-off 15 Oct 22, 08:15
Arrival at 15 Oct 22, 13:52
WS   #2 out of 14 Low-cost airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 38 reviews
By 364
Published on 10th March 2023


After 6 days in Alberta, I flew back to Toronto.
I saw beautiful places and also found some time for plane spotting :)

Finally I took a photo of DC10! What a rare aircraft!

Since my flight was a morning flight, I woke up early,
I also returned my rental car, so I scheduled extra time.

I started my day in the rental car parking in Calgary airport:

photo img_0131

I returned the car without any issue and made my way to the terminal.

photo img_0134


I went to the check in area and found those self check in kiosks:

photo img_0136photo img_0137

This process was pretty annoying, since I also needed to balance our (mine and my fiancee) suitcases.
In Israel and on some occasions in Europe, I could check in 2 suitcases that sums up to 23kg x2, meaning if I flew without someone, and my suitcase weights 25kg and the other one weights 21kg, there's no problem.

We went through the security check, and started to made our way to the gate area:

photo img_0138photo img_0140photo img_0141

I wonder who can eat Burger king in 6 am… Definitely not me.
I bought coffee and cookie in Starbucks, the price were pretty reasonable for airport, 8$ (CAD).

I went to the toilets:

photo img_0142photo img_0144photo img_0145

As you can see, the toilets were clean and in very good condition.

The terminal was pretty empty on this time:

photo img_0147photo img_0148photo img_0149

The sorting on this screen was very strange. Usually they order it by take off or boarding time.

More photo of the empty terminal:

photo img_0151

Our gate area:

photo img_0152

The boarding started on time.
I made my way on the jet bridge:

photo img_0153photo img_0154

Aircraft information:
Boeing 787-9
In service since March 2020
Currently 3 years old, was 2.5 years old (approximately) on my flight


We entered the aircraft from door 2L, meaning I could see the premium economy cabin, which looks pretty nice in my opinion:

photo img_0155

Economy class:

photo img_0156photo img_0157

As you can see, each seat equipped with personal IFE, USB sockets, foldable table, as well as power outlet.

Wing view during sunrise:

photo img_0158photo dsc00768


photo img_0160

The legroom was pretty good on this aircraft, even on a standard economy seat, the headrest was adjustable and the seat itself was comfy.
I could definitely fly on this aircraft on much longer flight without any issue.


photo img_0163

This was a modern PSU, but thing 787 doesn't equipped with air vent for each passenger.

photo img_0164

We started the push back with a small delay.

Plane spotting during taxi:

Take off video:

Shortly after take off IFE view:

photo img_0166

The tray table was nice, clean and steady:

photo img_0169

40-45 minutes into the flight, the crew served drinks and small snack.
I chose coffee and pretzels.

photo img_0170photo img_0172

This was a nice gesture, but for 4 hours flight, I would expect to get sandwich or small meal.
Another IFE view:

photo img_0174

Cabin view during cruise:

photo img_0176

2 hours into the flight, I went to the toilets:

photo img_0179photo img_0180

As you can see, the toilets were clean.

We started our descent 20-30 minutes before the landing:

photo img_0185photo img_0187photo dsc00800

Although we had a delay in the take off time, the pilots managed somehow to land on time.

Landing video:

photo dsc00802photo img_0199photo dsc00803

Plane spotting on YYZ, during taxi to terminal 3:

Cabin view during deboarding:

photo img_0200

Bye bye C-GYRS!

photo img_0201


On the way to the baggage claim area:

photo img_0202photo img_0203photo img_0204

I measured 7 minutes of walking from the gate to the baggage claim area. Not bad.

photo img_0205

After I found my suitcase, I headed to the train to terminal 1.
Since there were no rental car companies that worked in terminal 3, I had to take this train to terminal 1,
which was inconvenient with a big bag and suitcase.

photo img_0206

The ride on the train was very short and I made my way to the rental cars area:

photo img_0207photo img_0208photo img_0209-2

Finally I got to the rental cars company counter!

photo img_0210-2

And shortly after, I received my rental car:

photo img_0211-2photo img_0212

The service in National and Alamo was very good and they workers were friendly!

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Cabin crew10.0
Buy-on-board menu6.0

Calgary - YYC


Toronto - YYZ



The flight with Westjet was very good!
The aircraft was new, clean, and the cabin looked great!
The only downside I could find was the fact that this aircraft wasn't equipped with personal air vents. Thus I reduced point on the cabin score.
The service on board was great, the flight crew was nice and friendly.
The wifi service was very good and I had no problems on this flight, the IFE was pretty good as well.
The catering was lacking in my opinion, a sandwich or small meal could be more appropriate for this flight.

Probably if I will visit Canada again, I will choose Westjet. I hope that they will fly from TLV to YYC... Maybe some day it'll happen?

YYC airport was pretty good, it was clean, I found it easy to navigate and very efficient.
Yes, I mentioned the suitcases weight thing in my flight report, but I think that it was my problem, so I won't reduce the score.
The services in 7AM were pretty limited, but for this period on the day, I could find many things to eat and drink. Nothing to shop unfortunately.

YYZ airport was clean, terminal 3 was easy to navigate and had a lot to offer (shopping, places to eat, etc.) and the suitcases arrived quickly,
However, since I had to take a train, down 4 floors in an elevator and then walk to the rental cars area, I reduced the access score.



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    KévinDC TEAM SILVER 6105 Comments

    Always nice to get a widebody on a domestic flight! And this 789 looks really brand new inside--the cabin looks very nice.

    The only downside I could find was the fact that this aircraft wasn't equipped with personal air vents. Thus I reduced point on the cabin score.

    I'm the same way. I really don't like the trend in newer aircraft of not having air vents. I usually have them off for most of the flight, but really appreciate them when boarding as I'm usually warm from running around the airport and a little air is refreshing.

    Thanks for sharing!

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