Review of Delta Connection flight Atlanta Montreal in Business

Airline Delta Connection
Flight DL5324
Class Business
Seat 2A
Flight time 02:40
Take-off 05 Jan 14, 09:35
Arrival at 05 Jan 14, 12:15
DL   #86 out of 95 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 137 reviews
By 4309
Published on 14th February 2014
Welcome to the next Flight-Report for a trip I took in January. This edition will cover my flight from Atlanta to Montreal. Eventually, my Flight-Reports will cover:

DL 1625; BWI-ATL; F Class; 5/1/2014
DL 5324; ATL-YUL; F Class; 5/1/2014 (Current Report)

AF 346; YUL-CDG; J Class; 5/1/2014
AF 3886; CDG-AMM; J Class; 6/1/2014
RJ 344; AMM-TLV; J Class; 9/1/2014
AZ 809; TLV-FCO; J Class; 17/1/2014
AZ 610; FCO-JFK; J Class; 17/1/2014
DL 2914; JFK-DCA; F Class; 17/1/2014

After arriving into ATL on DL 1625, I exited the plane. We flew into Terminal A. My next flight, DL 5324 to YUL, was departing from Terminal E, and my layover was only around an hour and a half, so I moved fairly quickly to Terminal E so I could catch a few minutes in the lounge. Before leaving the terminal, though, I was able to take a photo of the 757 next door.

photo IMG_2242

Since I was arriving early on Sunday, ATL wasn't as busy as it would be later in the day.

photo IMG_1209photo IMG_1210

I was disappointed that we weren't leaving from Terminal F, ATL's new international terminal. Instead, the flight departed from Terminal E, the old international terminal.
After taking the train to Terminal E, I made my way toward the Sky Club. Unfortunately, because of the time, One Flew South was not yet open. For those of you who aren't familiar with One Few South, it is what I consider the best airport restaurant in the country. Service is great, the food is great, the atmosphere is great. If I have time and it's open, I always make my way there.

photo IMG_1222

Anyhow, this Sky Club entrance was closed, so I made my way to the main entrance.

photo IMG_1213

Thankfully, due to the time, the Sky Club wasn't very crowded.

photo IMG_2243

The Sky Club is great for plane watching.

photo IMG_2244photo IMG_2245

As is usual, the Sky Club is not great for for finding good food options. At least since I've been visiting them, Sky Clubs have always been better breakfast options than lunch options. There might be good news on the horizon, though, as Delta is apparently introducing better food.

photo IMG_1214photo IMG_1215

The bar is popular. Note the special bar in the back. In some Sky Club locations, Delta offers premium beverages for a fee. These mostly tend to be Scotch, but I also see other premium whiskies, tequila, and good vodka back there.

photo IMG_1216

For what it's worth, I like the design of the men's restrooms.

photo IMG_1217

It's time to leave the Sky Club. Despite the lack of exciting food options, the Sky Club was the better place to go, as ATL is seeing more passengers.

photo IMG_1218

Although not as new and shiny as Terminal F, Terminal E has one standout exhibit: several of Doctor Martin Luther King Jr.'s personal effects.

photo IMG_1220photo IMG_1221

Heading to my gate, I have an opportunity to see a few more planes.

photo IMG_2246

At the gate, and here is the chariot that will take me to Montreal.

photo IMG_2248 (2)

I'm the first in Business Class to board the plane. Since this is a small regional jet, Business Class is laid out in a 1-2 configuration; economy is 2-2. Leg room is adequate, but not exemplary. Mind you, I'm 1.97m tall.

photo IMG_1223photo IMG_1224

The fog has not yet lifted from ATL, so taxing doesn't provide great views of planes.

photo IMG_2251photo IMG_2254photo IMG_2257

I can see enough to recognize that American Eagle's new livery is just as awful as American Airlines mainline's new livery is.

photo IMG_2255

Because a meal is served on this flight, we receive an oshibori.

photo IMG_2258

Because the flight is less than 1,500 miles, only a cold breakfast is served. The breakfasts consists of a prepackaged muffin, Chex, milk, strawberry yogurt, and fruit. This is Delta's ubiquitous cold breakfast. They really can do better. I ordered an orange juice with my breakfast.

photo IMG_2260 (1)

When I said they can do better, I mean they occasionally (really, rarely) do. This is the cold breakfast a year ago, ABQ-ATL.

photo breakfast

This is how a cold breakfast is done. There's high-quality granola with a lot of dried fruit. The croissant was lovely. The fresh fruit had blackberries! If Delta consistently provided this for a cold breakfast, I'd be a-okay.

Anyhow, they don't. Back to my flight. Cheers!

photo IMG_1225

Because of clouds, there's little to see out the window.

photo IMG_2259

Finally, the suburbs of Montreal.

photo IMG_2266photo IMG_2269

We land without a problem. Snowy YUL.

photo IMG_2270

I had a seven-hour layover at YUL, so I rented a car and visited some friends. Immigration was wholly painless, with one of the friendliest customs agents I've ever met.
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Delta Connection

Cabin crew9.0

Delta Air Lines Sky Club (Gate E14)


Atlanta - ATL


Montreal - YUL



A usual Delta medium-haul flight. While breakfast was dull, like usual, service was great.

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  • Comment 99531 by
    KévinDC TEAM SILVER 6859 Comments
    Too bad you didn't have more time in ATL. When I have enough time, I'll go to the F Sky Club regardless of where my flight is departing. That's one nice thing about ATL, being able to go to any club (time permitting). In Paris, for example, one cannot access AF lounges in a different concourse thant your departing flight. The SKy Club food options are just sad--I'm glad they will finally be introducing actual food (sandwiches, soups, better cheeses from what I've been reading). Breakfast on the shorter flights is normally embarassing to serve cereal as a main course...but then again, I understand that most pax in domestic F are upgrades so they have no incentive to improve catering. I like the omelettes on the longer domestic flights, though. I really like the F cabin config on E170/CRJ700/900, the A seats are great when travelling solo. You are right that the legroom isn't great though. I find the First row of Economy Comfort to have MUCH more room than in F. Thanks for sharing!
    • Comment 288149 by
      pertristis AUTHOR 15 Comments
      I've been to the F Sky Club once before, right around when it opened up. I remember it being bright, airy, and spacious—a really good example of a Sky Club.

      I'm not sure that I've had Delta's 1,500+ breakfast before. Being based around WAS, and before that MCI, my 1,500+ meals always tended to be lunch or dinner. Late this month and early next month, I have an F RT to SNA, so I'll get two of these breakfasts. Looking forward to them.
    • Comment 288201 by
      KévinDC TEAM SILVER 6859 Comments
      I'll be posting a flight-report in F from DCA-SLC with the 1500+ Breakfast. Not sure when I have a backlog of a few reports, but it should be soon-ish.
  • Comment 99533 by
    lagentsecret 12184 Comments
    Thanks for sharing this FR

    The breakfast is poor and not appealling at all

  • Comment 99535 by
    marathon GOLD 10174 Comments
    An interestingly creative title picture.
    My educated guess is that such a showy welcome message by the mayor of a major French city at the airport would generate instant popular rejection - no matter how popular he/she would actually be. Maybe Americans wouldn't think twice about it - cultural differences, and that is what makes this pictures interesting to my eyes.
    I too like this decoration of the men's room, and agree about AA's new livery. Thanks for this report !
  • Comment 99540 by
    pititom GOLD 11523 Comments
    Thank you for this second opus.

    The flight's duration should allow a better service : the breakfast tray isn't appealing :( Anyway, a full service awaits with the next flight.

    Thanks for the tip about One Flew South, I may give it a try :)
  • Comment 99551 by
    KL651 TEAM 4535 Comments
    Thanks for this FR.
    It's always surprising to see a real breakfast(even if not amazing)with a linen cloth on a RJ, where the usual service is usually drinks only.
    In 1,5 hour you didn't want to risk going to the F gates for a few minutes?
    • Comment 288150 by
      pertristis AUTHOR 15 Comments
      It's not a matter of risking it. As I just noted above, I had been to the F Sky Club before. Given the amount of flying I was doing, I'd rather relax in the E Sky Club than run back and forth from the F terminal.
  • Comment 99710 by
    kevin_g 1 Comments
    Excellent report! I was wondering, if there was anyway you can send me the picture of the Delta B757 at the beginning of your report?
  • Comment 99900 by
    CDG Addict 1630 Comments
    Thanks for this FR.

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