Review of Air France flight Paris Amman in Business

Airline Air France
Flight AF3886
Class Business
Seat --
Aircraft Airbus A320
Flight time 05:35
Take-off 06 Jan 14, 13:40
Arrival at 06 Jan 14, 20:15
AF   #26 out of 81 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 5409 reviews
By 4722
Published on 17th May 2014
Welcome to the next Flight-Report installment of a trip I took this January. This report will cover an Air France flight from Paris to Amman. Eventually, my Flight-Reports will cover:

DL 1625; BWI-ATL; F Class; 5/1/2014
DL 5324; ATL-YUL; F Class; 5/1/2014
AF 346; YUL-CDG; J Class; 5/1/2014
AF 3886; CDG-AMM; J Class; 6/1/2014 (Current Report)

RJ 344; AMM-TLV; J Class; 9/1/2014
AZ 809; TLV-FCO; J Class; 17/1/2014
AZ 610; FCO-JFK; J Class; 17/1/2014
DL 2914; JFK-DCA; F Class; 17/1/2014

We arrived at CDG at least close to on time. I made my way outside of security, as my layover was long enough that I thought I was going to go into Paris. After seeing the train cost, I decided it wasn't worth it. But, at least you can see the lovely FIDS at CDG, right?

photo IMG_1255 (1)

Some of the architecture is interesting, to say the least.

photo IMG_1257

The airport is hopping.

photo IMG_1258 (1)

On the way to one of the satellites in Terminal 2E, I got several lovely views of sundry planes. Here are a few of an AF A380.

photo IMG_2310photo IMG_2309photo IMG_2314

On the other side is a VN 777.

photo IMG_2311

Here's an AF 777 in Skyteam livery. (Admittedly, I'd have rather flown this instead of the A340—I'm an unabashed Boeing fan.)

photo IMG_2318

I took a break from plane watching to head to one of the AF lounges. It was rather disappointing: crowded, poor food options (although better than DL's domestic lounges, to be sure), et cetera.

photo IMG_1263photo IMG_1261photo IMG_1262

Back to the main terminal, I make my way to the gate. The inbound, unfortunately, is an hour late getting in. This means we're at least an hour late getting out. Right now, the gate is pretty empty.

photo IMG_2315

I spy a DL 767.

photo IMG_2320

A Cathy Cargo 747 is landing. Now that I look closely, the nacelles suggest this is a 747-8, which makes this the first of its kind that I've seen.

photo IMG_2323

All our ducks are in a row.

photo IMG_2326 (1)

At least it's not Ryanair, right?

photo IMG_2328

Here's a taxing AF A320.

photo IMG_2333

And here's another on takeoff.

photo IMG_2337

Oh, look what decided it wanted to show up!

photo IMG_2324

Finally, we board. I don't have any memories of the boarding process, which means it was probably pretty straight forward. Because this is an Air France medium-haul flight, there's not a true business class. Instead, AF blocks off the center seat of however many rows of economy they need. That renders a J cabin that looks like this.

photo IMG_1264

The flight attendants moved me to the bulkhead, assumedly because they feel sorry for my nearly 2m frame and the ~80–81cm pitch. Legroom looks like this.

photo IMG_1283

During taxi, a quasi-oshibori is distributed.

photo IMG_1266 (1)

And with AF's true grand dame behind me, cheers.

photo IMG_1267

I'm not sure if an amenity kit was distributed. I don't have any photos of it. If there was one, it was the old-style, non-anniversary, disappointing version. Entertainment consisted of the flight map.

photo IMG_1272

The menu, however, is clearly an anniversary edition. There's one choice for dinner: smoke-dried chicken to start, a mushroom risotto, and an assortment of small desserts. The wine list looked like a paired-down version of my previous flight. Unsurprisingly, I had the smoke-dried chicken, the risotto, and the desserts. I wish I could tell you which red I had. I believe it's the Bordeaux, as I think I had the Languedoc on the previous flight (even though it's not mentioned there, I remember having one red there, and I believe I remember trying to pronounce Languedoc from YUL to CDG).

Everything was presented on one plate, yet again. While not as, shall we say, unfortunate a choice as the last flight, I still would like to see individual service. This flight was nearly as long as JFK-SFO, and the airlines there certainly do separate service for individual courses. Notice how small the desserts are. Tiny. Super, super tiny. (Yes, I realize that there's a stereotype of the bovine American who needs a liter of ice cream and soda a day. Yes, I realize that it's often rightly deserved. But please note that whilst I'm 1.96m, I'm only about 73kg, so I shouldn't fit that stereotype.) The smoked chicken was lovely. The risotto and wine were fine.

The dinnertime cloud cover was lovely.

photo IMG_1278

Unsurprisingly, the Alps and the sunset were, too.

photo IMG_2347photo IMG_2339photo IMG_2348

Finally, we are over the Mediterranean. Landing and customs were uneventful.

photo IMG_2351photo IMG_2349
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Air France

Cabin crew8.0

Air France Lounge - 2D


Paris - CDG


Amman - AMM



While foreign airlines generally best U.S. airlines on long-haul flights, U.S. airlines' short- and medium-haul service is a notch above AF's, except for catering.

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The airline with the best average rating is Royal Jordanian with 7.6/10.

The average flight time is 4 hours and 34 minutes.

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  • Comment 109390 by
    marathon 9830 Comments

    It is sad to read that the result of the surcharge on train tickets to/from CDG is that PAX with a long connection are discouraged to visit Paris. That tax on the most environmentally friendly means of suburban transportation is a complete nonsense.
    I find it interesting to read a report on AF by a foreigner living abroad (and that prompted me to read the report on the preceding flight, that I had overlooked).
    Yes the dessert is tiny, but wait... I can't believe that you had blue cheese (there are several very different kinds, so I would not venture to name the one you had) ! Having a single kind of cheese is definitely against basic French cheese etiquette, but then this is an AF meal...
    Again, I like your creative use of B&W settings.
    The CDG-AMM is one of several much decried AF routes to eastern shore of the Mediterrean Sea : too long for the short haul catering and comfort offered on board. I am not surprised by your ratings of that flight. That lounge is also well below international standards. Thanks for this FR !

    • Comment 294920 by
      pertristis AUTHOR 15 Comments

      Admittedly, the black-and-white setting is because ... the window made the colors look all funky otherwise. Unfortunately, there aren't many Skyteam options to AMM, especially given DL's new MQD program. I flew AZ back (but from TLV); TLV-FCO was much the same, although FCO-JFK was a lovely, lovely flight.

      To CDG's credit, it at least has respectable public transit into and out of the airport. LGA and LAX (along with quite a few other American airports) come to mind as examples of public-transit disasters. But this is America, and we need our cars, you know.

    • Comment 294812 by
      marathon 9830 Comments

      PS : the flight should be referenced AF3886, and the seat was apparently 1F

    • Comment 294921 by
      pertristis AUTHOR 15 Comments

      I think we might have a different view of what a rating of 6 means. I take a 5 to be average. I bumped AF down a notch for one-tray service and dessert, and up two notches for the chicken and generally being tasty. Hence, it gets a 6. If it were not good, I'd have put it at something like a 2 or a 3.

  • Comment 109404 by
    rsman 399 Comments

    thanks for this FR. How long time was the late?

  • Comment 109411 by
    padawan SILVER 1915 Comments

    As Marathon said, it's interesting to have the opinion of a non-AF frequent flyer on this very particular long short-haul flight :)
    I totally agree with your opinion of the crowded lounge.
    Thanks for sharing !

  • Comment 109417 by
    Chatokay 277 Comments

    Thanks for this FR :)
    Pictures don't show for me, is that normal ? (I got an ERROR 404 when I try to open them in another window too)

  • Comment 109439 by
    KévinDC TEAM SILVER 6105 Comments

    Thanks for sharing this next leg in the series. I'm not a fan at all of Euro-Business class. It really should just be called Premium economy because that's essentially what it is. As a frequent Delta and Air France flyer, in my opinion, DL does a way better job on medium haul international and transcon than AF does on there types of routes. With DL you get a real wide First/Business seat, even flat beds on some routes, and catering that's served by hand from the galley in several courses, not all on one tray. I recently did several flights to Mexico (MEX and PVR) with DL in J and it was hands down better than AF on a flight of similar duration, like this flight.

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