Review of Jetstar Airways flight Sydney Hobart in Economy

Airline Jetstar Airways
Flight JQ719
Class Economy
Seat 8F
Aircraft Airbus A320
Flight time 01:50
Take-off 31 Dec 22, 06:10
Arrival at 31 Dec 22, 08:00
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Published on 14th April 2023

Jetstar Airways JQ719 Sydney to Hobart

Flight Details:
Airlines: Jetstar Airways
Flight: JQ719 SYD - HBA
Aircraft: Airbus A320-232
Class: Economy
Departure Sydney Airport Terminal 2: 6.10am
Arrival Hobart International Airport: 8.00am
Flight time: 1 hours 50 mins
Distance: 1058 kilometers or 571 miles

Video: Jetstar Airways JQ719 Sydney to Hobart


This trip report is from Dec 2022. I had a Jetstar voucher from previous flight - Virgin Australia VA492 Sunshine Coast to Sydney.

photo img_173

Getting a rental car is expensive and not easy in Tasmania.

photo img_164

After booking car rental, booked the flight and hotel.

photo img_165

Flight details

photo img_166

Booked additional checked bag and selected seats at booking time.

photo img_167


Prior to departure, I received email from Jetstar Airways to check-in. Checked in flight  day before departure.

photo img_172

Sent a copy to phone as well for backup

photo img_170

Boarding pass on phone

photo img_174


photo img_171

I would be driving car in Long term parking and then taking a shuttle to domestic airport. Paid for the car park online.

photo img_168

Received email with details.

photo img_169

Checked the flight information before departure. Flight departed on time being the first service of the day. Aircraft information was not available.

photo img_175

Arriving at the AiRPORT

Started early from home at 4.30a.m. Reached the car park and then boarded shuttle bus.

photo img_11

Being early morning, reached domestic terminal 2 in 20 minutes.

photo img_12

Deboard bus and walked 2 mins to reach terminal.

photo img_13

Entered the building headed upstairs for check-in.

photo img_14


As I had check-in online, used the self-check kiosk to print the baggage tag by scanning the QR code in the boarding pass saved on the phone.  After tagging the bag, joined the queue to drop bag. Took about 10 mins to complete the process.

photo img_15


Joined the security queue after check-in and passed without issue.


Took escalator down for the departure food court. Checked gate details.

photo img_16

As it was still early, got a coffee from the food court to sip while waiting.

photo img_17

Terminal 2 flight schedule

photo img_18

Curfew till 6a.m, aircraft preparing for service. 3rd aircraft on the left is Jetstar Airways operating to Hobart.

photo img_19

View of food court

photo img_111

Walking towards the departure gate

photo img_110

Shops yet to open

photo img_112

Virgin Australia boarding gates

photo img_113

Spent few minutes walking around, waiting for boarding to commence.

photo img_114


Virgin Australia Boeing 737-800

photo img_115

Jetstar Airways Airbus A320-200

photo img_117

View of boarding area

photo img_116

Due to angle of parked aircraft. Registration wasn't visible.

photo img_118


Boarding gate 39 for the JQ Hobart flight. Boarding commenced on time and I joined the queue for boarding.

photo img_119-77443

Boarding pass on the phone was scanned and was allowed to continue towards aircraft.

photo img_120

Boarding was through the front door.

photo img_121

Walking towards the aircraft

photo img_122


Cabin crew at the door checked the boarding pass and directed passengers to their seats. I was seated in the front section and found my seat. Placed my bag in the overhead locker. My co-passengers had occupied their seats before and I moved into the window seat.

photo img_123

As the aircraft was parked overnight, due on the window.

photo img_124

PushbACk and Taxi

Door closed on time after boarding was complete. Seat belt symbol was turned on.

photo img_130

Pushback commenced as safety instruction was demonstrated by crew.

photo img_131

Instruction demonstrated manually. Crew conducted safety checks after the demonstration.

photo img_132


photo img_133

Taxi towards runway

photo img_134

Passed infront of Terminal 2 and Terminal 3 while taxing.

photo img_135


Held short of runway 16R for Batik aircraft to land.

photo img_136

Jetstar Airbus to follow the Hobart flight

photo img_137

Aircraft departed towards the South then turned East.

photo img_138

Flying along the NSW South Coast

photo img_139

City of Wollongong and Shellharbour

photo img_140


Crew announced Buy on Board Service would commence as aircraft attained cruising altitude.

photo img_141

Seat Pocket MAterial

Seat pocket on the back of seat contained - Safety card, air sickness bag and menu. I had breakfast before arriving at airport and skipped the service.

photo img_125


photo img_126-97882


photo img_127


photo img_128


photo img_129

On Approach

Flight duration is short for this flight. Flying over clouds along the NSW -Victoria border and then over Tasman sea. Tasmania coastline was visible through cloud breaks.

photo img_142

Aircraft flew inland for sometime.

photo img_143


Pilot announced descent would commence soon.Aircraft would be approaching to land from South.

photo img_144

Landing in hobart

Flying over the beach to land on runway 30.

photo img_145

Landing felt smooth as I was seated in the front of the cabin.

photo img_146

Short taxi towards terminal building.

photo img_147

Reached the parking bay.

photo img_148


Passengers waiting for door to open.

photo img_149

Disembarkation at Hobart airport through stairs.

photo img_150

Front and rear doors used for disembarkation. Seated in the forward cabin used the front stairs to disembark.

photo img_151

View of aircraft registration under the nose wheel.

photo img_152

Welcome sign at Hobart Airport.

photo img_153

Aircraft view from Terminal.

photo img_154


Walked passed the departing passengers towards exit.

photo img_155

Walking out towards bag claim

photo img_156

Bag claim on the other end of the terminal after passing check-in counters

photo img_157

Car rental counters near the bag claim. While I was waiting for bag, I checked with the rentals if I could take the car early.

photo img_158

Exiting the Terminal

Got the car key and bag, exited the terminal.

photo img_159

Airport bus to city available outside the arrivals area.

photo img_160

Rental car parking in on the right side after exiting the terminal.

photo img_161

Found the car and loaded bag.

photo img_162

I hope you enjoyed reading this trip report. Thanks for reading the report and watching the video.


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Jetstar Airways

Cabin crew7.0
Buy-on-board menu5.0

Sydney - SYD


Hobart - HBA



Jetstar flight was on time, onboard service was buy on board and I didn't purchase onboard. Being a short flight, used personal device for entertainment or looked out of the window. Sydney Airport was efficient and toilets clean. Hobart being a regional airport is easy to navigate.
Overall a satisfactory trip

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    KévinDC TEAM SILVER 6896 Comments
    Thanks for sharing! JQ always seem to be a good value. The BOB seems to have a lot of good options, which is important for an LCC that doesn't provide any free service as sometimes, even on short flights one may not have had time to eat at the airport beforehand if flying near a meal time.

    Hobart Airport seems like a pleasant little airport. Would love to see Tasmania on a future trip to Australia.

    Thanks for sharing!

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