Review of Air Baltic flight Reykjavík Riga in Economy

Airline Air Baltic
Flight BT170
Class Economy
Seat 28F
Aircraft Airbus A220-300
Flight time 03:15
Take-off 13 Nov 22, 13:43
Arrival at 13 Nov 22, 18:58
BT   #2 out of 23 Low-cost airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 98 reviews
Published on 24th April 2023


About airline, aircraft and route

Hello Flight-Report Community and welcome to this flight from Keflavik to Riga. 
 Air Baltic is operateing this route using their Airbus A220-300 aircraft, it would have a flight time of approximately 4 hours and 15 minutes. The A220-300 has a maximum range of 6,200 km, which is more than enough to cover the distance between Keflavik and Riga, which is approximately 2,370 km.

In terms of seating configuration, Air Baltic's A220-300 aircraft are configured with 145 seats in a single economy class cabin. However, it is possible that they could configure the aircraft with a different layout for longer flights like this one.

flight it's self: arriving at airport, check-in, navigating, boarding, taxi, take off, climping.

Arriving at the airport was pretty smooths. Check-In went pretty well at the Keflavik. They should add the signs that are saying is a lift for workers or passengers because we accitenldy went to the worker's lift. Passing the security area and navigating went pretty smoothly except for that lift accident. 
We arrived at the airport 2h before so it gave me the time to do some plane spotting. 

Play Airbus A320-200Neo arriving from Dublin with Reg: TF-PPA

photo 324075579_3377678889215651_8499547586962200308_n-1

Our aircraft Air Baltic Airbus A220-300 coming in from Riga and that aircraft has registration: YL-ABI 

photo 325292947_856911525422919_5555994182629586187_n-1

DHL Airbus A330-300F (EI-HEA) departing to Chicago. 

photo 342712391_756719049165683_3365526272712950557_n

British Airways Airbus A320-200Neo (G-TTNJ) waiting it's last passenger going to board and then departing to London.

photo 342880263_1677821152655535_2367272180737047333_n

If you wanna see plane spotting video then it is here. 

Back to the flight report. 

After DHL A330 departed then I headed back to my gate and arrived back at the gate just some minutes before boarding.  

Photo from our aircraft before boarding.  

photo 323194582_892341321898429_7487904625314366867_n-1

The boarding went pretty smoothly after boarding was completed we started push-back, and the safety video started playing. Taxing was pretty smooth. When we took off there was turbulence but when we left from the clouds turbulence disappears. 

Take off the video.

Flight it's self: Catering, in-flight enterment, crusising and cabin.

So catering. I had one muffin, a pre-ordered meal that contained: pancakes, fries and chicken nuggets, and a cup of coffee and apple juice. I will recommend pre-order your meal because most of the meals you need to pre-order. 
In-Flight entered. Air Baltic offers In-Flight internment: flight map, destination temperature, time and arrival time and you can get an online shop on your phone with their wifi. Cruising was pretty smooth and with some beautiful views. The cabin seats were Comfortable, but tray taple was litttle bit small. 

photo 342713888_1271223700145696_4903389228980948578_nphoto 343311478_598948792164057_362560024128878840_n

decending, landing, taxing and de-boarding from at airport, navigating to our next gate.

This is the last part of this flight. 

When we started descending to Riga it was dark already. When we started descending we had a descending safety video played on screens.  Descending was pretty smooth, with no turbulence. The landing was a little bit hard but okay, when we were landing at Riga there was heavy fog. Taxing to the gate was pretty smooth and the same as de-boarding. After de-boarding we went to our next gate which was next to our landing gate. 

Here is youtube video.  

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Air Baltic

Cabin crew10.0
Buy-on-board menu10.0

Reykjavík - KEF


Riga - RIX



When considering flying with Air Baltic then I recommend it because from my experience it is worth it. The seats are okay but the Tray table is a little bit small overall Air Baltic is a very good airline and if you want to fly with them then I recommending to fly with Air Baltic.



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  • Comment 626983 by
    Pilpintu TEAM 994 Comments
    we accitenldy went to the worker's lift

    ROFLMAO Where did you end up??? XD

    Play Airbus A320-200Neo

    An airline called Play?? Ha! I wonder if they have services called Fast Forward or Rewind. XD (That's a joke for old people)

    tray taple was litttle bit small.

    I guess they make them small so that the small portions will look bigger! XD

    pancakes, fries and chicken nuggets

    Sounds great. Was it expensive?

    When we started descending we had a descending safety video played on screens

    How boring! Two safety videos on the same flight??? Yawwwwnn...

    Thanks for sharing! :D
    • Comment 627172 by
      EETN_plane_spotter_robie BRONZE AUTHOR 8 Comments

      We did not end up anywhere, they need that small keyring to use that lift.

      About that Forward/Rewind, I hope they have it because it will be pretty cool to use 😂

      I think they have small tray tables because the food looks bigger (you are right) but one problem is that sometimes things don't fit. I had trouble finding a place for my apple juice.

      Have a good one! :)

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