Review of Air Baltic flight Tallinn Tampere in Economy

Airline Air Baltic
Flight BT1561
Class Economy
Seat 20A
Aircraft Airbus A220-300
Flight time 00:31
Take-off 29 Oct 23, 15:50
Arrival at 29 Oct 23, 16:21
BT   #2 out of 23 Low-cost airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 98 reviews
Published on 15th May 2024

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Airline history and info: 
Air Baltic is a Latvian airline that was founded in 1995. It operates flights to over 60 destinations in Europe, the Middle East, and the CIS region. The airline's main hub is Riga International Airport, and it also has secondary hubs in Tallinn and Vilnius. Air Baltic has a fleet of over 40 aircraft, in the fleet there is 47 Airbus A220-300. The airline has won several awards, including the World Travel Awards for Europe's Leading Airline and the Baltic States' Leading Airline.

Aircraft info:  
Registration: YL-ABA
Aircraft: Airbus A220-300 - Type Code: BCS3
Serial Number (MSN): 55121 - Age (JUN 2021): 2 Years - Mode S: 502D3F
Airline: Air Baltic - Code: BT / BTI
Operator: Air Baltic - Code: BT / BTI
Country Of Registration: Latvia
Delivery Date to the Nyxair: 25/06/2021
Previous owners: No previous owners, only Air Baltic

Route Info:
BT1651is a route from Tallinn Airport (TLL) to Tampere Pirkkala Airport (TMP). The flight is operated by an Airbus A220-300 aircraft. The flight duration is approximately 45 minutes. 


So hello and Welcome to this FR. I hope you enjoying reading this and let's get started. 

After arriving at Tallinn Lennart Meri Airport I got the first picture. As you can see there is a little bit of snow. 

photo 3ce93812-142f-480a-954e-71102359cc00

After we went inside we got our boarding passes printed out for this flight. I don't remember how crowded the airport was but I believe it was. 

My favorite picture in Tallinn airport. 

photo c4843dd8-f5e8-4847-a943-63a0b471a61f-1

After that, it was time to head to the airside.

photo 300ab90b-68a4-4469-988c-0e041c147923-83879


photo bec9460b-7ef2-4ecf-b13a-1ab13d9cc692

Security took about 6 minutes. By the way, it was the last time for me to pass the old regular security here at Tallinn because the security operator changed and got some new machines so next time I don't need to take out my electronics and I can carry water bottles through security. 

Perfect rating

photo a51b1b10-2c98-4506-84cb-03ce686ec4c9

After that, I did a little shopping in the duty-free and then I went and confirmed my gate. And yes that 15:45 Amsterdam is ours but more of that later. 

photo dbdd0899-37e2-49f6-b094-c1eafcb88bac

Frequent readers of my reports (Ik that I don't have many reports) know that this is my favorite thing at the Tallinn Airport. 

photo 98e09a81-7aaf-4d53-879a-c25bb3f3c3f7

And of course, I need do say hello to the fishes.

photo fd02dca0-14c8-44d1-9e88-5e58195f029f-72007

And Estonian's only Subway is located here, at the Tallinn Airport.

photo 9b0d2511-309b-4918-9c7e-6922d8ce8a8b-75063

And our gate today is Olympic Gate. 

photo adbe32fe-6746-484e-9715-14b448f5d44d

I was hoping for the inaugural flight to take place but it was not. I think the reason why it was not an inaugural flight was that it continued to Amsterdam. 

So let's talk more about that flight. This flight is Tallinn-Tampere-Amsterdam. flight and that means it will continue towards Amsterdam. So passengers going to Amsterdam are not getting off at the Tampere.

After that, I decided to use the clean toilets like they are. Then I went to a coffee shop called Põhjala Deli, which is a nice small coffee shop. 

photo 7b7a2ead-3948-40c1-877c-017cb88ef3db-1

I got myself a Rhubarb and cream Danish pastry for 4,50€. I think it should be a little bit cheaper like 3€ but it was tasty. Next time I will try out Tallinn's Airport restaurant called Take-Off.

After that, I decided and explore my gate a little bit. There were photos of the 1980 Olympic games, there was that game where you can test your reaction speed, it was like a challenge to do over Gerd Kanter's score. Gerd Kanter was Olympic Champion in discus throw in 2008. And info about Olympic gold medalists from Estonia. 

I think my best on that game was like 45 or something. 

About 40 minutes later our boarding started so time to see where is my BP.


photo 82391c97-21b6-4054-a421-f1635d700de1photo b2fa9bb2-3b4d-4709-960f-6ae87dcb1090

Another Air Baltic A220 next to us will go to Riga in 10 minutes. 

photo 3be3ccc8-5d3c-43ef-8a85-62462e86e3d2

Quick cockpit picture and my favorite picture. 

photo 52e56faf-84c2-4d0c-8e7e-06dd49195bdcphoto 3867788c-0d98-40f0-899d-a36ab53621dc-1

I had a friendly welcome from the crew. 

My seat for the next 30 minutes. 

photo 78a353e1-b31f-4db1-a818-484b04308bce

And my view for the next 30 minutes. 

photo 9ade6d98-04ca-4afa-9cfb-e0b06e8b7a33

I like these small over head screens. 

photo 1bee1a7c-c4b7-4875-a25b-78e412c6ac57-1

And the Finnair ATR 72 (To Helsinkk) having push-back (?) not sure what to call this.

photo 96e5a094-ca1d-412d-9da8-0c2221dd3338


After that, the purser came to BA and welcomed us on board, The captain came to BA and announced our flight to be 30 minutes. 
Then we took a short taxi to rwy 08 and took off, climb out went smoothly, with no turbulence. 

Overall I did not take any photos for that topic. 

Enjoy the video of take off.


After the seatbelt sign was turned off I took that photo of a cloud sea. 

photo 3c6dff88-5043-4a6a-bf03-552604b915db

So the seat offers a seat, tray table, armrest, small overhead screen, reading lamp, crew calling button, and AC.

The tray table is a bit small.

The seat pocket contains an in-flight magazine, the menu/shopping (3 in 1), the safety card, and the air sickness bag.

photo 5f8e414d-bbe2-4d4f-9177-6fe01031156dphoto 7da71ff3-5b3b-4af6-b591-554d20c2cd37

So, the crew started their catering service but as we were on the row behind the wing it took about 6 minutes to reach us before lets did a quick loo review in the galley.

photo 866a1724-2847-4e5a-88a2-44ba79232635photo 946943ee-31f9-4bce-8c79-1cbe9a3bc329

Loo looks clean and has things that you need. On the galley, there are 2 loos. One on the left and one on the right.

Cabin turning cruising

photo 64f1338a-9c28-42ad-a351-558505093c7a

And we are somewhere in Finland and I got myself a blueberry muffin.

photo a64b3da2-d6c1-470e-ad34-723e7bf23e9e

Over Finland or a 1000 lake county

photo 882b4009-6349-4083-9e1b-83639e549353


So it is time to start our descend to Tampere Pirkkala airport but where are our pre-ordered meals? I had a quick chat with the Purser and it came out that meals are going to be handed out on the next text to Amsterdam but we are getting them once we de-board. 

Landing was smooth and again no photos were taken. Passengers going to Amsterdam are not getting off and can stay on the plane. 

Our Scheduled arrival time was 16:30 and our arrival was 16;21 so no delay.

Enjoy the landing video :)


Sunset from the plane window

photo 6192c0af-d741-4cce-af61-73959c4629c5

Once we reached the front we got our meal and exited and as always we took traditional fuselage shoot.

photo e20054c8-7133-49ab-9718-4f637ee26524photo d9d1d455-8487-470b-9e5d-94860083078d

Bye bye, see you in 6h YL-ABA.

Entrance to arrival area

photo c5068b37-1abf-41ad-b55f-05b37b0141c2

We were some of the few to get off at Tampere.

photo 1a78be40-0b94-4278-bd84-f059ca6cb605

And when you fly in or out from any Finlands airport you see at least one Moomin-themed thing and TMP is no exception. 

photo 9b8ccf95-2d65-49ca-a1b4-f45be1ee4fc5

And these chairs and Moomin picture on back ground.

photo 7678ecd7-a946-4217-90e7-8977fde30f74

And the baggage claim area is not so busy. And of course again Moomin picture behind. 

photo 6182eedc-7409-4963-a73a-1f1ad627813a

Quick explaining. If you don't know what is Moomin, then there is a quick copy from Wikipedia: The Moomins (Swedish: mumintrollen) are the central characters in a series of novels, short stories, picture books, and a comic strip by Finnish writer and illustrator Tove Jansson, originally published in Swedish by Schildts in Finland.

And to the city area. 

photo a143bde9-bf87-4061-9f60-fd3d69588b0b-33963

But our FR is not over yet, now it is time to eat our pre-ordered meals. 

photo d50a9731-0c93-4de5-96cf-c353e9c32f66

I chose that because it was only 1 of 2 meals available for that flight. 

photo 26c107be-a1e5-43cb-ae7e-f7be75c03024

The main course was cold salmon in mustard sauce and roasted and marinated vegetables and black bread next it. 

photo 5595d5e0-ddde-4c4b-9ab1-48b2375c56b6

To be honest I did not think that I would like it but it was very tasty. 

For the drink, you had two choices: Orange juice or white wine. I chose orange juice.

photo b63cd50f-26ee-4d62-973b-8d030e6390c2

I liked it more than the one that is served at my school lunch counter.

And for dessert, there was homemade cheesecake. 

photo 2a565ce4-a47e-4ddb-a797-137bfbfd0b3e

It was pretty tasty, I would love to have a second one as well but sadly it was not possible. 

That meal cost with orange juice 12.99€ and with white wine it cost 15.99€

And now it is time to go and spot our aircraft departing. 

photo c8596ae9-6076-4386-ab97-b96a0b7dff15photo 49a42ba1-973e-4a7d-9576-605cebfeb057

Wave from the pilots :)

photo dsc_0154jpg-1b

And there is a bus that will take you from the airport to the city center, line 103. 

Thanks for following around and I hope to see you in the next FR 


photo screenshot-2024-05-15-at-225055


Scheduled Departure: 15:45 - Actual Departure: 15:50 - Scheduled Arrival: 16:30
Status: Landed 16:21 - Flight time: 00:32
Airline: Air Baltic - Callsign: BTI1561
Flight Number: BT1561
Equipment: BCS3 (YL-ABA) - Aircraft: Airbus A220-300

photo 654b641b-8d95-4074-a235-ab3ecb95a823
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Air Baltic

Cabin crew9.0
Buy-on-board menu8.0

Tallinn - TLL


Tampere - TMP



This is a quick flight between TLL and TMP. Tampere airport is small and with friendly workers. Tallinn is also a cozy airport where you can spend your time with different gate commercials on the other hand Tampere and every other Finnish airport has these Moomin decorations that I like.




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  • Comment 651300 by
    Chibcha SILVER 574 Comments
    Was the pre ordered meal delivery a hiccup in service?
    What's the point of getting a plane meal after the flight?

    I reckon TMP is so Moomin intensive with the Muuminmuseo in town.

    Thanks for sharing!
    • Comment 651301 by
      EETN_plane_spotter_robie BRONZE AUTHOR 9 Comments
      Was the pre ordered meal delivery a hiccup in service? > I think yes it is but I'm not sure.

      What's the point of getting a plane meal after the flight? > So basically meal service would be done on the TMP-AMS leg but as we got info about that we started our descent into TMP and it was not possible to eat it and as we were hungry we decided to eat it at the airport.

      Thank you for the comment and I wish you a pleasant day!

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