Review of Qantas flight Sydney Perth in Business

Airline Qantas
Flight QF5
Class Business
Seat 7F
Aircraft Boeing 787-9
Flight time 05:00
Take-off 24 Jun 23, 18:20
Arrival at 24 Jun 23, 21:20
QF   #29 out of 95 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 176 reviews
By SILVER 1755
Published on 22nd July 2023

Qantas QF5 Sydney to Perth

Flight Details:
Airlines: Qantas
Flight: QF5 SYD - PER
Reg: VH-ZNB "Waltzing Matilda"
Aircraft: Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner
Class: Business
Departure Sydney Terminal 1 Gate 8: 6.20pm
Arrival Perth Terminal 3: 9.20pm [Actual: 9.04pm]
Flight time: 4 hours 32 minutes
Distance: 3500 km or 2174 miles

VIDEO: Qantas QF5 Sydney to Perth


This trip report is from June 2023. I booked flight to Perth with Qantas.


I booked flight through the Qantas website.

photo image00147

I checked the options as I wanted to return on Friday and rest over the weekend.

photo image00145

As I wanted transport during the trip, I booked car rental through the Qantas booking.

photo image00146

Payment completed, received email with booking details.

photo image00144


Few days prior to departure, received upgrade offer. I bid for the upgrade.

photo image00154

Two days prior to departure received an email, bid was successful. Amount charged to credit card.

photo image00151

Online Check-in

I logged in the Qantas website after receiving the email to select seat and complete check-in.

photo image00153

Being an international flight, I wasn't able to select the seat, I could only choose aisle or window option. I selected the window but selection was not saved.

photo image00149

Travel information for domestic travellers on International flights.

photo image00148

Check-in opens 3 hours prior to departure.

photo image00150


QF5 operates from Sydney to Perth and onwards to Leonardo Da Vinci Airport, Fiumicino - Italy.

As I knew the flight would be a Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner, checked the routes of the special liveries aircraft's.

VH-ZNJ on its way to Perth.

photo image00156

VH-ZND on its way to Sydney from Santiago. Confirmed, not a special livery aircraft for QF5.

I was not able to find the likely aircraft that would operate the route.

photo image00155

Qantas Boeing 787-9 Seating

photo image00138

Boeing 787-9 specifications from Qantas website.

photo image00143

Arriving at Airport

On the day of departure, I booked taxi at 2.55pm.

photo image00001

Taxi arrived at 3.10pm. I told driver to take the toll route as I wanted to reach early. Due to opening of the M4-M8 motorway connector, I was able to reach airport by 3.45pm. Faced traffic at the end of the motorway near the domestic airport signal. Paid the driver and collected bag.

photo image00002

Checked the flight information, QF5 check-in row C.

photo image00003


Qantas check-in was just next to the entrance.

photo image00004

Business class check-in was next to self-check kiosk. As seen below, empty.

photo image00005

Ground staff asked me for passport and where I was flying. I told her, I'm going to Perth and handed her my drivers license. We had a laugh. Boarding pass was printed and orange sticker with D was stuck. My drivers license number was written and was asked to sign on the sticker.
As I was completing the formalities, forgot about the seat selection. I did not check the seat number. I realised later that  was assigned a aisle seat.

photo image00007

I wanted to reduce the drag and lift. After my previous trip, I reduced things that I was carrying and so the bag was well below the allowance weight.

photo image00006

Immigration and Security Check

After check-in, I walked to following the departure sign.

photo image00008

As I was flying domestic, I had to get boarding pass stamped by border officer. I joined the immigration queue.

Immigration was not busy, there were 9 people ahead with 6 belonging to one family group.

Two counters were open, processing was slow. Took almost 5 minutes for 3 people be be processed. Lucky the group went to one counter and third counter opened.

I handed drivers license and boarding card. Orange sticker to indicate domestic passenger. Border officer wasn't having the stamp and had to leave desk to get the stamp the boarding pass.

I was allowed to continue towards security.  I emptied pocket and removed all metal items from person.

Security process was quick as not many international flight depart early evening. The usual x-ray and physical exercise in the full body scan followed.

Process was quick about 3-5 mins.

Departure Area

Entered the duty free area, I had to access to the business lounge.

photo image00009

I walked straight following the lounge sign. Flight boarding from gate 8. 5 mins walk was close to the lounge.

photo image00010

Took the escalator and turned left and long corridor to enter.

photo image00011

Qantas Business Lounge

Entered the lounge and showed boarding pass to the receptionist.

photo image00012

She scanned and stamped lounge on the boarding pass. As seen below, boarding pass plain, no logo with just flight details.

photo image00013

Video: Qantas Business Lounge


I would be arriving late in Perth and from my last experience, I had difficulty in finding food.

I wanted to sleep and avoid driving as I had to wake up early next morning.

photo image00015

After settling in the lounge, I got food.

photo image00014

Sat by the window to view the airside.

photo image00016

View of Sydney skyline from the lounge, with Qantas VH-ZNB arriving in the foreground. I didn't know at the time, this would be aircraft operating to Perth and on to Rome.

photo image00017

Food and drinks counter.

photo image00019

I had Moscato wine.

photo image00020

All day snacking menu

photo image00026

All day snacking menu

photo image00027

Cheese pasta

photo image00021


photo image00023


While having dinner, saw Srilankan airlines and UPS depart. As it was getting dark, reflection was unavoidable.

photo image00158photo image00024

UPS Boeing 747-8 to Honolulu

photo image00157

Walk to Gate

I had rest for sometime and then explored the lounge area. Flight schedule for the evening.

photo image00025

Lounge was getting busier, I walked towards the exit.

photo image00029

Escalator down to the departure area.

photo image00031

Boarding ARea

I had plenty of time for boarding, walked to complete the daily steps target.

photo image00037

Flight schedule

photo image00033

Tourist refund near the gate

photo image00036

Empty boarding area

photo image00035

Returned to the departure area

photo image00038

Terminal 1- Flight Departures

photo image00040

Getting busier with more flight departing in close proximity.

photo image00041

Food court near by. I was burning calories, did not walk near the food stores.

photo image00042


I returned to boarding area around boarding time of 5.50pm and waited for boarding call.

photo image00043

Boarding call was made on time. I joined the queue to board.

photo image00045

Boarding pass and identification was checked for passengers travelling to Perth. Those flying to Rome had to show passport.

photo image00046

Aircraft was parked a the furthest gate from the terminal, which meant a long walk to reach the aerobridge.

photo image00047

 A short queue to board, boarding pass was checked and was directed to seat. This is where I checked the seat number and realised I was assigned the aisle seat.

photo image00049


I reached the assigned seat it was aisle not a window as I was thinking. As can be seen, pillow, blanket, menu was placed along with headphones and water. I put the handbag in the overhead bin.

The passenger behind was travelling to Rome with son. 

photo image00051-69389

Cabin Service: Welcome Drink

As I sat on the seat, crew checked if I wanted champagne or sparking wine. I chose champagne.

photo image00052

Passengers were still boarding, while I sipped on the drink.

photo image00053

Opened tray to avoid spilling on self.

photo image00055

Boarding continued for some more time. Business was full on this flight.

photo image00056

Unlike the last Qantas business class, this time menu card was provided. Read QF9 experience - Qantas QF9 Melbourne To Perth

photo image00058

Menu was written in Italian on one side and English on other. I browsed the menu and decided what I would order.

photo image00066

Drinks information

photo image00084

Pushback and departure

Departure time neared, captain welcomed and announced flight details. Aircraft would arrive 15 minutes early.

photo image00061

Cabin announcement followed. Safety demonstration was conducted by crew and also displayed on personal screen.

photo image00071

Pushback commenced on time.

photo image00072

Sash belt fastened. Ready for departure

photo image00059

As the aircraft was parked close to the runway 16R, long but quick taxi followed as there was no traffic.

photo image00078

Flight information

photo image00074

Light changed to moodlighting and then dimmed for takeoff.

photo image00076

Sydney Departure

photo image00067

Flight lined on runway 34L and departed towards North and then turned West followed by changed in direction towards South.

photo image00060

Checked the flight route simulation

photo image00068


A smooth departure and cruising, I checked the seat settings.

photo image00062

Route information, 4.30 hours - flight time

photo image00064

I charged the phone for sometime after departure.

photo image00085

Flying South

photo image00086

I got up to use the toilet, which was clean with handwash and cream.

photo image00087

Cabin view while returning to seat.

photo image00088

Seat number on the overhead bin

photo image00102

Flight information

photo image00090

CAbin Service: Drinks

Half hour after departure, crew commenced drinks service.

photo image00092

Crew serving drinks

photo image00069

Chilli cheese ball

photo image00093

I wanted to have a different drink and chose Campari with soda.

photo image00094

Campari tasted bitter with orange and cherry flavors. I sipped slowly and finished the cheese ball.

photo image00095

Checked the weather while sipping the drink.

photo image00096

Waiting for collection.

photo image00097

Cabin SErvice: Meal

Drinks was followed by parsnip soup with sourdough croutons and red wine

photo image00098

Soup served 1.30 hours after departure.

photo image00099

I ate and waited for dishes to be cleared.

photo image00101

Sipping red wine waiting for main. Main served 2.10 hours after departure.

photo image00103

I had informed crew regarding the main when she had conducted a round to note order.

photo image00105

I ordered the Tasmanian smoked salmon, check menu for other ingredients. Food tasted good.

photo image00106

After meal, I had selected ice cream for dessert

photo image00107

Ice cream was hard, waited sometime for it to melt.

photo image00109


Flight information

photo image00129

I had drunk enough and felt sleepy,

photo image00130

Took rest and probably snoozed for sometime.

photo image00116

Arrival in Perth

Captain announced flight descent would be commencing shortly as aircraft would land early. Crew announced and cleared cabin. Crew manager came and thanked each passenger.

photo image00131

Flight information

photo image00133

Flying towards Perth.

photo image00134

Sash belt buckled and ready for landing.

photo image00132

Aircraft approached runway 21 from North.

photo image00111

 Landing felt smooth as seated in the front.

photo image00112

Flight time: 4.31 hours

photo image00113

Aircraft reached gate.

photo image00110

Local time was 9.10pm

photo image00114


Disembarkation commenced with Business passengers deboarding first. All passengers had to deboard the plane. Seated a 1 seat away from the door, exit was quick off the aircraft.

photo image00117

View of aircraft after disembarkation. Qantas VH-ZNB "Waltzing Matilda" would continue on to Rome.

photo image00118

Walking through corridor to reach escalator towards immigration

photo image00119


As was early off the aircraft, Immigration was quick. Showed the boarding pass and drivers license and was allowed to continue towards baggage claim behind the counter.

Baggage Claim

Baggage claim started to fill with passengers, while waiting collected few tourist guides. Bag arrived within 10 minutes of arrival.

photo image00120

Exiting Terminal 3

Collected the bag and walked towards exit. No one manned the exit nor collected the boarding pass.  Exited the arrivals area.

photo image00121

After exiting the terminal, I followed the car rental signage.

photo image00122

As this was second trip, I knew the direction.

photo image00123

Walking towards car rental kiosk.

photo image00124

Drive to Hotel

I got the car key after making payment.

photo image00170

Loaded bag and arranged setup the drive.

photo image00126

Time was almost 10.10pm when I was ready to drive.

photo image00127

As this was second booking with same motel reached quickly.

photo image00171

Hope you enjoyed the trip. Thanks for reading.

End of trip


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Cabin crew6.0

Qantas Business Lounge International - 1 - International


Sydney - SYD


Perth - PER



Qantas departed and arrived on time. Business lounge food and drinks was adequate. Ambience was quiet and perfect for the time of the day.

I didn't not check the entertainment or the Wi-fi. Meal was good, didn't interact much with the crew expect for the drinks and meal. My previous experience on QF9 crew was more friendly.

Sydney Airport was not busy, Perth was the same.

Overall it was a good trip as flight arrived early.



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  • Comment 632637 by
    Leadership TEAM BRONZE 5493 Comments
    Hi, thanks for this new report.
    Interesting to know the specificities of this domestic flight continuing to an international destination, at least you get to use the (I guess superior) international lounge.
    I am pretty underwhelmed by the catering offered on such a flight, the packaged ice-cream is a disgrace.
    Shame for the aisle seat too.
    btw, why are you hiding your bid offer?
    • Comment 632645 by
      koresh SILVER AUTHOR 129 Comments
      Qantas business lounges in domestic and international are almost similar.
      I prefer to select seat while booking, unfortunately was not available for this flight.
      Option was ice cream or cheese platter. I had tried the cheese platter before and having drunk enough, chose ice cream.
      Thanks for your comment.
  • Comment 632819 by
    KévinDC TEAM SILVER 6859 Comments
    Nice to be able to score a bid upgrade on this popular transcon flight! I really like the Vantage XL seats as they are spacious and forward-facing. Catering looks good except for the oddly cheap looking dessert. It's nice that they properly service the individual courses.

    Thanks for sharing!

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