Review of Qantas flight Melbourne Perth in Business

Airline Qantas
Flight QF9
Class Business
Seat 11K
Aircraft Boeing 787-9
Flight time 04:00
Take-off 10 Dec 22, 16:50
Arrival at 10 Dec 22, 17:50
QF   #29 out of 95 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 176 reviews
By SILVER 2802
Published on 13th January 2023

Qantas QF9 Melbourne To Perth

Flight Details:
Airlines: Qantas
Flight: QF9 MEL - PER
Reg: VH-ZNE "Skippy"
Aircraft: Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner
Class: Business
Departure Melbourne Terminal 2 - Gate 3: 4.30pm
Arrival Perth Terminal 3: 5:50pm
Flight time: 4 hours 00 minutes
Distance: 2706 km or 1461 miles
Landed: Runway 21

VIDEO: Qantas QF9 Melbourne To Perth


This trip report is from Dec 2022. I was transiting through Melbourne on the way to Perth. You can read the tripreport-> Qantas QF427 Sydney to Melbourne.

Flight Routing below:


  • QF427 - Economy - Sydney → Melbourne - Airbus A330-300 Past
  • QF9 - Business - Melbourne - Perth - Boeing 787-9 You are here
  • QF1604 - Economy - Perth - Darwin - Airbus A320-200 Coming soon
  • QF1960 - Business - Darwin - Alice Springs - Embraer E19L Coming soon
  • QF791 - Economy - Alice Springs - Sydney - Boeing 737-800 Coming soon

I was originally booked to fly Economy flight.

photo screenshot-2022-12-07-at-13-52-46-booking-details

I received an email 2 days before flight to upgrade to Business. I bid for the upgrade and was successful. Upgrade charges was deducted from the credit card.

photo screenshot-2022-12-09-163341

I had also received check-in email earlier and I had checked in for the flight. 

photo screenshot-2022-12-09-at-18-26-30-check-in-review-qantas

Economy class baggage allowance

photo bag

As I received email of upgrade day before flight. I logged again in Qantas website and selected seat and re-checked of the flight. On completing check-in, message was to collect boarding pass at airport.

photo screenshot-2022-12-09-at-18-26-03-check-in-review-qantas

I had read the Domestic travel requirements on international flights

photo screenshot-2022-12-07-at-14-01-21-domestic-travel-on-international-flights

I had few hours of transit, found a spot in front of the check-in counter and completed work.

photo 20221210_111016

As I was running out of battery, I walked around to find a power point. Flight schedule from Melbourne. Found a spot to charge machine and continued with work.

photo 20221210_122243

After receiving the upgrade confirmation, I logged and re-selected the seat, I had limited seat choices due to late upgrade.

photo screenshot-2023-01-10-225254


Boarding for the flight would open at 1.50pm.

photo screenshot-2022-12-09-at-18-26-11-check-in-review-qantas

At 1.50pm, I returned to International section for check-in.

photo 20221210_110731

Check-in had opened and not many in the queue.

photo 20221210_141814

Entered the check-in area with 3 passengers ahead.

photo 20221210_141818

At the check-in counter, bag was weighed. I was asked for ID, showed my drivers license[DL].

photo 20221210_141953

Boarding pass was printed with DL details written on it. I was informed to pass immigration and show the Boarding pass and DL at border control.

photo 20221210_183527

I was also given a baggage receipt and informed of gate no and time of boarding.

photo 20221210_183628

Security and Immigration

After receiving the boarding pass, I headed towards the security which took about 10mins as the queue was long due to multiple departures. But it was moving, new x-rays at Australian airport have made the process quicker as now people don't have to remove laptop and other electronic devices from bags. Body scan was conducted for everyone. Completed security without issues.

At immigration, there was separate counter for domestic passengers flying on international flight. Border staff checked the boarding pass and DL and then stamped the boarding pass. It took less than a minute to complete immigration.

Departure area

After competing immigration, checked the departure board.

photo 20221210_141639

QF9 had check-in status.

photo 20221210_141642

Duty Free Shops

All passengers have to walk through the duty free shops to reach departure gate. As I was flying domestic with nothing to buy, I walked through the duty free section.

photo 20221210_144600

Reached the gate, which was empty.

photo 20221210_144957

I had forgotten about the lounge access and walked around to complete daily steps.

photo 20221210_145019

QF9 would be operated by VH-ZNE, as the aircraft was hidden, could only see the rego on zooming.

photo 20221210_145307

I had to select seat 11k as the other seats were occupied or unavailable.

photo screenshot-2023-01-10-225254


Malaysian was parked in the neighbouring gate.

photo 20221210_145406

Qatar Airways and Emirates

photo 20221210_151259

Walking towards the extended departure area.

photo 20221210_151518

Walking around

photo 20221210_151536

Towards extended area.

photo 20221210_151546

Virgin Australia Domestic terminal.

photo 20221210_152240

Cathay Pacific

photo 20221210_151955

Video: SriLankan Arrival in 8k video

Srilankan arrives from Colombo at gate D4.

photo 20221210_161707


Soon it was boarding time. Separate queue were formed for Business and economy passengers. Business and Qantas members were boarded first, followed by economy. Ground staff asked passengers to scan their boarding pass.

View of aircraft before boarding.

photo 20221210_162327

Passengers at the entrance. I joined the queue later.

photo 20221210_162421


Cabin crew greeted, checked boarding pass and directed me to seat.

View of seat before sitting.

photo 20221210_162643

Crew came and asked if I would like something to drink. I asked for champagne. View of the outside. Malaysia Airlines in OneWorld livery.

photo 20221210_162948

I had the drink and glass was cleared before pushback.

photo 20221210_164401

Seat controls and amenities - water, headphones and sidelight.

photo 20221210_164822

IFE with seat number and flight details.

photo 20221210_170058

I explored the seat while waiting for pushback. IFE remote control in side panel, which had a mirror. Power points and usb charger.

photo 20221210_172707

Legroom- seat converts to bed with controls in the armrest.

photo 20221210_173002

SEAT Pocket MAterial

Seat pocket contained the Inflight magazine, safety card and air sickness bag.

photo 20221210_173012

Qantas Boeing 787-9 safety card

photo 20221210_173032

Full view

photo 20221210_173026

Seat controls - with back and butt massaging option

photo 20221210_174535

Pushback and Departure

Pushback commenced on time. Safety demonstration was conduced through video. A long taxi followed, aircraft departed from runway 34. Watch video to enjoy the experience.


After departure, crew had left the window controls free for passengers to set.

photo 20221210_174559

Inflight magazine and safety card in the box.

photo 20221210_174610

Flight map after departure.

photo 20221210_174729

I had darkened the window to rest and watch movie.

photo 20221210_195359

Cabin Service

After departure, crew came with drinks trolley.

photo 20221210_174853

I chose Penfolds Shiraz Cabarnet - red wine and got roasted almonds.

photo 20221210_175142


As I wasn't sleepy, decided to watch Top Gun: Maverick.

photo 20221210_180111

Reclined the seat for comfortable viewing.

photo 20221210_180937

Dinner Service

Crew came and asked about the meal. As there was no menu provided. I chose the corn soup.

photo 20221210_185123

Main meal: Salad of herbed lemon chicken with chickpeas, balsamic onions, broccolini and saffron aioli

photo 20221210_191416

Dessert: Cheesy platter. Ice cream was also an option but I declined.

photo 20221210_192716

Watched movie with 1 eye as I felt sleepy after the wine.

photo 20221210_195406

Flight path

photo 20221210_200625

After a while, got up for toilet and a quick view of the cabin.

photo 20221210_204124

Arrival in Perth

Time passed and captain announced descend would commenced soon.

photo 20221210_204544

Cabin prepared for arrival. The customer service manager came to each seat and thanked passengers.

photo 20221210_204717

Aircraft approached Perth to land smoothly on runway 21. Exited runway and after a short taxi reached gate.

photo 20221210_205945

Window view as aircraft reached gate.

photo 20221210_211501

View of seat 10K. Announcement was made for those passengers flying to London had to disembark with their bags, complete security and enter the departure area.

photo 20221210_211515

Waited for door to open. Business passengers disembarking first

photo 20221210_211530

View of aircraft

photo 20221210_181937

Aircraft preparing for next flight as QF9 to London - currently world's 3rd longest flight.

photo 20221210_182023

Entered the Terminal 3 building with view of the Terminal and 1 and 2 on the other side of runway.

photo 20221210_182150

Immigration and Baggage Collection

Only Qantas domestic and international operate from Terminal 3, all other airlines operate from the other terminal. After walking through the corridor, took a escalator down to immigration, which had 2 counters open.

I was lucky to be among the first 4 as other passengers had to join a different queue.

photo 20221210_182152

After completing immigration, where the Border staff checked the boarding pass and ID, was allowed to enter baggage claim. Baggage is just behind the immigration counter.

photo 20221210_182829-31571

My bag came with 5 minutes.

photo 20221210_182832-69486

Exiting the Terminal

To exit the terminal, passengers have to pass through a passage, where border staff collects the boarding pass. After handing the boarding pass, entered the arrival area.

photo 20221210_183908

Being first time to Perth, I checked the sign board of car rental.

Terminal 3 Car rentals are on the left side after exiting arrivals then another left and walk straight. Walk straight behind the taxi board in this picture.

photo 20221210_183954

Reached the car rentals. I provided details and got the car key.

photo 20221210_185805

I had rented a KIA Stonic during my stay in WA. Next thing to do was drive to hotel.

photo 20221210_185917

I hope you enjoyed reading this trip report.

Thanks for reading the report and watching the video.


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Cabin crew8.0

Melbourne - MEL


Perth - PER



Qantas business experience was a pleasure, I enjoyed the flight. Few things could have improved, ground staff didn't inform about the business lounge. I had forgotten about the lounge access as I had work commitments in my head. Lack of menu card onboard, I didn't know about the other options.
Flight departed on time, was delayed by few minutes due to headwind. Entertainment was enough for the duration of flight. Onboard service was good, Liked the customer service manager thanking everyone personally in the cabin at just before arrival.

Overall I had satisfactory flight.

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  • Comment 619002 by
    KévinDC TEAM SILVER 6859 Comments
    Hi Koresh, nice report as always! Nice to get on the 789 for this short transcon flight! I think the majority of flights on the route are operated by A330s except for the services that continue on to LHR operated by the 789? Both aircraft have good onboard products, but 789 is the nicer of the two.

    Meal service looks good for a 4h flight with properly coursed out service, which doesn't always happen even in long-haul J on many airlines anymore.

    Thanks for sharing!
    • Comment 619435 by
      koresh SILVER AUTHOR 129 Comments
      Thank you. QF9 is Boeing 787-9 originating from Melbourne, other are mix of Boeing 737 and Airbus 330's. I had specifically chosen this flight to fly the 787-9 as my previous attempt with Air New Zealand wasn't successful due to engine issues.
      I enjoyed the experience, being my first in business.
      Thanks again.

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