Review of Turkish Airlines flight Istanbul Buenos Aires in Economy

Airline Turkish Airlines
Flight TK15
Class Economy
Seat 31K
Aircraft Airbus A340-300
Flight time 20:00
Take-off 13 Feb 14, 10:15
Arrival at 14 Feb 14, 01:15
TK   #11 out of 66 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 628 reviews
By 11234
Published on 22nd February 2014
Hi everyone! This is my fifth FR, so I hope you enjoy it!
This flight has two segments, IST-GRU and GRU-EZE, so I divided the FR in two parts as well.

TK 15
Date: 13/02/14
Origin: Istanbul – Ataturk IST
Destination: Sao Paulo – Guarulhos GRU
Departure: 09.30 (10.15 real)
Arrival: 19.05 (19.45 real)
I got to the airport more than 3 hours before the flight on a transfer that my hotel hired. I arrived IST at 6.15.

IST entrance
photo SAM_5952

Before getting inside the airport I pass through security check. They scanned all my luggage and I walked under a metal detector. When I passed security I was inside IST airport. So I walked to TK counters to proceed with check in. I had already checked in online the day before to choose my seat, but when I asked a TK agent which counters should I use he told me to use the regular check in ones.

TK counters
photo SAM_5953

So after I dispatched my suitcase and got my boarding pass, I went to clear migrations. They have to separated areas, one for Turkish citizen and another for “Rest of world” citizen. Turkish area had only 2-3 people on a line, the other area had more than 150 people! But they go really fast. After that I cleared security again, and I found myself on the Duty Free area.

photo SAM_5955

Duty Free
photo SAM_5957

photo SAM_5961

Duty Free
photo SAM_5966

After trying some new fragrances, and tasting some “Locum” (Turkish Delight), I searched for my departure gate, since it wasn’t printed on my boarding pass. In IST airport, there are lounges near each gate for each flight. So when I found my gate, number 216 it was divided in two, half for the GRU-EZE flight and another for ARN. When the ARN flight departed, TK staff told us to leave the lounge and then they let us in again after checking our passports and boarding passes.

The Airbus A340-300 that brought me to EZE, TC-JIH
photo SAM_5968

Only TK
photo SAM_5970

Boarding Lounge
photo SAM_5974

A guy sitting on my Airbus A343
photo SAM_5976

Flight Info
photo SAM_5980

When we all were in the lounge the boarding started, first passengers on Bussiness class, then the rest. So I was one of the firsts to get on the plane.

My seat, 31K, which would be my place for the next almost 20 hours!
photo SAM_5983

At 9.20 all passengers were inside the plane. A couple of minutes later the captain introduced himself and the rest of the crew first in Turkish, then in incomprehensible English. Some minutes later we pushed back and headed to the runway.

Turkish Airlines Boeing 777-300ER
photo SAM_5990

Saudi Arabian 747
photo SAM_5991

Vintage Aeroflot
photo SAM_5993

An Iranian visitor
photo SAM_5994

Gambia’s Aircraft
photo SAM_5998

Finally at 10.15 we took off. Some minutes later the FAs gave us a welcome “locum”.

photo SAM_6004

After that they brought some hot towels, and amenity kits. When you got to your sit you could find a blanket, a pillow a pair of headphones, and a pair of slippers.

Hot towel and amenity kit
photo SAM_6006

Amenity kit inside
photo SAM_6007

photo SAM_6008

Then they handed in the menus with a little package of dried fruit and a drink. I asked for a beer.

photo SAM_6009

photo SAM_6013

Flight map
photo SAM_6017photo SAM_6005

Finally they served the meal. I chose the pasta option which was really tasty! It included a little salad of tomato, cheese and cucumber, and another salad of kidney beans. For dessert: Chocolate cake. It was all really good.

photo SAM_6018

When they took the trays I tried to get some sleep because I had almost 9 hours of flight ahead. I woke up a couple of hours later and I watched some films. They have an excellent IFE system. The only bad thing is the lack of variety in languages. I understand English very well, so I had no problem, but I heard complaints of other passengers. Though, they offer a few films dubbed in Castilian Spanish (Spain), but we Argentineans hate this dubbing hehehe… Until the next service you could take from the galley cheese sandwiches, cakes and drinks.
When we got closer to Brazilian territory they served the pre-landing meal. There was no choice for this meal. It had two koftes, a portion of rice and vegetables. There was also a salad of salmon, lettuce and cheese. For dessert, sour cherries and cream. Again, everything was really good.

photo SAM_6026

The cabin from my spot
photo SAM_6027

At 19.00 we started wandering over Sao Paulo, and many minutes later we landed. During this stop, passengers are not allowed to leave the aircraft. Also during this stop, an “army” of cleaning employed enters the airplane to do the cleaning. The crew leaves and a new crew arrive, and finally the passengers of the GRU-IST flight board the plane.

Sao Paulo
photo SAM_6034

Lufthansa Boeing 747-400 at GRU
photo SAM_6039

At 21.30 the new captain introduced himself and the crew in a better English that the other captain hehe. He announced that we will be taking off in about 15 minutes. As soon as we started getting closer to the runway, the FAs asked for a doctor, to identify himself and to contact the crew. After that I noticed that we were heading to the terminal again. The purser announced that a passenger had a problem so we had to go back to the terminal so she could leave the aircraft in an ambulance, and also they would take out her luggage. She also said this will take no more than 30 minutes….Later I found out that this woman had suffered an attack of epilepsy. Once at the terminal it took a lot of time to locate her luggage and take it out of the plane. I was so tired and upset for this that I fell asleep. I only woke up at 23.35 for the take off.

As a curiosity, the pre-recorded announcements given on the first leg of the flight are in Turkish, English and Brazilian Portuguese. On the second leg they are in Turkish, English and Castilian Spanish.

TK 15
Date: 13/02/14
Origin: Sao Paulo – Guarulhos GRU
Destiny: Buenos Aires – Ministro Pistarini EZE
Departure: 20.35 (23.35 real)
Arrival: 22.05 (01.15 real)

Once on the air they handed in the new menus. The choices were pasta, and another thing I don’t remember. I chose the pasta. It wasn’t very tasty, some parts were dry. It included a tabouleh salad, and a piece of cake for dessert.

photo SAM_6044

I was so tired of being inside the plane that I fell asleep again, and I tried to sleep all the time I could during this short flight. At 00.45 (Argentina time) they announced we were descending over Buenos Aires, so I woke up and put on my shoes. Thanks TK for giving slippers on such long flight! They are so necessary!

Baires lights
photo SAM_6048

At 01.15 we landed at Buenos Aires EZE airport. We passed through migrations and customs very fast. The only bad part was that I had lost my transfer bus to my city, but I could find another way to make it to Rosario.

TK Airbus 340-300 at EZE – Terminal B
photo SAM_6050

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It was a very good flight, but incredibly long. If there weren’t any problem at GRU, I would keep a better memory of this flight. Also not being able to leave the aircraft during the stop at GRU is a bit annoying, because after many hours inside the plane it’s nice to take some fresh air. The only good thing is to think that there’s only missing a short flight to finally leave the plane. TK service is really good! (ground, and air staff). Ground staff at EZE is terrible. The food is the best part, also the IFE is good, but there are some things they should improve, as the language variety.
This was my 5th FR, I hope you like it!
Best wishes

Viajero 90



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  • Comment 100256 by
    lagentsecret GOLD 12455 Comments

    Thanks for sharing this FR

    Though, they offer a few films dubbed in Castilian Spanish (Spain), but we Argentineans hate this dubbing hehehe…
    At least even if you dislike the accent you can understand : it's not the same with other companies like AB (there is nothing in french language (not even in canadian french !))

    The amenity kit is nice and even better than some in Business Class

    The catering looks yummy

    You weren't lucky with this medical emergency

    Looking forward for your next report

    • Comment 288577 by
      viajero90 AUTHOR 89 Comments

      Thanks! I know..I wasn't lucky this time.
      For the dubbing issue, I could also say that we argentineans would hate a spanish dubbing with an argentinean accent as well! I remember when they dubbed Disney's film The Incredibles with local actors it was soo disgusting hehehe! Everybody hated it. We prefer subtitled films.

  • Comment 100261 by
    marathon GOLD 9819 Comments

    No matter what, a long flight in Y is tiring, and there is little hope of alleviating this fact. I have a mixed opinion on staying on board during a stop. On one hand, it can provide additional picture opportunities and a small chance to recharge an electronic device, on the other hand you are likely to have to go through the hassle of a security check.
    All in all, TK appears to deliver a decent service on this looong flight. Thanks for this FR !

  • Comment 100265 by
    Caribel 113 Comments

    Seems the flight was positive overall. I find surprising, an individual with a chronic epileptic condition, was not carrying written instructions by the attending neurologist on what parameters require hospitalization versus a post-seizure medication dose. The specialist in the home country is better prepared to handle any adjustments needed versus an emergency room physician who would have to run a battery of tests costing thousands, before being able to safely discharge from the hospital. It would be like stopping a flight just because a diabetic person needed an extra dose of insulin.

    I laughed after reading your point about how punishing it is to listen to Castilian accented Spanish. Reminds me growing up watching Argentinian tele-novelas, and wondering how distinct portenos speak. Remember Jacinta Pichimahuida?

    Segui compartiendo tus hazanas che!

  • Comment 100267 by
    KévinDC TEAM GOLD 5606 Comments

    Great report! A flight this long is definitely tiring, especially with the delay, but thankfully TK offers a great product. An amenity kit in Economy is unheard of this day and age.

  • Comment 100268 by
    jetsetpanda 2294 Comments

    Gracias por compartir este reporte tan ameno.

    I think TK is the best airline in Y when you exclude the service aspect. I received the same amenity kit you got and it seems to be almost the same that LX gives out in J.

    Catering is TK's strongest quality, although the meals are slightly downgraded nowadays. Nevertheless it is still solid comparatively speaking.

  • Comment 133220 by
    mc 16 Comments

    Hi,I'm a university student and I'm performing an analysis about airlines customer forums.

    For my research would be very important to know the nationality of each writer...May I know your nationality??

    Thank you so much!

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