Review of Virgin America flight San Francisco Los Angeles in First

Airline Virgin America
Flight VX 847
Class First
Seat 2A
Aircraft Airbus A320
Flight time 01:20
Take-off 29 Aug 07, 13:20
Arrival at 29 Aug 07, 14:40
VX 26 reviews
By 4380
Published on 12th September 2011
After the few hours spent in SFO, I went to wait for my flight at the Continental Presiden Club thanks to a friend of mine who is a member. The lounge is small, I didn't take any pictures. There is a bar in the middle tended by a barman. There are pretzels, and other nuts available and as we are in the morning there are bagels, cream cheese and jam. There are also a few fruits, bananas, apples.

After I had checked-in at the Virgin America counters, very trendy, white with red notes, orchids in pots, I accept the First Class upgrade for 50 USD. It'll give me the opportunity to compare with Alaska Airlines I just flew in with.
Security check was fast and I go to gate A12 to wait for departure.
photo Freja19aug2007055

photo Freja19aug2007056

Boarding will start soon and behind the counter there is a table with earphones available free of charge. Other lowcost carriers make you pay the earphones and prices range from 1USD at jetBlue to 5USD at Hawaiian Air.
photo Freja19aug2007057

Our CFM on the left hand side.
photo Freja19aug2007058

The legroom is far better than at Alaska !
photo Freja19aug2007059

photo Freja19aug2007060

Our neighbour, another Airbus, A320 wearing the jetBlue name.
photo Freja19aug2007061

photo Freja19aug2007062

photo Freja19aug2007063

Traffic at SFO
photo Freja19aug2007064

photo Freja19aug2007065

photo Freja19aug2007066

photo Freja19aug2007067

photo Freja19aug2007068

photo Freja19aug2007069

The runway for our departure for Los Angeles
photo Freja19aug2007070

And we have lift off !
photo Freja19aug2007072

SFO Airport from above !
photo Freja19aug2007073

photo Freja19aug2007074

photo Freja19aug2007075

photo Freja19aug2007076

photo Freja19aug2007077

photo Freja19aug2007078

Personnal television in First.
photo Freja19aug2007080

I went in Economy for a couple of pictures of the winglet
photo Freja19aug2007081

photo Freja19aug2007082

Our engine. It is a shame you don't see how irridescent the red colour is, you'd think they poured tons of glitter on it !
photo Freja19aug2007083

photo Freja19aug2007084

During the flight a snack is served in small plastic verrines served in a box.
photo Freja19aug2007088

Cherry tomato and mozzarella with balsamic vinegar.
photo Freja19aug2007089

Parma ham and melon pearl.
photo Freja19aug2007093

Vanilla cream chou with chocolate sauce.
photo Freja19aug2007095

My meal for the flight. The crew will also offer crisps on top of what was already offered. Drinks are also served, I took a Coke.
photo Freja19aug2007096

And California goes by under our Airbus or under the clouds…
photo Freja19aug2007097

photo Freja19aug2007098

photo Freja19aug2007099

photo Freja19aug2007100

photo Freja19aug2007101

photo Freja19aug2007102

photo Freja19aug2007103

photo Freja19aug2007104

photo Freja19aug2007105

photo Freja19aug2007106

On my screen, the map of the continental USA and our arrival at LAX.
photo Freja19aug2007108

Little turn above downtown Los Angeles.
photo Freja19aug2007110

photo Freja19aug2007111

photo Freja19aug2007112

photo Freja19aug2007113

Our landing is smooth and we are waiting between the 2 North runways and we see this China Eastern A340-600 departing for Shanghai Pudong.
photo Freja19aug2007115

We get to our taxiway and towards terminal 6 which was back then the one Virgin American used before transfering it's operations to T3, while taxiing we meet up with Air New Zealand.
photo Freja19aug2007116
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Cabin crew8.0

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The flight went real well, with a couple minutes delay.

Comfort wise, the Virgin America First class is excellent. The white seats are really comfortable.

The personnel is young and dynamic but a little too familiar for my taste. I prefer the europeans or asians act. It's a little but like in restaurants in the USA where they'll spent their whole time asking you if all is good when you are actually eating and chewing food ! Very rude ! I prefer not to be bothered but to know that the staff is ready on hand whould I need them.

Compared to Alaska Airlines, it was excellent ! All I needed with an excellent quality snack !

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