Review of Singapore Airlines flight Los Angeles Singapore in Business

Airline Singapore Airlines
Flight SQ37
Class Business
Seat 19K
Aircraft Airbus A350-900
Flight time 17:10
Take-off 09 Apr 23, 23:40
Arrival at 10 Apr 23, 07:50
SQ   #1 out of 94 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 701 reviews
By SILVER 2307
Published on 17th July 2023

Dropped off the rental in one piece and the shuttle bus dropped us outside the arrivals area of TBIT. Made our way upstairs to the departures area and found the SQ check in area.

photo 52883952560_2993fae710_c


photo 52873635447_127890eced_c

Had a bit of a wait but was eventually helped and the check in process was smooth.

photo 52882996927_168c483e11_c

Thank goodness for TSA precheck as we were the only ones in line and the regular line was 200 people long. Once past security, we made our way to the Star Alliance lounge located on the 6th floor.

photo 52874591485_b512aa08f6_c


photo 52874384959_290b175b60_c

Gong show tonight as every seat was taken. Luckily, the outdoor terrace was empty and we had the space to ourselves. Food selection was meh at best but at least there was champagne!

photo 52874590765_b87b026d1f_c


photo 52883740109_c6ccc52fb0_c


photo 52883580066_187a709f30_c


photo 52873635947_3306d42d78_c


photo 52882998602_dbb2491474_c


photo 52874384969_76aae837e0_c

Outdoor terrace

photo 52882997192_362dbf71b1_c

Instagram picture

photo 52884024908_f72f67ea1a_c

One for me, one for her

photo 52883580951_a3664d968e_c

Indoor terrace

photo 52883953535_32f4a5d63a_c


photo 52883952590_13031c115d_c

A boarding announcement was made in the lounge and we made our way to the gate

photo 52884024553_288f7c62ca_c

Sixteen and a half amazing hours in this bird!

photo 52884350952_2619bcd759_c

19K - snagged the bulkhead seats during OLCI which opened 2 days before departure

photo 52882998582_d6e26ae843_c


photo 52882996727_590c37afcb_c


photo 52874655218_7df6c5883d_c

OJ offered as a PDB

photo 52874590815_b2306d7fa7_c

The menu

photo 52883581021_0eba35460a_c


photo 52884023468_cc5610773f_c


photo 52873636192_942d8f8b5d_c


photo 52874591350_93f16831b3_c


photo 52874384334_c459db1939_c


photo 52884025073_08dcdf7cce_c


photo 52883952935_3b2c8a9e39_c


photo 52883739749_637a8912a4_c


photo 52874655973_f4b39557ab_c


photo 52874213706_f2a5a3207f_c


photo 52883742224_35db004e4a_c

Boarding was done quickly and we actually pushed back 5 minutes ahead of schedule

photo 52883741839_78ff875086_c


photo 52882996227_b89d5f8cfe_c

We were off into the night sky eventually. Once the seat belt signs were turned off, we put Junior to bed and the crew started preparing meals.

Appetizer to start with delicious garlic bread

photo 52873635887_b22bc034b0_c

Book the Cook Chicken Rice - sensational!

photo 52884025133_b12f3db263_c

Made the bed right after dinner and went down for a few hours

photo 52873635962_83207cab1e_c

Eventually woke up after a couple hours as I was not able to sleep much and ordered a snack

Champers to start

photo 52882997387_d21d61740e_c

Something healthy with something full of carbs ?

photo 52883579676_950004edd5_c

Red curry chicken - yummy!

photo 52882998012_205e64008d_c

Choco cake to end

photo 52873635912_36e8a4a626_c

Junior woke up eventually and wanted something to munch on - he went with the seafood mac and cheese

photo 52874591200_7fe76bc379_c

For the final meal service, he went with the pizza

photo 52874384524_f4834dbd26_c

While I went with the beef with noodles

photo 52874590845_e3ca2c06b6_c

After 16 glorious hours, we eventually began our descent into Singapore

photo 52874591600_8f7a5c9867_c


photo 52874591185_44a724fa0d_c

A familiar sight

photo 52874213571_85c7753488_c

As usual, the windows steamed up due to the humidity

photo 52882996752_8654f80ae1_c

Immigration was quick with the new automated kiosks and we waited for our bags which were among the first ones on the belt

photo 52874385209_d059baee29_c

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Cabin crew10.0

Star Alliance Lounge Business Class Section - TBIT


Los Angeles - LAX


Singapore - SIN



Overall, a fantastic flight. I set my expectations low after experiencing SQ F pre covid but I was very surprised by the attention from the flight crew and overall friendliness, the delicious food and the comfort of the seat itself.

Information on the route Los Angeles (LAX) Singapore (SIN)


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  • Comment 632447 by
    KévinDC TEAM SILVER 6885 Comments
    TSA Pre-Check at TBIT is great because it's almost always empty while the regular security line is always HUUUUUUUGE

    The LAX Star Alliance lounge looks great. I wish the oneworld lounges had an outdoor patio like that!

    Thanks for sharing
  • Comment 632732 by
    grenouille 191 Comments
    Thanks for your report. Sorry to disagree but at the Star Alliance lounge, Bouvet and Mumm Napa are not champagne but sparkling wines...

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