Review of Cathay Pacific flight Malé Hong Kong in Business

Airline Cathay Pacific
Flight CX602
Class Business
Seat 15G
Aircraft Airbus A330-300
Flight time 06:20
Take-off 16 Feb 14, 23:35
Arrival at 17 Feb 14, 08:55
CX   #2 out of 87 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 482 reviews
By 6617
Published on 7th March 2014
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Hello everyone,

This is the 5th leg of my RTW report.

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3 days in the Maldives was not enough but fun nonetheless. We were sad to leave such a wonderful place but we will definitely be coming back again. Since our flight was leaving at 23:35, we secured a late checkout from our room till 6:30pm. The boat would leave the dock to the airport at 8pm. The good thing about checkout is that you don’t have to take your bags with you from the room. It will be picked up by staff and then you verify your belongings at the dock before boarding the boat.

The first 4 pictures are from the resort as you can tell. It truly was a wonderful place to stay at. Staff was friendly and helpful. Even though there were many guests at the resort (lots of families), you never noticed them on the grounds other than when you were having meals at the restaurants.

The HI sign that greets you on the dock. We identified our bags which were packed in the boat and we got in. There were other guests leaving with us.
photo P2160067

Our boat taking us to the airport.
photo P2160069

View from the dock showing the main reception and restaurant area.
photo P2160070

It truly is amazing to see the moonlight reflecting on the water. We experienced this every night at the resort and it’s good to just sit on the beach and admire the view.
photo P2160072

Docked safely at the airport jetty, collected our bags and went inside. Our bags were scanned at the entrance and we proceeded to the check-in desk. Cathay was at the far end and this greeted us at the Business class line.
photo P2160073photo P2160074photo P2160075

A pic of the economy line for check-in.
photo P2160076photo P2160077photo P2160078

Check-in was done after a 20 minute wait in line even though there were 2 desks for J class. Grr.
Took some pictures of the departures screen along with other airline check in desks.

Went upstairs and proceeded through immigration and security. Once through, we landed up in the duty free area.
photo P2160084photo P2160085

Took a quick walk through the duty free and there was nothing of interest to us. So, we headed to the safety of the lounge.
photo P2160092

It was crowded when we got in but after 20 minutes, people left and we grabbed these 2 seats near the window.
photo P2160088

Emirates being prepped for departure.
photo P2160087

Since we didn’t have any dinner, we got some grub at the lounge. Was surprised to see a few good hot items.
photo P2160089photo P2160090

By the time I came back to my seat, Emirates was being pushed back.
photo P2160091

45 minutes before departure, a lounge agent came around and politely announced for Cathay Pacific guests to head to gate. Got to the gate where our boarding passes were scanned and we headed down the waiting bus.

Turkish A330 that landed approximately 30 minutes before.
photo P2160093

Here’s our lovely bird taking us to HKG.
photo P2160094

Holy reflection, batman.
photo P2160095

I love boarding a plane via stairs. Brings back memories of the old days.
photo P2160096photo P2160097

The FA greeted us at the door and when we found our seats, I started snapping away. There were a few J class passengers at this point, so it gave me opportunity to take pics without being interrupted.
photo P2160098

Seat pic.
photo P2160099

Fresh watermelon juice for the both of us which was sweet. What, no champagne? Guess they don’t serve it on the ground.
photo P2160101

photo P2160102

Seats controls and other fancy buttons.
photo P2160103

Window seat next to me which was empty for the flight.
photo P2160104photo P2160105

Flight map.
photo P2160106

photo P2160107

photo P2160108photo P2160109

Since this was a late night flight and I gorged at the lounge, I passed on dinner. My wife did go for the light meal. When I woke up in the morning and asked her what she thought of the meal, her response was “Eww”. Enough said. :)

His Amenity Kit.
photo P2160114

Her Amenity Kit.
photo P2160116

We took off on time and once the seat belt sign went off, I put the seat into bed mode and gave the Mrs a good night kiss. Woke up 30 minutes before landing and quickly managed to snap this pic during our descent.
photo P2160117

As we flew beneath the clouds, it became really foggy. So much that I didn’t see the water leading to the runway until we were at least 100-150 feet above. No hiccups on landing though.
photo P2160120

United birds as we were taxi-ing to the gate.
photo P2160121

Cathay A340.
photo P2160122photo P2160123

Pic of how foggy it was.
photo P2160124photo P2160125

Dragonair A320’s.
photo P2160126

Hong Kong Airlines A330. I took this flight from HKG to PEK in May 2013. The hard product was fantastic and the FA service was very good.
photo P2160127

More Cathay birds.
photo P2160128

Cebu Pacific. I miss the Philippines. :)
photo P2160129

We disembarked and made our way to immigration. At 9am, the visitors line was empty unlike our May 2013 visit where the lineup was long. Anyways, we were processed and picked up our bags. Since we had some time to kill before we were to check in to our hotel, we spent some time at The Arrival lounge. It’s a small lounge with basic features and amenities (shower, washrooms etc). After having some breakfast, we freshened up and left after an hour.

Next stop – Kowloon!
photo P2160135

Pic on the Airport Express.
photo P2160136
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Overall a great time in the Maldives and on the flight to Hong Kong. The foothold did seem small in the middle seats. I did not compare to the window seat. I did notice that the window seat foothold on the B777 was bigger than on the A330.

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    02022001 SILVER 4347 Comments
    Thanks for this report !
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    Great report! Nice to have this long-haul product for a relatively short flight to HKG. From what I've read, the seats on A330s are a bit narrower and shorter than on 777s due to the sharper angle to fit in the narrower fuselage. Too bad to hear the catering was time ask your wife to take some pics of her meal for you :-)
    Thanks for sharing!

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