Review of Qantas flight Sydney Johannesburg in Economy

Airline Qantas
Flight QF 63
Class Economy
Seat 47K
Aircraft Boeing 747-400
Flight time 13:15
Take-off 07 Sep 08, 11:00
Arrival at 07 Sep 08, 16:15
QF   #6 out of 68 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 154 reviews
By 8094
Published on 14th September 2011
I had been trapped in my room for 2 days because it was cold and raining and now the sun was in full swing…
The next morning was a huge contrast from the two previous days… It was beautiful and sunny and I was leaving for Johannesburg ! What a load of crap… ! Any-who…
I went to the airport, got dropped off in front of the Qantas check in area and went to the Stand-By check in counters.
After check-in I went and got a couple of donuts at Krispy Kreme and sat not far from the check in counters.
photo 07sept2008001

photo 07sept2008002

Here are the boutiques after the security checks.

So who is operating our flight to Johannesbourg today ?
photo 07sept2008003

photo 07sept2008004

photo 07sept2008005

photo 07sept2008006

Boarding started and I noticed that we were going to travel with a South African sports team that was going home.
photo 07sept2008007

While I boarded I noticed that the boarding gate we were at was an A380 ready gate and it looked brand new compared to the others.

All passengers were greeted at the door by the cabin service manager or director… Can't remember how QF calls them. he was assisted in his task by a very nice older lady.
I really like the QF uniforms as they retain some very traditional patterns, unique to Australia.
Got to my seat which was originally 37H. I was seating next to a South African couple travelling with their older parents and asked if I wanted to swap seats with them and take the window. I of course replied with the affirmative as I didn't mind the window, in the contrary.
The cabin looked really full and there was only a couple of seats left in the economy class cabin, this due probably to the cancellation of the flight to JNB 2 days ago.

Cabin was clean and the colour scheme was nice and reminiscent of the australian outback with the red earth…

The cabin attendant seated at door 3L was always smiling and nice to the passengers.

Before we taxied he handed out menus with details of our meals for the flight.

photo 07sept2008008

View from my seat.
photo 07sept2008009

Not a lot of room for my legs…
photo 07sept2008010

Wunala Dreaming is getting ready for its transpacific journey to LAX and JFK.
photo 07sept2008011

The demos were done while we had our very very long taxi which had us cross the runway to get near the domestic terminals so we had to wait for a few planes that had to take off or land…
photo 07sept2008012

One of the numerous Qantas 747-400
photo 07sept2008013

Publicity for Qantas
photo 07sept2008014

A few minutes ago we were connected to the terminal via these jetways.
photo 07sept2008015

Traffic in Sydney
photo 07sept2008016

photo 07sept2008017

The cabin crew is now seated ready for take-off. Incrdibly enough this is the same cabin attendant I will have on a SIN-SYD on the A380. He had worked for Emirates before coming home and join the Qantas foarces.
photo 07sept2008018

A Qantas Boeing 747-300. In 1998 I did a JNB-HRE-PER-SYD and SYD-PER-JNB on one of these beasts !
photo 07sept2008019

The resting Virgin Atlantic A340-600, had arrived in the morning from London via Hong Kong and it is now waiting for its departure that same evening.
photo 07sept2008020

The LAN flight is ready to go home to Santiago de Chile via Auckland.
photo 07sept2008021

The Philippine Airlines A330 for Manila
photo 07sept2008022

A Vietnam Airlines Boeing 777
photo 07sept2008023

The Singapore Airlines A380 and 2 British Airways Boeings.
photo 07sept2008024

Departure for South Africa.
photo 07sept2008025

photo 07sept2008026

photo 07sept2008027

Qantas, The Spirit of Australia !
photo 07sept2008028

The cabin crew will shift in full action mode, handing out earphones etc… and then the first service, starting with drinks. A lemonade with pretzels and japanese otsumami.
photo 07sept2008029

photo 07sept2008031

The meal will follow soon after. Excellent !
photo 07sept2008030

photo 07sept2008032

Our route, a long way to go…
photo 07sept2008033

During the flight we will get Snack on Q. The crew will hand out a goodies bag just in case.
photo 07sept2008034

Then a couple of hours later we'll get a hot drinks service, choice of mint-verbena herbal tea or hot chocolate with pink marshmallows !
photo 07sept2008036

photo 07sept2008037

It is about that time that the whoe video system crashed and one by one the rows went down all the way to First Class.
The crew was really nice and apologetic and did their best.
After contacting SYD Qantas engineering they decided to reboot the whole system and everything went smoothly after that.

Before we arrived in JNB another meal was served which was also very nice and tasty
photo 07sept2008038

photo 07sept2008039

We are getting closer to Africa.
photo 07sept2008040

photo 07sept2008041

photo 07sept2008042

photo 07sept2008043

photo 07sept2008044

Our first sight of South Africa, the coast 80 km North of Durban.
photo 07sept2008045

photo 07sept2008046

Last picture of the door 3 Right jumpseat of our Boeing 747-400
photo 07sept2008047

We will soon arrive, we are well into our descent to O.R. Thambo Johannesburg International Airport.
photo 07sept2008048

photo 07sept2008049

Landing !
photo 07sept2008050

photo 07sept2008051

The Nationwide Airlines fleet, grounded. I flew that little airlines many moons ago when I lived in South Africa.
photo 07sept2008052

I also flew that Boeing 747-300 owned by SAA between Paris and Johannesburg via Zurich.
photo 07sept2008053

Thank You for flying on Qantas
photo 07sept2008055

A few aircraft that haven't seen the skies for quite a while…
photo 07sept2008056

Nationwide Airlines
photo 07sept2008057

The europeans had arrived in the early morning and will all fly home in the evening.
photo 07sept2008059

photo 07sept2008060

photo 07sept2008061

Emirates had arrived just before us.
photo 07sept2008062

Thank you very much Qantas !
photo 07sept2008058

Our Boeing, City of Perth is resting after having flown across the Indian Ocean.
photo 07sept2008063

Next stop, passport controls.
photo 07sept2008064

I than went thru passport control and got told off because it was a little too full for the womand stamping it and she was patronizing me about making space available for her before I get to the counter as I had a printout of my electronic visa stapled on the last 2 free pages…
Then had to way a while for the bags and when they came out I went out and got a taxi to go to my hotel in Sandton City.
I was staying at the Balalaika hotel, which is very convenient as it was a walking distance from Nelson Mandela Square and Sandton City.
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Cabin crew10.0

Sydney - SYD


Johannesburg - JNB



Flight was on time.

Not a lot of legroom, a little tight for such a long flight.

The crew was amazing ! Always in the cabin serving and helping the passengers. They were smiling, had nice attentions to all ! Perfect !

The meals were excellent, the snack that was served midflight and the hot chocolate with marshmallows was a nice touch. Forgot to say that the crew served ice cream for dessert.



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