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Airline KLM
Flight KL672
Class Business
Seat --
Flight time 06:35
Take-off 15 May 12, 19:00
Arrival at 16 May 12, 07:35
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Published on 16th March 2014
I have been trying to fly MD11 for a long time. Since I am based in New York, YUL is not really the easiest place to start my trans-Atlantic trip. However, I felt at the time that I have to make a point to fly the MD11 since rumors were going around saying KLM was near ready to retire them. Of course the rumors turned out not to be true as the MD11 still flies to YUL today. So what's the benefit of my inconvenience? This trip report!

photo IMG_1536

I flew in from New York JFK on an earlier Delta flight. It was uneventful and therefore no flight report. The weird part about the previous flight is that the FA distributed snacks in sick bags. Those bags were perfectly new and definitely unused - but I still find it a very odd concept to do that and could not picture that is the way it was intended.

Anyways since I had nearly 6 hours to kill before the check-in time of my flight to AMS, I decided to hop on the infamous bus 747 and head into town for a few hours.

photo IMG_1491

Montreal is one of my favorite north American cities along with Boston and San Francisco. It's hard to describe what I actually like about it. It just feels right.

photo IMG_1488

As time went by I hopped on bus 747 and went back to the airport. International departure it is!

imageimagephoto   138

AF/KL is not hard to find. AF is probably the most significant full service carrier here after AC. Though I was not expecting to see QR serving YUL.

imageimagephoto   140

I think I will pass the kiosks. I for some weird reason still like to be checked in by an agent, especially for overseas trips.

imageimagephoto   139

AF at the time was flying a 380 on one of the two daily CDG flights. The check in area is big with a la Premiere check in desk.

imageimagephoto   141

I did a little bit spotting after passing security check point

imageimagephoto   137

An AF 380 parked at gate 55. This is the first time I have seen a 380 in person. It is HUGE!

imageimagephoto   130

And it is a beautiful bird from any angle.

imageimagephoto   131

One more AF 380

imageimagephoto   127

The gate holding area is massive

imageimagephoto   132

Of course here we will have Air Canada

imageimagephoto   133

And Air Canada @ Star Alliance

imageimagephoto   134

After spotting I visited the Air France Salon

imageimagephoto   128

The lounge was not particularly busy at the time. I had a strange paring of food and beverage.

imageimagephoto   124

The bird to Amsterdam is awaiting.

imageimagephoto   125

The lounge is not very exciting in itself. It is perfectly fine though. I left the lounge and headed to the gate holding area as soon as I finished the last bit of work on my laptop.

imageimagephoto   129

Boarding the aircraft was painless. The process was orderly. I was rather excited to get onto the MD11. There was no FA at the door but I knew where I was headed to.

imageimagephoto   122

Sparkling wine is soon served. I noticed that the crew did a full bar for per-departure service as I saw a number of passengers had a variety of different drinks. I don't know if this is a normal procedure on KL or it's just the crew being nice.

imageimagephoto   119

Menu was distributed on the ground. The FAs came around and informed passengers that they would be taking dinner orders prior to take off.

imageimagephoto   121

Once safe, the FAs jumped into action. YUL trans-Atlantic flights a relatively short so efficient service is essential to ensure adequate rest.

imageimagephoto   120

After the nuts, dinner began

imageimagephoto   118

Main course of the day. I failed to get another piece of bread though :/

imageimagephoto   117

Cheese plates were offered as the main courses were cleared off

imageimagephoto   116

Dessert was offered too but I declined.

A word on the seat, which I do not have a picture of: KLM at the time had one of the lesser seats among major western carriers. It was not the worst - I can say with certainty LH is not any better and the non-refitted UA 767s are much worse. I managed to sleep comfortably on this flight and actually did not weak up until final approach. Therefore I missed the breakfast service all together (I didn't mind at all but sorry no pictures).

Immigration took a while as the officer asked many questions and then had a stamp running out of ink. I waited for about 10 minutes before he returned with a different stamp. Once in the arrival hall, I started looking for the signs leading up to the viewing platform to do a little bit more spotting

imageimagephoto   110

AF for CDG

imageimagephoto   088

And many blue birds

I also snapped a picture of the beautiful airport

photo IMG_1588


I spent two days in Amsterdam and it was very pleasing. I'm sure many people here are familiar with the city so I will just post a few pictures from the trip without much comment.

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Cabin crew8.5

Air France Lounge


Montreal - YUL


Amsterdam - AMS



It was a very memorable flight. The seats were old and not flat; but I also didn't sign up for a cutting edge experience when I bought a ticket for the MD11. It was retro cool in a sense and certainly worth my positing flight to YUL.

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