Review of Saudia flight Milan Jeddah in Economy

Airline Saudia
Flight SV210
Class Economy
Seat 53A
Aircraft Airbus A321neo
Flight time 05:10
Take-off 11 Jan 24, 15:40
Arrival at 11 Jan 24, 22:50
SV   #12 out of 96 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 113 reviews
Published on 11th February 2024


Hey guys and welcome to another Flight Report! 

This is the first FR of my first trip of 2024 and will cover my first time in Africa. This is another one of those completely unplanned trips. I was actually looking at a trip to Cyprus for winter 2023/2024 however when I saw Saudia selling tickets to Dar-es-Salaam from Europe for only £165, there was no way I was gonna say no to that. The base fare also includes 23kg checked luggage, which made the deal even better. 

This itinerary is an open jaw return flying Milan to Dar via Jeddah on the outbound and returning back to London (also via Jeddah). While this trip is only a week long, I managed to pack in an additional 3 domestic flights on different airlines so there'll be an FR on each of those in the coming months. 

I actually booked this flight 6 months in advance, when this flight was still filed as a 787 in the schedule. This obviously changed to an A321 along with around 20 (yes 20!) schedule changes in the months leading up to the flight. I (quite literally) received a weekly email from Saudia telling me that the departure time of my flights have been moved either forward by 5 minutes, back by 5 minutes or the total flight time have been either increased or decreased. It never impacted my plans as the net change was under 30 minutes but it was quite funny (or annoying) getting an email each time there's a 5 minute change in flight time. 


I aim to offset all of my CO2 emission from flights. All emissions are calculated using the ICAO Carbon Emissions Calculator and I will be funding projects approved by The Gold Standard. The CO2 output for this flight is:

MXP → JED: 200kg
Total for 2024 (so far): 200kg

video report

Here's the video version of this FR, it's got pretty much the same thing content wise. 

Milano Malpensa airport (mxp)

This is my 4th time transiting here. I honestly know this airport better than my local airports in London, which is pretty crazy. 

Anyway, here's the arrivals area on a lower floor. 

photo img_0383

With departures on the floor above. 

photo img_0384

Despite being here so many times, I actually never bothered walking to the end of the check-in area. So here it is, it's used pretty much exclusively by Neos. 

photo img_0386

Here's the main check-in area. 

photo img_0389

You also get an amazing view of the apron from here with a Ryanair (9H-QDS) heading to Madrid (MAD), this is actually the plane that got me here from Stanstead. 

photo img_0391

There's also a food court upstairs. There's a few restaurants and is quite busy (as usual). 

photo img_0394

View of the drop-off area with the Sheraton Milan Malpensa Airport on the other side. 

photo img_0398

Another photo of the apron with a Neos 787-9 (EI-NUA) heading to New York (JFK) and an Air Canada A330-300 (C-GEGC) heading to Montreal (YUL). 

photo img_0400

An La Compagnie A321neo (F-HBUZ) can also be seen preparing for departure to Newark (EWR). 

photo img_0401

And here are the check-in desks for Saudia. Check-in only opens 3 hours before departure although some passengers started lining up an hour before. 

photo img_0405

Security took around 5 minutes and we are airside. 

photo img_0406

Obviously, being Milan and Italy, there's a ton of shops including a lot of designer brands here. 

photo img_0409photo img_0411

It's not the most modern airport in design but it's clean and has everything you'll need. 

photo img_0412

Heading to the gates. 

photo img_0414

Another photo of the apron with a Kuwait A320neo that's just arrived from Kuwait (KWI)

photo img_0416

The seats here. There's a ton of departures (including a few heavies) combined with the limited space makes the place very crowded. 

photo img_0417

Oh look! Here's our plane arriving from Jeddah (JED)! 

photo img_0420

This is my first time seeing Saudia's new livery in person so I was quite annoyed that I wasn't able to get a proper photo of her… until I remembered: the walkway I passed through earlier! Surely that'll give me a nice view. 

photo img_0422

the flight

And here she is. It's still not perfect but it's much better than the view from the gate (with the backlight from the sun). 

photo img_0423

Some info about our plane:

Type: Airbus A321neo
Registration: HZ-ASAG
First flight: 11 December 2023
Age: 1 month
Config: C20/Y168

A brand new A321neo that entered service with Saudia on 30 December, 12 days before this flight. Interestingly, she's still the 2nd youngest aircraft I've been on, narrowly beaten by a 10 day old Aegean A321neo back in September 2022. 

Flight time today will be around 4 hours 40 minutes and here's our route:

photo img_0491

The seats on this brand new plane. 

photo img_0425

It comes with a full 4k IFE (which we'll look into later). I have to be honest, when I first saw the screen, I just imagined it being a huge fingerprint magnet (like tablets) but it's honestly not too bad (although you will get smudges). 

photo img_0427

The legroom - average. 

photo img_0428

As usual, on each seat is a pillow…

photo img_0429

… and a blanket. 

photo img_0432

As you'd expect, the seats also recline. 

photo img_0433

Interestingly, despite it being a brand new IFE system. It still comes with a double headphone jack, although it's fully compatible with single-jack headphones (which are the ones given onboard). Another thing I noticed was that the voltage on the USB jacks is amazing on this new IFE. It charged up my phone at about the same pace as a power outlet (~2-3 hours), which is crazy considering most USB ports on planes takes at least 6 hours. 

photo img_0434

Also, this is the first time I've seen a USB-C port on a plane, pretty nice. 

First views out of the window. 

photo img_0435

A very modern-looking overhead panel. This is actually my first time seeing this style on the A321neo so it's likely a very recent design. 

photo img_0436-85198

Before departure, headphones are handed out…

photo img_0442

… along with a wet wipe- something that you never see in economy these days, although the crew never bothered to collect it so I had no idea what to do with it after (it was soaking wet as well). 

photo img_0440

Pushback on time.

photo 1

After a very long taxi (fairly common for Milan). We're off to Saudi Arabia! 

photo img_0444

Amazing views of the alps during climb. 

photo img_0445

As usual for Saudia, a travel prayer is played. However, this was only done after takeoff (it usually comes after the safety video). 

photo img_0451

Shortly after takeoff, the crew came around with a tiny bottle of water.

photo img_0453

Sadly not a whole lot to see outside but we'll have a look at the brand new IFE instead. 

photo img_0455

Content wise, it's amazing. It's so good, in fact, that the 'all movies' section crashed the first time I tried to open it - even a brand new system like this can't handle it haha. It probably why there's so many categories. I also love the little tiny screen on the bottom right, it shows you the flight progress even while you're watching a movie or something. 

A fully interactive map is also available (as expected). 

photo img_0463

And now, lets have a look at the contents of the seatback pocket. Which includes an air sickness bag… 

photo img_0466

… and a safety card. No inflight magazine sadly. 

photo img_0467

About two hours or so before landing, the crew came around with dinner. The first thing I noticed was the tiny tray table. Just look at how much the cup wedge takes up the entire space. It's about 2/3 the size of a normal-sized tray table on most airlines (and even those are honestly too small). 

photo img_0470

It basically made fitting the tray on the table very, very hard. I actually had to hang a bit of the tray off to make everything fit, which is just anxiety inducing for me haha. 

photo img_0471

But anyway, here's the meal. The classic options of chicken or pasta was offered. I went with the chicken. I was chicken biryani with a couscous salad (with raisin), a raspberry sponge cake along with a bun and butter. Despite the tiny tray, the portions is really good and everything tasted amazing, including the bun, which was nice and soft as opposed to the rock hard buns most airline expect you to chew through. 

photo img_0472

And no, it's not the cup wedge that's huge. The cup is actually tiny. 

One thing to note is that Saudia is a dry airline, which means no alcohol is served onboard. It's not a big issue for me (as I don't drink) but it might be for some (especially in Business). 

Descending into Jeddah.

photo 2

Nice views of the city on final. 

photo 3

Welcome to Saudi Arabia! We arrived on time. 

photo img_0474

Jeddah King Abdulaziz International Airport (JED)

Terminal 1 at King Abdulaziz Airport opened in 2019. After flying out of the brand new Terminal A of Abu Dhabi just a month ago, I honestly didn't think anything would match it in terms of grandness, I might be right on that but JED is a close second. An in depth look at the terminal is in my second FR to Dar but I'll just include this photo of me walking to transfers. 

photo img_0475

I'll end this FR here. My next FR to Dar-es-Salaam will continue right after this. See you there! 

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Cabin crew10.0

Milan - MXP


Jeddah - JED



A really, really nice flight with Saudia. Obviously flying on a 12 day old plane really helps with the 4k IFE screen with a ton of content. The legroom was average and the catering was really nice with good portions. My only real complaint is the lack of Wi-Fi onboard (very surprising considering the brand new plane) and the absolutely tiny tray table that makes eating dinner an anxiety-inducing juggling game. Are they a worth competitor to regional giants like Qatar, Emirates and Etihad? I'd say yes. While Saudia aren't at the level of Qatar/Emirates in terms of service, they're way better than your average European carrier and for £165 roundtrip to Africa from Europe, I'd say that's the bargain of the year.

Milan Malpensa Airport (MXP) - A nice airport with a ton of shops and designer brands. The gate can get very crowded as it's a tiny area crammed with a lot of gates that often serves wide-bodies. It's not pretty or new (unlike Jeddah) but it gets the jobs done.

Jeddah King Abdulaziz International Airport (JED) - A very modern and grand airport although efficiency can be an issue and it's quite confusing (as you'll see in my next FR) .



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  • Comment 644212 by
    wmx.the.flyer BRONZE 35 Comments
    Wow…  £165 is quite crazy haha, even for Saudia whom often has unrealistically low fares. And it’s not like they aren’t any good either, they have an amazing IFE system and have really nice looking catering: they are certainly not too far behind their neighbouring competitors, as you mentioned.

    With that much space on the seatback occupied by that IFE screen, though, I would expect the table to be foldable, but they decided against that for some reason, hence the tiny tables that you seemed to struggle so much with😅

    And it’s always exciting to be flying on a brand new aircraft. Thanks for sharing!
    • Comment 644646 by
      Lia_K SILVER AUTHOR 55 Comments
      Hey wmx.the.flyer! Saudia does indeed have pretty crazy fares, especially on some weirder routes (like from Africa to Asia). I honestly £165 was an error fare at first but apparently not. And yeah, flying on a brand new plane is always nice (apart from the tray table haha). Thanks for reading!
  • Comment 644410 by
    KévinDC TEAM SILVER 6594 Comments
    Hi Lia, awesome report as always! Wow, that's some varied planespotting at MXP...I guess it makes sense since Milan is a big city and the economy hub of Italy...and yet there is no hometown hub airlines, since AZ pretty much focus on just FCO. Aaaw La Compagnie... I love them and wish I could fly them more, but alas, I'm stuck on the Elite status hamster wheel over at oneworld haha.

    How cool to get a brand new plane delivered only a few days before! I can almost smell that new plane smell haha.

    Interestingly, despite it being a brand new IFE system. It still comes with a double headphone jack

    Hah! That setup is a trip...seeing a double jack next to a USB-C port is like 1980 meeting 2020. Love love love USB-C on more battery anxiety...fully charged in a few hours. More of this on every plane!!!

    How weird to see such a tiny tray table on a full service carrier on an aircraft configured for long-haul. I wonder if it's a particularity of Saudia to allow extra space for traditional voluminous garments.

    The meal....that barely fits on the tray, looks quite delicious! Too bad I wouldn't be able to enjoy it with some wine hah.

    Thanks for sharing!
    • Comment 644650 by
      Lia_K SILVER AUTHOR 55 Comments
      Hi Kévin! MXP is quite an interesting place for planespotting, but mainly for its cargo operations surprisingly, although it does get a few lesser-known airlines like Air Albania. It's crazy that you don't see ITA at all here since they stopped their only widebody flight to JFK, although their main base is at Linate.

      I'm not sure why they still kept the double headphone jack on their new IFE, even the headphones and everything they give out is single-jacked so it seems rather pointless.

      Thanks for reading!

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