Review of Air France Hop flight Turin Paris in Economy

Airline Air France Hop
Flight AF1703
Class Economy
Seat 4A
Aircraft Embraer E-190
Flight time 01:30
Take-off 15 Oct 23, 15:40
Arrival at 15 Oct 23, 17:10
AF   #47 out of 94 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 1000 reviews
By GOLD 170
Published on 22nd October 2023

Hi everyone,

It's the end of the weekend and a great time had by all the FRists.
It's time to head home after a tour of the city and a great dinner.
The routing is simple and since most of us have selected it, there will be 5 of us on this return flight.
It's going to be a game of 7 wrongs.
And that includes top skyviews, because spoiler, we had a great view of Paris on the way back! 



To return to TRN, you don't change a winning team.
I'm the first to set off on the return journey, because after more than 30,000 steps in less than 24 hours, I'm a bit cooked.
You can buy your ticket on the bus at Porta Susa, and it's €8 one way.
The journey is just as comfortable and the bus drops us off right in front of the departures. 

photo img_0463_resultat

The terminal isn't very big at the drop-off point and it's easy to get from one end to the other.
At the far end, you can see the bus, and on my side, there it is again! 

photo img_0462_resultatphoto img_0461_resultat

So I head over to the other side, where at least we can get some information about the place.

photo img_0465_resultatphoto img_0466_resultat-61534

Since the goal isn't to take 50,000 steps, let's get in.

photo img_0467_resultat

I'm way ahead of schedule!

photo img_0468_resultat

That gives me time to have a look at the entertainment and educational items on site.
It's not crowded, so I can wander around at my leisure. 

After this informative tour, I line up for the fast track.
This is just to say that, on the right as on the left, everything is fast. 

photo img_0470_resultat-46916

At the entrance, it's the lady at the counter who scans.
The right reader is for mastercards and on the left is a vending machine for the access.
I will be asked the question FlunigBlue Gold or Platinum.
Probably for statistical purposes, as no more questions any further than my candid answer. 

photo img_0479_resultat-60340

Given the crowd, I of course went through the security in 2 seconds, especially as it's equipped with a "full scanner" so you don't have to unpack anything (like at LCY). The time saved with this type of machine is appreciable, even if it's not immediately obvious as there's literally nobody there.
Then it's off to the shop, where you'll have to find something to bring back…

photo img_0480_resultat

Once the sales stage is complete, it's off to the showroom.
First, a view of the luminous hall. 

photo img_0481_resultat-41345

Then head upstairs to the Piemonte Lounge.

photo img_0483_resultat

The terminal is really bright.

photo img_0484_resultat

The weather helps, but above all these large windows.

photo img_0485_resultat


Since the lounge is multi-brand, let's check who can get in.

photo img_0486_resultatphoto img_0487_resultat

Then the entrance.
Not very inviting. But the inside was better than this first contact.
At check-in with the hostess, once again the question of Gold or Platinum was asked without any further cross check after the answer. 

photo img_0488_resultat

Inside, it's very bright and there's a great view of the runway.
There are plenty of seats, but they're only individual or even duo chairs, but for our small group, that's going to be a bit inconvenient. 

photo img_0491_resultat-31649

I'm not sure where to land, but it won't be for long.

photo img_0492_resultat

The best place is facing the runway (not easy with my photo, but it's on the right, so you'll see it soon).

photo img_0495_resultat-82490

With hindsight, I'm more impressed with the lounge.
On the spot, I have to admit that I was rather disappointed at first sight.
Torino is a big city, after all!
What I didn't like was the "solid and liquid" offer.
From our discussions afterwards, it seems that I was a little too demanding, because this little salon is obviously not bad.
The buffet looks like this.
My photos reflect my perception (I'm waiting to see how others see it in pictures).
What's missing on picture is a little corner with a few pastries and, above all, a mini bar with 2 waiters.
That was great because you could get a real espresso for your coffee! (and I enjoyed several).  

photo img_0489_resultatphoto img_0490_resultatphoto img_0494_resultat

I'll have a quick snack while I wait for the fine team to arrive by batches.
But before that, it's drama: HBLG comes to pick us up, the same plane as the day before.
It's not good for the fleet discovery statistics.
What's more, we already know all about him.

photo img_0496_resultat

But there's no need to worry, we'll console ourselves as best we can with a superb view of the runway, the operations and, above all, the landings.

There aren't a thousand movements either, but enough to keep you busy while you chat with a glass (or a cup) in your hand.
Our now-familiar ride also arrives. 

photo img_0504_resultat

A closer look, or rather a different profile.

photo img_0508_resultat

But we don't just have one for AF Hop, the others are just as interesting.
By the way, you'll notice that the AF Hop profile above was taken just after a mini traffic jam with the WIZZ pushing back.
Between Ryanair and Buzz, there's no denying that the ITA livery really pops. 

Plane landed, taxi completed, time to head for the gate.

photo img_0515_resultatphoto img_0516_resultat

BOARDING, taxi and Flight

Once again, the group split up to go to the door.
Esteban wasn't with us, so I teamed up with SaintPiev to be among the first, while the rest of the team enjoyed the view from the lounge for a few more moments.
We were soon joined by Michelg (!).
2 queues are clearly marked between Skypriority pax and "regular" pax.
Boarding starts on time, but there's a bit of a post-boarding wait before we reach the jetbridge.
I'll leave it to you to guess who of the 2 pax in front of me is a FRist and who will be the contradictory participant in the "Mont Blanc crossing from the right or the left" debate.
No, there's no trick!

photo img_0517_resultat-46866

Door, fuselage and seat pictures in a row, but there's a big difference: this is now the 4A!

photo img_0518_resultatphoto img_0519_resultatphoto img_0520_resultat

Since the environment is familiar, I just check that everything is clean.
The underside is less sexy than on the outbond flight, due to the crumbs. 

photo img_0521_resultat

The seat folder is OK.

photo img_0522_resultat

And the shelf is not so bad without being dramatic (it's not very visible, but the little AF wipe available on the door will be very useful).

photo img_0545_resultat-29626

At 3:29pm, everyone is supposed to be on board, and then I have a neighbour.
At 3.35pm, the door is closed and push back.
Given the great weather, I hope to see some mountains! 

photo img_0525_resultat

In the meantime, a quick taxi and a numerical answer to one of the questions raised by reading the ground markings on the tarmac near the jetbridges.
And yes, with 3300m, it's easy to get wide-body aircraft here (hence the mention of the 777 on the tarmac).
The runway looked visually shorter from our view point. 

photo img_0527_resultat

We won't be staying long.
Take-off in fine weather, majestic mountains on the horizon and clear plains.
We turn sharply to line up northwards, in half-turn mode. 

We're tacking and climbing, which will allow me to take a portrait of…

photo img_0538_resultat

de TRN ! even though I wasn't on the right side at the beginning.

photo img_0541_resultatphoto img_0542_resultat

The mountain section won't be as clear as all that (including because of the corroded window), but I'll have seen more than on the outbond flight.
Don't talk to me about Mont Blanc, I don't know where it is in the end, right, left, I'm lost.
I'm counting on the other Flight Reports to sort it all out. 

Then came the catering, which looked exactly the same as the first leg.
Forget the feeling of surprise.
Same vegetable sandwich, no other choice. 

photo img_0547_resultat

The flight continued without a hitch.
At 4:26pm, we begin our descent and announce of our arrival at 5pm.
Captain comment: Paris will be visible on the left of the aircraft.
I'm standing by.
It will start with views of the plains, a power station and above all ORY!
Even if my zoom is weak (FR on the phone), it's a good omen for Paris! 

Welcome to Paris !

photo img_0559_resultat

The Louvre.
Up close, from afar. 

photo img_0560_resultatphoto img_0561_resultat

Small golden triangle with Etoile, Eiffel Tower and Invalides.

photo img_0562_resultat

With a real zoom lens, you could almost read the street signs…

photo img_0563_resultatphoto img_0564_resultat

I couldn't do better for the Eiffel Tower, but it's the first time I've had such a beautiful view of Paris.

photo img_0565_resultat

I'll miss La Défense once we've passed Paris and made our right turn.
Now we're lined up, all we have to do is land. 


Landing right after the wiew of Terminal 1, we're ready to taxi.
On time, on the southern runway doublet. 

But before taxiing to 2G, we stopped at the end of the runway to watch 2 beautiful take-offs in the fading light.

photo img_0580_resultatphoto img_0581_resultatphoto img_0582_resultat

The second one.
It's always impressive to see in this position. 

photo img_0583_resultatphoto img_0585_resultat

But it's time to go home.

photo img_0587_resultat

Parking stand.

photo img_0588_resultat

We'll be out in no time.

photo img_0589_resultat

It's beautiful, isn't it ?

photo img_0590_resultat

I need to work on my compositions…
Clean framing shouldn't have included the ramp agent or the van… I'll make a note, I'll make a note. 

photo img_0591_resultat-85439

Bye Bye dear little bird.
And next time, give us a chance with another E190 colleague! 

photo img_0592_resultatphoto img_0594_resultat

The walk to the terminal will not be exhausting.

photo img_0593_resultat

The final walk and the goodbyes are just as effective.
The group parted at the baggage claim, no tears as we'll be seeing each other again soon for sure.
And at 5:14pm, I'm out. 2G is efficient. 

We'll say goodbye here.
Maybe we'll meet again next year for the gold 2024 dinner, if the wind carries me further than I've forecast.
In the meantime, good flights to you all. 

photo img_0609_resultatphoto img_0610_resultatphoto img_0611_resultat
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Air France Hop

Cabin crew7.5

Piemonte Lounge


Turin - TRN


Paris - CDG



At TRN like at CDG, a great day for fluidity.
Another on-time flight, and that's the most important point!
Then, if the routine is getting to you, same plane, same seat, same service: watch out for the blues.
But today, as so often, the focus was on the window. An unpredictable IFE, but always pleasant.
I had no particular interaction with the cabin crew.

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