Review of Vietnam Airlines flight Bangkok Hanoi in Economy

Airline Vietnam Airlines
Flight VN610
Class Economy
Seat 21G
Aircraft Airbus A321
Flight time 02:00
Take-off 26 Nov 23, 11:50
Arrival at 26 Nov 23, 13:50
VN   #35 out of 94 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 229 reviews
By SILVER 1896
Published on 10th December 2023


Given that we arrived the day before with Asiana from Seoul, South Korea, which we booked well in advance, we had about four spare days for ourselves before we had to return to my wife's parents as we had to celebrate our wedding with her parents as it was long overdue given that her parents weren't allowed to visit us in the Netherlands as we wed in January 2022, which was probably one of the strictest lockdown in our country.

Given that I've been a regular visitor to Thailand and my wife who is originally from there, we've pretty much seen the entirety of the country, my wife suggested to pay a visit to Vietnam. Given that my wife had already been in Ho Chi Minh City and Da Nang, I opted to pay a visit to Hanoi as this city has been high on my list for many years. After we both agreed, I found a decently prized one-way ticket with Vietnam Airlines for 109 Singaporean Dollar, which equals to 81 USD or 75 EUR, per person.


Given that we arrived yesterday, we decided to book us a hotel in the vicinity of the Airport itself and we opted to stay in the ''Siam Mandarina Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport'', which is one of the few airport hotels over there that is actually providing you with a free shuttle service in both directions, so we booked us our shuttle ride at 9.35 AM and were dropped off by another friendly chap who wished us a pleasant journey.

photo 20231126_094440-27471

Given that we were fully booked and most of us went into different directions, the driver made it fair and dropped us off in front of entrance no. 4 as that would mean equal distance for most of us if someone was in the far aft with flights.

photo 20231126_095412

For us it didn't really matter though as entrance 4 was pretty close to our check-in counters.

photo 20231126_095420

Six check-in counters were in use for Vietnam, however three of them were used for the Ho Chi Minh flight only and the other three were used for any other Vietnam flight. It was however quite a surprise to see Vietnam Airlines as a Skyteam Member to use THAI as ground handling unit in Bangkok, but it was probably a matter of convenience and costs.

photo 20231126_095535

Check-in was rather slow and took about 20 minutes to clear with a limited amount of passengers. I assume they were quite thorough with their document checks to avoid any unwanted person as the lady that checked us in was comparing every detail of my eVisa to my passport.

photo 20231126_095729

As we had not had any breakfast yet, my wife wanted to go downstairs for some food, however I saw quite a line building up for the security and told my wife to grab some food in the lounge….. This is the reason I told her to cancel that plan. Ground staff were stopping people from entering security to not overload security. A lot of people were trying to jump the line, but staff members picked them out and told them to go further down, which to be fair was pretty good. Despite the long line, it went on an orderly pace and took another 30 minutes to clear security and immigration, so the entire process from checking in to pass immigration took me a solid hour.

Once again I highly recommend you to arrive well in advance on international departures out from Bangkok Suvarnabhumi if you are not eligible to use the fast-track lines.

photo 20231126_101732

The usual walk to one of our gates.

photo 20231126_110743

Given that we had about fourty minutes to our departure and didn't eat anything yet, we decided to pay a visit to the Miracle Lounge in the F section, which was pretty small, but also very quiet. There are tons of lounges you can take with Priority Pass in Bangkok and I did use a different one in my next flight, but given that we didn't have a lot of time, I simply chose to use this one.

photo 20231126_112001

The lounge offered a limited option on hot breakfast, which consisted of chicken in oyster sauce, stir-fried vegetables, steamed rice and Khao Tom, which is basically the Thai version of a Rice Soup.

photo 20231126_111742

Sandwiches, Desserts & Icecream was also available. 

photo 20231126_111745

And some salat and fruit were available too. Alcohol was also available if you opted for it in the early morning :)

photo 20231126_111747

Me and my wife's choice for breakfast.

photo 20231126_112031

After 20 to 30 minutes, my wife and me left the lounge and went to our gate F4, which was being used for our flight to Hanoi today.

photo 20231126_115042

Unfortunately there was a lot of glare from the windows, so I couldn't take a proper photo of the aircraft that was going to bring us to Hanoi today. VN-A323, an Airbus A321, would bring us over to Hanoi. This 12.7 year bird has solely been flying for Vietnam and joined their fleet in April 2011.

photo 20231126_115424

Boarding was called right on time and went in a decent pace. Upon embarking the aircraft, we were kindly greeted by two flight attendants.

photo 20231126_115758

To not hold up the line, I quickly shot the a photo of our seat. If you love to have a window seat, I suggest you to not book 21G on their Airbus A321. It doesn't miss a window, however the alignment of the window is with your shoulder, so it hurts your neck quite a while if you take a look outside for more than just a few seconds.

photo 20231126_120115

Legroom is generous and wasn't of any issue with me considering that i'm 1.83m tall (6''), however I'm not entirely sure the seats were as clean as they should be as my wife felt itchy throughout the entire flight. Though I didn't notice a thing. ;)

photo 20231126_120400

The view of my window with a KLM Boeing 777-300ER (PH-BVR) prepping for it's flight to Amsterdam as KL876.

photo 20231126_120206

Aircraft was still busy with the boarding process, while those in the seats could enjoy some highlights of Vietnam on the IFE.

photo 20231126_120246

The literature you can find in the seatpocket on their A321. A Sickbag, safety card and their magazine.

photo 20231126_120520-88558

Upon completing the boarding process, the flight attendants came by to serve us a wet wipe. While this used to be a very common practise among airlines in Covid19, it is slowly disappearing as the norm. Though I highly appreciate it if I receive one.

photo 20231126_122139

Pushback was eventually 6 minutes past our scheduled departure with another 10 minutes of taxiing to Runway 01R for the departure. We passed by a lot of A380s and 777s of THAI still being in storage. I highly doubt any of those will ever see the skies again given that THAI recently announced that they were in chat with Boeing about purchasing 80 new dreamliners…. In terms of comfort, I wished they went for the A350s.

photo 20231126_123854photo 20231126_124018

28 minutes past our scheduled departure time, we were rolling for departure to Hanoi. 

photo 20231126_124900

Thirty minutes into the flight, the complimentary meal service took place and we had either the option between noodles w/ chicken or steamed rice with fish. Both me and my wife chose for the fish meal, which to be honest did taste pretty good. It was served with a banana, hot bun and butter. Another wet wipe was found below the banana. Cutlery was plastic.

photo 20231126_131232-17114

Drink service followed soon after by the 2nd flight attendant with juice and water being the options. Beers or Soft drinks were also available if you opted for them, but the chemical orange juice was served once again :).

photo 20231126_131625

Upon completing of the meal service, the flight attendants came back to serve us tea or coffee. I opted for some coffee, which to be fair, was filled not even to the half of the cup and she didn't bother to ask whether I wanted some milk or sugar with it. 

photo 20231126_133138

Most of the flight attendants on this flight were excellent and very friendly in terms of serving us, however the one that disappointed me was the actual purser of the flight and also the one that served me my coffee. She did her job to passable standards, however everything was rushed with no attention to details, little to no interaction with passengers and no smile at all… I don't want to complain too much about her, but it worries me a bit that the person, who is suppose to set an example for younger flight attendants, is serving us like that.

photo 20231126_133502

Clean-up was performed about an hour past our meal service and meant that we had like 30 minutes left before we were touching down in Hanoi. Not much else went by and touchdown was eleven minutes ahead of schedule and was very smooth.

photo 20231126_140827photo 20231126_140916

Parked next to a Boeing 787 from Vietnam Airlines who was boarding for it's flight to Ho Chi Minh after previously arriving from an international destination.

photo 20231126_141405

The last view of the aircraft that brought us over from Bangkok.

photo 20231126_142423

The Boeing 787 that was boarding now from the front.

photo 20231126_142827

Immigration took another 30 minutes to clear, which wasn't too busy, so I can't imagine how it's going to be if it's so slow as it was here with a very busy immigration.

photo 20231126_144837

Belt 6 was for our flight and luggage was already on belt when we passed immigration.

photo 20231126_144920

See you on the next flight and here's a minor tourism bonus of Hanoi. A city I highly recommend you to visit.

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Vietnam Airlines

Cabin crew8.5

Miracle Lounge


Bangkok - BKK


Hanoi - HAN



A decent product offered by Vietnam Airlines for a fair price. Flight attendants other than the purser were above standard, meal service had two options and the option we had tasted good. Legroom and seat was generous and comfy, though could use a clean.

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  • Comment 641094 by
    KévinDC TEAM SILVER 6739 Comments
    A good price for a one-way. I always love airports like BKK that have lots of Priority Pass lounge options--those are so rare here in the US where there are very few PP lounges.

    The meal looks pretty basic by Asian standards, but nevertheless nice to have a hot meal on a short flight and nice to hear it was tasty. With competitor Bamboo Airways cutting costs and shrinking to a shadow of it's former self, they've eliminated meals on most routes so I suspect VN will probably lower their catering standards on routes where they mainly compete with Bamboo.

    The cabin is basic but the seats look comfy and have a good seat pitch by today's standards. Too bad for the misaligned windows though.

    Looks like you had a nice visit to the Hanoi area. Ha Long Bay has always been on my bucket list. It's crazy that I haven't been to Vietnam, especially considering my mum is Viet. One day I'll get around to it!

    Thanks for sharing!
    • Comment 641100 by
      ThomasDutch SILVER AUTHOR 641 Comments
      To be fair I've been going to South East Asia for more than fifteen years, yet Vietnam I had never visited myself either. Absolutely worth a visit, so I highly recommend it to you :). Halong Bay is a nice visit, however in the four hours tour I visited, it didn't stand out and was similar to Krabi and so on. I think if you want to explore the true beauty of Halong Bay , you gonna need a multiple trip itinerary. Thanks for stopping by.
      • Comment 641118 by
        KévinDC TEAM SILVER 6739 Comments
        Yeah I’ve gone to Krabi and Phang Nga bay in Thailand a few times and have always thought it would be quite similar, so interesting to hear the same opinion. But yes, still worth a visit and maybe overnight stay on a boat to more fully explore.

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