Review of Japan Airlines flight Chicago Tokyo in First

Airline Japan Airlines
Flight JL009
Class First
Seat 2A
Aircraft Boeing 777-300ER
Flight time 13:15
Take-off 10 Mar 14, 11:15
Arrival at 10 Mar 14, 14:30
JL   #10 out of 94 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 173 reviews
By 32162
Published on 6th April 2014
Thanks to JetSetPanda for the great help for the translation

Following my itinerary culminating with this ORD-NRT flight on JL F.

Tunis (TUN) - Istanbul (IST) Turkish Airlines (Eco, B737-800)
Istanbul (IST) - New York ( JFK) Turkish Airlines (Eco, A330-300)
New York (LGA) - Chicago (ORD) American Airlines (Eco, B737-800)
Chicago (ORD) - Tokyo (NRT) Japan Airlines (First, B777-300ER)
Tokyo (NRT) - Istanbul (IST) Turkish Airlines (Affaires, B777-300ER)
Istanbul (IST) - Hong Kong(HKG) Turkish Airlines (Affaires, B777-300ER)
Hong Kong (HKG) - Seoul (ICN) Asiana Airlines (Affaires, A330-300)
Seoul (ICN) - Istanbul(IST) Asiana Airlines (Affaires, A330-300)
Istanbul(IST) - Francfort(FRA) Turkish Airlines (Eco, A320)
Francfort(FRA) _ Londres(LHR) British Airways (Eco, B767)
Londres(LHR) - Paris(CDG) British Airways (Eco, B737-800)
Paris(CDG) - Istanbul(IST) Turkish Airlines (Eco, A330-300)
Istanbul(IST) - Tunis(TUN) Turkish Airlines (Eco, B737-800)

This mixture of paid and reward tickets produced in return 800 euros in revenue tickets, 106,500 Avios, 52,500 miles and 273 euros in taxes and fees for issuing award tickets.
I will travel 34,245 miles (or 55,111 km) or 1.38 times around the earth

After a pleasant evening with my host who introduced me to this excellent wine from Oregon, I am excited to be on my way to the airport.
photo 201403NYC_0400

The JL counters are located next to AA.
photo 201403NYC_0401

One counter where an employee attempts to enforce the rules with great difficulty
photo 201403NYC_0402photo 201403NYC_0403

This would have been a quick registration if it were not for the agent who asks me how I will leave Japan since my ticket is one-way (I travel with seven different tickets).

After this minor set back I was promptly given my boarding pass along with a tag for my cabin luggage.
photo 201403NYC_0405photo 201403NYC_0404

Heading to security where there is no fast track.
photo 201403NYC_0406

But there are only few people in line and I am in the secured side quickly.
photo 201403NYC_0407

I don’t see signs for the Flagship Lounge so I follow the ones for the Admiral's Club where they are usually found next to each other.
photo 201403NYC_0409

Some spotting along the way.
photo 201403NYC_0408photo 201403NYC_0410

Here I am !
photo 201403NYC_0412

I am nicely greeted and told that I can go to the Flagship Lounge that is next to my gate where there is a full bar!

Upon leaving I spot this NH plane in the process of arriving.
photo 201403NYC_0413photo 201403NYC_0415photo 201403NYC_0416

Here I am at my gate.
photo 201403NYC_0414

My 77W in OneWorld livery, JA732J whose first flight was on 24/02/2003, was facing the opposite way where the arriving passengers disembarked.
photo 201403NYC_0417

A 772 from AA passes by regally
photo 201403NYC_0419photo 201403NYC_0420photo 201403NYC_0421

On the right side there is this
photo 201403NYC_0423

And the entrance to the Flagship lounge
photo 201403NYC_0422

Warm and cheerful welcome from the dragon
photo 201403NYC_0424

The rest is just like any US domestic lounge
photo 201403NYC_0425photo 201403NYC_0426

Isn’t this a comprehensive offer of alcoholic beverages : the full bar that I’ve been promised ;)

American sparkling wine ? Nein Danke ! I like the one waiting for me onboard better ;)
photo 201403NYC_0431photo 201403NYC_0434photo 201403NYC_0435

I find the continental breakfast really poor.

Newspapers’ offer.
photo 201403NYC_0438

My selection
photo 201403NYC_0440

This deserved a wiping.
photo 201403NYC_0441photo 201403NYC_0442photo 201403NYC_0443

Like LX !
photo 201403NYC_0444

Corporate picture
photo 201403NYC_0445

It will be difficult for me to do better than these two pictures at this angle because of the position of bridge
photo 201403NYC_0446photo 201403NYC_0447

I'm impatient and I prefer to turn around the gate rather than stay in the lounge
Boarding is announced and I head down the jetbridge.
photo 201403NYC_0449

To discover this nice but unexceptional cabin
photo 201403NYC_0450

My seat 2A
photo 201403NYC_0451

Next is 2D
photo 201403NYC_0452

In the back is Business Class
photo 201403NYC_0453photo 201403NYC_0454

A small gesture to regain my emotions.
photo 201403NYC_0457

The control with the express seat options.
photo 201403NYC_0458

The control with more features.
photo 201403NYC_0459

Views from the seat.
photo 201403NYC_0460photo 201403NYC_0461

The pitch
photo 201403NYC_0462

The slippers.
photo 201403NYC_0463

The Bose noise reducing headphones.
photo 201403NYC_0464

Presentation of onboard wifi.
photo 201403NYC_0465

Safety card
photo 201403NYC_0466

Seat instructions.
photo 201403NYC_0467

Seat pocket contents.
photo 201403NYC_0468

Some traces of usage.
photo 201403NYC_0469photo 201403NYC_0497

The individual light.
photo 201403NYC_0470

Other views of the seat and cabin.

Here it sits ;)
photo 201403NYC_0472

but on a small paper napkin: not posh for two cents
photo 201403NYC_0473

Distribution of reading materials, majority in Japanese.
photo 201403NYC_0478

And a blanket!
photo 201403NYC_0479

This blanket was given to me unpacked, the door was still open, so at first I thought it was only used as a blanket during this phase of the flight but no other blankets were offered later.
I confess that I was surprised at its quality (rough and coarse to the touch) and condition.
It made me think of a blanket for animals.
photo 201403NYC_0480

Storage space.
photo 201403NYC_0486

Old Style control and telephone.
photo 201403NYC_0487photo 201403NYC_0488

New style control.

Electrical outlet multi standard RCA video
photo 201403NYC_0489

photo 201403NYC_0490

Comfortable size screen.
photo 201403NYC_0491

Security video.
photo 201403NYC_0496

Spinning and rolling: I'm (gently) scolded for taking pictures so it will refrain myself and switch to a hiding mode during this phase.

A private plane
photo 201403NYC_0503photo 201403NYC_0505photo 201403NYC_0506

Headphone details.
photo 201403NYC_0507

Take off

Distribution of pajama
photo 201403NYC_0703

Visit the toilet to put on my pajamas: nothing special to share except for the toothbrushes available and of course the Japanese toilet
photo 201403NYC_0513

Distribution of a hot towel that will stay with me for quite some time before being retrived.
photo 201403NYC_0515

And menus.
photo 201403NYC_0516

Wine menu.


Amuse bouche : I very much like the endive for its originality.
Corn Blanc Manger, Grilled Scallop with Caponata, White Meat Fish Brandade with Saffran Flavor
photo 201403NYC_0534

More champagne, Sir ? ;)

I cannot get tired of these waves.
photo 201403NYC_0542

Shrimp, Scallop and Yam with miso sauce
photo 201403NYC_0543photo 201403NYC_0546photo 201403NYC_0545

photo 201403NYC_0547

I'm not usually fond of these but I found this one great
photo 201403NYC_0550

Tribute to Flight- Report and especially to Leadership
photo 201403NYC_0551

Afterward the Japanese Appetizer
photo 201403NYC_0552

You will notice the still present oshibori

Simmered Beef with Potato Sauce
photo 201403NYC_0558

Soybean Milk Tofu with Sea Urchin Soy Sauce
photo 201403NYC_0559

Simmered Spring Vegetables
photo 201403NYC_0560

Wakame Seaweed & Young Sardines with Grated Radish
photo 201403NYC_0561

Squid Sushi with Mashed Potato/Duck Roll with Welsh Onion/Simmered Greenland Halibut
photo 201403NYC_0562

White Meat Fish Sashimi Style
photo 201403NYC_0563photo 201403NYC_0564

Grilled Sablefish Miso Flavor/Mini Beef Steak
photo 201403NYC_0568

Japan Clear Soup with Steamed Shrimp Mousse
photo 201403NYC_0565

Seasoned Steamed Rice with Chicken & Burdock
photo 201403NYC_0567

Japanese Pickles
photo 201403NYC_0566

In order to taste the two kinds I take the
Steamed Rice (Koshihakiri Rice)
photo 201403NYC_0569

All these delicacies are sublime against the landscape below

The FA then passes with a basket of snacks where I select these
photo 201403NYC_0575

She then offered me the cheese course: I'm not in the mood but to be able to take a picture for the report I accept
photo 201403NYC_0578

The corporate picture at this time during the flight.
photo 201403NYC_0580photo 201403NYC_0581

Japanese Sweet
photo 201403NYC_0586photo 201403NYC_0584

Which I accompany with green tea
photo 201403NYC_0585

FlyingJapans : what is this for ?
photo 201403NYC_0587

The always snowy landscapes that follow each other
photo 201403NYC_0588photo 201403NYC_0589photo 201403NYC_0590

Something intriguing that I really wanted to taste: Royal Blue Tea
For more information
photo 201403NYC_0591photo 201403NYC_0592photo 201403NYC_0593

Distribution of a bottle of water
photo 201403NYC_0594

I check if I can use this marvel of technology or if I should use my best smile for a snack;)
photo 201403NYC_0595

This will be the second option
photo 201403NYC_0596

In addition the choice of music is really restricted:(
photo 201403NYC_0597

A FA asks me if I want my bed to be turned down: I suggest that 2D is used for this purpose
At least like pititom who has a seat and a bed;)
photo 201403NYC_0598photo 201403NYC_0600photo 201403NYC_0601

There is a soft side and a hard side to the mattress
photo 201403NYC_0602

For the moment I am connected but there are long periods without any connection.
photo 201403NYC_0599

The price of 21.95 usd would be fine for a 13 hour flight except for the drops.
photo 201403NYC_0612

I also ask for the amenity kit which was not offered to me.
Afterwards I understand why
photo 201403NYC_0603

A plastic pouch with cheap contents : particularly the toothbrush :(
photo 201403NYC_0604

At least it has some products
photo 201403NYC_0613

We are here then
photo 201403NYC_0606

The bed which in itself is comfortable enough without too many extras and could be really emphasized.
photo 201403NYC_0607

The headphone with its specific plug. I end up using mine.
photo 201403NYC_0608

I need a little lift: let’s test the Margaux!
photo 201403NYC_0609

Rather good!
photo 201403NYC_0610

A snack basket with more conventional items are offered in comparison to the previous one.
photo 201403NYC_0611

We are not moving faster and it suits me well to have a second glass of Margaux.
photo 201403NYC_0614

By default the IFE is in German !!
Perhaps due to the brand on the glasses : Riedel
photo 201403NYC_0615

Preparing the table for my snack

Always a nice view to enjoy the snacks

photo 201403NYC_0619photo 201403NYC_0620

Garlic bread : we are far from SQ which is always my source of reference for garlic bread
photo 201403NYC_0621

Foie Gras stuffed Chicken Breast with Morel Sauce
photo 201403NYC_0622

A big disappointment : fortunately I have chosen the Japanese option !
photo 201403NYC_0623

The meat is very dry
photo 201403NYC_0625

The sauce without any taste
photo 201403NYC_0627

And the foie gras stuffing ? what foie gras ?? The taste is overwhelmed by the herbs de provence if there was any foie gras
photo 201403NYC_0626

Fortunately a small dessert will make me forget this disappointment
Orange Curaçao Cake & Ice Cream
photo 201403NYC_0628

Always passing through beautiful landscapes

A PNC brings me a bottle of white Japanese wine : I have not asked (for once!)) but in order to not appear ungrateful I thank her with a big smile and taste the wine.
photo 201403NYC_0634photo 201403NYC_0635

I am not a fan of white wines, except for sweet ones, so this does not excite me
photo 201403NYC_0636

Then came the PNC back and she apologized profusely, I forgive her showing great indulgence

We are almost there
photo 201403NYC_0637

I listen to my own music
photo 201403NYC_0638photo 201403NYC_0639

The available films are always blockbusters
photo 201403NYC_0641

I do not get tired :)

But when we approach Anchorage we experience some heavy turbulence (FAs sit down !)
photo 201403NYC_0653

That last close to two hours
photo 201403NYC_0654

I console myself by listening to Ellie Goulding who wiggles along ;)
photo 201403NYC_0655photo 201403NYC_0656photo 201403NYC_0657

After this shaky interlude it's time to test the menu starting with snacks
Japanese Vegetable Keema Curry with Steamed Rice
photo 201403NYC_0659

Sprinkled with Salon, it is simply the best curry I've eaten
photo 201403NYC_0658

Seared Salmon & Salmon Roe with Grated Yam on Steamed Rice
photo 201403NYC_0663photo 201403NYC_0661

We are here
photo 201403NYC_0664photo 201403NYC_0665

I receive an email with a picture of the FR gathering in NYC
photo 201403NYC_0666

Time covered
photo 201403NYC_0667

Time is passing by slowly :(
photo 201403NYC_0668

Sensing that I was probably about to succumb to hunger, the PNC improvised a nice interlude
photo 201403NYC_0670

Attention to the baguette holder from Business class
photo 201403NYC_0672

I finished writing the first FR of the routing and publish it in stride
photo 201403NYC_0673photo 201403NYC_0674

It is still possible to test some dishes
Portabella Mushroom Gnocchi with Vegetable Cream Sauce
photo 201403NYC_0675

This dish confirms my predilection for Japanese options when flying on JL

Japanese Hot Udon Noodles with Seaweed
photo 201403NYC_0680photo 201403NYC_0677

And I will not leave this cabin without sampling the coffee “ceremony”
Coffee pump is supplied with an hourglass: you must press the pump when the grains have passed
photo 201403NYC_0681

In fact despite the ceremonial procedure the coffee was not that great !

And afterwards a little sweet
Ice Cream
photo 201403NYC_0685

This time we start our approach


On time arrival, disembarking and unfortunately a long wait without fast track
photo 201403NYC_0702
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Japan Airlines

Cabin crew10.0

American Airlines Flagship Lounge - 3


Chicago - ORD


Tokyo - NRT



My expectations were huge on this flight
In fact I have not been disappointed in terms of comfort : a classic cabin with comfortable seating, full flat bed and adequate privacy since we were 4 pax, each one per window. If the cabin was full my feelings would have been different.

The bed could have been better but it was good enough for sleeping and lounging.

The amenity kits, just like the pajama, are of average quality, not worthy of First

The FAs (all females) were adorable and surprisingly much more communicative and less shy than I expected.
Several times a FA stopped by to discuss with me my Japanese choices, surprised that a Westerner would choose raw fish. The service was smooth and amicable, and for sure without excesses.

A wide selection of catering: I loved the Japanese options, though I'm not really an expert, western options were rather disappointing but given the choice it is always possible to find something to eat

Entertainment is a big disappointment for its lack of variety even if I mainly use Geovision because music is an essential component to a good flight for me.

Punctuality: nothing to say except that JL could offer a fast track to its premium pax.

Information on the route Chicago (ORD) Tokyo (NRT)

Les contributeurs de Flight-Report ont posté 9 avis concernant 3 compagnies sur la ligne Chicago (ORD) → Tokyo (NRT).


La compagnie qui obtient la meilleure moyenne est Japan Airlines avec 8.1/10.

La durée moyenne des vols est de 13 heures et 13 minutes.

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  • Comment 104852 by
    jetsetpanda 2283 Comments
    Thank you for sharing the English version of your magnificent trip report.

    Impressive pictures throughout this report. Too bad that the Western choices were somewhat disappointing.

    Look forward to reading your next trip report. I bet it is going to be around your neck of the woods ;)
  • Comment 104853 by
    Caribel 113 Comments
    I enjoyed the attention to detail in writing this travel essay. I was surprised to read the check-in agent did not offer an escort to the Flagship lounge. Motorized carts are easy to summon via handheld radio.

    I wish somebody would have corrected the FA pouring vintage champagne at 90 degrees vs. 45 as is supposed to. The excess bubbling reduces the bouquet and subtle flavors.

    The forgotten hot towel may have been meant to double as a clean-up rag for after frisky time alone:)

    Superb dish presentation. I would have loved to try a flight of sake tastings to compare the differences of diverse Japanese regions. The lack of Kobe beef, toro tuna, handmade chocolate truffles, Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee and Japanese home grown fruits suggest cost cutting measures.

    Looking forward to many more FR! Maybe one day our paths will cross 007. I'll use the secret phrase: Ants in France strut with elegance :).
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    eminere™ 271 Comments
    Stunning flight report and all those food pictures! Amazing.
  • Comment 104935 by
    KévinDC TEAM SILVER 6744 Comments
    Beautiful report, from the planespotting to the cabin pics, to the catering pics to the aerial views--just stunning! Champagne and Caviar...that's the true First class experience! Definitely a classy way to return home from the NYC meet-up.

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