Review of American Airlines flight Madrid New York in Premium Eco

Airline American Airlines
Flight AA95
Class Premium Eco
Seat --
Aircraft Boeing 777-200ER
Flight time 08:10
Take-off 04 Mar 22, 13:25
Arrival at 04 Mar 22, 15:35
AA   #70 out of 95 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 598 reviews
By SILVER 1036
Published on 4th April 2024


Hello amigos, and welcome to this 4-part FR series on a trip I made to Washington DC two years ago.

The US had lifted its restrictions to travel from Europe, and there was a chance to attend a conference in DC. This would be great, as I could also visit my friends that I hadn't seen since 2018. Prices were reasonable still….so it was a no brainer. A nice week away in the US.

Iberia briefly operated a MAD-IAD flight before covid, but it still hadn't reinstated it back then. So now the question was which connecting flight would be the best. In the end, the best option in price, also meant the most-straight forward one (I didn't want to risk any last minute restrictions in any other connecting point), and arriving to my preferred airport: DCA.

Thus, AA and IB offered the following routing:

MAD-JFK in AA (772)
JFK-DCA in AA -American Eagle really- (E75)
DCA-JFK in AA (E75)
JFK-MAD in IB (A330)

I had never flown on AA's 772s, E75s nor IBs A330s, so it was all a question of new experiences (something I strive for when picking flights). I also "gifted" myself an upgrade to Premium Economy on the MAD-JFK hop, to try AA's product and have a "fresher" arrival to DC, so I wouldn't be jetlaged and screwed for the friday night.

And so it was, my little USA trip was on!

At madrid barajas adolfo suarez airport

I took a cabify from my flat to MAD. Took less than 20 minutes at the mid-morning traffic. 

I was greeted with beautiful views of the Sierra de Guadarrama with some snow still.

photo 20220304_092959

MAD still looked a bit like a ghost town

photo 20220304_093316

AA has a fairly big operation ex-MAD, flying to DFW, MIA, JFK (CLT*) and (PHL*), I'm not sure the latter two were reinstated back then. And so, AA occupied a fairly big check in area at T4

photo 20220304_093434photo 20220304_094040

I had my documents checked and the routine questionnaire for US-bound flights. As there weren't many people around, I was able to get through with this and the check in in no time.

With my documents in hand, I was off to T4S, to have breakfast at IB's Velázquez Lounge

photo 20220304_103049photo 20220304_104414

Food offerings were generous, but not varied.

photo 20220304_103720

I settled with some croquetas, a tortilla sandwich and some pieces of sausage. Not amazing at all

photo 20220304_105115photo 20220304_105352photo 20220304_122236

As I had to go through additional checks, I went to my gate with enough time, and waited for boarding to be announced

photo 20220304_123841

At T4S, you can (almost) always count with your regular AV 787 flying to/from Bogotá, Cali or Medellín

photo 20220304_124023

Sadly this was the best view of my ride (to the left)….

photo 20220304_124430

On the other side of the pier were company Dreamliners, 

photo 20220304_124110

inside AA's 777-200

Boarding was called by groups, I was Group 3 if I'm not wrong…so it was pretty quick. There were lovely views of the Sierra while a BA 787 took off to LHR

photo 20220304_124539photo 20220304_124558

It's been more than 10 years since the brand change and it still doesn't grow on me…

photo 20220304_124608

AA's 772s are RR powered. I've always wondered why they went with RR and not PW or GE

photo 20220304_124643

The Premium Economy cabin was pretty much full (my seatmate was already seated) when I boarded.  Here is a view of the seats I took midflight:

photo 20220304_144743

My seat was provided with a plush pillow and blanket

photo 20220304_125045

Some H20

photo 20220304_124944

And great legroom as I was in the bulkead.

photo 20220304_125017photo 20220304_125049

No AmericanWay (RIP) waiting for us this once…

photo 20220304_125116

Seat controls…

photo 20220304_125101

The view

photo 20220304_125148

No menus handed out…but we have our drink offering:

photo 20220304_130114

enroute to JFK

I don't know why and how, but our flight was full. Once the "boarding completed" was announced, we got on our way to RWY 36L.

We took off towards the Northwest, providing us with gorgeous views of Madrid and the northern suburbs

We then turned north again, passing near Manzanares el Real and its reservoir

photo 20220304_134428

I opened my plastic bag with the pillow and blanket, which also contained the amenity kit and headphones.

photo 20220304_134812photo 20220304_135032

Perfect for our short hop over the Atlantic

photo 20220304_135232

Thick clouds meant no natural-IFE crossing towards Galicia…

photo 20220304_135243

And as we neared the Atlantic, service began. First with pretzels and apple juice

photo 20220304_140646

Then the full blown meal.

photo 20220304_140940

If i'm not wrong, we were offered the classic "chicken or pasta", I went for the first and it was quite good

photo 20220304_141629

I asked for some Ginger Ale to drink (oh how I missed it)

photo 20220304_141539

After service was cleared, the cabin was dimmed and I was offered  another Ginger Ale, and midway through the flight we were offered some ice cream (sweet!)

photo 20220304_141911photo 20220304_170447

We didn't fly that way over the north, so no interesting views. No probs since I was going to have a nap

photo 20220304_141925

And so, it was time for the second serving. It was cold, but it tasted delicious. Way better than the lame sandwich and box IB and AF hand out.

photo 20220304_142128

We flew over BOS, providing great views of Beantown.

Then we flew over Providence, RI. Our arrival was more or less <font _mstmutation="1" _msttexthash="706264" _msthash="0">imminent[/font].  

photo 20220304_145344

But it seemed JFK was quite congested so we began to zigzag over Long Island

photo 20220304_150337photo 20220304_151009photo 20220304_151608

And then I remembered I had a connecting flight, I had to go through the CBP….oh oh, I was in a hot mess. My connecting flight was shown

photo 20220304_151204

Fun fact: during those days, AA decided to try flights from JFK to CLO, BOG, MDE (and maybe CTG) (spoiler: none of them survived)….and a fellow passenger was taking the JFK-CLO flight, the price must have been amazing to take such a long route to Cali (but who am I to judge, I did MAD-DFW-BOG)

In the distance, one could see Manhattan…

photo 20220304_151803

And JFK's ATC tower

photo 20220304_152049

An AM 737Max was going to land in parallel with us

photo 20220304_152214

As we were going to land in RWY 22R, the right side of our 772 was granted gorgeous views of Manhattan

And now…our long taxi to Terminal 8

This would be the happy end of the story. But no.

Our gate was occupied, so we had to roam around and wait until it was freed ( I so my connection time becoming tighter and tighter…).

photo 20220304_155425

I ran to get off the plane quickly. At the end of the gate, an AA agent was waiting for me with this. 

photo 20220304_160229

But would it help?

Stay tuned to Episode 2!

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Madrid - MAD


New York - JFK



AA's Premium Economy product on transatlantic flights is one of the best I've tried so far, and this was still during the pandemic!
The seat is confortable enough, catering and IFE were great. No complaints, just compliments!

MAD was great as usual. The Velázquez, like the Goya Lounge are a bit underwhelming for a primary hub lounge. They did their job though.

I rerserve my comments on JFK so I don't spoil part 2.

Thanks for reading, saludos!

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  • Comment 648137 by
    KévinDC TEAM GOLD 6921 Comments

    I criticise AA a lot, but they do have a pretty good Premium Economy product, as you show here. The catering is premium and served on china, similar to what we have in Domestic First class, whereas a lot of other carriers don't make an effort to elevate the meals in Premium Economy. And yes, by pandemic service levels, the catering was quite good. I flew AA W during the pandemic and was impressed that there hadn't really been any evident cost-cutting as far as the catering went. The only thing that I didn't like during the pandemic is that no alcohol was available in long-haul W or Y...which obviously was more for cost-cutting reasons than sanitary reasons.

    Transiting in JFK is always a gamble! Between the ATC delays and slow immigration, there's always a high risk of missing a connection when coming in from an international flight. I hope you make it! I'm glad that the MAD-IAD flight is back and I'll be taking it later this year!

    Thanks for sharing!
  • Comment 648192 by
    jettoajet GOLD 131 Comments
    Nooo... you can't leave us hanging! Anxiety levels are through the roof! I hope you made it though. The whole experience seemed quite pleasant, and seems you had plenty of space in the bulkhead row as well. Catering didn't look too shabby either. Cute little amenity kit as well!

    I eagerly wait to hear if you made the connection?. Thanks for sharing this FR!

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