Review of Lufthansa flight Frankfurt Prague in Economy

Airline Lufthansa
Flight LH 1396
Class Economy
Seat 9A
Aircraft Airbus A320
Flight time 01:05
Take-off 06 Mar 14, 13:05
Arrival at 06 Mar 14, 14:10
LH   #43 out of 66 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 1370 reviews
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Published on 3rd April 2014
Welcome everyone to the last segment of me and my girlfirend´s trip to San Francisco in February and March 2014.

This is how it went
FRA - PRG - you are here

After leaving our jumbo we entered gate area for flights out of Schengen area. We had some 2,5 hours to get to A gates, it was exactly A68 scheduled for us

photo nDSC_0310photo nDSC_0313

Some birds flying around

photo nDSC_0315

Moving around provided us with some nice views of LH heavies

photo nDSC_0316photo nDSC_0317

Gate few minutes before boarding started

photo nDSC_0320

It was obvious we were about to be bussed to our A320 as at our gate this B748 was presented
After 10 days I overheard Czech language in behind of me when a guy told her wife that it seems we are going to have a big aircraft for today´s flight :-)

photo nDSC_0322

ok, time to board the last flight of this trip

photo nDSC_0323

We went down the stairs where the bus waited for us. Took the opportunity to picture the jumbo again

photo nDSC_0324

Reaching our ride to PRG

photo nDSC_0326

D-AIQA it is, 23 years old Airbus A320.

photo nDSC_0327

Boarding through the front door

photo nDSC_0330photo nDSC_0333
Cockpit door opened offered some nice sneak view into the cockpit. There were three pilots, one seemed young and probably being prepared for future career with first officer describing him some procedures.
After reaching our seats the aisle was taken by younger woman around 25 maybe. She let us in for our 9A and 9B seats
Pretty standard Lufthansa / Austrian seat, good legroom, but boring interior.. Seemed like this plane was well refurbished as it really didn´t feel that old

photo nDSC_0334photo nDSC_0335

737-300 next to us. Shame we didn´t fly this one, I would prefer it to A320 - like you can fly A320 everyday..

photo nDSC_0336

Load for this afternoon flight was maybe around 80%. No TVs here, only the in-flight magazine

photo nDSC_0338

View through my really dirty window made picturing a difficult one this time

photo nDSC_0339

On our way to the runway

photo nDSC_0341photo nDSC_0342

Entering 07C

photo nDSC_0343

There is nothing special to be said about take off. I enjoyed the views of planes everywhere around and downtown Frankfurt visible

At this point I started thinking it´s all going to be over. It was funny when I realized that usually this kind of flight is something I look forward to very much and I always feel very special when flying. This time it´s just a hop that is almost not noticable compared to the previous flight. But I still tried to relax onboard and enjoy my stay as much as possible

photo nDSC_0357

A sandwich and drinks were distributed. I just put the sandwich into bag as I was not hungry at all

photo nDSC_0360

747 passing by

photo nDSC_0362photo nDSC_0363

The flight was really a short one and in no time we dived into clouds meaning we were already approaching Prague. Usually it is runway 24 at PRG and this time it was a case again. Few minutes later we made two right turns to line up with the runway

photo nDSC_0367photo nDSC_0368

Prague suburbs visible. Stylish weather to welcome us home after this trip

photo nDSC_0373photo nDSC_0374

And now landing back where it all started almost 2 weeks ago

photo nDSC_0376

On the opposite side there is an observaton deck from where my brother and father followed our landing closely.

photo nDSC_0377

It wasn´t usual landing here at PRG. We touched down late and we runned on runway pretty fast to slow down almost at the end of the runway

photo nDSC_0378

There was Danish Air Transport MD-83 in CocaCola livery parked in the back - never saw that aircraft before

photo nDSC_0382

After leaving aircraft it was standard and quick procedure at PRG. We left the arrival hall and waited for part of my family to arrive and take us back to Brno.
At this point I started to be quite tired and was happy to finally reach home and have some rest. In first days after arrival I struggled with jetlag very much - much more than I expected.

For now it is all. We kicked off 2014 travelling in a stylish way, but we are certainly not over. See you next time everyone. Thank you for attention and any comments are most welcomed again!

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Cabin crew6.5

Frankfurt - FRA


Prague - PRG



Just an ordinary European short-haul flight. It felt almost the same as flying lowcost, but what would you like to get on such a short flight. The seat was comfortable and there was some catering although not looking the best way. Lack of IFE was disappointing. In short words Lufthansa made the job done on this flight but nothing more.

Frankfurt airport is convinient and I quite like it. On our time there we moved at only one pier so cannot rate it too much. Immigration was quick although something made personel checking my passport much looonger than girlfriend´s.

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