Review of American Airlines flight Madison Washington in Economy

Airline American Airlines
Flight AA5221
Class Economy
Seat 11A
Flight time 01:33
Take-off 29 Apr 24, 15:00
Arrival at 29 Apr 24, 17:33
AA   #71 out of 95 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 598 reviews
By 213
Published on 18th May 2024

pre-flight/at the airport

Despite bad weather for most of it, we had a fun weekend celebrating my cousin's wedding in Madison and catching up with family that I personally hadn't seen in a few years. All good things must come to an end, however, and it was soon time to head back to DC. We had a nice lunch/hangout with my cousin and her new husband at my aunt's house and then all headed to the airport together, since they were also flying out around the same time back to Denver where they live.

MSN is about a 15-20 minute drive from downtown Madison and there is a bus, but it only runs every half hour. I hadn't flown into/out of there since 2006 when I was 9, but the airport has grown a lot in the last few years and more amenities have been added. My uncle explained  that the operation at MSN is very much based on the activities of Epic, the medical software company whose main campus is in the exurbs of Madison. This was the first day of their annual conference and at our hotel, there were several people checking in the night before who were clearly there for that (my uncle also said that every hotel room in south central Wisconsin was booked for that week, so we were very lucky to get ours!). But since everyone going to that had arrived in town earlier that morning or the night before, the airport was not busy when we got there and since we had no checked baggage, we headed right to security and airside (although I was admonished for putting my wallet and keys in my shoes, which I do almost every time I'm at security these days so I don't walk off without them, but they ran everything through again nonetheless). 

The airside area has improved a lot, undoubtedly because of the demands of Epic and their people. There are a couple sit-down restaurants and bars, a couple shops (where one can buy cheese and Cheeseheads) and near my gate there was a nursing suite for mothers and anyone with young kids. It was kind of a hike from the security checkpoint down to the gates AA uses at the end of the terminal, but when we got there it was almost time to board. One of the gate agents was already coming around the seating area with red valet tags to get those loaded as soon as possible, and right on schedule we began boarding. The main gate agent was also very responsive when people were asking how long until boarding, with up to the minute updates.

photo 57a75d13-328f-4f28-8a2c-cfc21fffde9d_1_105_c

Curbside at MSN

photo 197c73f4-62b0-489e-83c0-c1f61b7371df_1_105_c

MSN landside–only a handful of flights were departing at this time of the day with all the Epic traffic having arrived either early in the morning or late the previous night

photo 9897d44f-abf0-4f98-891f-a812d2e1aff5_1_105_c

Post-security at MSN–those with Precheck will use the southern checkpoint

photo 6cafef86-0380-41fb-abcf-2a98e101fdc0_1_105_c

For anyone needing any last minute Cheeseheads before leaving WI

photo 3b904b20-6e31-48c2-ad0d-fd7a1b5815e6_1_105_cphoto bb436989-e21d-4b06-b4b8-db2a2e4100e5_1_105_c

Our plane had already arrived from DCA

photo d13dcd81-8b3a-4369-8b1c-a3f87cef1204_1_105_c-54541

I commented on the art deco gate podiums at MSN in my review of the inbound flight but I'm a fan!

the flight

My seat was supposed to be 19A, just like on the inbound flight, but when I got to my seat, the left part of it was detached from the armrest and that part of it leaned back. Luckily though, there was an open seat in 11A that the FA was able to move me to, which was perfect because I'd be off the plane earlier at DCA AND I would be farther away from the engines. My backpack stayed in the overhead bin above 19A though, so I just grabbed my iPad and wireless earbuds to have with me. I made the mistake of having my backpack with me on the inbound flight and it restricted my legroom, but it wasn't bad without it. We pushed back right on time and after kind of a long taxi, we took off only a minute behind schedule. 

photo 23d1c487-e044-47d1-a100-1545dc031949_1_105_cphoto 69a90fde-b700-4f58-95f7-a9327952b2a0_1_105_c

Boarding in MSN

photo 932c7ac9-1103-40a5-acfa-6e2d95b24ff2_1_105_c

Knee shot–definitely made a difference to have my backpack in the overhead bin

photo 3a2a67bf-050f-4720-a59d-a2a9a508304c_1_105_cphoto 2c13a544-db56-4d76-a678-7cf31490f40e_1_105_c

Pretty empty tarmac at MSN except for DL to ATL and UA to DEN, the latter of which my cousin and her husband were on

photo cad6c219-f2db-4c78-a1b8-16d3df21b79a_1_105_c

The aforementioned UA 737 to DEN and a UA regional jet (not sure where this was headed)

photo f448d401-9d97-4014-b663-2d5d1ab433af_1_105_c

As soon as we took off, I tried to get the stream-to-your-device IFE system to work, but I kept getting kicked off the wifi. Every time I made it a step further in the process, the wifi would disconnect. Eventually I got an episode of Ted Lasso to play, but it took me half the flight to get just 12 minutes of the episode to play, so I gave up. At least I wasn't trying to do any work on this flight. The flight attendants soon came through with the beverage cart and I had my usual cranberry juice, and the snack on this day was pretzels–unfortunately it doesn't seem like AA gives a choice of snacks on their regional service (unlike DL).

It was quite cloudy early in the flight but the clouds went away as we made our way over Ohio, and from my window I could see Appalachia. Since the IFE was not working, I spent the rest of the flight looking out the window and I'll let those pictures do the rest of the talking.

photo 4e7515b9-871d-4e30-9818-18a2b6c2ca0b_1_105_c

My usual cranberry juice–the wifi was not really delivering the IFE. 

photo d7ecb664-59ae-462f-a2a2-987a7a7ad82d_1_105_c

Got about 12 minutes of this episode of Ted Lasso to play

photo d19ea12e-76a3-49ad-9e52-7b78cc99897a_1_105_c

The airport down there is the municipal airport of Cambridge, OH

photo 59379f3c-8768-4bdb-9f33-7bb798dadb42_1_105_c

Crossing the Ohio River into WV

photo a5a64a4f-fd4b-420c-aa06-9c93ba93cc8e_1_105_c

Morgantown, WV, with the Monongahela River leading to it (the highway down there is I-79)

photo 809c6d2b-20be-436b-bba3-ea4e3288a8ea_1_105_c

The Cheat River in WV

photo 260a3086-e03a-474d-9bf9-c2c33186494b_1_105_c

Winchester, VA with I-81 running right past

photo 18c19733-5991-480d-94e7-75460127b3a6_1_105_c

East part of Winchester with Winchester Regional Airport

photo 0a66b5df-f3fc-4746-be72-eb1d49e2bef3_1_105_c

"Oh Shenandoah, I long to see you…"

photo caf6cdda-fe05-4d7d-9f92-bf3f10d4b03e_1_105_c

Cabin shot somewhere over the Blue Ridge

In almost no time at all, the exurbs of DC came into view, and we lucked out today with the northerly approach into DCA. 

photo 38392754-9f9d-47dd-b61b-4e764a0799b1_1_105_c

Independence HS in Loudoun County

photo 9687d908-4b98-455d-9940-cf893713e1a7_1_105_c

Rock Ridge HS, another new-ish school in the Loudoun sprawl (with Dulles in the bottom right hand corner)

photo c4888c64-b98c-40ff-8ac1-1fc27fd8af27_1_105_c

Sterling Park, the easternmost area of Loudoun County

photo 5ab61e44-972c-423b-8f4e-60aec8e57075_1_105_c

Intersection of Falls Rd and River Road at Potomac, MD

photo 3e65b917-f63c-40b2-9da3-3e737596f551_1_105_c

The Beautiful and Fully Integrated Mount Vernon Campus of George Washington University

photo b77782e5-afd2-4ef4-b0b4-b13553e18885_1_105_c

The Foxhall Village neighborhood of DC

photo bdf7401a-9782-41e3-9b94-515de52698c3_1_105_c

Georgetown University

photo 739d4bf2-c7e5-4543-9dcd-24730986bef1_1_105_c

The main campus of GWU and the U.S. State Department

photo dbc4c64d-7906-4d76-b2af-e4ef94c0b9d4_1_105_c

Never gets old


Once on the ground, our arrival gate was still occupied, so we couldn't park right away. The captain came on and said initially that we might have to wait upwards of 10 minutes (not welcome because it was almost 90 degrees in DC), but shortly after that announcement we pulled forward into gate E46. After a short wait for our gate-tagged bags, we made our way out of the terminal and onto the economy parking shuttle to our car to drive home. 

photo bac99088-c28a-48b7-8e54-55f7d2fbdd55_1_105_c

This A321Neo was on its way to SLC

photo 7b47bea5-1d9b-4ace-9049-5f67672f8770_1_105_c

This AA 737-800 was headed to DFW

photo a3eb06b0-7181-491e-9874-b832dc8c1594_1_105_cphoto 4152b526-bc4b-47a8-8389-fd8c1305b890_1_105_c

One last look at our plane, headed to PIT next

photo 8b54fd5d-a494-4715-ad79-124cc561b8be_1_105_cphoto 083e3679-774b-4824-88c2-ed35caa6a6f7_1_105_c

Can't say enough good things about the new DCA terminal, not least of which is the fact that it's not 35X

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American Airlines

Cabin crew7.0

Madison - MSN


Washington - DCA



Nothing out of the ordinary on this flight. MSN is a very good small airport (more frequent bus connection to downtown would be much appreciated), although we did not fly out of it at its busiest time. I will say, however that the sloppy IFE connection definitely brings the score down. AA flies these CR7s on longer routes, and it would have been nice if the IFE had been working. But the crew was very good and they accommodated my seat change due to the broken seat without any hassle. Given AA's extensive route network from DCA, I would not be surprised to be flying them again in the future and gladly would do that nonetheless, especially if I get to fly out of that new DCA terminal. Up next for me, however, is a trip on WN to MCI and back for the 2024 Airliners International convention, so I'm looking forward to flying into/out of that new terminal!



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