Review of SAS flight Stockholm Amsterdam in Business

Airline SAS
Flight SK557
Class Business
Seat 3F
Aircraft Airbus A320neo
Flight time 02:05
Take-off 26 May 24, 11:40
Arrival at 26 May 24, 13:45
SK   #65 out of 95 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 215 reviews
Published on 3rd June 2024



Given that my wife and me usually plan a separate trip every year, I decided to go ahead to my usual destination down in Southeast Asia, while my wife fancied a trip to the Mediterranean for herself. As competition becomes fiercer by the year down to Thailand from Europe, it opens a lot of possibilities and cheap prices.

Given that there are plentiful of direct flights to Bangkok from Amsterdam both flown by KLM & EVA Air, you also have plentiful of one stop connections with many airliners and given that Air India, which I was skeptical to book at first, offered a very cheap one-way fare to Bangkok with an excellent stopover time in New Delhi, I couldn't ignore this ticket. The return was with THAI via Stockholm to Amsterdam and resulted in a total fare of 950 EUR in both directions with luggage (without domestic flights). KLM was charging 1000 EUR without cabin luggage and EVA Air unfortunately did not fly on the days I needed them to.

Last flight

Given that Stockholm Arlanda isn't an overly large airport and does not witness tons of connecting passengers, border control with no automatic systems wasn't that slow and security was deserted with me being the first out of a total of ten people that were actually connecting through. This was quite a breeze, however it surprised me when they asked me to take out my powerbank, which has never happened so far in Europe.

photo 20240526_074936

A view of the apron with an Ethiopian Boeing 787-8 being pushed back for it's departure to Addis Abeba.

photo 20240526_074942

The funny part is that I was asked about a month ago whether I wanted to bid for an upgrade. I simply gave them the lowest possible amount to bid for an upgrade (which came around 50 EUR) and basically forgot that I even bothered to do it until I received a new mail about the day prior to the flight with the fact that my upgrade was accepted….. Well, didn't need it, however it gave me a chance to kill my time for four hours in the SAS lounge.

The SAS Business Lounge isn't doing any wonder and is quite simplistic with furniture straight out of an IKEA store. The lounge was smaller than I expected and seating became limited if I decided to arrive an hour later.

photo 20240526_075300

Food on offer was also limited, though alcohol was available if someone fancied some at 8 am. I decided to grab my usual coffee for a wake up call.

photo 20240526_075733

The bread section with some jams, scrambled eggs and bacon.

photo 20240526_075738

The other counter consisted of some cereal, spread for your bread, boiled eggs and fruit, which basically covered all the food on offer.

photo 20240526_075743

An impression of the other side as I moved seats. I found that some of the lights over some of the seats were making certain seats being uncomfortable warm, however my biggest complain with this lounge is that seating isn't particularly private and can become somewhat odd when someone is sitting in front of you.

photo 20240526_080333-37316

After spending my four hours doing some work and hitting myself up with tons of coffees, it was now time to head to the gate in terminal 5. Despite the construction work, I found Stockholm Arlanda to be very airy, spacious and nicely designed.

photo 20240526_105927

Our plane is playing hide-and-seek behind the Norwegian & Pegasus.

photo 20240526_110119

As our aircraft was departing from Stand F39, I slowly made my way to our gate. There isn't much activity at our pier other than a small eatery and some vending machines.

photo 20240526_110307

However the gate offers plenty of seating and I can say that those seats were actually quite comfy and clean. 

photo 20240526_110526

The Airbus A320neo of Pegasus Airlines parked next to our aircraft.

photo 20240526_110442

And here is our bird that is going to bring us over to Amsterdam. EI-SIV is a 1.2 year old Airbus A320neo newly delivered to SAS Connect in March 2023 and is named after the Norse God of Thunder ''Thor Viking''. SAS' Airbus A320neo can carry up to 174 passengers in a combined mix of Euro J & Y and is powered by two CFMI LEAP-1A26 Engines.

photo 20240526_110604

Boarding was called right on time and went quite smoothly with the first 15 rows being boarded via jetbridge and those in the aft rows were directed via stairs to the aft of the aircraft. Upon embarking the aircraft, we were kindly greeted by two flight attendants who were very attentive and friendly, but were UK based given the fact that some Scandinavian travellers were confused that none of them spoke any Scandinavian language.

The seat itself is your standard economy seat, did offer plenty of legroom with me being 1.83m (6'') tall and had a USB charging plug in the left top of the seat. However unlike most major airlines in Europe offering some sort of EURO J service, SAS does not block the middle seat when the cabin is full like today's flight making the service worser than it should be.

photo 20240526_112935

The view from my seat however was something to be pleased about.

photo 20240526_113605

Pushback was about one minute ahead of our schedule departure with a very short ride to Runway 08 for a quick departure to Amsterdam.

photo 20240526_114914photo 20240526_115101

As we were quickly climbing to our cruise altitude, I took a quick shot of the literature you can find in your seat pocket. Not much as it consisted only of a sickbag, safety card and a small buy on board menu.

photo 20240526_115537

Upon reaching cruise altitude, we were handed out a small carton box with a roast beef salad. 

photo 20240526_121002

The meal they served wasn't impressive nor did it taste great and I just wished that they started to implement some Scandinavian identity in the way they serve their meal. 

While many of us are complaining about the way KLM is serving their business class meal in J class on regional routes (me included), I think SAS is probably doing a worser job on it, however I must admit that the flight attendant of South Korean origin was doing her utmost best to give us a great experience by being very attentive, smiling and kept asking whether we wanted something more (after the food service for the entire aircraft).

photo 20240526_121101

Despite my positive words about the flight attendants, another big complaint from me is that they provided us with a meal service but were not offered any drink until they finished their buy on board service for economy. At least provide us with a drink before your heading to the aft to start your buy on board.

It took about 25 to 30 minutes for me to receive my first drink after receiving my meal. At least they did clear my table when they gave me my drink.

photo 20240526_124130

Another fifteen minutes later, I asked for an additional coffee and the other flight attendant came around serving us chocolates from Lund.

photo 20240526_124242

Enjoying the view.

photo 20240526_124933

The captain announced himself about 15 minutes to landing that we were already descending into Amsterdam, gave us a weather update and thanked us for flying with SAS.

photo 20240526_131825

As we were coming from a northeasterly direction and with favourable winds, our flight was lining up for Runway 22. This runway is not that common to have in Amsterdam and is primarily used by the private jets, however it drastically reduced the taxi time comparing it to Runway 18R, which was the other runway in use.

photo 20240526_132638photo 20240526_132737

Touchdown on 22 about ten minutes ahead of schedule!

photo 20240526_133003

with a very short ride to our gate B23.

photo 20240526_133408

Disembarkation followed soon after and made my baggage claim, which was pretty crowded as many holiday travellers were returning back home. Our baggage belt was absolutely crowded as it was serving about four to five flights and it took about 20 minutes for our luggage to appear. Not an impressive stat to be fair.

photo 20240526_135228

That concludes my holiday trip in May 2024! Thanks for stopping by!

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Cabin crew9.0

SAS Business Lounge


Stockholm - ARN


Amsterdam - AMS



While the cabin was properly maintained, clean and the cabin crew being excellent, this flight was so underperforming in most aspects and made me regret to even bid 50 EUR for the upgrade as the middle seat is not blocked like most European carriers and catering being poor. No entertainment to be expected too as there was no WiFi, no magazine or anything else. The lounge, however not impressive, is the only true benefit I could think of.

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    KévinDC TEAM SILVER 6858 Comments
    As you say, the lounge is really the only benefit. It's a really good deal to upgrade when you don't have status on SK. I was also able to upgrade 2 flights with the minimum bid last year, otherwise I would never pay for this product at the full published price. Technically it's sold as a Premium Economy product, which makes the lack of blocked middle seat less disappointing. We'll see if things change with SK moving to SkyTeam, but hopefully these cheap upgrades will stick around for a while.

    Thanks for sharing!

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